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Führer der Bocorites, Sieg Heil

I'm sure by now you know who respects Hitler, wakakaka, and who also tweeted this image of a green bra:

MCA Youth Leader, Chong Sin Woon has been absolutely correct in saying"That tweet leaves the impression that the only image permanently imprinted in the mind of Bung is the female anatomy since as early as 2006, he had already spewed 'bocor' remarks against a female MP thereby belittling the menstrual cycle of all women."

The Kinabatangan Klutzy Klown has been a serial offender against women's dignity and privacy.

Okay then, let's rewind to where our wannabe Führer first came to notoriety, which alas, was unfortunately in the so-called august House, Parliament, but which had over the years been so much abused by a few low brow clowns and simians that I have to deem it as the Malaysian Monkey House, with apologies to the general inmates, wakakaka.

parliamentarians should blame him for bringing Parliament into disrepute

On 11 May 2007 (during the era of AAB, wakakaka) I posted MP's menstruation mesmerised motherless monkeys which revealed the following (wakakaka):

'Ere the dust has settled down on my posting Mindless Morons in Monkey Mansion, the crude creepy Cyclops and his menstruation-mesmerised monyet mate have been up to ... of course ... monkey ... tricks again - it's their usual sickening shameless simian behaviour.

According to Malaysiakini, the latter, joined by the former, made mind boggling sexist remarks about DAP Fong Po Kuan’s menstrual cycle in that place ... yes, none other than that ... Monkey House - apologies again to inmate exceptions.

Both slimy sexist simians did not deny making the unbelievable comments.

Sadly, no lady MP from the Barisan Nasional protested against their unparliamentary intrusive insults. Those BN ladies must have been meditating in elegant silence, probably on Shahrir Samad's dismissal as Chairman of the Backbenchers Club when he supported the DAP's motion to refer (apparently a very powerful) Cyclops to the Committee of Privileges for the latter's 'close-one-eye' proposal to Customs.

But when Fong, the lady directly insulted by those crude crass comments called for a motion under the Standing Order 26 (1P) to refer the two BN MPs to the Committee of Privileges, predictably Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib dismissed the motion.

Is there no shame in that Monkey House? (apologies to all real simians, not those wannabes)

Malaysiakini reported:

Fong expressed her regret over the decision: “I feel sad that no woman MP in the Dewan just now voiced their objection to the comments that were insulting to all women.”

DAP MP Teresa Kok said the matter was not new: “Each time a gender sensitive issue comes out … each time derogatory remarks were made against women, there is no action taken by the speaker.”

Lim said, “The Kinabatangan MP (Mokhtar) behaved as though he has no mother, or daughters or sisters. And the BN can thump unashamedly at the rejection of the motion on technical ground.”

That was how Der Führer became Führer der Bocorites.

personal standard of  Der Führer

Now, in case any males out there don't know anything about what those monkeys had been fascinated with, namely, a woman's monthly period, it's more commonly referred to as menstruation.

Menstruation seems be governed by the lunar 28-day cycle, which may explain why it had caused those two UMNO MPs to be mesmerized by it and become mad (or lunatic, you know from the word ‘lunar’).

Apparently, in Mayan mythology, the Moon Goddess (Po) slept with the Sun, said to be one sizzling hot stud. When her dad found out about the illicit gamboling frolic, he killed her a la the honour-killing by parents in the sub-continent and middle-east but as usual, like in the case of the ‘baby dumping’ scandal or the recent Halimah char-kuat spa physiotherapeutic incident, Sunny Boy the bloke who was equally responsible got away with it. BTW, I was assured no stone was thrown during the execution of Po.

The blood Po shed from her execution was said to be the origin of menstruation. Her blood was considered evil because she was disobedient, not unlike Eve or worse, her far more sexy predecessor Lilith, the 1st wife of Adam.

But there’s more – Mayan myth has her blood stored in 13 jars, enough for several generations of Malaysian Bocorites including those who commented on DAP's Teo Nie Ching's 'dirty-ness'.

This is the part which Malaysians like – the first jar’s blood was transformed into creatures such as snakes and insects like scorpions, centipedes, and not forgetting UMNO's favourite pets, the tebuans.

‘Twas also the source of the original poison and diseases – we may take it that Malaysia's Jabba the Hutt and his ilk were created from there. Sorcery was associated with the blood in the first jar – maybe that’s how those could even know about Fong's and Teo’s ‘dirty-ness’?

