Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kopitiam Kok-Tok (2) - No's & Yes's

(1) I wonder whether my post Führer der Bocorites, Sieg Heil just a mere 5 days ago might have triggered in UMNO a renewed interest in a topic requiring M-alliteration, to wit, Menstruations Mesmerize Mafulat-ish Moronic Mindless Motherless MPs in Monkey Mansion, or MPs Made Mad by Money, Moon, Menstruation & MB.

YES? NO? Wakakaka.

(2) Could it be true, oh those wild rumours that Malaysiakini's Nigel Aw may well received a royal award for his exceptional journalistic skills. But it might just be a case of building sand castles in the sky?

YES? NO? Wakakaka.

(3) Minister says YES to incinerator because safe enough to put one even in Putrajaya.

kaytee supports him and says: go ahead then, put it in Putrajaya, but NO thank you, not in Kepong. 

NO? YES? Wakakaka.

(4) Road-raged Peugeot driver says NO to Chinaman, and nice Ah Peh says NO to lodging police report against one woman.

But many say YES to police report against the NO woman. Wakakaka.

(5) Meanwhile, UMNO says NO to menses, KJ says NO to just one woman (different woman to Ah Peh's, wakakaka), but good olde PAS just says NO to woman, any woman - and did you expect otherwise?

NO? YES? Wakakaka.

(^) But kaytee and gang say YES YES YES to the following women:




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  1. KT, the women whose photos you posted are all of child-bearing age, and most definitely menstruate every month.

    I grew up in a household with 2 adult women (mother and unmarried aunt), and 3 teenage girls ( I was the only son).

    Menstruation was not a subject you ever talked about, but I was very familiar with the physical "occurrences" Its just a normal human body function.

    Why are all these idiots so worked up about it ?.

    On a more serious side, very disappointed with PAS, suppossedly Islamist party.
    Where in the Koran does it say a woman cannot be leader of a country or State ?

    1. Voluptuous, but may not be natural beauties !
      Some of those ladies may have undergone very painful cosmetic surgeries !

    2. Here comes the song........Like I tell many people before, do listen to the lyrics

    3. what i understand from the holy books of the abrahamic faiths is that leaders were divinely appointed and they were all men started from adam. so were the 'sons of heaven' and 'sons of god' (kena vss already). here are several verses from the quran.

      'And [mention, O Muhammad], when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive AUTHORITY. " (The Cow verse 30)

      'Indeed, Allah chose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham and the family of 'Imran over the worlds' (Family of Imran verse 33)

      'Descendants, some of them from others. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing' (Family of Imran verse 34)

      'Men are managers of the affairs of women because Allah has made the one superior to the other'. (The Women verse 34)

      in the animal world, who's leading the flock, male of female? presently, there are leaders allegedly fulfilling the criteria, the shiites, namely hassan nasrullah of lebanon, grand ayatollah of iran, aga khan of india & the rest. so, this is the meaning of a leader theologically. (both the queen of sheba & cleopatra were reportedly succumbed to male authority). in a democratic country, all the wakil rakyat are mandated to rule at the pleasure of the electorate and not by divine appointment. this applies to leaders of pas as well. therefore, any female wakil rakyat including from pas, can become not only the menteri besar/chief minister but also the prime minister provided she commands the confidence of the majority members of state assembly or parliament.

  2. How pitiful to be born a women and espeicially into a Moslem family.

    Just look at their grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter and I bet those who belittle women treat their own like slaves.

    Just take out the kitchen knives and cut off their dong when they are sleeping. Without the dong, men think better.

    1. Kaytee admired Marina but me.......I stick with Malala. Who is Malala?

      Okie, she is not as pretty as korean chicks.......She is definitely better than Marina Mahathir........In every way

    2. and Marina doesn't even know you wakakaka

    3. AS if Michelle Yeoh knows you...........Hahahaha........You Lan tan

    4. she actually does - surprised? ask her

    5. hahahahaha.......acquantances? close friends? Secret lovers? Hahahaha

      P.S : being a techie myself, me less kaypoh chee.....until.......

  3. Here is where I switch lanes from most of my DAP colleagues, except maybe Kepong MP Dr. Tan, who appears to keep an open mind regarding the proposed Incinerator project
    Modern high-temperature Incinerators are actually a very effective means of managing city waste.. Singapore's experience (Afer recycling, 100% of their domestic waste now goes through incinerators- there are no more simple rubbish landfills in Singapore) shows they can reduce waste bulk by 93%. Only 7% by volume is left over after incineration.
    Two additional bonuses are - much domestic waste comprises flammable material, so it can actually generate energy as a by-product, two, the remainder material is very compact , hard material which can be used as solid material for land reclamation (totally unlike the normal smelly, dirty domestic landfill) or roadbuilding material.

