Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Black & White of Malaysian political thinking

When I read a published letter by Michael Chua to RPK at Malaysia-Today titled in elegant simplicity as Thank You (the latest in a brief series of published correspondence between Michael and RPK, wakakaka) I was tickled pink by one of Michaels' appeal, to wit, "RPK, please follow this up by writing some articles to pacify your readers concerning the issues that I mentioned above."

'Pacify readers?'

Wakakaka, my dear Michael, that would be akin to asking RPK to make the sun rise in the West.

Now, while I am not questioning RPK's ability to do so (that is, make the sun rise in the West), wakakaka, my expressed opinion above is not so much about RPK or Michael Chua; it's about Malaysians in general where most if not all have already taken up George Bush' position of "Either you're with us or against us!"

In other words, most Malaysians today cannot be 'pacified' by any article; they can only be for (thus happy with) or against (thus railing against) a viewpoint - I wouldn't say they are colour blind, which would incorrectly imply they are not racist, because some are, wakakaka, but alas, the sad reality is they can only see (discern, distinguish, differentiate) things in black or white, wakakaka.

Take for example, HM the Agong honouring Malaysia's most renowned actor, sweetie Michelle Yeoh in 2013.

Many pro Pakatan supporters somehow forgot their demand for 'freedom' of this and that, and went into berserk mode, whacking Michelle Yeoh for exercising her 'freedom of association' and 'freedom of expression'.

Hellooooo there, remember 'freedom of association' and 'freedom of expression', 'freedom' of ... whatever?

Their sheer hypocrisy and double-standards in their vile vitriolic vicious and vehement buses of her for her political affiliation and expression of support, her fundamental right to do so, spread even into the Hong Kong and China's entertainment net, and have been disgraceful, disappointing and (quite frankly) disturbing.

Michelle Yeoh is Malaysia's most globally recognized entertainment talent, and has been honoured twice by her home state of Perak with Datukship's, twice (within 5 years) by France with the Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur and the Officier de la Légion d'honneur, and by HM the Agong with a Tan Sri-ship in 2013.

Yet from those unacceptable uncivilised and uncouth abuses by so-called Malaysians (the very people who clamour for 'freedom' of this and that, wakakaka) you might wonder whether she is notorious in her own nation, perhaps as a serial killer, child abuser or fratricidal or matricidal psychopath.

Because of such feral cyber-fascist attacks, I was wont to remark that some Malaysians couldn't and I suspect still can't handle democratic differences. I dread to think of these intolerant cyber-bullies ever coming into power.

Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur
established by Napoleon Bonaparte on 19 May 1802

Read this to know of her achievements and if you're truly a Malaysian, you would be immensely proud of her, regardless of her or your political affiliation. I know I am, very!

Zaid Ibrahim, Chandra Muzaffar and even wakakaka RPK (just three examples) have also been similarly vilified when they started to say stuff that showed that 'white' isn't all that white after all. But their vilifiers forgot that when they had previously said 'black' is very black, they were ALSO (and already) vilified by the other side, wakakaka.

Whether you agree or disagree with them, and that's entirely within your right, as that's part of the democratic process. But disagreeing with them didn't and doesn't call for vile vitriolic vicious and vehement abuses of them.

And to those who have abused Michelle Yeoh, Zaid Ibrahim, Chandra Muzaffar, RPK, etc, for their views, would you be capable of discussing, debating and distinguishing issues in a civilised manner, like academician Joshua Neoh whose intellectual take on the 'Allah' word issue was reported in TMI's Courts do not have the final say on the Allah issue, says academic as follows:

Joshua Neoh
Lecturer in law at Australian National University

Master of Laws, Yale Law School (2011)
Bachelor of Laws, 1st Class Honours & the University Medal, ANU College of Law (2010)

... when the judges were rewriting the constitution through reinterpretation, they had at least tried to couch what they were doing in terms of constitutional law.

Neoh pointed out that the Malaysian post-colonial constitutional settlement was precarious – not only because the constitution is an incompletely theorised agreement, but because it presented two conflicting visions on issues of law, religion and state.

The effect of this, he added, was that there were two constitutions embedded in the one constitutional text which engages in double speak.

"This bifurcation in the constitutional text makes the post-colonial constitutional settlement a precarious arrangement because its meaning is internally incoherent and inherently unstable.

"While it may not have the benefit of stability, ironically, it may have the benefit of longevity," he said.

He added that this was the reason that enabled proponents of both sides of the ideological divide to find their voices and visions in the same constitutional context.

"They could both draw on the same document for support and could construct their own narratives and counter-narratives from the available constitutional materials," he added.

Neoh went on to explain that this was the reason why the contestation on the use of the word Allah will continue beyond the Federal Court, adding that it was a symptom of a larger contest about the meaning of the Constitution.

"It is a contest about the origin of our state and the future of Malaysia. The court does not have the final word, the courts never have the final word in any Constitutional matter," he said.

But alas, I think not, because there's the sheer toxicity of our socio-politico-cultural-religious landscape today, of which you have become a willing captive. It's poisonous and nothing thus far that I can see or predict will remedy it.

Now, you may not like this but I'm going to say it anyway: There are just too few Malaysians like Joshua Neoh, Neil Khor, Tunku Abidin Muhriz, Zaid Ibrahim, RPK (wakakaka) and many more.

On the sad current situation in Israel and Gaza, needless to say, we have in one way or other chosen sides. Again, it's your right to have different opinions from others as we are afterall humans.

We are individuals and thus entitled to our individual views and political affiliation, but there must be a civilised approach to expressing them, in the way Joshua Neoh has done. Thus I read to my utter shock and dismay one Malaysiakini reader (using the nick of preposterously 'msian1st') commenting on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the MKINI article Cease trade with Israel, demands PAS Youth with an unbelievably cruel "I hope all Palestinian wiped out so that the Middle East will be at peace again. Palestinians are nuisance."

It's the exact mirror image to what some ultra pro Palestinian supporters have said of Hitler not doing a better job in eliminating all Jews.

Well, it's patently obvious that the only article that will 'pacify' this 'msian1st' will have to be the successful genocide of the Palestinian race including Muslims, Christians, Druze, Mandaeans, etc. Sieg Heil!

Palestinian babes killed in Israeli air attacks on Gaza in 2008/2009

I suppose 'msian1st' would be most happy with these killings

And to think, he or she must be one of those who has been hypocritically berating the BN government about human rights and the lack of freedom to do this and that.

Then there are those who have been so poisoned as to make, in my opinion, quite childish comments regarding their worldviews. Take for example Malaysiakini's reader 'Odin' who challenged Palestinian sympathizers not to use or enjoy the facilities offered by a number of items supposedly invented by Jews, for example, the nuclear reactor.

