Thursday, December 20, 2012

Political snippets (16)

Malaysiakini - Americk: Cecil is a lawyer of the highest integrity ...

Americk Singh Sidhu had been the lawyer for Balasubramamiam, he of the twin SD's notoriety, wakakaka.

Today Americk Singh Sidhu appeared (again) to vouch for Cecil Abraham's integrity. Cecil was initially suspected as the so-called 'Tan Sri lawyer' who drafted the 2nd SD for Bala.

In his (Americk's) effusive praise of Cecil Abraham, he was quoted by MKINI as stating lawyers belong to "... an historically noble profession, ...".

"... historically noble profession ..."? Huh!

Hmmm, maybe historically they might have been, wakakaka, and maybe in Malaysia they are (I'll take his word for it) ..... but elsewhere in the world, lawyers are deemed as slugs of a much lower order than second hand car salesmen and bankers, wakakaka.


Malaysiakini - Radiologist sows doubt over Lynas recycling plan

Peter Karamoskos, an Australian nuclear radiologist for 13 years and who represents the Australian public on the Radiation Safety Committee of Australia, expressed his reservations on the Lynas recycling plan to New Matilda, an Australian news website.

Remember Bukit Merah Asian Rare Earth (ARE). For more of the health hazard, read Chronology of events in the Bukit Merah Asian Rare Earth development


The Malaysian Insider - Russians pay US$1,000 for doomsday party in Soviet bunker

Da, da, da, way to go comrades - wakakaka.


Malaysiakini -  Penang BN launches its 'vote us back' message

The BN continues to pledge free port status for Penang to put it back on the world map of the international business arena.

It said it would raise Penang's global image to be, in the eyes of tourists, at par with other world-class cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore and create a business-friendly environment for investors and companies.

BN Reality vs Promises

But it did none of above in the 52 years it was in power!

In fact it was the bloody BN which removed Penang's original free port status. Pordah.


The Malaysian Chronicle - Anwar drops BOMBSHELL: It is possible for Dr M to have US$ 44 BILLION FORTUNE!

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim dropped a bombshell on Thursday, saying it was not impossible for his former boss Mahathir Mohamad to possess a fortune of as large as US$ 44billion, which would make the latter the world's second wealthiest ex-leader.

"Yes, it is possible. Why not? Look at his family, his cronies. This is why Dr Mahathir should explain," Anwar told a press conference at his party headquarters in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya.

He was responding to a recent Malaysia Chronicle news report highlighting a Wikipedia page of the world's richest leaders and ex-leaders and how much wealth they possessed. CASE OF THE MISSING NAME: So is Dr M the world's 2nd richest ex-leader with $ 44 BILLION?

The Wiki page, updated on December 14, had put Mahathir as the second richest ex-leader after Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, who it estimated was worth some US$70 billion. However, minutes after the article was published, Mahathir's name mysteriously disappeared from the Wiki list and Indonesia's late president Suharto, in third place with an estimated US$35 billion, was pushed up to replace the former Malaysia premier.

Happy 16 years together

Wah benarkah? But then, Anwar should know. After all, he was besides Dr Mahathir for 16 years, wakakaka.


  1. Russians paying $1000 for doomsday party ?

    Yesterday, I got myself a 45" tv for only rm200 and a 2nd hand Merc for only rm1000. All from a Mayan, wah ka ka ka.

  2. Dr M is worth US$44 billion ? Wow...even in riggit is good enough, but in US dollars, that mamak descendants could live off the hogs for at least 100 generations laa, if the world don't kaput first.

  3. The BN proposal for free-port for Penang is unlikely to be carried out.

    In the 60s and 70s, we have only the ferries to cross over the channel. At that time, with so much less traffic, there are queues where customs officers go thru our bags.

    Imagine a customs post on Penang bridge, where a minor accident causes jams that take hours to clear.

  4. I certainly saw a foreign report years ago which listed Dr. Mahathir as one of the world's wealthiest Heads of Government.
    In those pre-Internet days, it was physically difficult and potentially dangerous to one's health and safety to disseminate such information, so I believe very few Malaysians ever saw the information.
    Nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim - he was still a fully-fledged UMNO figure at the time.

  5. The cache of the wiki page on DrM's riches shows the source to be
    which has a highly questionable way of arriving at the amount mentioned. Hence you can treat the article as very unreliable. (The cache has since changed to no longer have DrM's position)

    Much ado over nothing. And unfairly involving Anwar's name too.

  6. Penangites should not be hoodwinked by BN's proposal to bring back the free-port status. It won't happen for 2 reasons:

    1) UMNO will surely object because the mainly Chinese population in the island benefits.

    2) It will invite smuggling activities, and as pointed out in comments above, the arrangements to check smuggling by customs inspection at the entrance to Penang bridge will cause gridlocks far into the Georgetown, Bayan Baru.

  7. Losing the free port status was actually one of the best things that happened to Penang. It opened the way for free movement of goods and people between the Island the rest of Malaysia.
    BN , completely unintentionally, did Penang a big favour.

    If it had continued a free port, Penang would have remained a quaint, relaxed backwater with little economic dynamism to show.
    If you look a Langkawi and Labuan, Free Port status is really nothing much to talk about.

    1. It's all about Fengshui, hehehe. Penang has auspicious chi, and Langkawi ada bad chi, starting with their puteri gunung ledang. They said the century years curse have been lifted, by no less than than a kerela man....but it is still backwater and so much 'development' money just got loaded into the Umno guys' pockets when they waxed lyrical how Langkawi will be the next pearl in the sea.

      BN/Umno will promise ANYTHING under the sun as long as they win big for this GE13. Shun them like the devil they are, hehe

  8. End of The World today ?

    Check out what this ah soh thinks of this Mayan thingy :