Friday, June 27, 2014

Malignant Mais Malaise

Have you heard of the Manglish word 'cannon' which means 'ricochet' rather than 'brag'? No I don't know how it came into use, unlike 'go-starn, which evolved from 'go astern'.

Anyway,  I've kind of suspect the 3 R's are 'cannoning' on UMNO.

Once UMNO mauled the royalty (1992); today we see in a southern state a chunk of royal claw back where governing powers might have been surrendered to a constitutional monarch, much to the anxiety of some of the more intelligent UMNO members.

Then came along Dyana Sofia a happening which threw dear old UMNO into fits wakakaka.

Finally in UMNO fooling around with religion in using it to attack its opposition we now see a stubbornly defiant MAIS at odds with legal authorities.  And frighteningly we hear syariah lawyers talking preposterously of the syariah courts being on par with the civil courts - for their own professional and religious interest naturally.

Cannon! Soon MAIS and its counterparts in other Peninsula states will be in a position to do away with all UMNO,  PKR and even PAS politicians wakakaka.

Dirgahayu Ayatollah.  Amin. Wakakaka.


  1. Article 121 – Malaysian Constitution
    ".......The two High Courts shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any matter within the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts."

    Put in place by beloved Tun Mahathir , passed by Parliament in 1988 by 2/3 majority.
    Anwar was one of the architects who pushed for he can't complaint now.

    Don't even dream MAIS is working in defiance of UMNO.
    MAIS Chairman Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa is an UMNO strongman.
    It is UMNO which is the puppet master behind MAIS defiance of the Selangor administration.

    1. You think so? Once they tasted power even UNMO cannot stop them. As is it now seem like nobody can stop them.....eventually UMNO are playing with their own backside.

    2. Bible Snatching, Bride Snatching, Body Snatching....

      Why do you think these incidents mainly occur on Pakatan controlled states ?

      Other states have near-identical enactments banning proscribed words such as "Allah" from being used by non-Muslims.
      You think the BN-controlled states Islamic councils are more "moderate" ? Dream on...

      This is part of a Destabilisation exercise being exercised by Puppet Masters behind the scenes, and if Pakatan state governments and the residents don't realise that, and don't take steps to counter this, then they are goners...

      Both the KGB and CIA carried out plenty such Destabilisation exercises in their target countries during the Cold War.
      The KGB was recognised as particularly skilled with such campaigns, but the CIA had much more money to spread around. The inhabitants of the target countries were the ones who suffered....

  2. You cannot really understand and do a proper analysis of the MAIS situation, as well as other religiously charged issues like the recent Bride Snatching and Corpse Snatching unless you realise that MAIS, like so many other supposedly "independent" institutions in Malaysia are now essentially under UMNO's thumb and serve their Race and Religion shit stirring.

    MAIS chairman Mohamed Adzib Mohd Isa is an UMNO warlord.

    Many other "independent" bodies such as the Judiciary, Royal Malaysian Police, Election Commission are infiltrated or downright controlled by outright UMNO operatives or appointees who can be relied upon to serve UMNO's agenda.
    Former Court of Appeal Judge Mohd Noor Abdullah's racist rant. Makes you wonder how many judgements under his long tenure in the Malaysian judiciary are tainted.

    IGP ? The less said about him the better.
    Former EC chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman joined Perkasa to defend Malay power.
    Makes you wonder how many of EC's actions during his tenure have deviated from fairness and honesty.


    RSN Raya gets back what he dished out.....

    Its wrong in this case, but I can't say he didn't invite it coming in the first place...

  4. Good cop, bad cop strategy. The REAL master behind all this is UMNO. Let's not delude ourselves that Putrajaya is "helpless" in its elegant silence.

  5. You folks can argue with all your energy as long as you like.

    In the end if I have served Allah well, I'm going to heaven to see the houris which I have earned , while you guys all go downwards into the abyss.....


    1. BTW don't ever you think that the ONLY joy that heaven and paradise could offer is the beautiful houris and glasses of wines; the majority of the elite in this world already have of plenty of that... some have more than the 9 x 8, wakakaka...

      - hasan

    2. Well..have to give due credit to Islam for excellent marketing, which is, after all, about addressing the interests, needs and wants of your target audience.

      Conventional concepts of the perfection of Paradise may appeal to those who have gone through a harsh and painful life, but to a twenty-something male, it may mean little

      Throw in a host of perfect Houris to serve their every need....wah...that will get their attention...

    3. "Well..have to give due credit to Islam for excellent marketing...."

      Nah! Look at the arrogance of this Anon. I think he has a difficulty in understanding similes and metaphors. Only a fool would think or imagine that the ONLY joy paradise has to offer is a host of perfect 9 x 8 Houris... wakakaka! What about for the women, especially those who have gone a harsh and painful life?

