Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DAP's Ubah or Ubah DAP?

Do you recognize this man?

He is Tan Seng Giaw.

Just in case you don't know or can't recognize him, I'll leave it to Wikipedia (plus a wee add-ons and where relevant, corrections by me) to provide a glimpse of who he is:

Tan Seng Giaw (Chinese : 陈胜尧) is a Malaysian politician from the Democratic Action Party. He was born on 26 May 1942 in Kota Baru, Kelantan. After attending Primary and High School in Kelantan and Penang respectively, he furthered his education at Plymouth College and Leeds University, England.

His multi-cultural academic and social background has resulted in Seng Giaw being fluent in Mnadarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia, and competent in the writing of Malay in the Jawi script. Seng Giaw's academic qualifications include a M.B.Ch.B. (Leeds), D.Obs. R.C.O.G, M.R.C.P (UK) and finally a M.D. honours (Leeds) in 1976. [...]

His social activities today include the office of Pengerusi Kehormat of Persatuan Murid-murid Tua, Chung Ling for the states of Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Kuala Lumpur.

Tan's political involvement began in 1976, during which he served the people of Kepong on behalf of Dr. Tan Chee Khoon. He is was the Democratic Action Party's National Vice Deputy Chairman and Member of Parliament for the constituency of Kepong [since 1982. In March 2008 he won by a majority of 23,848 votes].

In 1972, Dr. Tan married Oon Hong Geok, a paediatrician and has two daughters. His wife used to be active in the political scene and represented Taman Aman, Petaling Jaya as a state assemblywoman.

In parliament he plays a sterling role, serving on the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) as Deputy Chief (to UMNO's Azmi Khalid) and has been a vigilant watchdog on behalf of the public in scrutinizing government finance and expenditure.

Tan Seng Giaw (L) and Azmi Khalid (R)

Awesome, isn't he?

BUT ...

But during the just completed DAP party elections, he was NOT placed in the top 20 for the CEC.

Why was he unsuccessful? Well, my easy answer would be 'lots of reasons', wakakaka.

But anyway, look at his seniority in DAP (years and then Deputy chairperson), his tenure as a DAP MP since 1982 with his most recent victory in 2008 recording a resounding majority that tsunami-ed his MCA opponent away into the Straits of Malacca, and his contributions to both party and nation, etc etc etc.

Yet he was NOT voted into the CEC top 20, but had to be co-opted as one of 10 selected (not voted).

We may deem him as not popular enough among the party delegates to be voted in. Hmmm, maybe he didn't campaign enough or effectively on his own behalf among the party delegates?

OK, lamentable as the DAP party election result has been for Tan Seng Giaw who is no longer the party's deputy chairperson, hasn't it been democratic?

His non-election as one of the top 20 CEC members had been the decision of the voting delegates, and could not be manmanlai-ed a la the style of another party where in its deputy presidential election the total of the votes for 2 candidates at a location exceeded the number of party voters registered, with a party returning officer then questionably declaring a draw wakakaka.

As Lim Guan Eng stated: "We do not control who the delegates choose. We accept the results (of the elections). This is democracy."

Look also at two other high profile DAP leaders - Teresa Kok and DAP Perak Chief, Ngeh Koo Ham. 

Everyone knows the Sassy MP, and I admit I love her (her competency lah, wakakaka).

Teresa as Seputeh MP holds the record for the biggest majority for an election victory in any parliamentary constituency. As Kinrara ADUN, she heads the party with the second most number of ADUNs and should have been deputy MB Selangor but for PAS' objections (during the Solar-Powered era) and Khalid Ibrahim's lack of spine in supporting her due status.

She's very active and productive and thus very high profile in her parliamentary and state duties and was once ISA-ed. She was also falsely accused by UMNO of criticizing azan calls, an indication of their fear of her immense popularity among her Malay constituencies.

But she almost didn't make it into the CEC, being voted at an uncomfortable 18th place. The poor darling sweetie explained that her role as party organizing secretary and some of her difficult and unpopular decisions had affected the voting. But nonetheless, she was placed at 18th when you would have expected her to be among the top 5.

Ngeh Koo Ham

Now, Ngeh Koo Ham has gained the unfortunate notoriety of controlling a faction within the Perak DAP which is at odds with another DAP stalwart, Kulasegaran. Kula has the last laugh by coming in at 16th for the elected CEC, while Ngeh very nearly didn't make it, and just squeezed into 20th position.


