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Moon and the Unicorn in Selangor

TMI - Hadi’s backing for Khalid risks Pakatan break-up, say insiders

No doubt music to Najib's ears, but let's have a look at the current Pakatan imbroglio, thanks to Rafizi Ramli's 'brilliant' Kajang Sh*t.

RPK narrated in his Selangor's Watergate a malodorous cesspool tale of a potential naughty humongous flow of money, which I have to say, being bloody biased wakakaka, I have found plausible, more so when it's not challenged.

Water, saliva, wet dreams, all gushing away like an explosion of premature ejaculations, wakakaka.

From that story of alleged unmitigated grubbiness, should we then consider Khalid as like the 300 Spartans, valiantly holding back the hungry hordes of Huns Persians at the gates of Selangor's Thermopylae?

Have we wronged this man as a villain when he could well be a hero?

Mind, there's never any doubt that Khalid has been a effective and efficient CEO of Selangor, but we need to ask, is this man a suitable political leader, a people's representative, one who would consider the voice of the people rather than just play at being CEO of a private 'firm'?

Look, last year in October, when PAS and DAP ADUNs joined PKR ADUNs in criticizing him for his refusal or reluctance to spend more of the state's savings on development in the state, where instead he was alleged to just uselessly hoard the surplus in the state's kitty, he pompously and presidentially but pathetically responded that while he was opened to criticisms from any leader BUT that he cared more about the feedback he received from the public than from 'other leaders'.

So, to Khalid, ADUNs had been inconvenient individuals and not the people's representatives, while he 'presidentially' and directly represented all the rakyat of Selangor.

His pompous but pathetic pseudo-presidential declaration so irated DAP's Gobind Singh Deo that the latter 'urged' (a polite euphemism for 'f**king demand', wakakaka) the Selangor MB to bloody well clarify the statement that he 'listens to criticisms from the people more than from party leaders and politicians'.

Gobind went as far as to say Khalid had made a "very serious statement, which may have serious consequences", meaning Khalid either knows f**k all about democracy (parliamentary process) or has deliberately ignored the democratic process - ya, that's why he's presidential, wakakaka!

Gobind said: "Khalid must not take things for granted. I ask him to respond and clarify matters."

Thus the burning issue about Khalid has not been so much about his ability as a CEO nor about his perceived kedukut-ness (being a tightwad) in managing the state funds as a MB, but about his terrible failure to understand that in a democracy, the ADUNs are the ones who represent the voice of the rakyat, and not just a presidential MB.

Therefore the ADUNs should be listened to, and not to some 'special voice or voices' ringing in his ears or head, wakakaka.

But he seemed to have indicated his erroneous belief (pointed out by Gobind Deo) when he indirectly dismissed or diminished the importance of the inputs of the ADUNs and his party's leaders by preposterously and pompously claiming he listened more to the people than to the ADUNs, ...

... leading us to of course ask him 'who have been HIS people he listened more to? All the rakyat of Selangor? Or at least all those in Pakatan-held state constituency?'

It would be as if he has said he is NOT answerable to the state DUN and its ADUNs, the official, legal and democratically-elected voice of the Selangor rakyat

Thus we have witnessed in Khalid Ibrahim's attitude seemingly a loose cannon in a Westminster style democracy, one who has now even defy his own leaders, of his own party and of his own coalition, to 'come and get me out if you can', leading us to wonder which party he belongs to?

Okay, we have a situation where Khalid Ibrahim is perceived to be non-corruptible (and good on him for that) but alas, one who also doesn't listen to anyone from his own party or his own coalition.

Can such a situation in the latter be allowed to continue? If the answer is yes, then we don't actually have a democracy nor the prerequisite party discipline necessary for the survival and strength of a political party.

Besides, is there such a unicorn-like creature as a MB or CM or PM without a party in a Westminster style democracy? This would be as nonsensical as the story of the unicorns which missed getting on board Noah's Ark.

And a new burning question now also confronts political observers: what is PAS Pak Haji hadi Awang up to when some of his own party leaders have been shocked by his decision to defy Pakatan consensus and back Khalid Ibrahim (virtually a man belonging to no party) to continue as a Pakatan MB for Selangor - see the Malay Mail Online's Hadi's support for Khalid is not PAS's stand, says Mat Sabu.

Is Pak Haji the moon that gives light and magic energy to Selangor's unicorn?

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As I asked in my previous post: will the centrifugal actions of Khalid Ibrahim and now also by Hadi Awang see the Ragnarok for Pakatan?


