Monday, July 28, 2014

PAS plans to team up with UMNO & Khalid Ibrahim

Malaysiakini - Leaked PAS message: Team up with Umno in S'gor

This has to be the beginning of the end of Pakatan.


  1. i think pas can work with anyone they wish to. they can also come forward n tell us bluntly they dun need our (chinese / non muslim / whatever) vote. its a free world. pas survive politics all this years without chinese vote, so i hope the chinese dun overestimate ourselves.

    pas is not that monolithic, hence to claim the entire pas want to work with umno is a bit of stretch. however there r many in pas that prefer to work with umno, i believe that is normal in politics, moreover the god name issue is actually a strong motive to pull most muslim togather, for the short term though.

    in the long term, chinese will be less than 10%. all the bogeyman talk will eventually vanish naturally. i hope pkr can remain calm, n remain committed to our multi racial n multi religion ideal.

    the lyric seem despair, but dun know y i found marmalade sing it with feel of high spirit.

    I'm changing, arranging,
    I'm changing,
    I'm changing everything
    Everything around me

  2. the mean machine1:08 am, July 29, 2014

    No way,Jose.Must have been leaked out by losers in PKR or Umno.Hehehe.

    1. above was screenshot of PAS central committee member Zudhi Marzuki's Whatsapp proposal to other central committee members. If you don't have access to MKINI, this was what was reported:

      quote: Another highly disturbing feature of the conversation is the blatant tone of racist politics, with Zuhdi commenting that his scenario would return political dominance to the Malays and that they could negate "DAP and non-Muslims".

      "After this, if DAP and non-Muslims make noise about the Allah issue or raids, we can just swat them away," he said.

      "At the end of this year just change the borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power," he wrote, without any apparent disagreement from the group. unquote

      a sad indication of his Ketuanan Malay-Muslim, but with apologies to Muslims because he and his party mates are more Malays than Muslims who don't understand the universality of Islam which is against racism

  3. Kaytee,all the leakages out are too convenient.If things are so simple why Khalid's bank loan settlement is still not out yet?

    1. it has been leaked by those PAS members who are staunchly anti UMNO and who believe that Pakatan is still the best bet for them, but those discussions of abandoning Pakatan to ally with UMNO are genuinely from the ulamas who support Malay-Muslim ketuanan - in fact they're worse than UMNO, proposing to relineate electoral boundaries to ensure Malay-Muslim supremacy on Selangor

  4. Pkr is screwed kaw kaw.Just look at their party elections.The elections of India and Indonesia are over and Pkr's party elections is still an on going affair.How can this fucked up party with morons at the helm be better then the corrupted Umnoputras.Go figure.

    1. be reasonable lah coz' PKR has 10 billion members mah, wakakaka

  5. The Islamists are very comfortable working with UMNO.
    After all , the Islamists have a high tolerance for corruption and abuse of power.

    They are far more concerned about women's dressing, whether any arms and fingers are left bare, women's monthly biological functions etc.

    Having to deal with Pork-guzzling DAP makes their skin crawl...


  6. PKR has to go for broke
    The leaders have no choice
    With a renegade leader who holds no position
    Holding them in ransom mode

    Pas smells of Islamic values
    Enriching the ulamas in politics
    Marrying to new Amno they will
    Until one of them shout “talak satu”

    Pas has its history
    Causing the split in Barisan Alternative
    Now they are going the same road
    Its DNA still can't change

    Pas ulamaks want to rule
    They feel the wings of flying
    Like some of them gone to Middel East
    On a wrong perception of the holy scriptures

    Pas now ignores the Pakatan Supreme Council meeting
    The decision is made to replace MB Selangor
    Now MB feels mor secure in his position
    It is better to split now before it is too late

    The road to Putrajaya
    It isn't a smooth sailing
    The tidal waves will hit the shore
    Damaging the minds close the eyes

    The change will come
    No matter how bad it looks now
    Bee Anne can rock steady
    Until the walls collapse

  7. After bank islam settlement this guy took a big turn
    He is now more buddy towards once his enemies
    He fought tooth and nail for kidex
    Who are the promoters of kidex?
    Pj sentral lawsuit suddenly was settled out of court and pleasantly in favour of the defendant
    Dont be surprise he will sell out pr for the throne including jumping ship to umno

  8. Didn't realise how naive the so-called politically enlightened PR supporters are. Colluding for the wrong reasons is a means to an end. Period.

    Told my non-Malay friends after GE13 that most Malays whom voted PR, esp in areas where there are lots of pensioners, are mainly voting for PAS and, of course, for the hate of UMNO. Not for Anwar/PKR and certainly not for DAP.