Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Has Zuhdi Marzuki lost himself?

TMI - It was only a study, Zuhdi says of contentious WhatsApp texts

The PAS research centre operations director said the screenshot of his analysis on the WhatsApp group, which had gone viral, was based on the proposal of a senior PAS leader who had put forward a motion for PAS to leave the PR coalition.

"The discussion which was leaked was my response to members of the WhatsApp group who had asked me to present a 'scenario analysis' about the proposal by a PAS leader to leave PR.

"The motion to leave PR was strongly supported by not less than 10 members in the WhatsApp group, many of whom are close to (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim," he said in a statement, adding that he was not one of the 10 who had supported this motion.

I will come to his above words later, but for now, it's obvious that non-PAS Pakatan people are worried at the thought of PAS leaving Pakatan (as expressed by Lim GE two days ago), but they weren't angry because that's PAS' right to do so.

But what truly pissed them off had been Zudhi Marzuki's racist tainted proposal. Though I don't think highly of Rafizi Ramli after his stupendously stupid Kajang Move, I have to admit he summed up Zuhdi Marzuki's nasty bomb best with his statement (reported by TMI):

"What is the disciplinary action to be taken against Zuhdi, who had suggested a treacherous proposal, going against the agreement inked between PAS and Pakatan and the people who had voted for PAS and Pakatan?

"We want to know how many from the PAS central leadership hold such racist and anti-democratic views like Zuhdi."

If Zuhdi wished to propose a scenario for PAS leaving Pakatan and joining UMNO in a brand new coalition, that's his and PAS' democratic right, but did he have to say words like what was reported by TMI, as follows:

More distressingly,
the tone of the conversation was blatantly racist, reported the portal, with Zuhdi saying that his scenario would return political dominance to the Malays and allow them to check "DAP and non-Muslims".

"After this, if DAP and non-Muslims make noise about the Allah issue or raids, we can just swat them away".

"At the end of this year just change the borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power."

Wow, We can just SWAT them!!!

Okay then, let's now discuss his words.

For a follower (and thus fearer) of Allah swt, he talked about gerrymandering, namely, the changing the electoral borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power. Yes sirree, this so-called Allah-fearing man has proposed to gerrymander a la the EC, and with such racist overtones.

Frightening to imagine how many more like him are in PAS? What if PAS comes to power as a future federal government?

The EC under UMNO would be a kindergarten compared to their version. No, on second thoughts I will be proven wrong as under a PAS federal government there won't be any more EC to make comparison with, wakakaka.

Aiyoyo Ama, for such a so-called Allah-fearing Muslim, he could bring himself to propose such ugly tactics and used such racist words. Obviously he appears to be without understanding of the universality and noble principles of Islam where racism is in fact anti Islam.

For hundreds of years, so-called 'untouchable' Indians in the subcontinent found solace in Islam because by becoming Muslims, they were able to free themselves from a horrendously evil persecutorial bondage by another system which punished them (and still does) on the lottery of their births. That's what Islam stands for! Even an atheist like me knows that.


But wait, why should we be surprised by the bitter bad blood beliefs & behaviour of Zuhdi Marzuki?

Do you know who he is (or who he associates with) besides being a PAS central committee member?

Two months ago, I wrote that Zudhi Marzuki, the Chief Operating Officer of PAS Research Centre, was photographed together with ISMA leaders when ISMA made a bigoted statement to the press about Indians and Chinese being brought into Malaysia by the British to weaken the Malay identity and undermine the community’s birthright to peninsular Malaysia on the pretext of multiculturalism.

Zuhdi Marzuki (second from right)

Then I had ask:
"Is he an Islamic promoter or a ultra Malay nationalist promoter?"

But now we know!

If we put his ISMA association within the current context of his racist proposal to his PAS central committee mates, we can understand why such a person would spew un-Islamic bigoted comments. It shows he is more of a Malay ultra than a Muslim scholar.

But even then, does a Malay have to have such racial feelings in their heart for others in order to be an ultra, an ethnic nationalist?

Thus it was not just a mere study or scenario-rizing as he had attempted to spin his racist words away. By his ISMA association and that NGO's record and trend of public statements against non-Muslims and non-Malays, it indicates that his words of 'swatting DAP and non-Muslims' have been based on his political proclivity and personal position.