Maybe the 2576 DAP delegates voting at the party election are against certain Chinese, people like Tan who along with 47 other candidates didn't make it? Maybe they have been against Teresa and Ngeh too, though not vigorous enough to cut them out of the top 20?

Whichever, whatever, there's no denying democracy had been in action at the DAP's party election, frighteningly nail-biting for some like Teresa and Ngeh, and disappointing for Tan and 47 others.

While we should expect UMNO to make issues out of the DAP party election result for not including any Malay candidate among the top 20, we consider it a humongous joke that Koh Tsu Koon has the thick brazen hypocritical skin to comment on that.

Pordah, Ah Koon, take a look in the mirror lah (at your own Gerakan party).

Ah Koon waving UMNO keris

But for you, dear readers, please pause a wee while and take a look at the fate of Tan Seng Giaw and indeed 47 others (including 8 Malays) before you condemn the DAP for not being inclusive.

What should the DAP delegates have done? Should they have voted for tokenism or for what promises the candidates hold for the party's continuing success, service to the public and the nation's future, based on the candidates  policy declarations during the party election campaign?

As blogger Sakmongkol AK47 or Dato Ariff Sabri, a DAP member, has written in his The DAP Malays:

Dato Ariff Sabri

UMNO and its supporters are making cannon fodder of the unsuccessful attempts by 8 Malay DAP members to get placement in the 20-person CEC. I wrote this article before the appointment of 2 Malays into the CEC.

Lt Colonel Rosli a former serviceman who is now practising as a lawyer in Seremban said it best: The next person sitting to me asked for my name, told him and he didn't even know I was contesting. I wasn't going to campaign to him there and then.

Which means, the unsuccessful bid for places in DAP’s CEC is more a case for being relative unknowns.

Indeed and now let me flash back in time to the 2004 election in the federal constituency of Bukit Bendera (Penang) and the fate of my Penang larng (fellow Penangite), Zulkifli Mohd Noor.

Zul Noor

Zul stood as DAP candidate there, which we could even declare as a Chinese heartland. Yes, Bukit Bendera has been (still is) a Chinese majority federal seat where the ethnic breakdown of voters would be (based on 2004 figures) about 14 % Malays, 11% Indians, and 74% Chinese, with Others (Thai, Eurasians, etc) at 1%.

There were 47,000 voters who turned up. Obviously to win, a candidate required 23,501 (in simple terms).

Zul won about 18000 of the 47000 votes, and that’s no mean feat for a Malay candidate in a Chinese heartland, because even if all 14% Malays in that constituency had turned up to cast their ballots for Zulkifli, he wouldn't get more than 5000 votes. And we know that's just not possible because UMNO has been active there since TAR's time.

So, ask yourself, where did the other 13,000 votes come from? From the 11% Indians and 1% Others?

part of Bukit Bendera constiruency

Zul was just 5 to 6000 votes short of victory and that, ... 

(a) taking into context of Malaysian ethnic-driven voting, 

(b) 2004 was the height of AAB’s Bao Gong-ness wakakaka, 

(c) Zul’s opponent was the formidable Chia Kwang Chye (Gerakan) who was no sloth and very popular with the locals, 

Chia Kwang Chye

(d) Bukit Bendera was/is a Chinese heartland, 

... meant that Zul almost won, and while he didn't actually, nonetheless had been a humongous moral victory for him and DAP and DAP supporters.

I had then written on my disappointment at Zul’s loss or almost-victory, and why Zul didn’t make it. 

One of the three factors for his loss that I offered was that he was only exposed/introduced to the locals in Bukit Bendera a wee too late in the game (in 2004). Though the DAP is a powerful brand the party must not assume that alone is a magic key to winning.

Now, hasn't this been what Sakmongkol has written as to the probable cause of the 8 Malay candidates for the DAP CEC not being elected?

Hasn't this been what Lt Colonel Rosli, also a candidate for the CEC, related to Sakmongkol, that: "The next person sitting to me asked for my name, told him and he didn't even know I was contesting. I wasn't going to campaign to him there and then."

The Malay candidates must make themselves better known, and there is also an onus on the DAP leadership to help them in this regard.

just the usual kaytee's wakakaka, no offence or sublime message  intended

I had also mentioned this often enough to some DAP friends, that I was deeply disappointed to see Zul completely missing from the recent March 2008 general election, when without doubt he would have won and at the same time provided DAP with a visible multi-ethnic credentials and legitimacy.

