Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Psychedelic psychic power?

FMT - DAP leadership must share power

Sweetie Selena Tay is an amazing reporter (or journalist) for Free Malaysia Today. In one of her previous article Pakatan's 'shadow cabinet' list she claimed she could even speak with a non-existent Pakatan 'shadow minister', so shadowy that he seemed like a miasmatic mist of ........, wakakaka, okay lah ... mystery then, wakakaka.

Maybe she's psychic? ;-)

I had then commented her Pakatan shadow cabinet was a Kafkaesque joke – and if you don’t know the meaning of this word, ask Mr Manmanlai, wakakaka - with the potential for Pakatan to outdo BN in the numbers department. 15 ministries including shared deputy prime minister-ships were listed, with each having at least 3 if not more names, making a total of no less than 45 and probably exceeding 60. WTF!

Sweetie Selena admitted that her list has been compiled from a combination of:

(a) discussions with a Pakatan MP who wished to remain anonymous ... 

... but who wakakaka, I suspect, was probably from PKR. As usual, by suggesting some key nominees in the secret list, he was pre-empting PKR's supposed allies from choice ministries wakakaka,

(b) observations from the performances and statements of Pakatan MPs .....,

... and undoubtedly, the most mysterious of all, wakakaka ........ 

(c) personal conversations with the shadow ministers, their friends or their acquaintances, where in the first place, shadow ministers, other than the PM-designate, don’t exist ........

I was very cruel to her when I wrote: No, I won’t hold much store by the list that Sweetie has written, perhaps more to mitigate against the BN sting that Pakatan is still incapable of coming up with a shadow cabinet than it be a genuine secret Pakatan plan.

Of course I have my opinion as to why, but the far more important point was my amazement at Sweetie's claim of talking with non-existent shadow ministers ..... unless of course she had the conversation with the self-appointed wet-dreaming shadow Home Minister wakakaka.

I hope she as a DAP member (so she claimed in her recent article) didn't/doesn't take my criticisms too badly as I had also excoriated another DAP sweetie, Hannah Yeoh, for being mathematically challenged in her support for Anwar Ibrahim’s 916 (Hannah took law, not maths so it's okay, wakakaka), as follows:

I love but don't blindly idolize her, wakakaka

The saddest consequence of Anwar’s 916 debacle was a DAP sweetie like Hannah Yeoh being swept into that mesmerizing manmanlai miasmatic mist of malarkey – see my February 2009 post DAP should stop defending Anwar Ibrahim where Hannah stupidly wrote (yes, I support DAP but that doesn't mean I am like some people, blind as a bat wakakaka):

“Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

“When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

Leaving aside the different issue of Najib’s coup d’état in Perak which involved someone high up who should have stayed out of direct politics, Hannah Yeoh was stupid (and I hope the sweetie isn't now) to claim that Anwar had the right to demand AAB convene an emergency sitting of Parliament or to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections.

WTF for, just after an election where AAB’s BN trounced Pakatan by 140 seats to 82? Was she mathematically challenged?

Now, would you believe it, the mystery of the phantom (wakakaka) shadow ministers has just become even more mysterious because on re-checking her shadow cabinet article I found the words ‘shadow ministers’ mysteriously missing like Jim Thompson, wakakaka. Oh, the mystery of it!

Jim Thompson disappeared in Cameron Highlands on 26 March 1967
Joining the Malaysian PFF in the biggest man hunt in Malaysian history
were a Sarawak border scout, bomohs, aborigine pawang and European psychics
To this day, the mystery of his disappearance remains

Surely this calls for the use of that wonderful Indonesian word anéh as in anéh bin ajaib (extremely strange, wonder of wonders) wakakaka.  

Hey, maybe sweetie didn't write it and I was, no not psychic, but psychedelically hallucinating, wakakaka. Hmmm, I wonder whether she read my post, wakakaka.

Never mind, but incidentally, just where is Hartalmsm when you need them? Busy attacking politicians like Lim GE, I suppose? Wakakaka.

Oh incidentally, on 30 June this year, sweetie wrote another article titled The doctor decides …? which states:

Three days ago, a reporter friend (sweetie Selena has always been very discreet, never mentioning her sources, wakakaka) forwarded a text message to this columnist which says that the doctor has taken over Umno and right now the grassroots reports are being forwarded to him.

But the big news is that the doctor is planning to have the polls held in September. This is because it seems that the doctor has got tired of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s feet-dragging and lack of confidence … […]

Wakakkaa, I had then posted my take on her headline-grabbing coup d’état by Dr M as:

We may yet again take it that Sweetie’s latest article of Dr Mahathir mounting a silent coup d’état to launch a September poll was sourced from PKR, especially in the light of UMNO information that Dr Mahathir has affirmed Najib should be complimented for not calling for early election (or if you like, ordering Najib to hang on for as late/long as possible).

Wakakaka again.

Anyway, back to her latest article DAP leadership must share power in FMT. Just a few extracts I wish to comment on as follows:

In addition to the above, it is good if one Malay and one Indian is given a prestigious parliament seat to contest. DAP cannot continue to talk about a ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ if the Malays and Indians feel left out.

Everyone including the Orang Asal must have a sense of belonging in the party. The Orang Asal too must be given a popular parliament or state seat to contest*. DAP leaders must break the race barrier and the best time to do this is none other than at the coming 13th general election.

* Note she mentioned Orang Asal and not Asli, and why has sweetie suggested this?

Sarawakian Penan

Wakakaka, I suspect that if we need to unravel this particular mystery (out of the many mysteries) of her writing, we might have to re-read my posts on the last Sarawak state elections - see below.