However, some jars also hold medicinal plants, but I suspect most of these plants were/are growing in Columbia, Peru, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Turkey, wakakaka.

The thirteenth jar is the lunar jar, from which the Moon Goddess was reborn alongside many lunatics who have since been possessed by and obsessed with the bocor business.

Mayan moon goddess

But the ancient Jews have a different myth regarding menstruation, though without neglecting their misogynistic proclivity.

Of course for them the myth originated in the Garden of Eden and was related to their belief in the Fall of Man. Naturally,women had to be blamed, specifically Eve and Lilith.

According to their Kabbalistic belief, Eve was tempted by the serpent, which in Christian belief was Satan in disguise, specifically Samael.

Now to confuse you, in Judaism, Samael is not Satan but an (not fallen) Archangel,  a frightening looking dude who was not above a bit (or a lot) of evil wickedness. He was the Angel of Death who reigned as Lord of the 5th Heaven but was seen even in the 7th Heaven.


It was said that when the Archangel Metatron took Moses to the 7th Heaven, he (Moses) was scared to shits when he saw Samael. In Louis Ginzberg’s The Ascension of Moses, we are told: 

There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mein. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes, at the sight of which the beholder fell prostrate in awe.

"This one," said Metatron, addressing Moses, "is Samael, who takes the soul away from man." "Whither goes he now?" asked Moses, and Metatron replied, "To fetch the soul of Job the pious."

Thereupon Moses prayed to God in these words, "O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hands of this angel."

But in Kabbalistic lore, it’s a bit more than just Samael (the Christian Satan) in the guise of a serpent seducing or tempting Eve into eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was Samael having sex with, yes, bonking Eve, who at that time according to Kabbalistic belief, was still a virgin.

When Lilith saw this it was said she became envious and immediately took on the guise of Samael to have sex with Eve as well. The Kabbalists believed that menstrual blood was the 'filth and the impure seed' of both Samael and Lilith in Eve through their sexual acts, and which were to become a curse on womankind.


Now, you may well ask how Lilith a female could inject 'impure seed' (semen) into Eve. According to Kabbalistic belief, both Samael and Lilith were androgynous, and believe it or not, so originally were Adam and Eve as well.

Here's where the misogynistic accusation started. The rabbinic lore averred that Lilith guised as Samael as(?) a serpent, together with Samael himself, who in turn was of course guised as a serpent (phallic symbol?) were able to have sex with Eve because of women’s inherent lustfulness and weakness.

And we sure as hell (pardon the pun) know from the Old Testament what misogynists those priestly caste were. And which may possibly also explain why an Indian Minister recently had the vile preposterous effrontery to say Rape can sometimes be right

Then, the de-flowered Eve screwed Adam during her menstruation, defiling the latter, but in that defilement made Lilith stronger. Lilith was then able to come to him (screw him) against his will (I bet 'against his will', what bloody misogynistic poppycock, wakakaka) to steal his seed to engender many demons, spirits, and Lilin (Lilin being male versions of Lilith).

We can see that both Mayan and Jewish myths, undeniably written by men, blamed women. And among its doctrinal inheritors seem to an Indian Minister, a Catholic priest the 'Most Reverent' (wakakaka) Benedict Groeschel of the conservative Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, New York who stated in late August 2012, that priests accused of child sex abuse had often been seduced by their accusers and that a first-time offender should not go to jail, and of course our very own former (male) MP for Rantau Panjang, wakakaka - see my post The waters of Rantau Panjang.

Thus it's not surprising, and indeed unfortunate, that most religions consider menstruation and its blood unclean. Chief among these religions are the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, Shinto-ism and even Jainism.

Leviticus 18:19 reads, “You shall not approach a woman in her time of unclean separation, to uncover her nakedness.”

By now, what with the lustful exploits of Lilith, Eve, Samael and Adam, it's hardly surprising for us that among religions, Judaism has the most severe observations and taboos for menstruation. Mind, this does not include the more modernized form of Judaism.

But as recent as 1878, just a mere 135 years ago, the British Medical Journal (not mere pub talk) published a piece that said a menstruating woman would cause bacon to putrefy, wakakaka.

Only Buddhism and Sikhism don’t give a rat’s fart care about menstruation or the consequential blood.

In Theravada Buddhism, menstruation is viewed as "a natural physical excretion that women have to go through on a monthly basis, nothing more or less".

Guru Nānak condemned the practice of treating women as impure while menstruating – good onya, Guru.