[Note: another childish one I have heard, rather frequently, has been about a Jew developing the Pentium chip and therefore whoever dislikes the Israel government should not use it. The Pentium chip was actually developed/invented by Vinod Dham, an Indian American, who was born in Pune, India but who migrated to and became an American citizen]

But does disliking or protesting against what the Israeli government is/has been doing akin to disliking all Jews? The fact is some Jews also don't like what the Israeli government has been doing.

ultra orthodox Jew in London
protests against Israel's air strike against Gaza

Leaving his infantile comment aside for a moment, 'Odin' had dishonestly ignored the fact that Italian (Catholic) Enrico Fermi was also co-designer/inventor of the nuclear reactor. 'Odin' wrote in a manner that appeared to assign all credits for the invention solely to a Jew. I presume the Jew must be Hungarian American Leó Szilárd - if Odin had also presumed so, then in this, by dismissing or masking Szilárd's Hungarian-American nationality, and highlighting only his Jewish origins, 'Odin' sounded in some ways like one of those shameless Australians who claimed Kiwi Russel Crowe as an Australian when the actor won an Oscar, wakakaka.

According to the asinine and callow logic (or lack of) of 'Odin', it's like saying that those who don't like or are anti Chinese government (eg. the US, Japanese, Australian governments) should not use paper of any kind (including toilet paper, wakakaka) as this material was invented by the Chinese. Likewise they should not read anything that's printed as the Chinese had also invented printing.

I will blog on this toxic socio-politico-cultural-religious Malaysian landscape later, in particular its impact on our fragmented Malaysian stand regarding the Middle-East conflicts.

However, not all is lost as I have been thrilled to read some intelligent comments on my last post Today's Neo Nazis which I believe have correctly analysed the probable/likely cause of non-Malay Malaysians' seeming lukewarmness towards the plight of the oppressed Palestinians, as that of the Malaysian Muslims' disservice in over-Islamizing the Gazans' strait when it should have been treated for what it actually is, a humanitarian issue and an ugly 50 years of Nazi-like oppression by covetous fascism.

Many of you may possibly not realize this, KTemoc Konsiders blog started in March 2005 as a result of my strong support for the oppressed Palestinians as well as my anti-US invasion of Iraq (Gulf War II, not I).

Prior to that I was blogging at BolehTalk, then owned and managed by Mr X. He was a very nice bloke who invested considerable efforts in introducing me to and in teaching me on how to blog, but alas to his shock he subsequently discovered that I was (to him) a loose cannon, wakakaka, because then I wanted to blog principally on my stand regarding the US invasion of Iraq and Israel's persecution of Palestinians. He had expected me to blog mainly on Malaysian affairs.

Perhaps I might have misled him into believing that because of my first post I Fear the Greeks Even When They Bring Gifts! which was drawn from my letter to him about the evils of smoking for Malaysia. That must have been the smoke that blurred his eyes, wakakaka.

Anyway, out of respect for him, shortly after I posted my BolehTalk post Farewell to 2004 - a KTemoc roundup (in this post you can gather what my socio-political attitude would be), I started my own blog KTemoc Konsiders so I could do what I personally wanted without upsetting him with my rants at BolehTalk. The rest as you may say is history, though as an afterword, Mr X grew tired of blogging per se and before abandoning blogging altogether, endowed me with ownership of BolehTalk.

But to end this, my rant, wakakaka, I need to say there are many shades in this world, even in Malaysia; it's not just black and white - for example, there's my wakakaka!


  1. the mean machine8:06 pm, July 15, 2014

    How about Bung Moktar. How would KT describe this lowdown racist and sexist?

    1. haven't you read my earlier post? See http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/fuhrer-der-bocorites-sieg-heil.html

  2. Kaytee,the mentality of Malaysians are the results of decades of brainwashing by the Umno.So for this the blame is entirely on the hands of Umno/BN.What they sow is what they get.

    1. People may eat the same rice yet they behave differently !

      Some of those KT has high regards are actually pariahs without any principles to speak of ! HA HA HA !

    2. as I have said, you are entitled to your opinions while I am to mine, but we should avoid vile abuses when we criticize anyone for their political stand - for example, it annoys me when someone criticize Lee Lam Thye with abusive words like "por lam pah" or/nd "boe lam pah" etc.

      Firstly, we need to ask: would these be criticism worthy of listening to?

      Secondly, we need to ask: Isn't LLT entitled to his right of free association?

      ... so on so forth.

    3. freedom of speech is not absolute, so is freedom of association. the name calling is mostly childish reaction, however no public figure can escape this i think, he can choose to migrate to australia and stay there quietly if he really mind on how others call him or look at him.

    4. and don't we know that when David Irving was jailed by Austria for saying the Holocaust figures are incorrect (that less Jews were killed than the 6 million claimed) = see my post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2006/02/european-freedom-of-expression-took.html

      we also know Prince Harry was excoriated for wearing a swastika armband to a fancy dress ball

      but read this European double standards and hypocrisy in the sacking of cartoonist Maurice Sinet by the Charlie Hebdo magazine management - my post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/charlie-hebdo-further-western-hypocrisy.html

      why should LLT migrate to Australia when he, a Malaysian, should be able to remain where he is to exercise his freedom of association and expression? Why should you PKR people chase those on the opposite side away - it's like telling him to "migrate" (see the double standards?). otoh you should be ensuring, on moral and civic grounds, that LLT, Michelle Yeoh and others are not abused in a barbaric manner by your troops

    5. KT is right. To convince others one is obliged to substantiate his / her stand.

      Lee Lam Thye has never badmouthed DAP publicly after he left the party, as far as I know. Very unlike a certain Aziz who praised the Rocket to the sky when he's with the party but launched a venomous attack against his former comrades the minute he left.

    6. Lets get something clear.
      David Irving was not convicted and jailed because of his claimed research purporting to show that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was much less than the conventional figure.

      Austria is not Perkasa-controlled Malaysia. There is no criminality attached to purely publishing a research result. Possibly getting your facts wrong or being stupid is not a crime.

      He was jailed for his speeches using his research results in promoting neo-Nazi and Anti-Jewish ideology. That put his writing and speeches into "Hate Speech" category, and THAT is Criminal in Austria.

      BTW , you superimposition of the Nazi Swastika on the Israeli flag is rightly Hate Speech, could get you into hot soup in Austria.