In particular please read the first two, where Bian Baru, PKR's Sarawak chief and Nik Nazmi, PKR's head of communication(?) merajuk like green-eyed budak2 kecil after DAP's resounding victory in the state elections.

Nik Nazmi had then challenged DAP to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat but of course with Nik conveniently forgetting it was his party which denied other Pakatan component parties from contesting in most of Sarawak state constituencies - perhaps Nik's challenge to DAP might explain sweetie's urging DAP to stand an Orang Asal in a parliamentary seat - just my speculation lah, wakakaka:


Sweetie claimed to be a DAP member who had voted in the DAP Women’s Congress recently on 09 Dec but for her to suggest in her article DAP leadership must share power that "it is good if one Malay and one Indian is given a prestigious parliament seat to contest", and while I accept her suggestion on DAP Malay candidates and indeed it should be more than just one, I am flabbergasted by her inane suggestion, yes, inane suggestion that “one Indian is given a prestigious parliament seat to contest”.

Isn’t she as a voting member of DAP aware of the current number of DAP MPs and indeed ADUNs who are Indians?

Please take a look at the 7 DAP Indian MPs (not just one proposed by her for GE-13) and 11 DAP Indian ADUNs (the 12th in Malim Nawar having hopped away), and dear MIC and PKR wakakaka eat your hearts out.

Karpal Singh – Gelugor
Dr P Ramasamy – Batu Kawan
M Kulasegaran – Ipoh Barat
M Manogaran – Teluk Intan
Charles Santiago - Klang
Gobind Singh Deo – Puchong
John Fernandez – Seremban

wakakaka - what a victory

S Veerapan – Repah
K Arumugam – Rahang
P Gunasekaren – Senawang
Dr P Ramasamy – Perai (also MP for Batu Kawan)
Jagdeet Singh - Datok Keramat
A Tanasekharan – Bagan Dalam
R. Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer - Seri Delima
A. Sivanesan - Sungkai
V. Sivakumar - Tronoh
Sivasubramanian - Buntong
M. Manoharan - Kota Alam Shah
(one bloke was given the chance to stand in and had become the ADUN in Malim Nawar but ...)

But to be frank, I'm not surprised by sweetie's strange (anéh wakakaka) perception of DAP, and this was confirmed by her assertion that "... the only successful multi-racial party so far is none other than PKR."

Apart from the above, I've been perturbed by Selena Tay’s series of articles which appear, at least to me, to have emanated as if directly from the inner core of PKR Headquarters.

Okay, we know about her now-very-phantom phantom-ish shadow ministers wakakaka, ...

... but in addition, we have come to be familiar with sweetie's fondness in dropping un-named names (excuse the contradiction in terms but given sweetie's style of writing, what else could I do?) such as 'A neutral Chinese political analyst ...' in her Pakatan to win with 118 seats?, and '... a Pakatan MP who wished to remain anonymous ...', etc. 

I suppose we could all venture a guess who that marvellous 'neutral Chinese political analyst' would be but then again, it won't be much of a guess ... wakakaka, and was it necessary to assert the Chinese political analst is 'neutral'? wakakaka.

wonder who's that Chinese bloke standing in front of the tanks, wakakaka

Dear dear oh dearie me, dearest sweetie Selena, since you are so keen on DAP setting up Malay and Indian Bureaus to look after Malay and Indian interests, why don’t you write something to clear up those nasty rumours surrounding the alleged ouster of Nallakaruppan from PKR and how he was allegedly ‘promised’ he would contest  n the Ijok by-election in 2007 only to find Khalid Ibrahim nominated instead, and yes, how he was allegedly ‘instructed’ not to compete against Azmin Ali in the party’s VP position in an earlier PKR party election.

Why don’t you write too on the last PKR party elections and the allegations surrounding the party polling process made or alluded to by Haris Ibrahim, Jonson Chong, Zaid Ibrahim and a host of other erstwhile PKR members as well as those still in that party like Badrul Hisham (Chegubard) and Mustaffa Kamil?

chegubard and his allegations re PKR party polls

If you need to refresh yourself, you may wish to refer to my posts:


Blessed DAP to have a psychic member, wakakaka


  1. In case you haven't noticed, there is not a single Melayu in their array of MPs and ADUNs, and not one single elected CEC member....

    DAP multi-racial ? I don't think so...

    1. That's because there have been very few Malays in DAP, thanks to years of UMNO's demonizing the party as anti-Malay. Why don't you look at the number of Indians and Indian MPs and Indian ADUNs instead, and that's where the DAP Malays will be when there's (what I call) a critical mass/number of Malays in the party.

    2. how bout gerakan? also muti-racial?

    3. Gerakan started off in the late 1960's as a truly multiracial party, then under a fantastic group of true Malaysians like Professor Syed Hussain Alatas, Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon (once Malaysia’s Mr Opposition), Dr. J.B.A. Peter, internationally renowned Professor Wang Gungwu, V. Veerapan, and even Dr Lim Chong Eu.

      After May 13, when Dr Lim Chong Eu took Gerakan into the newly formed BN, the Malays saw no further reason to join Gerakan because there was already UMNO in the same BN coalition, and slowly the Indians drifted away.

      Then when Tan Siew Sin sacked a number of young reformers like Lim Keng Yaik, these young turks joined Gerakan and dominated the party (Lim KY became its president), and the Chinese character of Gerakan became more prominent.

      That started the sad decline of Gerakan into more or less a Chinese-based party in competition with its BN rival MCA, a situation UMNO loves and nurture as part of its strategy to 'divide & conquer' the Chinese within BN. That was why Koh TK was so weakened by UMNO to enable UMNO to have the major and final say on matters in Penang.