I couldn't find anything much on Taoism other than it says a woman loses much vitality during her menstruation and that she should endeavour her best to control it, presumably by Taoist exercises(?). How, what?

As Confucianism is more of the practice of exemplary social order through rites and protocols including proper decorum, respect to elders (daulat tuanku) and society, charity and benevolence, etc, rather than a religion of belief in the divine per se (Confucius was the bloke who advised "Revere the gods but keep them at a distance"), I doubt whether it has any taboos on menstruation and I have to say I haven't heard of any.

However, I am aware that non-Christian non-Muslim Chinese women like my mum (during my younger days in Penang) were reluctant to visit temples during their 'monthly', though their observation didn't seem to be based on any Taoist or Buddhist practice but I suspect more on Chinese folklore beliefs.

In the final analysis, we know that every normal human being was born bathed in menstrual blood, except of course those descended from slugs or had emerged from beneath a stone, wakakaka

Back on track - anyway, on 08 July 2008, our wannabe Führer der Bocorite made an obscene gesture known to Penangites as 'kapuk' in nowhere less than the Monkey House. Wasn't he just low class?

The readers write-in comments in Malaysiakini Vox Populi columns such as 'Repent, you shameful man' and 'Suspend Kinabatangan MP' showed their disgust for the Member of Parliament for Kinabatangan (yes a MP, can you bloody believe this!).

The dictionary tells us one meaning of the act of ‘kapuk-ing’ or ‘berkapuk’ would be ‘to embrace from behind’ as in the example of a bad rider doing so to a horse’s neck.

The dictionary obviously refuses to continue from there. But young Penangites in my days could include to that action of clinging from behind, a humping action as well, wakakaka. That's what we understood by 'kapuk-ing', wakakaka again.

A Malaysiakini reader Sabahan said: "This clown is an insult not only to all parliamentarians, but to all Malaysians and especially Sabahans."

"He thinks that the Parliament is a coffee shop where he can use vulgar language and gestures and crack vulgar jokes to amuse his like-minded fellow parliamentarians from the Barisan Nasional."

Another Vox Populi reader compared his behaviour to that of a trishaw puller, except of course a trishaw puller is not a member of parliament.

But to conclude on our bocor story and its proponent, Führer der Bocorites, do read the following 2007 letter of apology to YB Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat, wakakaka:

Dodgee Pharmaceuticals
2, Jalan Bodek
Taman Kamunting
Pulau Pinang

Yang Berhormat
Datuk Boh Bo Chor
Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat


I refer to the magnificent resolution that Datuk's ministry has brought about, over an unnecessary polemical conflict regarding a minor issue of plumbing deficiency in our most august House of Parliament. Trust those DAP MPs to escalate a mere leak into a raging torrent of protests.

I was appalled by the DAP's insensitivity for making mountains out of puddles.

In fact it was such a non issue that I would normally ignore it if I did not chance across a report of the DAP scandalous behaviour, that was overdone by that insidious subversive online news portal called malaysiakini which I assure you I do not read at all.

It was one of my shop assistants who informed me of the news item. No doubt he was skiving from his duties to surf the Internet, again. He is only employed on a monthly basis so I will have no difficulty in removing him.

malaysiakini should be officially chastised for even leaking jokes made in jest and which are protected by parliamentary privileges. How insensitive and tasteless of the online news outlet, undoubtedly plagued by mainly unemployed (male) blogger-liars masquerading as

May I once again congratulate Datuk's ministry for plugging up the opposition party's outrageous and subversive propaganda well before that disgraceful deplorable dribble develops any further.

Indeed, thanks to your ministry's swift and prompt action, we have spared the two commendable Yang Berhormats from being unnecessarily and shamefully harassed and insulted with tasteless titillating titbits by those DAP feminine-Nazis.

Yet ungratefully, some citizens (I would not be surprise if their vociferous protests were created by phantom bloggers) still fail to see how your Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development has, as in this exemplary conflict resolution, firmly 'guided' Malaysian women including and especially that DAP Fong Po Kuan into their 'rightful positions', a correct and necessary action to ensure Malaysia has a fighting chance to develop 'traditional' family values.

China Press has reported the brilliant reply of a Yang Berhormat when he was again, alas, harassed for comment by journalists yesterday on whether he would apologise to Fong. He courageously stated: “I will apologise IF she is a woman!”

