Sunday, July 06, 2014


In modern times blackouts have not only been inconvenient but also periods of danger and loss. In colder countries prolonged blackouts during winter had resulted in deaths from severe cold. More accidents would also be likely.

Some years ago, prior to Chinese New Year I had the opportunity to buy from fisherman friends some really (relatively) cheap prawns, bawal putih, senangin and kurau to take home for mum when I went home on CNY leave. I purchased the seafood a month prior to the festive period.

But alas, while I was away for more than a week, a blackout occurred due to an electrical storm. Fallen trees on the cables of the main electrical grid were the cause but after these were removed the following day and electrical supply restored, I wasn't around to switch back on the flat's safety circuit breaker which had tripped during the storm.

By the time I returned a week later, my piscatorial treasures deteriorated into stinking plant fertiliser, wakakaka.

That was my loss, both materially and in the time expended on cleaning up the yucky mess and lingering awful pong in the freezer. And worse, I missed the opportunity to score big with mum, returning home with only some Ipoh pomelos.

More romantic people saw blackouts as an opportunity for romantic interludes by candlelight, with smug grins 9 months later.

I am not sure whether it's true but it's said that in Malaysia one particular organization has more than its share of blackouts, wakakaka, as if some of its members have ownership of light (or its loss), wakakaka again.

Tell me about your experiences, if any, wakakaka.


  1. In olden times, blackout due to lunar eclipse could be returned to normalcy by hitting empty tins to create loud noises to 'scare' away the 'Sky Dog' !

  2. in modern time, we dun need blackout to change anything, just do it under the sun like some org did.

    i am not sure kerosene or oil lamp helps, this used to be our source of light beside moonlight n firefly in the 70s? maybe orang asli n some east msian still can share their experience even though msian oredi can go near the moon while having roti canai n teh tarik. the only drawback is the ballot paper might get burn before input into the computer via the magical excel.

  3. My rant below might not be so off-topic as it is related to KT's title "Blackout"...of sorts, hehe

    Well.....for those who happened to read RPK's latest piece "Aren't Malaysian Ashamed of Themselves" where he is sweepingly, righteously declared... 'Malaysians, especially the non-Malays and opposition supporters/leaders, are so full of shit ' ....well, most neutral minded readers would rightly get pissed off and wished that blog would blackout itself, because RPK himself is the one so full of shit himself and what is more worrisome than the fact that he is full of shit, is the fact that he is so unaware that he is full of shit, thinking he is ever so right. My god, that guy has truly changed from what he used to be that he is unrecognisable now. Pitiful old sod.....

  4. I was affected too, but the electricity supply was restored more than a week ago. I suppose you have been away travelling.

    Power was reportedly cut off to more than 20,000 homes in the area of NSW surrounding Sydney.

  5. Blackouts....
    There are still plenty of rural communities in Malaysia which do not have electricity supply, or at least, no 24 hour electricity.
    I'm not such an old person, but I studied in primary school under the light of a Coleman lamp (anyone has experience of or still remember those pump-up kerosene lanterns ?). Later when I was in secondary school, electricity was installed for 6 hours at night 6 pm - 12 midnight.
    It was still impossible to have a refrigerator, which needed 24 hour electricity.

    Eventually I made it to one of the top 20 universities in the world, where there is a will there is a way...

  6. You don't need blackouts anymore in Malaysia to carry out nefarious activities.

    The Ruling party carries out theft , corruption and abuse of power out in the open, in broad daylight, with no fear of repercussions.

    Its called "Standard Operating Procedure".

  7. There is a kind of Poetic Justice in the Blackout and aftermath , don't you think .... ? Hihihii.....

    You may be a Atheist, but the Lord certainly moves in mysterious ways.....

  8. The blackouts
    The angry faces
    The grumbling within
    Finally the sad day

    The heat of the nights
    Capturing the souls
    The sweat of it
    Some food turned bad

    During my village days
    Fire-flies caught in a bottle
    Voila there was light in the dark
    It was fun to hang around in the night

    While living in Penang
    Years ago there was a major blackout
    Imagine the inconveniences caused
    You could hear the losses suffered

    The blackouts
    The robberies and thieves
    Lovers and pimps flow
    There is always an opportunity

  9. There is always a silver lining to everything....
    Some couples used the blackout to have some fun...and make babies....hahaha....

  10. Lots of people around today who were born 9 months after a blackout.......kakakaka.
    After the great New York City blackout of 1977, there was big baby boom 9 months later.

    No such luck for Ktemoc , eh ?

  11. PKR - "Blackout Party"
    MIC - "Black Party"
    DAP - "Whiteout Party"

  12. KT,

    Just u wait, very soon too, that yr BIGGEST blackout (con-out in blog) would be this Rizalman extradition to NZ!

    It would be proven once for all that whatever the current M'sian govt said is not worth a fart, even when the rotten smell spreads allovrer far&near.

    It could be better to play American in the 1st place rather than eating yr own words by generating pseudo-medical excuse.

    Some people have no feel for shame, thus forcing the whole country's reputation going down the drain!

    Is this people's interest BIGGER than the nation's????

    1. My bet is Rizalman will never face justice in NZ.

      The 2 latest spins are that
      (a) He needs to undergo psychiatric treatment in hospital in Malaysia.
      (b) He should by right be tried in a Malaysian military court.

      After that , there will be many avenues to declare Rizalman innocent.

      Blackout it is !

  13. Nearing the end of counting of the election ballot papers, it was clear which candidate would prevail.
    But after a sudden blackout, a miracle happened !
    The sure loser became the winner !
    The incident has never taken place in the last election !