    4. 1.'the Malays saw no further reason to join Gerakan because there was already UMNO ...' are you suggesting that the non-umno malays must shy away from dap and instead join pas which is part of pakatan? do you know that a lot of non-umno malays are also not 'confortable' with pas and pkr?

      2. koh tk had to kowtow to umno cos the latter won more seats than gerakan. due to bn gentleman agreement, regardless of umno's bigger share, the chief of gerakan or mca (this will depend on who has more seats than the other) will be made the captain of 'the tongkang'. that's why the position of deputy captain was created and belonged to umno. when late chong eu was the captain, was he weak? i doubt. if chong eu was a malay, i don't think dr mahathir wud stand a chance to be the pm. my friends who worked in pdc told me that he was color blind.

    5. The structures of BN and Pakatan are vastly different where the former was/is controlled by UMNO whilst in the latter no one party or person controls any one (though someone, not Anwar wakakaka, believes he is No 2 overall). By consensus (though PAS appears to be changing its mind on this) Anwar is the PM-anointed in a PR governmentd but he does not have tht authority to override PAS or DAP.

      In such differences, a non-UMNO Malay senses greater options/latitudes in PR (unliek BN) for him/her to join PAS, PKR or DAP within which would be different ideologies and policies. One is religious, or nationalist (ex UMNO) or socialist.

      As for Koh TK, Gerakan which overwhelmingly won Penang in 1969, by being a member fo BN had to kowtow to BN policy and "shared" its non-Malay majority seats with MCA, thus becoming a victim to Tun Razak's clever 'divide and conquer' strategy which by default made UMNO the biggest BN component party in Penang. UMNO saw it as in its interests to ensure Gerakan and MCA in Penang didn't combine - they would a la pre-Ops Lalang case if UMNO had demanded the Penang CM seat so don't think it was UMNO's generosity which allowed Koh to be CM.

  2. y not u write something with suggestion and idea how to make dap more inclusive instead of trying to make others look bad? no matter how u put it, dap is still an evidently non-malay party. at least selena try, though i dont know what is she talking about.

    1. Actually I already have - see my previous post

      But I agree with you I don't know what she's talking about though I know WHY!

    2. btw, i reread "daps-ubah-or-ubah-dap", i think this piece is incline toward an excuse and justification rather than finding ways to make dap more inclusive. the only excuse i can think of is dap doesn't uphold institutional racism policy, yet. and this mmake the vast difference.

    3. It's not an excuse but a revelation, a reason why being selected to the DAP CEC canNOT be dependent on privileges such as seniority, experience, political correctness (racial quota or 'inclusiveness' if you like) or even qualifications/competencies such as those possessed in abundance by Tan Seng Giaw.

      It's about popularity and perceptions (and thus hopes/aspirations/expectations) of leadership by delegates of the candidates for the CEC, and perceptions of how they will lead the party.

      Even experienced old timers with known political abilities like Tan was knocked out in the elections of 20, and Perak party chief like Ngeh and the high profile Teresa Kok very nearly didn't make the grade, so what more with the new or relatively less known Malay members, especially the new ones, though it has to be noted that Senator Ariffin obtained 700+ votes (not a mediocre number but alas, not enough to see him into the elected 20).

      To be elected into the 20, a candidate must promote him/herself to the delegates as a viable DAP leader. I believe this will come for Malay members wanting to lead the party in the next CEC elections. Campaigning for party elections is a known universal party process in western style democracy whether it's the US Republican or Democratic parties, Aussie Labor or Liberal parties or Malaysian DAP or PAS - only PKR has been seen to have a different approach wakakaka.

      But to ensure that the party's experts and known quality leaders are not marginalized by the polls of popularity, the nomination of an extra 10 has been institutionalized so that gems like Tan Seng Giaw continue to be available in the party caucus.

      In this 10 there is room for inclusiveness of both necessaries and minorities. The party thus has a good balance of leadership. My proposal has been for DAP to ensure there will be at least 5 Malay nominated (if election does not produce at least 5) CEC members because the population is 60% Malays. It is thus a progressive policy proposal for DAP to overcome the BN-UMNO's lamentable demon-ization of it as a Chinese only party, and for the party to reach a truer Malaysian representation (which doesn't mean the CEC must be 60% Malays but certainly it must have more than the current two).

      By contrast Selena Tay's recent article only insinuates and chides DAP's supposed failings ('supposed failings' because she deliberately or ignorantly failed to cater for Malays being either new or few in DAP, and also failed to recognize & acknowledge that the DAP has the MOST number of Indian MPs and ADUNs bar none among all Malaysian political parties).

      Thus her article title "DAP leadership must share power" has been either ignorant (unforgivable for a journalist) or mischievous (a naughtiness to be expected only if she belongs to a rival political party).

      HY, while you correctly surmised that DAP doesn't uphold institutional racism, you have done so GRUDGINGLY with your "yet". Be gracious and accept-acknowledge that in terms of TRUE (not superficial) multi-racism, the DAP is miles (zillion miles) ahead of a PKR with its UMNO genes.

      And more importantly, the DAP has demonstrated it is truly DEMOCRATIC in its party process with no one raising questions on the kosherness of its polling process unlike those of PKR wakakaka.

    4. who is tony pua / teo nie ching / liew chin tong b4 2008? does the dap malay allowed the same opportunity similar to this 3? or malay not qualify enough to contest in a "prestigious" seat?