ADDENDUM: From The Malay Mail Online Why I think Khalid Ibrahim must be replaced - Iskandar Yaacob

JULY 26 — I rarely want to write about my political opinion. I did once, a reply to Nathaniel Tan during the Kajang Move. My friend told me that Nathaniel wrote a reply in his social media account. I don’t bother to have one because I am too old for that. But I feel that I have to write one more time because there is a continuation of the Kajang Move happening right now — an effort to replace the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

Although my earlier article is actually to support Anwar Ibrahim as the candidate for Kajang by-election, I am aware that later he was replaced by Wan Azizah, the Keadian President, which is also his wife, after the doubtful effort made by Attorney General to bring his court case earlier.

I think it is naïve for people to think that Anwar, the Supreme Leader of the party should only be a normal state assemblymen or EXCO. To me, he was named to replace Khalid. From what I heard, Khalid demanded Azmin Ali to vacate his seat. Not sure whether it is true or not but if it is yes, I think the clash between them is real. But it is not fair for Khalid to demand that.

The fact that Wan Azizah was chosen to replace him in Kajang by-election is enough to tell us that the move was actually to replace the Chief Minister, so it must be a senior party leader (Azmin Ali is the next after the President and he is already a state assemblymen for Bukit Antarabangsa). Although I admit that Khalid himself doesn’t hold any senior position in the party except as the state chairperson in 2008 before he was replaced by Azmin.

But why?

I think this is one big question must be answer by Pakatan, especially Keadilan leaders. If they fail to do this, we can expect many silent protests in the next General Election and perhaps, BN will be back in power. It will be tough because Pakatan spoke highly, and understandably, about Selangor prior to 13th General Election. Everything, in politics, is almost about perception.

As a Selangorian, I also think Khalid is good, definitely better than BN’s leader and all BN’s Chief Minister before 2008. But he is not the only good leader in my eyes. To be frank, if not Anwar or Wan Azizah, I believe that Azmin Ali is also capable to be the next Chief Minister, or even PAS and DAP leaders. I am not sure whether Khalid’s supporters want to make it clear that Selangor Government is a one man show government — everything is about Khalid and he is the only one that made decision all this while.

Let us make it clear now. Khalid has to be replaced because he is not a team player. He decided everything on his own and people expecting all party leaders and members to answer for him. I saw this becoming worst when Faekah was appointed as his political secretary. Perhaps Faekah is not the one chosen by party, but by Khalid himself for his interest. Faekah was a former political secretary to Wan Azizah so Khalid wants to show that he got the support from the President. I am not sure whether it is true or not but I am reliably informed by those close to Khalid that Faekah seems to hold too much power in his office.

One can guess how powerful she is when Khalid had to appoint another two political secretary to replace her. And now she is the CEO of Menteri Besar Incorporated, a new position with much greater salary (I heard that her salary now is nearly half a million a year, excluding bonuses). Is she the one who advised Khalid not to attend weekly central party leadership meeting and to ignore decision made by his party?

We must see clearly the unilateral decision made by Khalid when he signed the agreement with Federal Government regarding the water restructuring. The stubborn answer made by Faekah, pretending that they are rushing because the State Government just knew it at the very last minute clearly shows that she think that we, the people of Selangor, are too dumb. She also said that the State Government had already briefed the coalition representatives earlier but the truth is the briefing was done after the signing. How come the State can brief earlier when you said that you only know about the signing of agreement at the eleventh hour?

Khalid and his adviser’s attitude do not just affect his party but also affect the coalition although I can safely say that his party suffered the most. Don’t let this ruin the coalition. My advice to PAS and DAP, don’t let this man use your party conveniently for him to stay in power. He might be a good man, but power can corrupt. The absolute power that he is telling us from his action and reason such as he is from Bugis clan, the same with Sultan (implying that he is using that to hold on power) and disrespect that he shows to his party that bring him to the top position is simply showing us that he is beginning to be corrupt. Help him by replacing him.

Not free from weaknesses

In my response to Nathaniel Tan, I praised Khalid for his achievement but also remind that he is not free from weaknesses. Whether his weaknesses is big enough I can’t speak on behalf of the others but I have my own opinion. I think it is fair for Pakatan leaders to discuss and come to their conclusion. And even Khalid has no problem at all, he should respect that process.

If we follow the Selangor political developments closely, I think there is not so much news about Selangor BN. Perhaps, that makes Khalid very comfortable. I was not surprised at all when first heard that many of his party leaders don’t really like him. I thought that it just politics. But the case against him is slowly come to my attention.