    They can be operated safely, with proper safeguards, but there is no absolute safety guarantee. The main risks are (a) toxic substances either in the garbage or toxic by-products produced during incineration e.g. burning plastics. (b) Inflammable or even explosive substances unknowingly in the garbage, causing a major fire or blast danger. (c) Toxic residue in the incinerator ash, usually heavy metals, impossible to "burn" away.

    Modern incinerators operate at temperatures which will destroy almost all the toxic products of incineration, with exhaust scrubbers removing the rest, but a small amount may inevitably escape outside through the chimney.
    Almost all large city incinerators will face problems with highly inflammable waste or even explosive material inadvertently getting in the garbage at some point during its operation. Such fires and explosions are obviously very dangerous, to the machinery, the employees at the site, as well as surrounding residents.

    Therefore, the incinerator must be located in an area with a sufficient uninhabited buffer zone around it. I don't think densely populated Kepong is the right place for it. Most people suspect there is "politics" around why Kepong was selected, and not somewhere else.

    The government must provide full consultation as well as providing technical data on the proposed operation and safeguards. It must not be a "rammed down" project.
    Independent experts can be invited to review the proposal, and there are also laymen with sufficient technical know-how to evaluate the project.

    Don't give us the usual "Commercial Confidentiality" bullshit. People's lives and health are at stake.

    1. just as the site for ARE was chosen

    2. And that company is a Jap company........Aiyaaa......Kaytee, I thought you supported Malaysia go nuclear. Wait till Anil Netto hantam you kau kau

    3. one thing you can rely on looes is the comic relief he provides from time to time, wait, in fact most regularly wakakaka. Don't you think he's cute by comparing and equating a refuse-incinerator with a nuclear plant, wakakaka

      oh dear oh dear, dearie me, what would M Foot have said about his suspected son, wakakaka

    4. Kaytee,
      When one can't even handle defect on Proton's window screen, what more can be said about handling an incinerator.......and what's next nuclear......

    5. as usual looes is trying to evade the issue when he has had, by his own too-clever-by-half bull, his bola's caught in the barb-wired net, wakakaka

  4. Why did Ah Peh invoke his religious belief to forgive the road rage ?

    1. Have you heard this: ' As an atheist, I forgive " !

    2. looes74 suspected father, M Foot, was an atheist

    3. Kaytee,
      At least, Michael Foot did not go around dictating. You on the other hand are banned from entering Malaysia because you violated the first tenet of Rukun Negara

  5. The world's first women PM, Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, was elected into office in the sixties !

    1. she was a follower of Theravada Buddhism, which teaching says menstruation is viewed as "a natural physical excretion that women have to go through on a monthly basis, nothing more or less".

    2. Religions dictate what to follow and how to behave !

    3. Now kaytee become very scared, so he allied with the buddhists......just like Madhater masuk melayu...........Hahahahahaha......."Lunchbox" la

    4. looes' suspect father (wakakaak) was an atheist, but looes betrayed his suspected father by becoming Anglican

    5. to make its suffering after you abused it, wakakaka

    6. fictional la.........Else sue BBC for crime against animal

  6. Kaytee,instead of your regular postings which takes hours to read,why not keep your postings down to a few minutes with the rest of the space to be taken up by pics of beautiful babes,including some topless if not totally nude.Hehehe.

    1. take hours to read? aisehman, bruno, really ah? I thought it's more likely you would take hours to go through these photos, wakakaka

    2. Cannot have topless gals lah, want to have all the umno gatals to infest this site ? bung, bung, bung, wink, wink wink. Also, what if abrahim ali repeat his complain that infidelity happens when men got distracted en route home ...... being lured to KTemoc's site on their way home to wifey. Maybe instead you best visit some adult-only site which have not only topless but bottomless...enjoy ~ wakakaka

  7. I wonder why some men are so particular about the "dirtiness or uncleaness" of women's menstuating.

    Why the hell do they get married and bong the same place the women are menstruating from? Some evn have 3-4 women to rotate their bonging.

    I bet, they also love 69.

  8. Ktemoc,
    Its Ramadhan, you know.
    You negate the merits from my fasting just by reading your blog....kakakakaka...

  9. Kaytee,latest news out from Europe that a MAS airline has been shot down in Ukraine.It has not been officially confirm yet.Hopefully it will turn out to be not true.

    1. My first reaction was what is an MAS plane doing over Ukraine ?

      On further checking I found out that ICAO had still kept open the international air route over Ukraine, which is on the Great Circle (most direct route) from Western Europe to Asia....fuel costs ya...

      I recall several aircraft (Ukrainian military) had already been shot down in that airspace.
      Why didn't ICAO declare it off limits to international civilian air traffic ?

      I think ICAO will do that now, but too late for the passengers and crew of MH017.

      May God / Allah / Yahweh / Elohim / Buddha / Brahma bless their souls...