  3. Mmmm.....someone said this article is trying to make others ( meaning PKR ? ) look bad. PKR or rather the umno leadership in PKR is looking bad all by itself without the need for anyone or any article to 'make' it look bad laa. What is it about blind devotion ?

    The great 3 Kingdom series in episode 69 has this to say about such slavish blindness :

    "Corrupted officials are despicable,
    Fatuous rulers are despicable.
    But even more despicable are those of blind devotion"

  4. They said a picture paints a thousand words. This site is replete with the most apt and oft times, enticing pics. The above "Oh Puhlease" cat speaks volume....I was completely enchanted by this cutie with that socialite-paw-waving...wah ka ka ka. And the picture with the bollywood wedding celebration dancing...wakakaka, speaks a million words. And that priceless pic of that Chinese in Tianamen Sq....adoi, whenever I see that glorious pic, I see Tian Chua, bwahahahaha.

    Keep it up, KT. Thanks a million :)

  5. We heard of guns for sweetie Selena, who CLAIMED she's a DAP member, we do see pen for hire, heheh. Both sides of the political divide is now evenly matched - dear sweetie Josie on one side, and dearie sweetie Selena on the other. Both these chinese for sales could twist and turn their penmanship with such dexterity that will put whores to shame.

  6. selena wrote about race base politics n inclusiveness but kt talk almost everything but not this 2, n this is my point. do we see who got this blind devotion? oldman dah pegi now budak cakap sampah pula!

    1. HY, you're incorrect in your opinion, when the opposite is true. In my previous post (link provided to you earlier) I've already touched on inclusiveness with a practical proposal to DAP. ST in her article is indirectly badmouthing DAP. For example she is even unforgivably ignorant of the number of DAP Indian MPs and ADUNs, when she inanely called for DAP to put at least ONE Indian up in a federal parliamentary seat. I do nto believe she is a DAP member or if she is one, is a badly informed one.

      Also, based on a number of her previous articles I suspect she's listening just a wee too much to PKR propaganda - and don't imagine that PKR is not sabotaging DAP every now and then, wakakaka.

    2. KT, i will eat my hat if this Selena sweetie is a DAP member. She sounds like she's having direct instructions from AA from PKR laa

      She did try to be subtle in her badmouthing but everyone except someone here could not see thru her, hehe. Blind devotion is the most despicable coz this precisely what is allowing all the bulls happening.

    3. I've been keeping my eyes on her "articles" for quite some time

  7. But KTemoc - for all your anti-PKR prejudice, won't you admit that PKR has made more gains as a truly multiracial Malaysian party compared to DAP?

    Will you for once do that? Or that is a pill to bitter to swallow?

    And FMT taking orders from Azmin? Haha that shows your true ignorance of FMT's editorial and ownership.

    1. Only on the surface PKR appears to be so, by adopting the window dressing strategy of BN - after all it is a splinter branch of UMNO and has the same mentality, strategy (of devious tricks) and policy (to control).

      But in reality, PKR is never a TRUE multiracial party as it's controlled by a group of ex UMNO men/women, an inner "cabinet" which is off limits to the non-Malays like Tian Chua or Sivarasa.

      It has also driven away anyone especially the Indians like Nalla who at one time commanded so many Indian members in PKR that he would have easily been the principal VP, and which would have eventually seen him rise to DP and finally President of PKR after Anwar retires or resigns.

      The story we have heard is he was allegedly instructed by Anwar not to contest the VP post to ensure a clear path for Azmin Ali (designated by AI to be his heir), hence his (Nalla's) angry exit from PKR and his current hatred of Anwar. Zaid Ibrahim was another victim of the heir-anointed cultism within PKR. And many others - see my previous posts.

      Nalla has to become affiliated with BN to have sufficient voice and backing/support to vent his hatred at AI - he can't do it on his own. Likewise with many others who left PKR but join BN for same reason. Undeniably there is also material profit in it, not different from what some in PKR expect to gain when PR is in power - we have already heard stories of such happenings in Selangor, while those in Penang were forestalled by LIM GE (eg. RM 2 golf club aspiration).

      I did not say the entire FMT takes orders from AA, but I believe more than one reporter are close to him and readily accepts his offer of canned propaganda and pre-emptive strikes against DAP-PAS interests. If you have been monitoring the "Other Blogs" section in FMT you'd have found articles unfavourable to DAP left there almost in perpetuity.

      PKR and AA are damn scared that DAP will corner the middle class Peninsula Malays and Sarawak-Sabah bumiputeras whose support/votes they are also fighting for. Hence there is a PKR-AA imperative to blacken DAP's and its leaders' names for these readership. PKR-AA want to control Sarawak and Sabah states but feel intimated by DAP's popularity especially in Sarawak, hence see DAP as its eventual rival and enemy.

    2. of all political parties, pkr has no substance, sincerity, principle & dignity. it came into being only when anwar was thrown out from umno. their sole 'perjuangan' was then only to free him at whatever cost. K stand for kecewa. their candidates were made 'wakil rakyat' becos of the votes from non-umno malays and dissatisfied umno malays. but now they assume the voters are still with them, i am doubtful. nevertheless, there are unquestionably capable individuals who have been working tirelessly to make the country much better. question is: can they take 'umno' out of the 'dinosaurs'?

  8. HY, any mention of 2 names and I delete. However you can post your last comment minus those names. Thank you.

  9. the toothless fella12:53 pm, December 27, 2012

    Kaytee,this is what I called a civilised blog.Before it was like this too.You should have done it a long time ago.But it is always better late then never.

