Friday, July 25, 2014

Ragnarok for Pakatan in Selangor?

In Norse mythology (maybe it's not a myth but a true religion, who knows?) Loki the Trickster mated with Angrboða, a female giantess. One of their three monster offsprings was Fenrir, a monstrous wolf which though initially fettered and imprisoned would rise to destroy the Aesir (gods) at Ragnarok, the Norse equivalent of Armageddon (end of the world).

Odin fighting Fenrir at Ragnarok (end of time)
but would be swallowed up by the wolf

The so-called Kajang Move seems to have produced such a Fenrir in the person of Khalid Ibrahim.

Malaysiakini reported:

Malaysiakini understands that Selangor DAP has come to a point where it is so frustrated with Khalid's leadership that it no longer distinguishes between choosing Wan Azizah or the other PKR leader mooted for the post, Azmin Ali.

This is a lifetime away from the resolute support that DAP's Selangor leaders have shown for Khalid since Pakatan Rakyat took over the state in 2008.

"You come to a point where you can't communicate with the MB anymore," a senior official of the Selangor DAP told Malaysiakini.

According to the DAP leader, Khalid has not been taking anyone's opinion and sees differing views as a problem.

"With him, it's either his way or the highway. It's almost like he's the only one who can think," the leader said, without mincing his words

For DAP so desperate to get rid of Khalid as MB Selangor that it will even consider accepting Azmin Ali as MB must surely spell precisely their utter frustration with a person they had once supported kau kau.

To them, Khalid is not only a loose cannon but now a maverick who as MB has shown and presumably will continue to show his arrogant disdain for Pakatan leadership directives. He has, in pilots' parlance, gone solo and on a single-piloted flight, and f**k the Pakatan multi-crew.

He has become so arrogant towards his former PKR and DAP colleagues because he has the backing of PAS (who most certainly don't want a woman as a MB, as it had already declared openly - see TMI's PAS will not support a woman MB as yet, says state rep), but more importantly he has the support and perhaps even 'guidance' from a very big Tai-Koh, very very BIG one.

We mustn't blame Khalid Ibrahim alone. This has come to be because of PKR's intra-party dispute between Khalid and you-know-who, and which pulled in Anwar Ibrahim who just couldn't help but intervene ... ahem ... to Khalid's disfavour and far far worse, humiliation.

In my post Khalid Ibrahim in political peril? I had written:

Not that we have been surprised by Anwar openly stating (as reported in the news media) he wanted Azmin Ali reinstated as a board member of PKNS, but he did so without the announcement being made JOINTLY with the Selangor MB, the bloke who had earlier shown a blasé attitude if not his overt glee regarding Azmin being dropped from the state appointment.

To summarize, Khalid was NOT unhappy about Azmin being removed from PKNS Board of Directors, but Anwar Ibrahim WAS unhappy.

Would I be repeating myself if I were to say, why should we be surprised, wakakaka!

There are many ramifications on Anwar's action to reinstate Azmin on the PKNS Board.

First, let's examine public perception of the PKR see-sawing by Anwar and Khalid.

The perception or impression that the public has likely obtained from Anwar's (if I may call it) unilateral announcement about reinstating Azmin to the PKNS Board would be that Khalid, the MB of Selangor, has been overruled kau kau. The rug was crudely, brutally and callously (without consideration for hisbeen-chooi or face) pulled away from under his menteri besar's feet .....

..... by a mere state economic adviser - remember, Anwar is not even the president of PKR, nor does the rule of Selangor, to wit, the MB position, belong to PKR by itself!

The second message the public obtained is of the following:

(a) Anwar favours and takes the side of Azmin Ali over that of Khalid's, as might be assumed from Anwar's unilateral announcement that Azmin was to be reinstated as a board member of PKNS. Of course Anwar came up with a reason, that the process not to renew Azmin's contract had not been according to proper procedures, and therefore that decision should be withdrawn.

It has to be said that Khalid made a mistake in giving Azmin (and thus Anwar) grounds to challenge the earlier decision, because of Khalid's known reluctance to personally confront, challenge or take MB's responsibility for unpleasant actions (don't believe me, ask Eli Wong, Tony Pua or Gobind Singh Deo lah, wakakaka).

In dropping Azmin from the PKNS Board. Khalid claimed it was the general manager of PKNS who made that decision, and this was the gnam gnam procedural mistake Azmin was looking for.

(b) Anwar has effectively given a public slap on Khalid's wrist by overruling the Selangor menteri besar's earlier statement.Alamak, boe been liao lah!

(c) Notwithstanding Anwar pointing out that Azmin PKNS directorship was terminated without due process, by publicly humiliating Khalid, he has shown that in PKR there are sacred cows who must never be offended or disadvantaged, even if it means the MB of Selangor has had to have his wrist slapped, even publicly.