Articulate, pithy and straight right to the source of where all of us, I mean this, came from, the Yang Berhormat’s superb hard hitting response captured the worrying existence of what I had earlier described as the festering fermenting feminine-Nazi culture in the DAP.

Don’t they know their womenly place in our Malaysian society? My colleagues and I wish to reaffirm our appreciation for your Women Affairs Ministry in protecting men’s rights against such demonic Lilith’s.

Additionally, the Yang Berhormat has sublimely but succinctly drawn our attention to the importance of not messing and moaning around with leaks but instead, of seeking a plumber.

Incidentally, may I take this opportunity to advise that my pharmaceutical store has an impressive range of high quality female hygiene products available. We store both international and domestic products.

Out of a sense of good citizenship, if it helps those DAP feminine-Nazis manage their 'personal' problems better, I am prepared to extend a 10% discount for any product they purchase, assuming they can even afford them on their paltry monthly salaries.

For Barisan Nasional (BN) members, regardless of gender, the discount is 20%. And for BN parliamentarians, I am prepared, as a grateful citizen, to sacrifice good business sense by slashing 35% off. Be assured that my offer carries an unusual sacrificial rain check for your party members.

Please convey my appreciation to those two magnificent Yang Berhormats for their unruffled dignity in the face of vicious DAP provocative insensitive attacks.

If it can be any consolation to their selfless sacrifice of making an unnecessary apology, do advise them that the dictionary* also explains an ‘apology’ as a ‘poor example’. So we may take it that the apology was extended to an apology for a woman, that is, if at all she(?) is one, as the Yang Berhormat has stated.

I hope the divisive affair is finally and firmly plugged up.

Malaysia Bocorleh!

Yang benar

Dodgee Dimsum

p/s * apart from dictionaries, my other company Dodgee Book Store (just next door to my Dodgee Pharmaceuticals) carries an impressive range of books, DVDs and stationery.

I am also expecting two new management books titled “Conflict Resolution: making apologies without being apologetic” and “Tapping into Malaysian Traditional Family Values: Resisting subversive neo-feminine culture”. The same respective discounts apply to Barisan Nasional members.


  1. Why is he still voted into the parliament ?

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    2. Its a real insult to lump Hitler and Ariel Sharon together.
      Put it this way, if Ariel Sharon were truly a Hitler-equivalent leader, there would be very few Palestinians left alive today.

    3. relative scale - and remember, Ariel Sharon was responsible for the Sabra-Shatila genocidal massacre, directly or otherwise, so said the Israeli Kahn Commission

  2. No shame when committing mistakes !
    He's beyond help !
    Throw him out of the parliament !

  3. Hitler was a great thinker.
    His real failure was not being able to carry out die Endlösung or The Final Solution.

    So much of the pain and suffering in the Middle East today is the after effect of that failure.

    1. I'm allowing this comment ONLY in the name of freedom of expression

    2. U r also doing a BIG service for luring out the closet Nazi admirers of bolihland! There r many - in part due to the BTN-ised lecture camps.

      Judging from the Nazi term that they chose to use, one can easily tell who these morons r.

      WTF......BTN has done her part well in cultivating anak-kecil-main-api jigu rats into kaki-batah wannabe stormtroopers of bolihland.

      Make one wonder, whether they realize that if the Führer had ever succeeded in his dream, these troglodytes WOULD end up just like the Jews they r indoctrinated to hate!!!!!

    3. Mahathir was instrumental in getting Mein Kampf to be legalised in Malaysia.
      There is even a Bahasa Malaysia translation out now, to ensure that those with poor command of English get to be to enjoy Hitler's illumination.

      Not that I support the BN administration's stupid history of banning books, but why Mein Kampf ?

      In my time , there were actually a few copies in the University library, allowed strictly for academic purposes, even though it was overall banned in the country.
      If you borrowed it, they recorded down your name, student ID, and you had to state why you needed to read it.

      I have to say its a very boring but revealing book

    4. Yahudi descendant7:19 pm, July 11, 2014

      I have noticed that in many Muslim Malay circles, their hatred of Israel has extended to extreme anti-Jewish positions (just listen to their anti-Yahudi diatribes), in turn leading to sympathies with Nazi ideologies.

      There are no more practicing Jews in my family, but we have kept our surname, and we are proud of our heritage. The anti-Yahudi outbursts coming from many Malay groups often make me cringe.

    5. The Malays have been taught to hate.....really REALLY hate, with their whole heart and soul, going berserk.......they hate and loathe the Chinese, they despise the Indians with a deep enduring contempt, they abhor the Jews right down to the bones, and they deeply detest the 'decadent' and 'liberal' Whites.