    1. Thanks matey, I did attempt to be 'inclusive' but some people can't handle privileges wakakaka. The old is set in his ways and hard to change but the younger ...? sayang saja.

  10. I just returned from more than a week's business visit to Ktemoc's ancestral country, Zhongguo. Very cold, and it was snowing the daily I left Beijing.
    Frankly I do not enjoy visiting Zhongguo, and I do not like the way some PRC companies do business. I suppose, like any other business person these days, there is no avoiding dealing with China. I went there as a customer, so my hosts were very hospitable, but I have no doubt if the roles were the other way round, the discussions would be much less pleasant.
    China's economic and infrastructure development is certainly impresive and many Chinese Malaysians these days are dreaming of Greater China. I have to tell them - stop dreaming. There can and should be good and mutually beneficial relations with China, but this is Tanah Melayu, ya.

    DAP is caught in a self-destructive trap vis. its political standing among the Malays.

    It has Zero Malays in its leadership, so it never receives any moderating input when it talks and behaves in ways which are insensitive and sometimes, downright insulting, to Malays.

    Let me give some examples. When DAP stated its position for reducing the cost of the Civil Service, its talk was mainly implying the Malay Civil servants were lazy and good for nothing.
    When DAP spoke about removing the NEP, its talk was implying the Malays were just lazy freeloaders siphoning wealth from the Chinese.
    These days they don't say that outright, but DAP's racist overtones and undertones are so obvious.

    As a result, very few Malays, other than an odd fringe, will ever consider joining the DAP, let alone running for leadership.
    So, hardly any talented Malays ever rise to leadership in the DAP.

    And so the circle goes on...

    Don't keep blaming so-called BN demonization.
    DAP is its own worst enemy in its relations with the Malay community.

    1. TM, DAP has zero Malay in its leadership echelon ONLY because there are very few Malay members in DAP, thanks to the many many years of demon-ization of the party by UMNO. The small numbers have been aggravated by the lack of exposure and promotion to party delegates of Malay candidates for the CEC.

      Notwithstanding these, Senator Ariffin obtained more than 700 votes in the recent CEC election - though not enough to see him into the top 20, not unlike veteran Tan Seng Giaw (who was the party deputy president), he has amassed a credible support bloc and is indicative fo the support among the delegates for his leadership.

      Apart from veteran Tan SG who missed out like Ariffin, high profile Teresa Kok and Perak DAP chief Ngeh very nearly didn't make it into the top 10. The answer is of course adequate promotion of these candidates via party election campaigns, a universal process among political parties in democratic countries

      Currently Malays are beginning to see DAP not as a Chinese-based party and one which is clean, democratic and public service orientated, and has started joining it. Once there have been adequate exposure of Malay candidates to the party delegates I am more than certain Malays will join the ranks of the CEC.

      Malaysia has one of the most bloated civil service, if not THE most bloated. Even in socialist-inclined nations like Australia and New Zealand, the government has felt the unsustainable burden of carrying the heavy cost of inefficient overstaffed civil services and in the last 15 years, these two governments (regardless of which party rules) have trimmed down the numbers of public servants drastically. There has been no racial consideration at all in their cost-effective cost-efficient measures. Why must it be in Malaysia that the question of race arises in an issue of making the civil service more efficient and less costly?

      AS for the NEP, no one who is fair (and the DAP is fair) has questioned the importance and benefits of affirmative actions.

      It is only in the indiscriminate ethnic based approach that DAP has problems with. For example, why should a very rich Malay continue to benefit from the NEP whilst a poverty-stricken Indian family be denied it?

      We know that the majority of Malaysia's poor are the Malays so they will be the majority (together with the minority non-Malay poor) to eb deserved beneficiaries of the NEP, but the NEP must be asset-based and not ethnic-based or it'll become nothing more than a taxpayer subsidized White Afrikaan styled apartheid gravy train.

      Asset-based will ensure the NEP is implemented according to the values of Islamic social justice.

    2. KT said "... why should a very rich Malay continue to benefit from the NEP whilst a poverty-stricken Indian family be denied it?"

      This unequal treatment is not due to the NEP alone. It is derived from this doctrine : "... The perpetual position of being in the minority and underprivileged creates a desire in the new immigrants to merge with the majority and acquire the privileged position. The immediate loss of original culture, language and racial characteristics is insignificant when compared with the privileges to be gained as citizens. And having gained these privileges and been accepted as equals, natural human jealousy takes over and guards the conditions of their status. ..."

      In short, as long as you do not assimilate with the definitive people,you shall remain underprivileged.

      Whose words are those? It is from Mahathir's Malay Dilemma chapter 8.

  11. With more people like Tanah Melayu hellbent with his ketuanan mentality....see, even this is reflected in his choosing of the nick TANAH MELAYU, a dead giveaway......rather sooner than later, our country will be be 'honoured' with the title of The Sick Man of South East Asia. Already our debt is 50% of GDP and that perpetual NEP is subsidizing 60% or more of the population, affirmative action for the MAJORITY.... how to sustain ?

    The fat leeches ripping off the NEP gravy train are so bloated already and yet unable to wean off that addictive obscene is so hysterical when these hypocrite daylight robbers, while gorging themselves silly, will every now and then see fit to pause from their orgy to cry crocodile tears, lamenting that the equity for 'orang kita' is only a paltry 19% and the chinese are stealing their country away.....hahahahaha ( *hysterical laugh here* )

  12. FMT is actually one of the more balanced On-Line news sites. It has regularly published articles highly critical of Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.
    It has also carried critiques on DAP as well as PAS. What's wrong with that ? The outcome of the recent DAP CEC elections certainly reinforced the view from many outsiders that DAP is still essentially a "Chinese party". Two of the 3 Indians on the committee are from the Karpal clan.
    You can write long, lyrical defences of the DAP, but the inconvenient truth is that DAP's image on inclusiveness outside of its circle of members and hard-core supporters has taken a beating.