First, when I read about his case with Bank Islam, I was quite shocked. One can access related legal documents online to check the truth about what I am going to write. Many talk about the amount of money involved, a much reduced settlement for him and out of court settlement. I am not expert in the banking sector but to read that Khalid r-e-p-e-a-t-e-d-l-y breach the agreement with Bank Islam give me some sense when I recalled a claimed made by my friend that he promised many things to people be it party leaders or ordinary people but never delivered. Even Anwar is not spared. And now he is saying that he want to stay in power because he has unfinished promises to deliver to the people.

Let me recap my first article. I wrote that, based on credible research, Khalid would have lost if he stayed in Ijok because he didn’t deliver to the constituents of Ijok. That is why he moved to Port Klang. . I have been told that Khalid didn’t use his allocation as the state assemblymen during the first three years in the last term. Only when the research showed he is going to lose, he began to spend his money. Is this the unfinished promises that he is talking about right now? Now what is wrong with spending the money to help the rakyat: to pay for mosquito fogging operations, to clean up drains, provide some service for the many poor people in the estates and the kampungs in his constituency?

You may think that it doesn’t affect you but the truth is, Khalid’s failure to serve the rakyat in Ijok ultimately contributed to the loss of Dr Dzulkefli Ahmad, a progressive, moderate member of parliament from PAS for the Kuala Selangor Parliamentary seat. As a result, the rakyat has lost an important voice to counter the likes of PERKASA and ISMA in the public space.

Since then, I am now informed that the people in Port Klang is beginning to see the other side of Khalid. Although Port Klang is near to Shah Alam compared to Ijok, it is hard to see him around. Although now with his job under threat, Khalid has appointed Faekah with the responsibility to take care of the constituency. Perhaps the job as CEO of MBI is not big enough to make her busy. Doesn’t he have anyone local in Port Klang that he can hire to help him there? Or is it because she likes power and wants to show it to party members on the ground?

There are many other issues that we raise about Khalid. Zulkiflee Sulong has already written a good opinion piece in his column in The Malaysian Insider on what is the real problem with Khalid that public doesn't see, or perhaps clouded by propaganda from state machinery. Ultimately the public must realize that Khalid wasn't just appointed to become Menteri Besar to show how frugal a state government can be, he was appointed to showcase the values and vision of Pakatan Rakyat over Barisan Nasional - that it could be prudent in spending but possess the courage and foresight to invest in the rakyat - by solving problems and delivering better solutions to their problems. 

Selangor was also meant to lead the way in showing a more inclusive way of governing and progressive ideals. 

Unfortunately, all we can talk about is how much money he supposedly saved (more on that later) which glosses over the dodgy deals he has done to get out of his own personal financial mess and the thousands of promises that he has reneged over the past term and counting. If you really disagree with me, take some time and read the court judgement on Khalid vs Bank Islam to really understand the nature of the Menteri Besar you so admire.


  1. Kaytee,all along I have always said that Khalid should remain the MB instead of being rplaced by Anwar,Azmin or any others,including Azizah.All this shit about replacing Khalid started with that fucked up dwarf Azmin,Rafizi and then Anwar.

    Khalid has managed the state's financials responsibly,and because of this the PR did so well in GE 13 in Selangor.

    Lim Guan Eng is managing Penang very well and is more powerful as CM of Penang than Khalid as MB of Selangor.But what can Guan Eng do when the herd of Umno and their NGO's goons stormed his office kicking at the glass doors or the storming of the Penang State assembly.

    So let us ask ourselves what can Khalid do about the raiding of churches and the seizing of the bibles.Same like Guan Eng he is helpless.Khalid knows screaming like crazy apes and pulling your hairless scalp won't help.So he is going on with his duties as MB then crying over something that he has no control off.Why waste time doing nothing and screaming all for the publicity,like all politicians do.

    And PKR? Forget about it as it has been fucked up umpteen times already.I have always said that with Anwar and Azmin there it is hopeless dreaming of winning elections..Now with that idiot Rafizi there it is getting to be a party too crowded of circus clowns.

    1. u mean b4 anwar/azmin, dap was the federal govt, n lks the pm?

  2. No different of DAP's CC. The boss only got like 5th place and was appointed to become the boss,bossy and bossini. True democracy process.

    1. the prob with dap election is no one actually challenge anyone. pretty odd party, i can only think of ccp n pap.

  3. Samson and Delilah4:33 pm, July 27, 2014

    The "Samson Complex"
    In his final moment of failure, with no more hope to stand up against his enemies, Samson brings down the entire temple around him.
    Killing himself, of course, but destroying all his enemies along with it.

    Now...who is Delilah ?