      Nobody have lived in heaven except Adam and Eve (Hawa). The Quran does have some stories that are also in the Bible, of paradise which lay the foundations of the apex of mystical ecstasy. Well, due credit must be given both to Christian and Islam for excellent marketing.

      - hasan

    4. In Hebrew bible Adam's first partner Lilith wanted equal pleasure and took to "riding" (wakakaka) Adam. The Hebraic authors of the old testament had her expelled from Eden and labelled her the mother of all monsters wakakaka

    5. Side track a bit, but this one is so funny....

      The Biblical Lilith:
      "When the Almighty created the first, solitary man, He said: It is not good for man to be alone. And He fashioned for man a woman from the earth, like him (Adam), and called her Lilith. Soon, ......... She said to him: I will not lie underneath, and he said: I will not lie underneath but above, for you are meant to lie underneath and I to lie above. She said to him: We are both equal, because we are both created from the earth. But they did not listen to each other"

      That's how the "missionary position" became the "Church approved" position for Christians.....wakakakakaka....

    6. Houris are believed to be black-eyed virgins in the Islamic paradise. But I read somewhere that the word has been misinterpreted and houris actually refers to dates or some fruit which is more believable. Where to get six dozen virgins for everyone? Sorry to burst somebody's bubble.

    7. "One glimpse of Paradise
      Repays a life of Pain"

      - Catholic hymn.

      (They forgot to add in the Houris as a bonus, hahaha)

      Nowadays, the Church , especially in developed countries tends to deemphasise talk of the perfection of Paradise, because so many of their flock are rather cynical , materialistic middle-class types. Emphasising instead spiritual and moral salvation.

      In olden days, and still in the Developing world, where most of the believers comprised the poor who live a hard life, Paradise and its promise of perfect eternity is still a big draw.

      Really, if you examine the theology with an objective eye, there are so many similarities between Islam and Christianity, especially Catholicism.

      Kind of sad that we are treated as "The Enemy" by some.

  6. Please be informed the shariah court and civil court are of the same status under our consti. Remarks on shariah lawyers who are telling the truth are uncalled for and prejudiced.

    It is amazing the partisan view of justifying everything on political parties. Khalid Samad is as usual spinning to hide their failure to manage. When jakim's Cadbury issue was made public, the minister was made accountable. But when it involves state own authority which federal has absolutely no jurisdiction, everyone else is blamed except the MB and EXCO. We must come out of this silly puerile thinking to solve the underlying problem.

    1. Syariah courts are legislated under state laws and therefore subordinated to federally legislated civil courts

    2. Civil courts reign supreme.......Just merely shouting and screaming by a particular group that shariah courts are on same level or even more superior to civil courts just won't cut it.

    3. Nowhere in the Malaysia Constitution does it say that the shariah court and civil court are of the same status

      Article 121 – Malaysian Constitution
      ".......the High Courts shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any matter within the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts."
      That means for example the High Court cannot be used to overturn a conviction in a Syariah Court.

      In the case of the Bibles, the Syariah Court , JAIS and MAIS has no jurisdiction over non-Muslims.
      Whatever crime supposedly committed has to be proven in a civil court. Just MAIS word that they think the Bahasa Bibles have broken the law has no force in law.

      Come on, where is your case, were is your prosecution ?

      No government agency has the power to seize private property except in accordance with the law.
      If there is no legal case, the private property must be returned, otherwise MAIS is breaking the law and becoming a rogue government agency.

    4. If Syaria courts are of same status, then the Native courts in East Malaysia would also want to be the same. State laws are never higher than civil laws.

      As for the Mais fiasco, we all know who is actually behind this. Why not ask the FT religious authority to raid the BSM who has shifted their office to KL?

  7. A strong and secure UMNO, still holding a BN 2/3 majority in Parliament and control of all the major state governments would not have resorted to such underhand tactics.

    The urban dwellers, especially the non-Malays made a major strategic error in 2008 and again in 2013 in attempting (unsuccessfully) to change the political face of Malaysia.

    We are finding that the price in instability and insecurity is not worth it, especially when it is only half-baked.

    The fundamental formula for Malaysia's success and security since Merdeka is a strong BN government with 2/3 majority and control of all state governments. We all need to find our way back to the correct path.

  8. "Have you heard of the Manglish word 'cannon' which means 'ricochet' rather than 'brag'?"

    I think the word is ‘kenen’ not ‘cannon’. I have friends from East Malaysia who used the word ‘kenenning’. Perhaps, the link below might help to give you the meaning, which is ‘to connect’. However, it also has another meaning, which is ‘to match’ or to ‘kenalkan’ a man to a woman for possible marriage.