    As a Pakatan Rakyat supporter, I am definitely not against the DAP, but I think people need to tell the DAP the painful truth. Otherwise they will be most unlikely to take that journey to fix the problem.

    1. DAP to 'fix the problem'? I guess you mean by 'problem', you mean the party not having enough malays ?

      But this sort of 'problem' is not something you can JUST 'fix' took 30 years of daily relentless brainwashing of a whole 2 generations of the entire population of malays on a huge, massive scale that drummed into these malay minds and psyche that DAP is a communist racist party with its headquater in Singapore and takes secret order from a 'spiritual leader' in the form of Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore, who btw, as UMNO would have it, have stolen Tamasik away from the 'original' owner, the malays.

      Given such a distorted perception inculcated for more than 3 decades, is it not most simplistic to just breezily talk down the party DAP asking it to buck up ? For goodness' sake, even with LGE going to jail for a malay girl, the malays are not moved even one single bit, although some trickle of malays are moving over to the party due to a combination of loathing for their former party Umno and witnessing for themselves the evidence that DAP walks to the talk about its fairness to all races in its administration of Penang.

      And of course when DAP appointed some malays into its CEC, there is condemnation of 'tokenism' from some quaters. So you see, there is no short cut to this 'fix the problem'. One way, as suggested by KT himself, is to ensure that the handful of malays in DAP be made more visible, not just to the party's supporters but the malays at large, I might add.

      To change decades of deeply inculcated perceptions will require time and the right circumstances. With the GE round the corner, DAP has its work cut out for it....fighting sabotaging from its own alliance, namely PKR and the on-going endless row about hudud and islamic state with the other alliance partner, PAS. On top of this, to do ward off the swords-thrusts from that old devil enemy UMNO and its lapdogs, esp MCA.

      Come again....DAP to just fix the problem ? The more appropriate issue would be - PKR, when are you going to rid yourself of the Umno mentality and when are you going to be inclusive by getting rid of the malay-only 'inner circle' cabinet and to stop all pretence of multiculturism when it is no secret that the non malays in PKR are just window dressing.

    2. anything wrong with Karpal clan? Aren't they Malaysians, Indians, human beings?

      What about the Anwar Ibrahim clan? AI himself, wife, daughter and possibly another daughter, and not forgetting the blue-eyed boy?

    3. anon 1125 / kt, so what would u people suggest to break out of this vicious cycle, continue to blame umno n malay? umno is racist, pkr is window dressing, and dap is on merits n popularity when result clearly indicate we still vote base on race, what rubbish r u people talking about? cant we just ascknowledge there is problem with dap suggest way to fix it, instead of divert the issue to pkr?

    4. Rather than call it a blame on UMNO, I suggest that it's putting historical realities or facts in perspective so we can evaluate the situation in context. It's not helpful nor objective accusing the DAP of not being inclusive when that's patently untrue.

      The DAP CEC has been an outcome of democratic voting of 'known' candidates. DAP did not rig its polling process to an extent that insiders or/and outsiders questioned the kosher-ness of its clean polls, unlike that for another party wakakaka.

      As I mentioned, and also by Dato Ariff Sabri (blogger Sakmongkol AK47), there was a dearth of publicity/promotion of the Malay candidates for the DAP CEC, notwithstanding which saw Senator Ariffin gained 700+votes. Thus, promoting and publicising Malay, Indian and East Malaysian candidates is an important item for DAP as a party to consider for the next party election.

      It's a keen contest for the nearly 70 candidates for only 20 spots in the party CEC, and according only 20 succeeded. Thus 48 candidates lost out, among which were mainly Chinese, and unfortunate 8 Malays and some Indians like Penang CM II Dr Rama. Even the party (former) deputy chairperson Tan Seng Giaw was not spared from the democratic process and failed to be elected into the Top 20.

      It's sad that "some" PKR members continue to sinisterly exploit the DAP's very open and fully accountable polls and to distort the reality of the actual situation so as to badmouth DAP as a Chinese racist party (okay, they used the word 'not inclusive' but WTF which means the same thing).

      However, I must compliment (gasp, gawd, omigos, wakakaka) Anwar Ibrahim for commenting as expected of an ally and the nominal head of Pakatan on the DAP party elections.

    5. There is sizable Malay that gave their vote to DAP in 2008 and all you people can talk is turning back the clock 50 years. When people accuse DAP for not being exclusive because there is no single Malay voted into the CEC, typical reply is fierce competition as if other party all having amity election. A more relevant question is why only 8 Malay contest in the CEC and why there is very less Malay member in DAP when the party has been bragging their multi-racial makeup and often labels others as racist, DAP leader, member and supporters don’t use mirror ke?

      Yes you can always appoint Malay into the CEC then what make DAP difference with BN, and PKR so call window dressing, and don’t forget the appointed Tunku that still harping day night like a mad dog, so how this help to make DAP more inclusive? Selena talk about a Malay bureau with objective to recruit more Malay member while people like you keep throwing irrelevant jab and divert the topic, ok, PKR / UMNO ranting aside, if I may direct your attention back to DAP and enlighten us how DAP could recruit more Malay? Or own up and tell us you have no idea how to do that?

    6. I think the article by Retired Commander S Thayaparan

      is a very good, level-headed and responsible outsider's critique of the outcome of the DAP CEC elections.