While Sakmongkol has been spot on in his analysis of the 8 Malay candidates not making it into the DAP CEC I personally have been very disappointed that Zul was not one of the two Malays co-opted. 

Zul like Ahmad Ton had been a VP in DAP which makes me wonder whether the DAP Young Ones are even aware of this. And it had been The Young Ones making quite a significant impact in the recent party election.

Additionally while I support the DAP for co-opting half a dozen members from Sabah and Sarawak into the CEC, a most righteous decision, I strongly believe the CEC should be expanded to include at least 5 Malay members, if not more, whether by election or by co-option.

This is because the DAP must not ignore the reality that 60% of Malaysians are Malays, and if it desires to be a Malaysian political party, and I know it'll be a good and righteous one, it must have a significant Malay voice within its CEC, and ...

... if necessary, expand the CEC membership or introduce a party chairperson's (or sec-gen's) right to nominate Malay (and where relevant, Sabah, Sarawak) candidates into the CEC to achieve this.

I hope the DAP will consider my respectful suggestion and wish the party every success in its future undertakings.


  1. anyway, heres my 2 cents on the problem now facing the DAP.

    theres a lot of commentary that the results of the DAP elections shows the democratic process at work, that the chosen ones was based on capability and meritrocracy as it should.

    well, let me ask then, what if it was not ?

    clearly any basic student of statistics should be able to tell from the results, there was definite biasness present in the way the voting went, theres no 2 ways about it. there definite was a prejudice against the malay candidates.

    so, the answer is to co-opt more malays into the CEC? to me, thats like pouring oil onto a fire thats already burning. it will give credence to the argument that the DAP is treating the malays as appointees, that can b discarded at the whims and fancies of the 'powerful 20'. far better they NOT b represented at all than by such a way. where a clear master - subordinate grouping appears.

    the way forward for DAP?

    like it or not better or worse, people like LKS, LGE or Karpal have to show more 'backing' towards Malay candidates , mebbe people like Zairil and arm twist , persuade or whatever the delegates so they have the votes to get in by being voted in!

    thats the ONLY way to answer UMNO critics conclusively.


  2. the toothless fella11:04 am, December 19, 2012

    Kaytee,do not worry.After GE13 there will be many Malay MP's and adun's lah.This you can bet the ranch on.

    The next DAP CEC election in 3 yrs time,many Malays will get elected and not appointed.Time will tell,and my money will be on them.


  3. It takes years to learn a skill
    It takes years to learn martial arts techniques
    It takes years to save a financial nest
    It takes years to carve an impact in society or party

    Likewise in political party elections
    The new candidates will not get the chance
    The party members need to know them
    Nobody is going to vote for unknown names

    In party elections there is always an unfair practice
    It is always going to the herd mentality
    The small group leaders will push and decide
    The delegates will think of their own benefits

    Though it is democracy at work
    It doesn't have to reflect the party's membership composition
    As long as it is a multi-racial party in body and spirit
    There will be time when the music will be sweet melody

  4. That DAP CEC SHOULD have more non-Chinese members is without question.But how do you increase that representation? If heavy weights like Dr Tan & Dr Rama can fall, surely one cannot expect all the unknown to be chosen? Having quota? The Malays/Sabahans/Sarawakians will have to work hard. Karpal, Gobind and Kula are good examples to show the delegates did not vote on race per se. The leadership too need to nurture new leaders by giving them more exposure at the state and national levels.

  5. I agreed with you DAP delegates did not vote based on race, otherwise, Kula, Karpal Singh and his son will not be chosen and what about Tan Seng Giaw and Ronnie Liu. Even these well-known people are not voted in. Why talk about the 8 malays who are relatively unknown. The 8 malays will have to work hard to be more vocal in fighting for the party. It will take time. If Tunku Aziz has not resign, I am sure he will be voted in.

  6. Just to digress a little, which political party in Malaysia has the most diverse representation of the races in its central committee or supreme council ...?

  7. your sons stressed you MUST take the pills or you'll continue imagining you have a phantom army with you. and don't forget your bib as your drooling is really unhygienic and quite frankly very disgusting, yuccckkk

  8. Of the comments and criticisms of DAP's election, I come across this audacious one:
    " Father (LKS), Son (LGE) and Holy Ghost (LGE’s evangelist faction)"

  9. the gaffe guy who know's1:19 pm, December 20, 2012

    PRU13 will be held on the third week of Jan 2012.From a very reliable source.