    7. LLT is a nice guy who has no balls for politics. After so many years of serving his constituents, he opt out and settle for a more quiet and comfortable way of life. I still respect him for not dwelling in dirty politics but still concentrating on civil issues pertaining to social welfare.

    8. read this on the conviction of David Irving in Austria = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_trial

      where were you then? On Mars or in a kibbutz in Eretz Yisrael

      And on your logic (I didn't say it) Austria is like a Perkasa-controlled land, and you explanation i as good or bad as those of Isma

      modern Israel deserves that flag

    9. only llt got freedom of expression kah, only u got freedom of expression when come to azmin kah? only u can dictate what is vile n abusing n barbaric ka?

      llt quit dap in 1990, pkr start 1999. not many in pkr know who is llt, so pls save yr advise to those dap fanboy, but of course not u, u were gerakan staunch fan at that time (according to loose wakaka), u definitely welcome llt move.

  3. You know as well as many others, that to succeed, you need to know which side your bread is buttered. I am not defending any of the "uncouth" (as you seem to like labelling) people who made stupid remarks about M Yeoh. However, they like anyone else suspect her support for the powers to be in our so-called democratic environment is simply down to one thing, is she knows her supply of butter will cease when the BN requested her to use her celeb status to win some Chinese votes.
    The trouble is, you have forgotten too, that anyone, including the uncouths are also entitled to their opinions whether you like it or not.
    I dislike RPK but I don't got to his page and run him down. Others might do that. That's their right.
    RPK seems to think he and only he has the right browbeat anyone who disagrees with him, but that is his right too.
    Remember Voltaire?
    So next time before you try to embark on something as debatable as a person's rights, pause to think unless you happen to think you are the only authority around the net on citizen's rights.
    By the way I want to sincerely thank you for remembering the non-Malay heroes of the past, people like Paul Kiong, Chia and so on. Good buddies.
    Too much obfuscation of our history, no one remembers anymore.

    1. You accused Michelle Yeoh of cari makan - tell us more or show proof, not just general accusations without merits. Don't come back and glibly argue all those who support BN are looking after their bread and butter while those who support Pakatan are not. That's pathetic prejudice.

      However, I am not so worried about prejudice per se nor about criticisms, What I had written was this:

      "Whether you agree or disagree with them, and that's entirely within your right, as that's part of the democratic process. But disagreeing with them didn't and doesn't call for vile vitriolic vicious and vehement abuses of them."

      It's about vile vehement vicious abuses that I frown upon - please red my post again

    2. Fuck you cibai la kaytee......Michelle Yeoh is in entertainment business.......When one got obscene amount of money, one expect such criticism from people.......Not as if we would burn Michelle alive.......Your elder sister ka?

    3. looes logic or better re-worded more correctly as "loser's logic", wakakaka

      looes or loser, you're really low class, incoherently low class, wakakaka

    4. Hahahahaha! Me low class.......Hahahahaha! Actually, I don't give a hoot about all this crap......Not till you fuckingly brought this up. Seriously, it does not do Michelle Yeoh any justice.........You want me to ask her personally......And she agrees with me, then how? Money come come

    5. Ktemoc, if you want to wallop, you gotta be prepared to suffer the same too. Unless of course you want to be in the same company as RPK who has morphed into something rather alien.
      Its very mischievious of you to use the word "accused her of cari makan". Do you mean to say, the phrase about which side your bread is buttered is simply that: "cari makan"? Why use the word "accuse"? Is it not a description of her predicament too? I suppose, now at this point you will say I am being glib.

      Ktemoc, have you read any books on critical thinking? I am sure you have.
      When I read your writing, I thought it was amiss at least in one way.

      You asked a silly question of me, show you how M Yeoh had benefited from BN politics. That is like Dr. M saying, everyone accuses my family of nepotism, show me the proof. Could you? He would tell you and possibly even show you that his son rose up to be multi billionaire on his own merits, not his daddy's patronage. But the smoke is still hangs heavy in the air, right?

      Ktemoc, you more than anyone else here should know how rumours in Malaysia is a good example of the "there is no smoke without fire."
      M Yeoh does not live by actress's fees and endorsement ads. She commands a bigger business empire than that. Part of it is here. No crime at all. She is a wily business woman.
      But when she had to openly support a hated regime, that earned her the ire of the PR supporters and the neutrals too.
      Agreed some were down right crude and certainly wouldn't make it past the censors. On the other hand she is lucky not this is not Britain or Holland or Germany. She would have gotten a rotten egg in her face.

      I am no admirer of hers nor am I against her. I am simply making an observation. You happen to be worked up over it. I am entitled to give you an alternative view, surely?

      Anyway I happen to be close to a couple of her relatives, and whats said in private shall remain that way. However, hindsight always grants us wisdom, I think she would have thought thrice.

    6. I apologise if I have hurt your feelings - not intended anyway.

      MY's dad is a MCA branch or divisional leader which has been why she supported BN. Yes, it could well be that she has business interests in Malaysia but if it's not illegal, she has that right to trade. She is under no obligation to side with Pakatan. Besides, why would she want to side with parties like PAS? PKR's disadvantage is bizarrely its reason for existence, namely Anwar Ibrahim who has a lot of UMNO-baggage. That's my reason for not believing him and thus not supporting PKR even while I support DAP. Anwar's sins are just far too many and too bad to let go

  4. i opine most society that progress toward democratic cannot escape the so called black n white. take taiwan as case for reference, the ratio of pan green / centre / pan blue start with 4 : 2 : 4 and move to 3 : 4 : 3, and now perhaps 2 : 6 : 2. it is therefore a natural evolvement.

    my prob is with those that behaving in a similar mannner but accuse others pula, the worst is when one change his stand but still talk about principles, and use vile n abusing language when others disagree with him, then what freedom is he talking about if he himself cant stand any criticism? how often petre write critically against najib as compare to anwar in the last 2 years? as the host said, it is his freedom of doing so, but is it not our freedom to label him a turncoat? went berserk pula. his freedom more valuable than us kah?

    the host talk as if he is the oppossite of bush, until the topic of anwar/azmin come up, u see a totally change of personality, om putih cakap jekyll and hyde, but the funnnyyy thing is from time to time he is clear headed enough to criticize other of being black n white.

    do as i say not as i do kot wakakaaka

  5. btw, it seem u r now reside in a country that support israel n that bully strongly, perhaps u shd think of moving to middle east?

    1. mainly political leaders especially those of Jewish descent and right wing Christian affiliation support Israel (I suspect, because of the large contributions made by the Jewish community to the two major parties, Liberal and Labor). There are politicians and non-politicians who support Palestinians and I'm not talking about Aussies of Middle Eastern origin, while of course there are those who also support Israel. But admittedly the clout of the Jewish community is VERY strong here in Australia.