(d) far worse than above, according to an unnamed PKR source, Anwar has effectively withdrawn his support for Khalid Ibrahim and will be seeking to have him removed as MB Selangor.

TMI reported but couldn't confirm what Anwar had apparently told the party's supreme council, according to a party source (wakakaka, I'm always wary of unnamed PKR source which usually turned out to be a self-serving someone I might possibly know):

“I am not in a position to defend the MB anymore. There is no discussion, no consideration, he thinks it is his state, he is in control.”

“No one knows his stand, he does not refer to anyone, no one knows ... So we have a problem.”

“There is no discussions on the water issue. I do not know (about it), I have to read the papers (to keep track of developments).”

“The Allah issue also, I do not know anything about it until today. Nothing!"

The claws were really out during the supreme council meet because TMI also reported that some party leaders (wakakaka) wanted to remove Khalid from his MB position, and of course (wakakaka again) for someone else to take over if Khalid could no longer manage Selangor according to the party’s ‘reformist’ principles.

Wakakaka, I’m not surprised by the last part about someone taking over as MB, but I have to say that whoever talked about the party’s ‘reformist’ principles has to be a self-deceiving joker, wakakaka.

When Khalid was so humiliated and pushed into a corner, made further worse (I know, a tautology but nonetheless needed here) by PKR's Kajang Move being publicly announced as (eventually) a strategic move to replace Khalid as MB - how insulting it must have been to Khalid Ibrahim - and when someONE (BIG BIG Tai-Koh) then informed Khalid he would be backed kau kau regardless, you suddenly have the birth of a Selangor Fenrir, one who has openly boasted he's here to stay and even dared Pakatan to oust him.

Alamak, what sort of PKR member would challenge his own party and coalition? Well, the simple (or simplified) answer is one whom PKR had itself created, a Fenrir who will bring together with him a Ragnarok for Pakatan (at least PKR) in GE-14.

PAS of course has been treacherous as it has its own agenda, which it sees as currently one of supporting Khalid in his MB role.

In some ways I can't blame PAS because it's clear DAP doesn't want a PAS MB, not with PAS' current insistence on implementing hudud. So the famous DAP-PAS nexus is gone - are you happy, Miss? wakakaka.

But like the original Fenrir running around the Aesir in Asgard and growing more and more frighteningly ferocious with each passing day, we now have a new Fenrir wolf among Pakatan in Selangor, all thanks to PKR's brilliant strategist Rafizi and his infamous Kajang Move.

And our Fenrir is most certainly growing more and more frighteningly ferocious with each passing day.

Will GE-14 be the Ragnarok for Pakatan (or at least PKR and DAP, as PAS will be doing a deal on its own)?


  1. Nary is the road to Asgard the place of lore called Yggdrasil (Kajang). Wakakaka

    Would it be fair to drag the inhabitants of Yggdrasil just to remove the mighty Fenrir? Its horseshit..

    If the great Loki wants to deal with Fenrir, then he should have chosen the dwarf before all men but now has to content with Odin, who sees good in the Fenrir.

    Therefore, the choice of Loki is to bring the minions of the house of Loki to destroy the Fenrir by banishing him from the lands of Loki and Odin but dare he?

    But in a far land in the East, Loki should learn from the Battle of Uji that the inhabitants of Asgard prefer that he should understand the fine art of seppuku.


  2. A Trojan Horse only very few people in the know knows.

    And it's all because of money..

    No point bull shiting around. Just go for the jugular before next GE14.

  3. this is not entirely the fault of pkr as well, pkr do not want khalid as mb, but the hatred toward pkr or some faction in pkr render the power play more complicated. dap n its fanboy is the worst, they r one that insist khalid as mb, now blame khalid pula, no wonder the miss call dap the most hypocritical.

    1. In 2008 he was Anwar's choice., In 2013 he was Wan Azizah's choice. Pordah

    2. wakakaka, note in that post I penned "Anwar Ibrahim is now in a dilemma. First of all, his wife and daughter support Khalid and not Azmin."

      Haven't I been correct? wakakaka again

    3. where did i said u r wrong? i said it is not entirely pkr fault, as yr article talk clearly "Both PAS and DAP have supported Khalid Ibrahim to be the MB...", shd ai insist aa, dap fanboy would curse both worst than bn. u know dap fanboy no gray area when related to ai n aa, but when come to khalid, they turn from white into black after merely 1 year.

      i rarely criticize pkr bec we know where most of them coming from, in fact i rarely criticize bn on a personal level except that selfish n ruthless mahathir. dap is a chinese party (maybe chindian if u wish to insist), many of them talk as if they r the greatest man on earth, i therefore place them under microscope, that is perhaps the diff btw u n me, a relatively traditional mindset versus anglo.

      i talk abt dap , n u keep divert to pkr n anwar

    4. I've never liked Khalid as MB right from Day 1, since the Cheras road toll where he showed he was more concerned about the rights of big business rather than being a true people's representative who would care about the rights of the Cheras residents, and how he cowardly had wanted to abandon Eli Wong during her moment of greatest need when his loyalty and support were badly required - ironically Eli has been his greatest supporter besides Faekah, indicating Eli's rather bizarre assignment of her loyalty. It seems Eli has poor judgement of men.