    - hasan

  9. The Civil courts should be subordinate to the Syariah Court, as is appropriate since Malaysia is an Islamic country.

    1. Wakakakaka......first time I am using this.

  10. The more ridiculous and incredulous the stories - flying on a winged horse and circled the earth 7 times, a talking snake, walking on water, etc etc, the more "faith" is needed to believe, wakakaka. Oh ye most faithful of the 'holy' books ( supposedly came directly from the god/s) be joyful in thy grand delusions.....after all , the reality on this blinking earth does grate.....pain, suffering, old age, decaying skin and ultimately all too soon, death ! So indulge in thy delusion of everlasting paradise of heavenly bliss with the 9x8 houris. Women who are after all more 'inferior' being made/created from a piece of man's collar bone, has no need for sex in heaven....they have their knittings and sewing, wakakakaka.

  11. We are not, (not yet) , Pakistan where its states that the Sharia is the Supreme law of the Land.

    In Malaysia, the Federal Constitution remains the Supreme Law of the Federation, and the Constitutionality of state Islamic anectments and Syariah court actions remains subject to oversight by the Civil courts.

    Want to be like Pakistan ? I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
    Bombs exploding every day, civilian airliners shot at with Machine guns coming in to land, 70% of children attending Madrash schools learning nothing, exports shrinking, economy shrinking, life expectancy declining....

    1. Most non Muslim/Malay citizens would agree with you.....they would avoid becoming Pakistan like the plague. But try talking to the majority Malay Muslims here, even the educated and very educated ones......they still want to turn this country into a fully Islamic one, just like Pakistan. There is just no way to talk them out of it or even to argue logically with them on this matter.

    2. There's always a silver lining to all bad things. I'm an expat in Karachi, previously assigned to countries in Europe and Africa. I know what it's like to live in Pakistan. So yes, there's shooting here every day, there are places you don't go to at night, or even during the day, but this is not much different from London or New York. Here in the city, life goes on, people go about with their normal lives, the malls and shopping complexes are always full, roads are crowded. And I get the highest expat allowance for one of the lowest cost of living in the world, with personal security and escort teams thrown in by the company, wakakakaka...


    Malaysia also wants "face" in case of Malaysia diplomat accused of sexual assault.


      Malaysian minister caught lying and covering up the truth (again) on the international stage.

      They still haven't learnt the lesson from MH370

  13. hasan, as per your request. cheers

  14. MAIS may be narrow minded and intolerant but it is not stupid.
    It is refusing to return the Bibles because the legal framework surrounding the "Allah" containing Bibles is now much different in the aftermath of the Herald finding.

    Federal Court judgements are never standalone. Judges of all the subordinate courts - High Court, Court of Appeals are required to follow their findings as legal precedent.
    The Court of Appeals finding , upheld by the Federal Court , in the Herald case , states :-
    a) "Allah" is not an integral or essential part of Christian worship
    b) National security and public order considerations overide the rights of the minority
    c) The Home Minister has a right to proscribe "Allah" from being used by the Herald.

    Only (c) is specific and confined to the Heral case.
    (a) and (b) can and will be used as precedent in many other cases.

    Strictly speaking, MAIS is now acting beyond the law in refusing to return the Bibles, but as a government agency, they have the upper hand. They just have to sit on it.
    BSM would have to request a court order for MAIS to return the Bibles, which in the first place, they say the won't.
    If BSM does go to court, MAIS is now armed with the Federal Court ruling, especially (a) and (b).
    A very good test case is also coming up with Jill Ireland's seized "Allah" VCDs.

    1. The Herald's Allah judgement is a case law - meaning all the future lower court trials would used its findings as a reference.

      As it stands now, superficially, the case is closed as defined by the Court of Appeals' finding as stated.

      However, in the 4/3 decision, the 4 dissenting judges had VERY cleverly put in a a legal term that many had missed. The chief judge, together with the other 3, had conceived that their resolutions were Obiter Dictum - words of an opinion entirely unnecessary for the decision of the case.

      This has opened up another case of worm for future challenge (ie The Jill Ireland case) & thus the insistent by Umno that the case is ONLY referral to The Herald trial.

      Why these judges did that? One can only surmise that out of the consideration of carma & 3Rs, there were still a little hint of legal professionalism left. Yes?


    Looks like some people can just walk away from an accusation of Sexual assault ?
    Its been two months, I don't see him being charged in Malaysia either ......

    I'm waiting for ISMA to come out in his defence "demi bangsa dan agama".

  16. What a hypocrite !
    Anwar Ibrahim.....convicted sex offender...wants to lecture the government about handling an accusation of a sex crime.....

  17. Sudahlah, Bakar saja Bible haram itu !

    Allah is only for Muslims.

    1. Another ignorant Muslim or sympathizer. By intentionally burning the Alkitab, you will be burning the names of Allah and all the Prophets as well. Another catch 22?

    2. Then all the palestinians can go to hell and get out from Israel. Hahahaha! Fuck you la!

      By the way, in the 60s and 70s, 90% of palestinian freedom fighters are christians. There you have it, support muslim also kenna whack. Better worship kaytee as God, ok