      The openness and accountability of the CEC polls is not in question. But what it reflects of the DAP members thinking is.

      Read it with an open mind.
      It would be great if some DAP leaders and supporters take the trouble to really understand the issues that he has brought up.

    7. HY, why only 8 Malay candidates out of 68 for the CEC? I read in one of the newspapers (MKINI, TMI, FMT?) that Malay in DAP is currently at less than 10% of the total membership. 10% of 68 CEC candidates would be 6.8 which works out roughly as 8 Malay candidates. Does that answer your question?

      As for your other question, why "there is very less Malay member in DAP when the party has been bragging their multiracial makeup", the explanation for the first part (relatively few Malay members) has been given many times over - I don't want to repeat myself or that of DAP members. The answer for the second part (DAP's multiracial makeup) is evident by 7 Indian MPs and 11 Indian ADUNs (excluding a frog who was the erstwhile 12th DAP ADUN) - no political party including MIC and especially PKR, none at all, can match this, unless you are arguing Indians in DAP do not constitute the party's multiracial credentials?

      In 2004, in the Chinese heartland of the Bukit Bendera federal constituency (thus a prestigious seat in Chinese eyes) DAP stood a Malay candidate Zul Mohd Noor who came close (considering BB was/is a Chinese heartland) to defeating the Gerakan candidate Chia Kwang Chye, who was no ordinary joe in Chinese eyes.

      There's no need to explain to you how DAP appeals to more Malay membership when the stark fact of its new members in the outstanding persons of Ariff Sabri, Aspan Alias, Lt Col Rosli (a lawyer in Seremban), etc speaks for itself.

      DAP doesn't need racial bureaus in its party structure to further divide Malaysian society.

      And don't be so jealous of DAP's success.

  13. Tanah Melayu,
    thou shall not be blind and deaf.You looked like one on the misleaded ones.Your head must be bombarded with Umeeno physology.Stop kidding when you are with politically minded folks,okay?

  14. the toothless fella5:48 am, December 28, 2012


    it all depends on whom you ask.Good leaders get elected because of their leadership capabilities,and not because of their colours.Malaysians do not need more puppets or cronies to lead them.

  15. kt, all PR are elected.
    No favoritism detected.
    Defeated MCA and MIC politicians are put in as Ministers, made senators to support Najib in Parliament.
    Umno Baru have many family members bulldozed to important positions, especially Mahathir's son ,from nowhere.
    Why are you not clear with the Malaysian politics scenario?

    1. Anon, there are two separate issues, to wit, party elections and public elections. Both are governed by separate constitutions and rules, the former by party constitution and the latter by the Malaysian Constitution.

      For example, MCA party elections (different process from DAP) saw Dr CSL become president because the majority of the MCA party delegates said so.

      In a separate and independent survey poll (let's pretend it's a public presidential election for MCA party with Chinese Malaysians only as voters), Chinese wanted OTK as the MCA president.

      But regardless of who was more popular among the Chinese, the MCA delegates wanted CSL as their MCA president, full stop, and there's buggerall anyone outside the MCA could do.

      As known, the polling process of some party elections had not been seen as kosher wakakaka, sorry, oh WTK, wakakaka again.

      For example, it's public knowledge that Ali Rustam was barred from a previous UMNO election because of money-politics, though many wakakaka-ed it was hilarious to bar anyone in UMNO party elections for money-politics. Most speculated that accusation of money-politics was selectively used against Ali Rustam to enable Muhyiddin to become deputy president of UMNO and by default DPM.

      Party deputy president theoretically will one day become party president WAKAKAKA and I'm not referring to UMNO alone wakakaka.

      Of course BN has done the shameful but totally legal act of resurrecting (politically) BN candidates like Koh TK and Shahrizat.

      As for Mukhriz Mahathir being made a deputy minister, it's all legal because the PM can co-opt anyone (either elected as a MP or made a senator via the back door) to become a minister. It's of course bizarre that the UMNO Youth chief, KJ, has not been made a minister while his YOUTH Wing junior Mukhriz and indeed UMNO Youth deputy chief have been made ministers (or deputies), but that's the PM's prerogative and for the UMNO party president to answer to his Youth Wing.

      The only minister that must be elected (and cannot be from the Senate) is the PM.

      I'm quite clear but what about you, are you clear now? wakakaka.

  16. We know the following facts:
    1) DAP, rightly or wrongly, have been demonised endlessly by government politicians, media, blogs etc as a Chinese chauvinist party.
    2) In the present political set-up of the country led by UMNO, Malays have more privileges accorded to them than the non-Malays (notwithstanding UMNO's loot & plunder).
    3) The gravy train is more likely to operate unfettered in UMNO than in DAP.

    Why then would a Malay gravitate towards DAP? Is it :
    a) altruism?
    b) hedging their bets?
    c) misled?
    d) ???

  17. Please read and understand the Malaysian constitution as well as the historical context in 1957.
    The constitution protects the "Special position of the Malays". It was not and is not meant to be any sort of means-tested social safety net for poor Malays. I read it as providing an enabler for Malays to participate in all levels economic activity in Malaysia - yes, including Malay ownership of the largest business enterprises.

    It is actually a very progressive constitution, bearing in mind the world in 1957. Australia was still practicing a "Whites Only" immigration policy, and USA was stil a heavily segregated country.

    There had not in history, and has not since , as far as I know, any other nation which offered citizenship under such easy terms to so many who had originated from somewhere else.