      Notwithstanding above, my concession to Khalid was that he would be a better and 'cleaner' MB than you-know-who. But I also admitted that in recent times he was driven into a corner by Anwar and Azmin, made worse by their stupid Kajang Move which publicly and cruelly humiliated a proud man like him and which hasn't been strange why he has turned against them and PKR. But he also proved to be treacherous to DAP, his erstwhile top supporter, in the 2013 exco sharing. His one-man show as MB running the state especially in his second term has gone over the line and should now NOT be tolerated.

      Incidentally I have never given DAP a completely clean bill, and have written a few disparaging posts on some of its members/leaders whenever I saw fit. But suffice to say, DAP is still the best & leanest political party thus far, PAS could have won my admiration too but alas has been shackled at its knees by its hudud obsession - making it far too dangerous for non-Muslims.

    5. i think we dun have to like anyone in politics, generally there is no good or bad politician, they just want to remain in power, n to secure more power.

      y khalid a biz man join pkr? for the people? i dun think so, then what make u think he is better than azmin? bec rpk say so? azmin is at least more principled than rpk, the turncoat.

      if pas choose the break up path, i would said like many others, let it be. i am fine with their hudud stand, in fact i have more respect toward their persistence. but the mb issue show pas cannot work well in the pr coalition, they shd leave.

    6. "....i am fine with their hudud stand, in fact i have more respect toward their persistence."

      I have many Malay friends who are terrified of PAS because of the Hudud matter. And you, as a non Muslim ( I presume you are a Chinese non Muslim ) should know better, but alas, you choose to bury your head in the sand, especially after we have seen how some of the non Muslim Kelantanese were treated there. The blogger was right to tell you to Pordah off !

    7. i said i am fine with their hudud stand, and i am also fine if you are against. i never said i am fine with hudud. u bodoh tak tahu baca ka?

      n pray tell how pas treat the non muslim kelantanese? yr malay friends must be from umno kot?

    8. By admiring PAS' persistent stand for a system of governance which you are NOT fine with, what are trying to pull here ? Isn't it this very 'persistence' that throw a monkey wrench into EVERY election effort of PR spite of PAS' hypocrisy to lull the non Muslims with its fake Welfare State during the campaign periods, but then on the eve of the election itself, will rear its persistent head and insists on Hudud.

      And if you still do NOT know what happened to some non Muslims in Kelantan, then you perhaps you have not been reading the news ( u bodoh tak tahu baca ka ?) or have been living under a rock all these years kot ?

    9. some msian not fine with secularism, some r not fine with chinese school, some r also not fine when u dun speak malay. what u gonna do?

      u r one that claim something happen to non muslim in kelantan, not me. i asked stuff, if u choose to ignore them, fine by me; if you choose not to ignore them, fine by me, if u have no idea what u has been talking abt, fine by me. no need to flatter me by imitating me. ada paham boy?

  4. Ragnarok, the Battle at the End of the World....
    No, it won't come to that. The worst that can happen, from Pakatan's point of view, is they lose power in Selangor.

    As far as I'm concerned that would be a very good. thing. A functional BN government is urgently needed in Selangor, instead of the political jam that we have now in Pakatan.

  5. This Khalid episode ONLY proves one thing GLARINGLY.

    All said & done, those who had been tinted with the umno dna, no matter how remote, have no sense of honour.

    Their ultimate guiding criteria is, dulu, kini dan se lama nya, been me, me first. & along the way twisted themselves into the position of 'self-claimed' indispensability, thus ensure they always get their pound of flesh, in the name of Agama dan Bangsa, never mind for a single second that those they paraded under that R&R, dying by the wayside!

    Thus resigning from office can ONLY be achieved after their 'after life' is been taken care of , via convoluted negotiations to the detriment of the people they conned to help elect them into office.

    Whereas there r a constant display of resigning from office to take responsibility, whether out of tragedy, sub-ordinates mis-handling, glaring disclosure of mis-use of power/public fund, all over the world. Such culture is missing in these umno-tinted scums.

    Meanwhile the timid heartlanders continue their prioritization of R&R over any truth, just to toll the chant of 'tak again melayu hilang di dunia', without REALLY realisding that their silo thinking has indeed marching their race over the cliff, just like the stampeding lemmings.

    At least in the case of lemmings, that's their in born instinct, while these meme do-gooders r doomed by subtle indoctrination of their own doings under the open sky!!!