I wonder why some supposedly learned Muslims in Malaysia seem to not understand the universality of the noble ideals of Islam when I, a non-Muslim and an atheist at that, do, admittedly in a very small way, but certainly much much more than them?


  1. It may take another life cycle for him to come clean and stay rational. The PhD he earned has been sold to the devil instead culturing it for the betterment of humanity. Anjing punya culture.

  2. the three amigos.8:19 pm, July 29, 2014

    All these sicko ketuahnan Melayu Islamists.To think that we are more half a decade into independence.These fucking sickos are more deserving to be squatting in backlanes doing BJ's.

  3. the gaffe guy who know's8:57 pm, July 29, 2014

    Let us all keep our cool heads and ponder what is all this mess about the Selangor MB Khalid's problems.Khalid has been accused of being an Umno silent trojan by many prominent analysts and supporters of PR.

    All this time was it Khalid sabotaging PKR or PR.Or is it the other way round.Has anyone thought of Azmin or Anwar been Umno's trojans.During the days before GE 13,Azmin was more interested in fighting with PAS and DAP then against Umno.He was more interested in getting more seats for PKR candidates then placing better candidates from Pas and Dap to beat Umno/BN.And Anwar was very quiet about all these.So may I ask who are the trouble makers and trojans?

    1. What has your comment go to do with the article?

    2. If you are talking about HOW all this came about, who is to be blamed (?) ....a commentator at another site had aptly puts it this way.....using the football analogy.....Anwar had 2 players on his team bickering non stop and this fester on and on non stop for 5 years.....and instead of resolving it privately and competently in the swiftest of time, he allows public mudslinging and rumours to bear down on one player, seemingly favouring the other, resulting in loss of face, bitterness, anger, probably even the feeling of victimisation for the unfavoured one ? And the ever watchful nemesis, swooping down at the opportune time.....'forgiving' a humongous loan of 66 million ringgit...AND further more with the backing of the BIG BOSS ...suddenly this man feels he is unassailable, thus throwing caution to the wind....openly defiant to his own party president and colleagues, going 'independent' ....and now with PAS sensing this is their golden chance to institute Islamic state after decades of failure, brought out their backstabbing knife.....that's how we reach to this conundrum. So if this is actually a football scenario, the manager would be asked to resign, and both the 2 players given red cards or even be sacked.

  4. men chap seow him. tak makan ubat.

  5. "I wonder why some supposedly learned Muslims in Malaysia seem to not understand the universality of the noble ideals of Islam when I, a non-Muslim and an atheist at that, do, admittedly in a very small way, but certainly much much more than them?"

    i personally felt this sort of statement is unnecessary n irrelevant. i notice many non muslim often sound critical for some so called un islamic act, i understand but i think not proper for a non muslim to do so.

    btw the commentator with multiple nicks, dun use cool head, use yr brain if u do have one.

    1. Ipersonally feel that racists and bigots should be castigated in the harshest of terms.......not be given an inch for these monkeys to spread their poisonous virus around. It is most certainly necessary and relevant that such cretins be pushed back to their hell holes where they crept out from.This blogger Ktemoc is far too kind and mild for such bastards.

    2. i can agree with yr writes, however my contention/advice is try not to see the issue from a religion angle. u need to improve yr reading skill, or as usual am i expecting too much? wakakaka

    3. there, there.....some one misunderstood you AGAIN ? there, there...come to mommy ......shouldn't have come to this playground among all these ignoramus...pearls of wisdom are wasted on these dumb wits. Who could gainsay mommy's pet's great wisdom ? ...... they rush in where angels fear to tread......how these dumb fucks just can't see the light ? what if our char siew pows got jentek out of our mouth when we don't keep our voice down whenever these bigots ( oops, err nationalists ) rattle the cage ? We should keep our heads down, be contented with chewing our porkie pies in our little corner and not upset the apple cart. Sheeh, all wasted on these numb skulls.....there, there, come to mommy, don't whimper, let's go somewhere you are better appreciated.....

    4. yes again, that is y i ask u to do more reading, it's not a bad habit to get into. i will continnue to keep my write short n simple, for u only.

      taiwanese like to say "贏了面子輸了裡子", can be translate literally as "won the face but gain nothing, in fact lose more". this is what i see happen to dap, or chinese in general, n those sound ada subtance talak warrior like u.

  6. the gaffe guy who know's12:07 am, July 30, 2014

    Whatever bad things we say about Umno and its crude and uncouth ministers,they play the game of politics to win.PR,especially PKR do not have these types of fighters,all sore born losers.And off course those whinny babies.