    In fact, Tanah Melayu had no pre-existing legal obligation to offer these economic migrants citizenship. The only exception I'm aware of was the Straits Settlements - Penang and Melaka, which were outright British territory, and those born there were considered British subjects, which the Federation was obliged to accept as citizens upon Independence.
    Of course, there were major quid pro quos traded in the Independence negotiations.
    Tanah Melayu needed the economic contribution of the Chinese and the Indian migrants, and the Federation needed to address the dissatisfaction over their uncertain status which was helping to fuel the Communist insurgency.
    The trade-off the Malays insisted upon was the recognition of the Special Position of the Malays with regard to wide areas of economic activity.

    Those are the terms which your Ah Kongs or Ah Pahs agreed upon, in return for citizenship, even for those born in China.
    I don't suggest DAP or any other Chinese groups attempt to reopen the negotiations.
    There are also many in the Majority race who would be very keen to renegotiate the Constituational position of Islam and Shariah laws in Malaysia - I'm not one of them, but just Be careful what you ask for.

    1. TM, the provisions of Article 153 was only temporary in nature and to be reviewed in 1972. Following May 13, Tun Razak conveniently ignored that requirement and launched his NEP (a detailed program based on Article 153) which moved (still does) the 'special position' of the Malays to 'special privileges'. That's a fact. Another fact is UMNO-ites have been abusing the NEP to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority Malay poor. The civil service and university intakes have been distinct abuses of the quotas associated with Malay 'special positions'.

  18. the gaffe guy who knows1:02 pm, December 28, 2012

    Tanah Melayu,
    you sound like one smart alec.With your constitution protects the 'Special position of the Malays".

    When Umno B or Umnoputras do not think so as what the constitution says,what are you going to do about it.Do you not see that Umnoputras,their family members and cronies only benefit from corruption.If all the riches of the land were to be shared equally, there will not be so much practice of rampant corruption or cronism.

    Then Umno/BN will ruled the land forever.But alas,by being so greedy they will be shown the back door this coming GE.And if you think so much of the constitution,you wouldn't be so supportive of the corrupted Umno.

  19. Tanah melayu,you think Umno cares wo hoods about the constitution.Can you give a figure of how many ordinary Malays benefit or are deprived of what is stated under the constitution.You want to benefit,be a crony or ball carrier,even in you are categorised under Tanah Melayu.

  20. i am not jealous, kt, i am to expose ur argument for the stupidity it represent, y get jealous for something that isn’t worth a lot?

    u call it racist bureau but dap leaders were busy doing the same, the balance cec 10 that fill up mainly by non-chinese, y? no more merit n popular chinese ka?

    deep inside u r just another tm, both u have to justify ur absurdity thru history.

  21. HY, we're going around in circles because you refuse to see what I have already explained.

    The DAP constitution structures for a CEC of 30, where 20 shall be elected while 10 nominated by party leaders. The issue of meritocracy doesn't come into play or otherwise Tan Seng Giaw would have been elected.

    I have provided more than adequate explanations on why Malay candidates didn't fare too well (Sakmongkol or Dato Ariff Sabri has also commented on this) and the best performing Malay candidate was Senator Ariffin with 700+ votes. But like Tan Seng Giaw he didn't qualify for the top 20. The party constitution caters for an extra 10 CEC members without the need to be elected, which allows both of them to be nominated into this 10 seats.

    By contrast to the DAP clean polling, review the last PKR's polling process, which is what you should be concerned about and which Selena Tay should be writing on but I accept these are both your choices.

    1. KT....the chinese have a saying.."aww huet",literally meaning vomit blood. When a person is struck by blind devotion, combined with less than peak EQ cum IQ, those who had the un-enviable task of having to get thru' their thick skulls will have to 'aww huet" laa.

    2. I presume you're using Hokkien. If so, then 'ow huet' is correct but very literal. A better phrase would be 'tor huet'.

    3. KT...aww huet is actually cantonese. Our chinese dialects are all about intonation, right ? But agree with you, if spoken in hokkien, it should be ow heut and the better one tor huet.

      Anyway.... happy tor huet-ing, what with the merry company we are keeping here :(

  22. Thank you for your long explanations kt.
    I am not impressed.

    1. I know exactly why you are not impressed. To be impressed, one must first be able to at first instance, sudah fail, how to proceed from there ? There, there, don't fret.....go read a simple cartoon or those mags with more pictures than words, then you'll be impressed, kakakaka.

  23. The road to entitlements, and ultimately, riches is called Jalan UMNO 87, a tried, proven, and well-used road. Other roads are unknowns and risky. As Tanah Melayu said, "stop dreaming ya".

  24. Of course this is a merry-go-around because seems like a pretty straight-forward question to me but alas not much of an answer from you as yet beside repeating the remark of Umno and Malay fault, that there are some Indian and few towering Malay. I’m not sure how much more specific I can be but that is fine if you choose to ignore them, we move on.

    Cantonese for vomit blood is ou xue (呕血),Mandarin can be both tu xue (吐血) or ou xue (呕血), Hokkian or Min language I dont know, but I am curious does that laughing devotee of yours ever have an argument? Cuz I’ve yet to see one from him. Wake me up when he come up with something however small and trivial, it be a start. (In Cantonese - 成年人讲野,细路唔好撑乱歌柄.)

    Ps/ see, dap blind devotee can be anglo that can’t even write his own name in Hanzi and his mother language.

    1. God save us from these obdurate mandarin nazi.....kakakaka. The least you can do is to check out how millions of cantonese pronounce 'vomit blood' laa.

      Another chinese phrase specially for you ( kakakakak ): mmo yeok yee, which refers specifically to those mentally challenged.