Thursday, July 24, 2014

The judge who will be judged by Allah swt

Hamid revealed racial prejudice in a High Court judgment, says retired judge

Former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad has been called a 'liar, racist and an extremist' by Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for saying the position of Islam is under threat in Penang and for claiming a former Penang mufti had told him (meaning it was no-name dropping hearsay) it was hard to get allocations for Islamic activities in the state.

Notwithstanding Lim GE's protestations, I wonder what Miss Muffet has to say about the Penang CM allegedly denying or being parsimonious in allocations to Penang Islamic activities, wakakaka.

Gopal Sri Ram, a former federal court judge who became famous for his statement to f**k the hell (kaytee's words, not his Lordship's, wakakaka) with stare decisis (legal precedence) regarding the original Adorna judgement which had apparently and shamefully legitimized land robbery, was reported by TMI to assert that the 'liar, racist and extremist' had revealed his racial and religious prejudice in a decision on a civil case which he heard as a High Court judge in the 90s. [...]

In that case, a bank had sued two business partners, a Malay and an Indian, who had stood guarantors for a loan. Both the defendants relied on the defence that their signatures were forged by a third party.

Sri Ram told The Malaysian Insider that Hamid, who had written the judgment in Bahasa Malaysia, accepted the claim by the Malay defendant because "as a Muslim he would not tell lies".
"He, however, did not accept the allegation of the Indian. The bank and the Indian appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Legal judgement is one thing but for a judge to say he would accept a Malay's word just on the basis of the defendant's religion, while rejecting another defendant's statements (in the same case) because he was a Hindu is frighteningly indicative of the judiciary loss of direction, at last some members of that once hallowed organization.

And for such a self-asserted Muslim, not unlike RTA and those leaders of ISMA, I wonder how he will dare to face Allah swt in the hereafter?


  1. The drawing: one of them looks like the judge !

  2. A 'liar, racist and extremist' is never ever afraid of Hell !

  3. The judgements made during this person's tenure as an apex court judge are now suspect.

    How many of his rulings were tinged by purely personal considerations of Race and Religion, instead of law and jurisprudence, which he took an oath to abide by ?

    I fear that such emphasis on Race and Religion have for years become built-into the criteria for elevation of judges to senior courts in Malaysia.
    Once that gets in-built into the "DNA" or culture of the Court of Appeals and Federal Court, Malaysia will be far down the road towards being an Islamic theocracy.
    Just like Pakistan, where the once proudly independent British-style judiciary which they had from Independence, is now subservient to the Islamic Syaria state.

    I didn't want to write about politics as I'm still filled with sadness over the tragedy of MH17, but the grossly unfair and untrue attacks this execrable retired Chief Justice made on the Penang State government has got me really upset.

  4. Guess all victims in all his cases when he is a magistrate, judge, Chief Justice etc will now appeal back his judgements made when he was still serving since he has shown biasness in his rulings with religion as his guide and not as per the laws made by Parliament.

    What will happen to those already sentenced by him to hanging?

  5. "as a Muslim he would not tell lies".

    bohong tak boleh tapi yang lain semua boleh.

  6. You have to realise he was selected for the Top Position in the Judiciary precisely because he held such opinions , and could be counted to defend Agama dan Bangsa.

    During Mahathir's days, he was forced into an ugly situation where he had to fire Recalcitrant judges who refused to act per expectation. Ever since then , they make sure only Right Minded judges are appointed.
    The current Federal Court, with a few exceptions, are performing very much as they are expected to. Look at the "Allah" appeal judgement.

    Personally I agree with them. This is a Malay/Bumiputra land, and judges must be prepared to defend their rights accordingly.

    1. Ever heard of justice is blind?

      Obviously, u know f**k about justice.

      By saying so - '...this is Malay/Bumiputra land, and judges must be prepared to defend their rights accordingly.' - u prove yrself to be a hipocrite by 1st disgracing yr religion (Islam?????) & 2nd using the right of the non-Muslim natives of Sabah/Sarawak as yr shield to disparaging them!

      A real CBMF that crawls out from the shithole of Golden Chasonene that was/is been blackened as tanah me-layu.

    2. defend rights can make lots of money, a common get rich quick scheme in this land.

    3. I suppose Tanah Melayu has at least been frank about what UMNO has done to the Malaysian judiciary.
      Mahathir , after his unseemly act in 1988 to fire the (then called) Supreme Court judges who dared defy him crafted a brilliant system (brilliantly twisted, that is). .The sacking was formally done via a tribunal, but make no mistake - it was done on Mahathir's instructions.

      After the appointments system was put in place, the government no longer interfered in the workings of the Judiciary - it was "Independent". There was no longer need to.

      The Judges are selected based on their core believes, which is to defend Agama dan Bangsa. They are learned men who can write long and erudite-sounding verdicts, but their primary priority is to Defend Islam and Ketuanan Melayu.

      The recent Court of Appeals judgement, where the President arrogated himself to be an expert on Christianity, ruling that "Allah" is not essential to Christian worship, in any language.

      Maybe it is, maybe it is not, but the Malaysian Court of Appeals President is definitely not qualified to make such a ruling.

      Now, this retired Federal Court Chief Justice exposes his true believes. I suppose we have to thank him for confessing to what many of us have suspected all along. The justices make their rulings as Malay Muslims first and foremost.

      There is no hope under current circumstances for Non-Muslims to get justice through the Malaysian superior court system in any case which involves a conflict with Islamic mores.

  7. Itu sri ram punya cakap ada butul ka...tada auta ka, tamby?

    1. Tak pernah pun si tamby tu peralatkan ugama si pondai sori si pandai. Yang pentingkan ugama kenapa berkawan dgn si kafir tamby lain? siap sanggup pergi NZ holiday? Dengan free? Berugama? Rasa lah malu sikit sebalum berkomen

  8. I am an agnostic....but suddenly have an aberrant attack, wishing fervently that this deplorable orang hutan of a judge, when his time is up, will have that Awkward Moment as illustrated in the picture so aptly put up by KT, hehehe. None of the 72 virgins for him, none of the endlessly flowing river of wine for this gorilla....may he burn in hell forever and ever till eternity. P.S. my apologies to the animals mentioned.

  9. "Notwithstanding Lim GE's protestations, I wonder what...."

    putar-belit la. one day dap push the malay to the wall, the next day dap want to entice malay vote, i pun pening, better stop here, nanti she complain i badmouth her.

    but u lagi terror, pas buka mulut mesti bodoh, dap dapat cari mh370 tak dengar pun u cakap bodoh.

  10. Just ask this bigot of a judge to suck the horse's dick.