  10. Election 13 to be held third week next month ? Betul ke ni ? The carpet man and the fox man issues boleh settled by then ke ? We all know why some would speculate 3rd week Jan....the chinese after taken all leaves for CNY will find it difficult to take further leave from work just to come back to vote. And the chinese are now voting for the Opposition, hehehe.

  11. Let's call a spade a spade lah. Don't give excuse Malay not known lah or not qualified lah. In US it's fine to select based on race. It's not racist. But in Malaysia the dap has turned on the meaning of racist. So by the same token DAP is a race based party. It's racist in the usual parlance of DAP.

    I put it bluntly. Why do you guys want to kid yourself. I go to blogs of many dap supporters. If you read the support for DAP, you can clearly see the Chinese support DAP not because DAP protects the Malay rights but simply because DAP protects the Chinese right. And they call this Malaysian first.

    Don't kid me. I can go length on this. Racism cannot be selective. It's racism if it's against you but it's not if against others. What a load of crap. Just say it. DAP is racist.

  12. Monsterball, listen to your sons and take your pills. If you don't you'll keep on doing what you have done, fantasizing you're one moment a top DAP person scolding me (wakakaka) and next moment a happen-stance bystander commenting adversely against me (wakakaka), and then your phantom gang acting on the instructions of their "commander" (yourself) wakakaka - you're delusional liao lah.

    By the way, I have bad news for you - your sons told me your neighbour is after you (I can't reveal the issue as it's damaging to your reputation)

  13. Monsterball I wonder why you even bother to go to the trouble of using different nicks when posting your many obscene comments wakakaka, when everyone knows it's only you, a lonely old man whose children also shun him, wakakaka.

    BTW, you're in trouble because your neighbour is looking for you, wakakaka

  14. Ellese6:22 PM, December 20, 2012
    Let's call a spade a spade lah. Don't give excuse Malay not known lah or not qualified lah. In US it's fine to select based on race. It's not racist. But in Malaysia the dap has turned on the meaning of racist. So by the same token DAP is a race based party. It's racist in the usual parlance of DAP.

    I put it bluntly. Why do you guys want to kid yourself. I go to blogs of many dap supporters. If you read the support for DAP, you can clearly see the Chinese support DAP not because DAP protects the Malay rights but simply because DAP protects the Chinese right. And they call this Malaysian first.

    Don't kid me. I can go length on this. Racism cannot be selective. It's racism if it's against you but it's not if against others. What a load of crap. Just say it. DAP is racist.

    DAP is racist? What about the bastards in UMNO n MCA then ?

    At least DAP has some token Malays n Indians as members.

    what about blardi UMNO and MCA? They r mother of all racist parties in the whole world even! There r no party like blardi racist UMNO lar!


    1. Sunwayopal, you can say anything about Umno or mca ke, but the point is DAP is still a racist party. The Chinese members still elected based on race. As I told you in overseas it's not wronged to vote by ethnicity. In Malaysia this is racism. So bn ke, mca ke, dap ke, they are all raced based. You want to say who is the mother ke father ke or son ke, it's up to you. the fact is by our standard DAP is racist.

      Anyway don't lah practice selective racism. To the malay they have been discriminated by race despite having some long serving or well known member. By how pr evaluates ipso facto it's racism.

    2. I am just questioning your lousy standard ?

      U ONLY talk about DAP. Why?

      Is it correct or not by the standards in which u call DAP racist, then UMNO and MCA and MIC is 10 times more racist!

      And before u go anyhow spouting your mouth off, tell me, which country is it okay to vote by etnicity?

      Which country?

      As usual, talk without thinking!


  15. Even the general malay populace, if they want to be honest, know that the non malays are treated like 2nd, 3rd class citizens. And they know full well these non malay citizens (80% at the very least ) by now were all born and raised in this country, not knowing any other country except Malaysia as their motherland.

    So is it not blatant racism for the malay politicians, together with their malay mainstream media, to periodically without fail for the past 30 years to continuously threaten the non malay citizens, to continuously remind them that they should be grateful to be even allowed to breathe and live and work and do business in their own country, to be threatened again and again another bloodbath of a repeat of May 13 ?

    The racism against the non malay citizens is so ingrained and institutionalised that even the outside world took in this truth as a matter of fact as reflected in their writeups, reports and articles whenever they touch on our country.