      Now now, HY, you're being childish in asking m to move to the ME, just like that bloke who asked people who dislike the Israeli government not to use the Pentium chip or benefit from nuclear reactors.

    2. How could Kaytee go to middle east when he would be castrated alive in Iran on the order of Ayatolah of Iran? Wanna bet?

    3. when I was in school, I used to hear school children resort to "wanna bet", wakakaka

      and the last time I accepted your bet just for fun, you lost and then acted dunno, wakakaka, low class lah

    4. With the exception of the Gough Whitlam years, Australia has been consistently and heavily Pro-Israel in its foreign policy, throughout Liberal as well as Labour administrations.
      Two of its long serving Prime Ministers - Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke were so Pro-Israel they have both been rumoured to be Jewish (they are not, but there is a widely circulated photo of Bob Hawke wearing a Kippah, and Malcom Fraser has Jewish ancestors ).

      Tony Abbot rushed a condolence letter to the Natenyahu for the recent deaths of the 3 Israeli teenagers, but has been pointedly silent on the 200 Palestinian deaths from the Israeli bombardment.

      Australia is overall a well-governed country, but their slavish, completely unthinking, uncritical support for Israel is a blot on an otherwise internationally well-respected country.

    5. I think at one point of time aussie has been extremely concerned with how malaysian government treating the vietnam refugees in some designated islands. Of course, if you convert to yislam, semua boleh

    6. yes i am childish, but have u ever think of moving to middle east? no right? can u let go of a country that support israel and usa like his adopted son and godfather? can u let go of the freedom u are now having where u can criticize yr govt as u like it? can u stop paying tax to this govt that might use yr tax monies to fund the israel? but how can u resist the western world that u call hypocritical? could it be birds of a feather flock together wakaka.

    7. poor arguments, that because Oz is pro Israel (freedom of association mah, wakakaka) I shouldn't stay here. I dread your PKR coming into power because your party will be the one chasing out Malaysians who disagree with your party.

      One should convince one's friends, even enemies, to change by proper explanations, not by merajuking and leaving - like that lil' boy who took his soccer ball home because he couldn't play.

  6. What about those who vehemtly say outright that "I am a racists and proud of that?" or "You are infidels", or "You are pendatang" or "Keling, pariah" or "Go migrate" or words to that effect.

    Is that exercising their democratic rights or is it pure uncouth and uncivilised insolent remarks?

    Or is it seditious by Malaysian laws?

    Some things are deemed seditious while some are not and the abitrirary prosecution of which is seditious and which is not in Malaysian laws has made it a mockery.

    No one know what is seditious anymore going by the standards applied nowadays.

    1. saying "I'm a racist and proud of it" should be an exercise in freedom of expression, subject to the sedition laws (wakakaka) of a country. calling others "pendatang" etc is abusive but again subject to the vilification laws of a country. I'm not a lawyer with much knowledge on such laws but suffice to say, socially whenever one abuses others, he or she is uncouth or even uncivilised.

      As for "keling" I have already writen a post on this word - please see http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/3-revelations-on-keling.html

    2. Yes........That also includes you being a non grata persona as you violated the first tenet of rukun negara. You are no Indonesian and not related to zahid hamidi or even syed akbar. So you are as guilty........go mampus

    3. wakakaka, what a sore loser (loser from the word looes, wakakaka)

      as a matter of interest, what would be your religion? wakakaka

    4. Wah lao yeh.......this is what happened during cross examination

      Lawyer asking kaytee......

      Do you believe in God? Answer Yes or No?

      I rest my case my lord

    5. what god? the one with a capital 'G' or lower case 'g' wakakaka

    6. Kaytee,
      You have never been cross examined, right? You are allowed to retort meh........Answer the question......Do you believe in God? Yes or No?

      P.S : Jialat! Kenna macam like spanish inquisitor.........can somebody find me the hot iron stick

    7. now now looes, don't be childish, I'm sure you know what an atheist. Wait gasp maybe you don't. wakakaka.

      Incidentally you haven't answer my question: what God or god or gods do you believe in? wakakaka

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_M
    This one is a straightforward technical write-up

    "The Pentium M line was originally designed in Israel, ........Intel Haifa "

    Seattle Times....the "broadsheet paper" of that city...

    ...but maybe this article is too pro-Israel for your taste...

    "How Israel saved Intel"

  8. Michelle Yeoh has always been mainly regarded as a "Hong Kong actress".
    She built her career overseas and her Malaysian origin was for a long time just a hidden footnote, and most didn't even know about it, or if they did , no one took notice.

    When she appeared as Tourism Malaysia Ambasador in the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia campaign, some people then only realised "Oh, she's from Malaysia, huh ?"

    Her father is Datuk Yeoh Kian Geik, a long-time MCA leader. I suppose she made the got into the Malaysian political debate because of her family political loyalties.

    The nasty anonymous or pseudonym comments made against her after that are ugly, but not really different from toxic comments made against Hollywood stars, for example, when some of them wade into partisan politics.

    Some artistes are for the Democratic party, some for the Republicans, some are heavily critical of American foreign policy direction, some strongly support it....and they get bashed on-line.

    I was so disappointed to find, for example, a particular sweetie whom I never miss watching her movies, is a real Right Winger, and often visits US troops overseas....

    1. as I have written, it's okay to criticize her for her political stand, even though we know she did it out of a daughter's filial piety (oo hau) to support her dad. But there's no necessity to hurl venomous vilifications against her.

      It's uncivilised, barbaric & low class to do that

    2. Is it also not venomous, vile, uncivilised, barbaric and low for a so-called 'neutral' blogger to hurl abuses, almost on a daily basis, on an entire race as biadap, full of shit, cibai, you-think-your-5000 years-civilization-so-great-huh, and deserved to be slaughtered by the Malays should a May 13 occurred ?
      And he has the cheek to lecture on what is Munafeek and even become righteously affronted that people whom he abused retorted back that he is a racist - his reply...I have lots of Chinese friends and my wife is Chinese, so that just PROVE (konon nya) that he is not a racist, wakakaka. We all love and admire Haris Ibrahim and even this wonderful man just could not stomach that vile, abusive loud mouth any more. Enough said.