  7. to be fair to pas, i hope anwar shd have settled his own party shit n dun throw his problem to pas.

    every party have interesting n great personality like zuhdi, for instance, we have fantastic n dammn knowledgeable yes minister fan looe74 in dap wakaka.

  8. the three amigos.2:04 am, July 30, 2014

    Because of PKR's Azmin,Rafizi and Anwar's fuck up's,Pakatan's coalition is doomed and cursed forever.Forget about Putrajaya.These morons have really fucked up big time this time around,and ended up with Umno gobbling up their balls like water (sap sap suai).

  9. actually there are no exact english equivalents to the words 'melalak', jentek' and 'sergah'. they are actually demeaning in the deragotary sense. so much for 'ketuanan melayu'?

  10. Seriously would you all call God racist because he created heaven and earth, dividing people into believers and non believers? The term racist has been misused liberally.
    Still it is the Islamic goal to convert as many people as possible. Same with Christianity.
    And to establish the daulah islamiyah or using the Christian term, the kingdom of God. Different culture is ok but these are all the subset of the larger superset of religion. So why would anyone surprise?

    1. convert okay, but spew racist demagoguery?

    2. For centuries, many Muslim kingdoms have practised some forms of discrimination to attract people convert to Islam. Either they converted to Islam to gain priviliges as a Muslim or accept the supremacy of Islam and Muslims.

    3. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Like this one! I am getting tired with all these commentaries. My brain cells are far too precious......

      You mean like this hah......


    4. Ya lor......like how millions were converted by the sword, in places like India etc....indeed 'some forms of discrimination' to bring hordes into the Muslim world for which you can check in but cannot leave.

  11. PAS + UMNO at state and national levels will split Pakatan and BN simultaneously. Then will we see DAP + MCA + MIC + Gerakan etc?

    HORRORS !!!

    1. Not to worry....there's no such thing as Malay unity or Muslim unity, just like there's no such thing as Chinese or Indian unity....did not god made humans to fight each other, even among siblings and relatives. They might come together in the briefest of time when their racialist nature are all stirred up by those politikus monkeys....but once things settled for a bit, they will go tong and hammer at each other again.

  12. the gaffe guy who know's10:49 am, July 30, 2014


    you are blind and think that you being an Anwarista follower has brains.If you have any you wouldn't be blindly supporting Mr Manmanlai.Me,I am cool with my thinking and do not owe my allegiance to anybody,especially a loser like Manmanlai.

    1. yeah, u r as cool as raja petra.

    2. n talkin abt this very cool raja petra, did u read his latest spin? aduh ini tulisan macam budak main masak.

      itu comment lagi hebat, one idiot name lee change cock talk "China and Holland's totally different attitude regarding the MH370/MH17 crash", of course diff la bodoh, until now no one know what happen to 370 while even a idiot like this lee change cock know 17 was shoot down by missile. tell me if yr dad lee no cock disappear without trace versus to hmmm.... let see what is yr attitute wrt the former versus the latter.

      ini mesti sekolah anglo punya pasal wakaka.

  13. How can this Zuhdi Marzuki be such a stupid fool,fit to be king of morons.Bonk him kau kau,say RPK.Hehehe.

  14. the mean machine7:53 am, July 31, 2014

    Marzuki did not lost himself.He only lost his mind and in the process lost his marbles too.

  15. I would suggest that the author take a look at Zuhdi Marzuki's FB postings over the past few days. He did share a youtube clip of him in a forum with Umno and another Malay NGO where he came to DAPs defence when it came to their supposed role in instigating May 13. He has also recently explained at length the previous times he has shared the stage with Rafizi and Anthony where he has consistently maintained a non racist inclusive viewpoint. His invitation in the aforementioned forum with ISMA could have been the intention of the organiser for a balanced panel

    Now I dont know him personally and this could all be face saving PR but if you think about it and since only a small section of the conversation was leaked he could be when he wrote that now infamous message either worst case paraphrasing some other person in the conversation or best case just overstating the situation sarcastically in jest.

    Anyway you may know better but i do urge you to take a look at his FB page and see for your self. To me this looked like a hatchet job from an Anwarista as he is an outspoken critic of Anwar. We cant afford to lose good politicians and if he is one this may forever taint his viability to the voters in Selangor

    Anyway just my 2 cents