    So should a party, in this instance DAP, which happened to have mainly chinese members and chinese leaders, be taking up issues to fight for the rights of the malays ? Aren't the malay's rights fully protected, even to the extent of twisting the wordings in the Constitution such that temporary short-term priviledges are 'converted' to inalienable rights that should be perpetuated eternally ? Billions are poured into the 'development' of the malays and the so-called malays, and trillions are stolen by the malay leaders too, with deliberate manipulation to increase exponentially the population of the malay race, in both East and West of the country.

    So what is wrong with a party ( DAP in this instance )who sees injustice and unfairness and the brainwashing to want to fight for the 2nd and 3rd class citizens, even if these discriminated citizens happened to be of the same race ? So if these same-coloured skin fight to right the wrongs and injustice, they are labelled racist, just because they have the skin colour ?

    Did DAP ever make clarion calls to the chinese to unite and be strong so that 'others' will not take advantage of the chinese ? Did DAP leaders ever use religion to make the chinese feel more superior to the 'others' ? When a leader keeps on shouting " agama, bangsa and negara', then they don't have MALAYSIAN in fact, these type of leaders are racists, deliberate or otherwise.

    Prior to the existance of the internet, the majority of the malays are brainwashed that the DAP is racist and there's no way DAP could defend itself as the MSM are absolutely under the control of the power to be then, and even now of course. So it should be expected that not many malays would want to join a multiracial party like DAP.

    Now that DAP has made some headway and Penang is under DAP/PR adminstration, the way they efficiently run the state and the care they put in for ALL the races with no discrimination ( although some indians will erroneously, stubbornly defer ) speaks volume.

    And this view is from a non DAP member and I am not even chinese.

  16. In an aside addition to the above ( continue from the previous comment ).....DAP did fight for the malays too. Those malays who are not Umno members and were sidelined in contracts, business loans, housing, education scholarships etc etc. In Penang, the non-Umno malay contractors who previously under Gerakan never had the slightest opportunity to even be shortlisted are now given contracts fairly under the open tender system. The MSM will lie and reported otherwise, with the infamous mamak umno opposition in Penang making all sorts of false allegations against the DAP admin but if anyone is really interested in having a true picture, just having some chats with these groups of malays and their friends and neighbours and this is what made Umno fearful the most.

    So when DAP says they are for Malaysians, this small episode of helping all races equally and fairly and giving help on needs-based, then DAP is not wrong when they say Malaysians First.

    1. and don't forget Lim Guan Eng who went to prison because he fought for justice for an under-age Malay girl (after her granny approached Lim for help). The under-age girl was statutorily raped by a Malay man who (then) had a 'bright future', and who was subsequently awarded a Tan Sri.

  17. Remember the hoo-haa last year over the 19 year old bumi contractor who go the RM1m school project from Penang state?

    MCA accused the DAP of being against the Chinese!

    The Penang Class F Contractors Association president Tahir Jalaluddin Hussain asked Tan to retract her remarks and apologise, but she refused.

    The stories appeared in the Star but have since been taken down, but you can access copies here at the MCA website:

    One of the damning remarks is that Tahir “claimed contractors need to go through Umno division heads when Barisan ruled Penang, alleging that sometimes they need to contribute RM5,000 or RM6,000 to get the projects.”

    1. Biasa lah tu !

      For the BN kakis, heads I win, tail you lose laa.

      So when DAP takes care of the malays, the UmNO running dogs like MCA will yelp that DAP is against the chinese. But should ever DAP is perceived to help the chinese, then UmNo will raise their kris and starts their wayang that DAP is racist and only help own same-skin race. These BN buggers are experts at this taking-turns-tearing-at-their-nemesis laa. Heads or Tails, they always win punya.

      A classic example....when it suits them, DAP mengkuda PAS, and when facing a different audience and issue, then PAS is the one in control. And what will BN/UmNo do if there is no RELIGION ? Without RELIGION, BN will lose the election 30 years ago.

      The sad thing the urban areas, those semi urban/urban malays who have no english and did not/unable to access the internet/alternative media, depend 100% on MSM and they normally give blank look if you talk to them about all the controversial issues....not surprising since MSM keeps out all these 'black' unsavory news about their leaders. But what they do 'know' is that the christians, the chinese are taking over the country, that DAP is racist and it is much safer to vote for UmNO.