      P.S. Many a time, even if you drop in a comment on his site in the most politest of manner, but because your point hit home and showed him up, rest assured that your comment is not published. And should there be a good comment in favour of the Chinese, especially, the 'like' button is manipulated into malfunction. That blogger would do himself some favour if he could emulate KTemoc by at least being a straight shooter the way he treats the commentators......but being what he is, his site is now infested with bigotted Malay Muslim who merrily bashed the Chinese kau kau, e.g. no correction for those who persisted till this day that LKS urinated at the MB's residence on that fateful May13, or that Teresa Kok 'demanded' for the tune down of the azan volume....and many more such untruths...all allowed to pass through but should a Chinese commentator alluded to the tongkat or the Dr Mahathir being a mamak ( which btw is a FACT), and other such comments, hell is let loosed....Melayu kena INSULTED, INSULTED, INSULTED, and nothing less than the pox of another May13 be upon him and his whole race, wakakaka. Is this guy not guilty of black and white bigotry ? Only on a few certain days when he wakes up on the right side of the bed and his temper is less foul/mengamok, would he tune down his Chinese bashing.

    3. Ya, RPK (the "new" RPK) these days is often uncivilised, barbaric & low class.
      No prizes for guessing how and why he has deformed into the New RPK.

  9. wakakaka, I wonder whether looes74 is the reincarnation of Monsterball, wakakaka again

    1. Does it matter ?

    2. Monsterball is definitely not in the same league as looes74, albeit the expletives used. looes74 has been very well behaved in Din's blog. He appears to be very well-informed about current issues and well-read too. He let himself loose here only because he knows you could take all his nonsense. I guess everyone has to loosen up somewhere.

    3. aiyah, both are well-behaved in other blogs but 'let loose' here - gasp, do you mean both unscrupulously took advantage of kaytee' good nature? wakakaka

    4. Kaytee has been very very kind......So does Patrick Teoh. He can be considered as my very very very senior........That includes Lee Lam Thye and that crazy doctor........Hahahaha.

      The issue with Kaytee would be he tends to omit some important facts while debating issues

      Me don't believe in reincarnation......I can't imagine from where kaytee reincarnate

      But then I guess kaytee next life may be a cockroach.........hahahahaha

      P.S : Cockroach known to be tough animal........Ask Patrick Teoh, yourmarder

  10. There is no doubt that Jewish physicists and mathematicians played a major role in the early days of nuclear power, turning basic theoretical physics into 2 huge practical applications - the Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Reactors.

    For many, their being Jewish is not an accidental fact or someone embracing them after they became well known.

    In the 1930's and early 40's Germany and Italy pursued intensely anti-Jewish policies in their territory as well as the countries they occupied. Many of the brightest brains in physics in the world at the time were Jews. They fled with their families to the US, to UK.
    Enrico Fermi was an Italian Catholic, but the reason he escaped to the US was his Jewish wife and his children, offspring of a Jew, were in mortal danger.
    For many, knowing the persecution of the Nazis, their work the Manhattan Project was their their way of fighting the war.

    Major contributors to nuclear physics of Jewish origin (their surnames are obvious). They were the AAA-Team of Physics.

    - Robert Oppenheimer (head scientist Manhattan Project, American)
    - Otto Frisch (lead British scientific team, Manhattan Project, Austrian born, made "instant British citizen")
    - Edward Teller (you will love this guy - Right Wing Anti-Communist Zionist but one of the most brilliant nuclear physicists in the world in his day, designer of the Hydrogen Bomb, father of Strategic Defence Initiative aka "Star Wars")
    - Richard Feynman (lead mathematician Manhattan Project, American)
    - Julian Schwinger (theoretical mathematician, American)
    - Fritz Strassmann (key researcher on Radioactive fission)
    ....too many to list...

  11. and he said: "I want it to be over. But I want it to finish with the resistance's demands fulfilled: an end to the siege, a release of the prisoners and an opening of the crossings."

    "Maybe it is finishing, maybe it will escalate. But we should finish with a strong resistance."

  12. Well, the Allah issue is still being discussed and debated solely because the ban could neither be supported nor implemented. I bet this issue will still be around for many years to come unless they lift the ban.

    On the Israeli Palestinian conflict, violence begets violence. An eye for an eye will surely leave the whole world blind. In any conflict, it is usually the women and children who would be hardest hit. From the beginning, the Arab countries would not leave the Israelis in peace and have tried to kick them out of the region. But instead, the Israelis captured more land and have given back some in return for peace.

    I sincerely believe that peace could be achieved if the Palestinians and the Arab neighbors stop all aggression and bring Israel to the negotiating table. But I doubt the Arabs would do that. So, atrocities such as heart-wrenchingly illustrated above, would continue. The Israelis would probably adopt the stance "better your children than ours" while the Palestinians would profess that "we are prepared to lose everything just to have a chance to hurt you". In the end, everyone loses. Sad indeed.

  13. Where was I then ?
    I was in Austria...that's why I know the context and the reasons for his arrest and conviction.
    Your quoted article just describes the Irving trial. It does not explain the reason and context why he was arrested, tried and finally sent to prison.

    To repeat, his research findings on their own are not a crime. At most , he would have been heavily criticised and ostracised, but nothing involving the Austrian police and court system.


    What turned into a crime is he repeatedly made his speeches in Austria, 1989, to Neo-Nazi groups, effectively helping to further their agenda. He was deported from Austria and told never to come back.

    He came back in 2005, continuing to give talks on the subject to far right-wing groups..
    That was the last straw. He was considered to have committed "Hate Speech" crimes and was arrested and charged accordingly.

    1. I question your claim.

      In the 1st link you provided this was published (quoting from the Telegraph):

      On 11 November 2005, the Austrian police in the southern state of Styria, acting under the 1989 warrant, arrested Irving. Irving pleaded guilty to the charge of "trivialising, grossly playing down and denying the Holocaust" and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in accordance with the law prohibiting National Socialist activities (officially Verbotsgesetz, "Prohibition Statute"). After he was arrested, Irving claimed in his plea that he changed his opinions on the Holocaust, "I said that then based on my knowledge at the time, but by 1991 when I came across the Eichmann papers, I wasn't saying that anymore and I wouldn't say that now. The Nazis did murder millions of Jews."[114] Irving sat motionless as Liebtreu asked him if he had understood the sentence, to which he replied "I'm not sure I do" before being bundled out of the court by Austrian police. Later, Irving declared himself shocked by the severity of the sentence. He had reportedly already purchased a plane ticket home to London.

      In other words, it was only about Holocaust denial, a crime in Austria and Germany.

      Your 2nd link couldn't be accessed.