  4. Kaytee,Bung Mokhtar is a real fuckup disgrace for an MP.Not to forget he committed khalwat with his then mistress,eloped and got married on the sly and lying his ass off the news report and rumours of his illegal marraigePeople like him ars only fit to be janitors.Enough said of this lusty dude.

    Malaysia is trying to delay and weasel out in sending back the diplomatic aide to Kiwiland.The Kiwi's know that.That is the reason they are forming a ministerial inquiry into this particular case.

    Before they forced the hands of the Malaysian authorities by quietly backing the press asking the courts for lifting the suppression of the diplomat.It is an indirect way of saying bring back the diplomat soon or we will embarass you more..

    1. by the time Mohd Rizalman goes back to NZ, the case would have been legally compromised kau kau where it'll be seen/deem he won't receive fair trial. It won't be surprising if the NZ court dismisses the case, or at least take note of the extreme prejudice he will be suffering from in his trial

    2. Knowing that nothing is sacred in an open society, where medias thrive on current sensational news.

      The longer the simmering, the more drivels the news become & thus the more public opinion weighting in.

      Isnt it the game that the M'sian side is playing now by procrastinating the repatriation? Just waiting for the Kiwi public opinion to boil over, then the jury has no choice but to weight in that lodge-sided public out-cry into penal consideration.

      Vaila, no balance judiciary setting, case dismiss!!!!!

      The Kiwis know & thus the setting up of a ministerial inquiry. They might not get Rizalman for a long period in jail, BUT, they would sack the minister(s) involved for muddling up the case.

  5. Go blame al the Kinabatangan voters who like him. He speaks for them in Parliament.

    1. U r talking cock!

      Not all the residents within the kinabatangan constituent voted for him. He secured the seat bcos of his paid soldiers & his political (umno) link.

      Most of the natives there r just too busy to edge out a living to worry about diatribes/monkey acts that r said/done in far far away Peninsula. What counts most is the present, especially easy cash, to help ease out the daily tolls of searching to support a family.

      In that sense, there r many of the same in THAT far far away Peninsula!

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    He thought he secure a trophy wife? [deleted by kaytee] ... probably more like it

  9. Please refer to this idiot as BJ Bung in your next posting.Anybody who do not know what BJ stands for,please feel free to ask.

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    This Bung, Buang or Buang Sampah Mokhtar is a man of the lowest levelsHe is worst than an animal.He got no brains and just a lusty small half inch dick.Makes fun of women all the time,yet it doesn't take a genius to figure it out what this man wants for a wife.All I know is that when his present wife is walking along the streets and takes a big step [deleted by kt].What if one day [deleted]?Hhehehe

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    Perhaps that was the medical syndrome, Bung might be having and thus look upon as his leader?

  12. the gaffe guy who knows11:40 pm, July 12, 2014

    KT,by the way who is this stupid moronic Bung Mokhtar anyway?Our everyday toilet cleaner cum ass licker?Or maybe MP of the association of custodians?Am I insulting the intelligence of the custodians by saying this moron Bung to be their MP?

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    Tu Koe (584) means sex crazed dude or sex maniac.Whichever this Bung Mokhtar dude is a real brainless fucking asshole ... [deleted] ...

  15. In World War II, if you can see past the unfortunate tragedy, Nazi Germany was really fighting a noble campaign to rid the world of pernicious control by a malignant race.

    In the aftermath of the ruins of Germany's defeat, the Western powers were left holding "the problem", which they absolutely refused to be responsible for.
    Instead they made an illegal promise to dump the problem on Palestine, a land that had already been settled for centuries by Muslim Arabs.

    The deep injustice perpetrated on the Palestinians , the wider Arab population, and by extension Muslims the world over, continues to fester to this day.

    1. Most original Nazi died out since 70 years ago.....and morphed reincarnated into Umno baru today....that's why all their monkeys are making fascist and bigot comments day in day out, almost not a single could pass through peacefully without these present day Nazi shrieking and yelling how Ketuanan they are....untuk agama, bangsa dan negara....err, untuk raja juga sekarang.

    2. There is a straight line from sympathy towards the Palestinians, to hatred for Israel, to hatred towards all Jews, to trivialising or minimising the atrocities of Nazi Germany to outright Nazi sympathies.

      Most people know where on the line to stop, but some don't.....

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