  18. I am a Malaysian, and a Malay...BN/UMNO lost any attraction to me years ago, and the PAS Islamic brand and PKR's UMNO simulacrum doesn't interest me.
    I've been slowly warming up to the DAP, last year finally put in my membership application and was accepted. I must say the results of the CEC elections, where not one Malay candidate got elected (those subsequently appointed are not relevant to the elections)on his merits has left me disappointed.
    I try to not see things from a race point of view, but its virtually inevitable in Malaysia.

    1. Have to agree with you that in this country, it is impossible to not see things in racial terms, given the years and years of BN rule. We are 55 years too late, maybe the damage is ireversible....but we can always hope.

      For DAP, they should know that the world of poliitcs, especially so in Malaysia, is a bitch....buat pun mati, tak buat pun kena marah. No perfect solution after years and years of abuse by the power-to-be, collateral damage all around and will take the same equal number of years to unravel and make good, if possible

  19. You guys are all funny. How come we cannot practice things on equal basis. Why is it when DAP fights for some Malays it's a big thing but when UMNO does that it's nothing. Why is it when Malays fight for their rights it's racist but other races fight for their rights are not? Why is it bn is condemned when they play heads you win tails you lose but PR can do that? Why is it only the Chinese can see the injustices but the Malay can't? So employers don't pick because they're Malay ok ke?

    Apa ni? Man you guys are screwed to the core. Be principled will you. We need to realise what we are and where we are so that we can move forward. And worse please lah read a bit. One Anon quoted our constitution but from the write he clearly has not even read it.

    We can sort a lot of things if we understand the take and give value in our constitution. It's sad that many don't even know what they agree to uphold.

    1. Dear dear Ellese, you, somehow, whenever others do not quite subscibe to your way of thinking and your view, they are of course all "funny". Whatever laa.

      Anyway, going by what you said...." Why is it when DAP fights for some Malays it's a big thing but when UMNO does that it's nothing. Why is it when Malays fight for their rights it's racist but other races fight for their rights are not?" seem to miss quite some points there. Although you might be reading the same comments as the rest, it is as though you are reading them through some sort of distorted glass.

      It is NOT that when DAP fights for the malays, it is a big thing. The way I see it, DAP thinks MALAYSIAN and is not selective. Cina ke, indian ke, melayu ke, ibans ke, murut ke, etc, is not the criteria to give aids and support. Heard of the word 'Inclusive' ? And also, when it comes to the malays, that party do not give a fig if that malay is an Umno malay or a PAS malay or a PKR malay or a East malaysian malay. For Umno, if the malay looking for assistance is not an Umno member, he/she will have virtually zero chance to get any aid from Umno. So when Umno shouts untuk agama, bangsa dan meant the 'bangsa' must be the malay and it must be Umno malay. Racism is bad enough but Umno must bring this to another new level, hehe

      Perhaps if you could get your basics right, then you won't be asking all the rest of the irrelevant and pointless questions.....and might come to realise the 'screwed to the core' ( your words ) could be you yourself.

      Shall we wait for your new awakening ? suspects that too many years of Umno-type of education and propaganda and brainwashing has done its damage. We won't be holding our breath for a new Ellese. Sigh....will await more of your drivel ad nausuem laa.

  20. On another note, I wish to record my utmost respect to Tan Seng Giaw. I have seen him in Parliment and I will say he is an exemplary MP. All I have is respect for him as an MP.

    On SAK, I find him distastefully hypocritical. In his write he is saying that in DAP election race is immaterial. It's more on contribution or how well known one is as DAP says. But the fact that CEC appointed him clearly is contrary to what he writes. He was appointed none other than because he is a Melayu. Since SAK contends its based on merits faham2 lah he is not qualified. To accept the appointment because he is a Malay is utterly hypocritical. He cannot condemn others who criticize the DAP election from a race based point of view and at the same time has no cumpunction in accepting a position because of his melayu race. Apa lah punya argument. He think we're stupid not to see his damage control ke?

    1. Ellese, you may be mistaken. Don't think SAK was appointed. I believe only two Malays (out of 8 contesting) have been appointed to the DAP CEC, Senator Ariffin and young Zairil.

      SAK did not contest probably because he realized he is fairly new in DAP. And his move to DAP is consistent with freedom of association wakakaka that BN is so insistent on. He isn't a frog because he hasn't brought across to DAP any ADUN or MP position.