      And as for your 3rd link the only reference to David Irvingwas as follows:

      According to British historian of Germany Richard J. Evans:

      Like many individual Holocaust deniers, the Institute as a body denied that it was involved in Holocaust denial. It called this a 'smear' which was 'completely at variance with the facts' because 'revisionist scholars' such as Faurisson, Butz 'and bestselling British historian David Irving acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed and otherwise perished during the Second World War as a direct and indirect result of the harsh anti-Jewish policies of Germany and its allies'. But the concession that a relatively small number of Jews were killed was routinely used by Holocaust deniers to distract attention from the far more important fact of their refusal to admit that the figure ran into the millions, and that a large proportion of these victims were systematically murdered by gassing as well as by shooting.

      Again it was Holocaust denial in a condescending way, namely, that yes Jews were killed but not as many as 6 million.

      You are attributing to his conviction way beyond what he was found guilty of, namely, Holocaust denial.

  14. Just a bit of background , if I may....

    Asians, unless they have lived in the West, may not fully understand the emotive issue that Nazism still is in Europe. Perhaps the closest analogy is Japan's atrocities in Asia in WWII.

    In many European countries, Nazi parties and activities promoting National Socialist ideologies are illegal.
    In addition, denying the Holocaust or minimising it (considered denying) is often also illegal , sometimes as separate laws, sometimes rolled into the same legislation banning pro-Nazi activities.

    It is one of the exceptions which have been made to otherwise quite liberal freedom of speech in most European countries.

    We are no more than 2 generations from World War II, and Nazism/ Fascism is still a raw issue.

    There were a very few neutral Europeans in WWII - Switzerland, Sweden.

    For everyone else in Europe, you were either with the Nazis or you were against the Nazis.

    It is a most sensitive issue in those former Fascist countries - Germany, Austria, Italy. They made a promise never to again allow Fascism to take root in their countries, hence those tough Anti-Nazi laws.

    In the Allied countries, neo-Nazi idelologies are equally a sensitive issue. In UK, France, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, etc. everybody has fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers , grand-uncles, grand-aunts, relatives who fought against or suffered at the hands of the Nazi war machine.

    Anyone going around promoting Nazi ideologies or trying to minimise what they did is going to get a hostile reaction.

    It has little to do with any Israeli or Zionist lobby.

    I am, by the way, a part-Asian British citizen working in Penang.

    My late grandfather was wounded in action and decorated for bravery at the Salerno beachhead (look that up if you wish), so I have a real connection with WWII and the struggle against the Nazis, not just from history books.

    1. Jason, I fully agree with your take on Western European sensitivities re the Holocaust and Nazi/Italian Fascist atrocities and war crimes during WWII, but wakakaka there is always a but or two:

      (1) re your "It has little to do with any Israeli or Zionist lobby" that's not entirely true as the Israelis and Zionists have exploited the Europeans' guilt over the Holocaust to get what they want, especially politically.

      See my post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2006/03/holocaust-industry-tale-of-sinister.html

      (2) Despite such sensitivities, the Europeans were hypocritical (double standards) in deliberately publishing the Prophet Muhammad caricatures, knowing how sensitive that would be to the Muslims. They had the effrontery to talk about their so-called expression fo freedom.

      The worst case was the hypocrisy of Charlie Hebdo magazine - see my post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/charlie-hebdo-further-western-hypocrisy.html

    2. "Despite such sensitivities, the Europeans were hypocritical"

      danish does not represent all european, the act of a few does not represent all danish. or u mean there are many jew in denmark, similar to australia?

      u shd work hand with hand with petra, since both of u live in the western world, to demand the european to allow holocaust denial since petra always claim he fight for true liberty. just read how he blame pas n anwar on kassim ahmad but say nothing on najib, the pm.

      but i know u still want to kiss that raja anglo ass and his fantastic version of liberty.

    3. jason, out of curiocity, every muslim, chinese, indian, or even japanese have their sensitivities, if everyone enact law on whatever denial, then what happen to freedom of speech?

    4. HY, I wasn't only targeting the Danes. When the Jylland Posten published the Prophet Muhammad caricatures, it was actually the second time - the 1st being by a Norwegian magazine months earlier but which brought no response from the Muslims.

      But the other European newspapers, some in France, picked up the publishing "to show solidarity" in expressing freedom of expression. Charlie Hebdo was/is of course a French magazine, and from its sacking of its cartoonist, Maurice Sinet, showed its double standards hypocrisy.

      Incidentally, this was what Wikipedia had the Jylland Posten:

      **In April 2003, the same editor on the newspaper rejected a set of unsolicited Jesus cartoons submitted by Christoffer Zieler on the basis that they were offensive.[21] The Muhammed cartoons were explicitly solicited by the editor. Ahmed Akkari, spokesman for the Danish-based European Committee for Prophet Honouring, saw this as a double standard.**

      'Twas the same editor - sheer utter double standards hypocrisy.

      We also know that in Britain, Prince Harry was NOT allowed the "freedom fo expression" when he was chastised publicly, especially by a British Lord, Lord Janner, a senior figure in Britain's Jewish community, who said "What Harry did was both stupid and evil. The time has come for him to make a public apology."


      Hey! Freedom of expression? What happened to that cherished Western institution then?

      I have several posts which touched on Western hypocrisy in their so-called "expression of freedom".

      While I accept visitor Jason's explanation that Holocaust Denial is a sensitive issue in Europe because of its history, and I agree 100% that the tragedy should be a reminder of men's evil, I deplore the Europeans' hypocrisy in publishing sensitive issues of another religion.

      Not every issue should be sensitive but there ARE certainly a few that should be treated with equal respect and sensitivity.

    5. HY,

      re your "just read how he blame pas n anwar on kassim ahmad but say nothing on najib, the pm. but i know u still want to kiss that raja anglo ass and his fantastic version of liberty."

      ever heard of "freedom of association" wakakaka. if you don't like rpk that's your personal issue. and saying I kiss his arse is puerile - childish lah, wakakaka, but then you PKR people are quite intolerant

      and if you have problems with RPK, why don't you tell him. why tell me. I'm not his agent and our blogs are independent of each other.

      but you target me because I criticize your PKR leaders, that's the truth, isn't it, wakakaka

  15. It is good that LLP has not attacked the DAP after he left
    LLP never really disclosed the reason he resigned from the DAP.

    However, he has done extremely well with Cari Makan activities , as Director on the boards of multiple BN-government linked companies such as

    Media Prima Berhad (TV3, Berita Harian, NTV7, 8TV, TV9, New Shit Times) only one of two Chinamen on the board.
    Med-Bumikar Mara Resources Berhad (the only Chinaman on the board of the Bumi company - a real achievement)
    Amcorp (Arab Malaysian Bank) Berhad, Malaysia's 3rd largest bank.

