Sunday, December 23, 2012

Condolences - Lim Keng Yaik

My deepest condolences to the family of the late Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik on their great loss.


  1. Condolence to his family. May he rest in peace.
    Like his straight-forward and upfront ways as compared to wishy-washy Koh Tsu Koon.

  2. I have dealt with him personally and I find him an extremely intelligent man with a way about the world kind of guy. I have full respect for him and mourn the sad loss of his demise for this nation of ours. He has been instrumental in pushing for reforms in Malaysia and in his passing I honour his great contribution to this blessed land of ours. May you rest in peace.

  3. I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but Keng Yaik and Tsu Koon were both the stewards of Gerakan's long, sad decline into UMNO-doormat and apologist status.

  4. I lost my respect for Keng Yaik a long time ago. He lost the plot decades ago, reduced to one of those pathetic "working to change BN from inside" crowd. His son Lim Si Pin caries on the execrable effort.

  5. He insulted Indian rubber tappers, saying what they did behind the rubber trees, no one can see.
    He hopped from MCA to Gerakan. At MCA no chance to be President.
    He was another cunning politician in politics for personal gains.

    1. We need to be factually correct. Lim KY did not hop over to Gerakan. With many other MCA young reformists, he was expelled by Tan Siew Sin (then MCA president). Only then did he join Gerakan.

  6. All MCA and Gerakan politicians are puppets and pimps to Umno.
    The running dogs do the donkey jobs.

  7. For those who speak ills of politicians in general and Tun LKYaik in particular, start looking for Mother Theresa to rule your life, if there is another Mother Theresa!

  8. Don't bring a Saint to mix with Satanic politicians.
    It's silly.

  9. visitor, just be patient with 2 very low class vandals here, one supposedly trained by a Tibetan Buddhist lama wakakaka, and the other an MIC-type lapdog

  10. Visitors know everything and who is who.

  11. 10:26 AM, December 23, 2012
    ah, well, Lim Keng Yaik the Gerakan running dog he will b joining the idiotic ktemoc the stupid's mother in hell. Guess both of them will b good company and BOTh deserve to b in hell. one for being a running dog to UMNO, one for giving birth to a running dog.


    5:32 PM, December 23, 2012
    whats the problem with speaking ill of the dead?

    if u r an asshole in life, u r an asshole in death also.

    what abt the gunman who killed 20 kids in the USA? is he ok in death ? is hitler ok in death ? is chua soi lek ok in death? is ling liong sik a better person in death?

    is ktemoc the stupid idiot mother a better person in death?

    all of them r assholes lar!


  12. I'm leaving the above comment for visitors to see the vileness of barbaric biadap sunwayopal, but who behaves like a well-trained lapdog over at pro UMNO blogs. Pordah gutless wonder

  13. Kurang ajar betul. Some people have no decency and honour. play politics with no limit. Dah lah tu idiot always changing stand. They think their hatred is something to be proud off. Kepala otak betul.

    Sunwayopal, go to my blog. Why are you so chicken shit scared to comment? KT has his own rules. You can write anything and I'll give you a right in the face kind of reply. Don't complain but takut to write. I'll write a special section for stupid people like you. Amacam? You have no decency and you shall not get one inch from me. Bloody fool. And to other similar idiots of Sunwayopal I welcome you to compliment Sunwayopal's idiocy. Hakbersuara.wordpress

  14. What exactly did Keng Yaik contribute to reforms in Malaysia ?
    The famous "behind closed doors with no results ?"
    I think his passing is a sad event in more ways than one.

    Gerakan once pretended to be "the conscience of Barisan Nasional". There is no evidence Gerakan under Keng Yaik ever played any such role.

  15. Golgotha

    I thought I've written earlier. Never mind. Please google on the transformation of our water industry. It was a huge exercise led by the TLKY. See book water tablet. To him, we are indebted to.

  16. So, Keng Yaik is the originator of the framework which created unaccountable monstrosities like Syabas ?
    I'm afraid my already abysmal opinion of Keng Yaik has plummeted even further.

  17. I think your hatred is so deep that you are proud to tell the whole world you're ignorant. Ask LGE. He benefitted greatly from this restructuring. My earlier comment was censored coz I expected stupid answer like this. When I write nicely this is what normally happen when facing ignorant partisan who reads selectively.

    So go read the book " the water tablet" and google water restructuring industry in Malaysia.He restructured the whole industry. All states including Penang n Kelantan followed it. The only problem was selangor who played politics to the max. States debt is to be taken off and water delivery improved. Only problem is selangor where state was so greedy to make billion dollar middle man profit at the expense of rakyat. Of course you have no clue on this. Yang Tahu hatred. You do your google search and I will elaborate to those who read.

    The first question you must answer is this: what was the state of our water industry before TLKY came in? Your Pointing on syabas was clearly the wrong answer. If you dare to take through I wil tell you what TLKY wanted to do w syabas and how Khalid n Selangor government was playing politics to the max to rip you off. Amacam? Boleh baca ka?

  18. Typical UMNO mentality talking "hatred". I don't hate Keng Yaik. I just have a very low opinion of him.
    Someone who had so much opportunity to advance the cause of reform, but had nothing to show for it in 25 years as Gerakan head honcho.
    25 years !
    I'll take my time to read more about the "restructuring" of the water industry. What I can see in Selangor is an attempt by Syabas and unseen forces behind it trying to manufacture a water crisis.

  19. Bull. You know nuts but proud to exhibit to the workd your ignorance. Typical PR blind supporter. Then give lame excuse of lazy to read by saying you want to take your time.

    So that you don't change your goalpost, I want you to tell us why you don't consider TLKY reform in water industry as even significant. Tell me what's the situation of our industry before TLKY?

    On another note do you know that selangor is holding the water restructuring because they want to make billion dollar middle man profit which will increase the selangor water tariff? Can you tell us why twice in the past tan Sri Khalid suggested that selangor procure water from Perak and then kenyir dam. Go google man. Why is this do you think?

    Read a bit before committing senselessly.