    Whatever, its his right, as long as its legal income...
    ....but nothing to stop me from highlighting the facts, as a public service.

    1. RPK informed us that Lee Lam Tai left DAP to cari makan in BN coz his wife, due her incorrigible gambling habit, got the family into ruinous debt.

  16. We get Fucked kaw-kaw by Islamists and UMNO-gook Pretend Islamists here.

    Why should we bother with Islamists being Fucked Kaw-Kaw by high-tech weapons on the other side of the world ?

    If I were more vindictive, I might be cheering on those Yahudis, but I'm not so vindictive.

    I'm just not taking sides and watch ESPN instead.

    1. who says UMNO is Islamist?

      sure, I agree you get f* by UMNO, just as the Palestinians get f* by Israel. So by being apathetic to the Palestinians being f* kau kau, you are effectively being apathetic to yourself for being f* kau kau by UMNO, wakakaka

      and if your beef is Islamists, who says the Palestinians are all Islamists. They could be Christians, Druze (usually Christians, Mandean, etc

      No need to take sides but it'd be good to exercise your sense of humanity and compassion

  17. How are the Americans going to come to the help of Palestinians after seeing them cheering on when thier World Trade Center got hit by aeroplanes? I bet they don't care 2 hoot about how many Palestinians in Gaza have already died.

    I just wonder whether the Palestinians are wise in supporting all groups of terrorists in their own cause to regain their homeland.

    How are the Isralis going to make peace with Hamas when they have stated clearly they will destroy Israel and it's people? And using the Koran as justification for such an aim. And of course the Isralis will make sure Hamas and it's supporters are all wiped off too.

    So , it's just a matter of not supporting either side cos ther's no solution to it with all those hatred and it's better they wiped out each other.

    It's better to just sit and do nothing cos whatever help given just prolongs the enmity and war between them.. The word humanity does not mean anything to both sides.

    Unless, as is happening now, some feel it as a religious calling and starts to take sides. And that's why, the war and enmity continues unabated.

    1. WHEN do we start the argument from? Only from 9/11?

      The Palestinians knew and thus hated the Yanks for the latter's blind and unquestioning massive support and aid (planes, tanks, ammo, guns, money, intelligence, political support, intelligence) for a belligerent land-grabbing Israel. The Israelis might have lost the Yom Kippur War if not for humongous US aid pouring in non-stop during that conflict. Such was the massive US air effort that PM Golda Meir herself personally pin a commemorative medal on each of the C-5 pilots who flew military aid in non-stop from America to Israel.

      Why wouldn't the Palestinian hate such an enemy?

      One of the so-called terrorist or freedom fighters groups was originally funded and supported by Israel to undermine Yasser Arafat - that group was today's Hamas, thus Israel is reaping that poisonous fruit it had sown.

      Hamas uses teh Quran as justification and morale-boosting for its war efforts, just as Israel uses the Torah for its justification and morale-boosting war efforts. Both are religious fanatics.

      You're right that nothing can be done. The only country that could have done something, namely the USA, has taken sides with Israel because of its Christian Right lobby which wants Israel to be thriving in the belief that only then will Jesus make his Second Coming.

  18. the mean machine8:23 pm, July 16, 2014

    Kaytee,the problem with what is happening in Palestine is what is happening now in Iraq,between the Shites and Sunnis.With the US troops gone,the cows have finally come home.They are going at each others throat.Women and children are getting blown to smithereens.And do the world care and come out screaming when Muslims kill or murder innocent Muslims and others.Thy only screamed when Jews kill Muslims,and only in defending their country.

    Now it is the PLO and Hamas against their sworn enemy Israel.When there is peace with Israel it will only happen after the Israelis gave them a real spanking.And the peace mediated by the US or some other busybody will only last a handful of years.After they have forgotten the pain of the spanking they got, all this shit will keep repeating in cycles of fives years,or so.

    If they are not distracted fighting with the Israelis,then the PLO and Hamas will fight among themselves.These guys have nothing else to do as they thrive on the misery of the poor and discarded Palestinians.

    1. it's true that Islamist Hamas and secular al Fatah have, are, and will be fighting among themselves, but they're both Palestinians, just as the Shiite Iraqis and Sunni Iraqis fight among themselves for eons

      The difference is Iraqis are fighting among themselves on their own land, whilst Palestinians are fighting Israelis to get back their land forcefully taken from them by Israelis.

      Incidentally, Islamist Hamas was originally funded, supplied and supported by the Israelis to undermine Yasser Arafat and his al Fatah which was the major body in the PLO. Now, the Israelis are reaping the poisonous fruit they had sown.

      The USA will never and can never bring about a mediated peace because Israel won't allow that. Israel doesn't want peace which will mean the establishment of a Palestine State. Israel wants more, particularly teh West Bank which to them is their sacred biblical Judea and Samaria. Once Ariel Sharon wanted all Palestinians to move over to Jordan - he said so openly. He had wanted the West Bank for Israel.

      The Israeli government has been derailing all sorts of European and US peace plans, For example, George Bush's roadmap would have seen a Palestine State established in 2008, to which the PLO agreed to. Israeli sabotaged that kau kau.

  19. pity no one has bothered to read my post "'The Holocaust Industry' - a tale of sinister ethnic supremacy & evil hypocrisy"

    - http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2006/03/holocaust-industry-tale-of-sinister.html

    It tells how evil religiously some Israelis can be. I hope those Christian Malaysians as well as others who are ardent supporters of Israel will read it and know what Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former Chief Rabbi of Israel, said about non-Jews, wakakaka

  20. Has Malaysian politics become extremely polarised ? Yes, but it wasn't always like that , even after March 8, 2008.
    At the time Pak Lah was well regarded as a good, moral man who unfortunately had a bad and nasty party behind him, which he couldn't control. This was true even for PKR and DAP leaders. So there was still a certain level of civility in the national politics.

    Not so Najib. Most Pakatan members regard Najib as an amoral, dangerous conspirator.
    As an old DAP friend put it, "Now BN, especially UMNO doesn't play cricket, so don't play cricket with them. Now they play Rollerball, we have to learn to play Rollerball too".
    To the uninitiated, cricket is the most gentlemanly of games.
    Its all about skill, patience and endurance. Everything is out in the open. No room for underhand tactics. No violence. No physical contact. No animosity.

    You have to be past a certain age to know what "Rollerball" is ....a 1975 movie about a game with NO safety rules. You don't get injured, you DIE playing the game.

    Two events stick to my mind, on how it has become so polarised.
    The Perak Power Grab.
    Now, you can blame Anwar Ibrahim for the events leading up to the Power Grab. But the actual Perak Power Grab wasn't Anwar's doing...it was Najib.
    The video and photos of the Perak State Assembly speaker V. Sivakumar being dragged out of his chair and physically hauled out of the State Assembly is forever seared in many people's minds. You DON"T play cricket with the people who carried that Perak Power Grab.
    Teoh Beng Hock's murder
    Yesterday was the 5th Anniversary of Teoh Beng Hock's murder.
    I don't mince my words on this. Teoh Beng Hock was murdered.
    In the Chinese community, especially, there was and still is a deep sense of outrage over Teoh's murder.
    A man is taken into MACC custody, on the eve of his wedding. He never comes out alive. Nobody other than UMNO loyalists believe he killed himself.

    Nobody is responsible. Nobody is accountable.
    To add insult to injury, MACC has just announced that contrary to the findings of the Royal Commission, they found that none of Teoh's interrogators broke any rules. No action is to be taken against them. None.
    They still work in MACC. They go to work every morning, they come home everyday, they f*ck their wives at night.

    The sense of injustice and outrage in my mind is deep and unrelenting.

    BN/UMNO does not play cricket. They play Rollerball.
    We, who want to see a better Malaysia, have to learn to play Rollerball as well

    1. ok, I don't disagree with you, though I wouldn't let Anwar off so easily on Perak. And don't forget his immoral 916, inclusive of the Taiwan frog hunt.

      However, I need to update you on cricket, which WAS what you said it is. Today cricket has become a dirty game, Corruption, Indian bookies, players taking bribes (not just subcontinent players but those from so-called white countries) and the most disgraceful factor, sledging. As a West Indie might have said: Cricket ain't no cricket no more.

    2. Rocketman.....you have the great knack of precisely putting in black and white to zero in to where we found ourselves now.

      Rollerball indeed....the iron fist peeping out of the velvet glove. It would be to our detriment to underestimate that guy most media like to label as being soft and given to great bouts of elegant silence, purportedly guiding the course of Malaysia via autopilot. He is his father's son after all.....it runs in the family, so to speak.....they both looked mlld and sleepy-eyed but their strength is more of the stealthy back-mount attack ( belakang mari in local-speak ), capable of bringing down, out of the blue, their nemesis in one fell swoop. Between father&son and that great Mamak, out of all the 6 PMs.......these three's 'great' leadership brought us to where we are now, extremely polarised and getting to point of no return....the road to perdition.

  21. I think better help victims of natural disasters is better than helping victims of war. At least the victims of natural disasters won't even ask "What country, what religion, what race, what's the motive etc."

    There are no innocents in war cos eventhough the victims are old men and women, children etc their young men are somewhere else equally killing other's families.

    It such pure propaganda of war by whichever side the media belongs to.

    I don't see the Germans or Japanese squealing about their cities, homes and families being bombed to smithereens and their women being raped when they were losing the war.

    So, why the sudden despair of anguish about certain people when they are at war?

    So at which point of history to acknowledge who are the real victims or as justification to kill others?

    Let's start with "Adam and Eve" or "Adam dan Hawa" or the time of the dinasaurs?

    1. you seem a bit lost in your arguments: victims are victims - are you saying there's a difference between war and natural disaster victims only because the Palestinians are war victims and you don't like them?

      what about the victims of Japanese aggression during WWII? The rape of Nanking, Korea's comfort women, etc? Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian victims during the American war in Vietnam?

      Who said the Germans and Japs didn't squeal? Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki?

    2. oh, and don;t forget the Jews of WWII

  22. Don't forget to Add in other dispossessed victims like Australian Aborigines, North American Indians, South American Indians, Malaysian Orang Asli, Sarawak Penans.

    How about Coventry ? The Death Railway ? Hotel Changi ? The Sandakan Death March ? The Bataan Death March ?

    Don't forget the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields.

  23. The political maelstrom in Malaysia may be very uncomfortable to some, and they may hanker for the good old days of "stability" under BN, with 2/3 majority, and UMNO calling all the shots.

    Personally, I prefer the open arguments we have today, as long as we don't trade physical blows. The days of Everything is OK, everything swept under the gigantic carpet are OVER as far as I'm concerned.

    In fact it was never actually OK, it just that in those days, it was very difficult to get the information on malpractices out to ordinary people. I was in Aliran for some 20 years, most of the time, we were just a small isolated group of committed activists.

    In any case, Malaysia isn't going to survive in this globalised world if they still want to run it with UMNO controlling everything and taking its percentage cut from everything.

  24. Two men with remarkably similar religious outlooks.....
    they were born within an hour's drive of apart
    both consider themselves descendants of Abraham
    both do not eat pork
    both are circumcised, one at birth, one at puberty.
    both go for their prayers.
    One puts on a skullcap called a "kopiah", the other a slightly different looking skullcap called a "kippah" - same root word.
    They do their pre-prayer ablutions - almost the same style.
    Both pray to the God of Abraham, one calls Him Allah, the other Yahweh.

    Then they finish their prayers.

    One picks up his M16, the other his AK47. Within 20 minutes they are shooting at each other, shoot to kill......

    That's the Israelis vs. the Palestinians.

    I think this conflict will go on another 100 years, at least.

    1. Bad boys indeed !

    2. Amen/Amin to that........wakakaka.....it's a pleasure to read Anon 12.15.

  25. The curious case of kayteeism. Frankly, I found it strange for a cibai atheist who bring up this issue when just around the corner, a similar issue is still happening. Unfortunately, that cuntry happened to be an arab moslem country. The victims are berber moslems who are the bumis. But then again, no a single squeal from this chauvinistic pig..........



    How about this country? The one who invented happiness index.........Yes, the cibai buddhist


    I have more sympathy towards these people than palestinians. World offer them partition. They rejected. Then threate to annihilate the entire jews from Israel. Threaten again in 1967 by sealing off the straits of aqaba........These cibai people asked for it. Ask Tanah Melayu to go palestine la

  26. Kaytee! Australia Broadcasting corp news


  27. come on la, get out of that gigantic fantasy island n hypocrite habitat, u sound like one already. yr article mention the name rpk more than 5 times so is it not the right thread to talk about him? n i dun see u defend helen when yr dap army demonstrate their vileness n hatred towards the lady? u did call her this n that right but of course u would dictate ur name calling is merely a friendly gesture, we know, wakaka version of freedom of expression n freedom of association.

    n btw, u already move to somewhere, u r no more pendatang, pkr n pas never call anyone pendatang, unlike that my n llt n rpk freedom to associate party, n mine is only a suggestion, if u like the anglo world more than middle east, i do feel happy for u.