Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sleeping with the enemy

A week ago I posted Political WTF 1 - Musa Hassan in which I raised some questions:

Is it be likely that Musa Hassan will re-occupy his old job as IGP PDRM if Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM?

I ask only because the ex IGP, one of the most despised and most accused person, has lately been rubbing pally-buddy shoulders with PKR-affiliated NGOs, and making virtually anti-Government statements and accusations, some of which, laughingly, had been attributed to his term as IGP.

Has there been a done deal between Musa Hassan and PKR?

Or, is the ex IGP just another Dr M, wanting to rewrite his place and performance in Malaysian history?

Then I followed that up with Political WTF 2 - Musa Hassan on 30 November after reading Free Malaysia Today's news article No plans yet to bring Musa Hasan into PKR.

I had opined that statement by PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, plus the absence of any clear-cut repudiation by him that PKR is and will not be accepting/approving any membership application by Musa Hassan regardless of the former IGP rubbing shoulders with PKR-affiliated NGOs at their forums, has been the BIGGEST hint yet that PKR will likely be admitting Musa Hassan into the party as a member.

Saifuddin tap-danced around a yes or no confirmation by saying meaningless stuff like “Approval of applications is done on a monthly basis. When we have distinguished names of ‘big people’, of course we take note of it.”

Well, were you any clearer?

Then, when he was pressed by the media on whether Anwar Ibrahim would object to his past tormentor joining PKR, Saifuddin did the hula hula dance, stating that “When there are applications made by big names, the decision to approve them is made by the party leadership” and not by any individual (meaning Anwar Ibrahim).

I take that as Saifuddin virtually admitting Musa Hassan will become a member of PKR, and that when it happens, shouldn't be attributed to an individual known by his title of The Great Man, wakakaka.

Okay, really it's none of non-PKR people's business but it sure as hell bring into focus the saying 'Politics makes strange bedfellows', which incidentally was adapted from Anwar Ibrahim's fave author, Bill Shakespeare (but of course, second to his top fave, al Quran).

Shakespeare wrote in the Tempest, Act II, Scene II, of Trinculo saying:

Alas, the storm is come again! My best way is to creep under his gaberdine; there is no other shelter hereabout. Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows. I will here shroud till the dregs of the storm be past.

Trinculo was philosophizing that in order to avoid a storm, he ended up sharing his sleeping area with Caliban, a dark native of an island but seen as grotesque and savage, and described by the other characters in Shakespeare's play as a monster.

We learn that Caliban was treacherous, switching his allegiance from one side to another without any scruples.

Caliban in The Tempest

And it was Robert Phang, former panel member of the MACC advisory panel, who voiced his belief that Musa Hassan's statement against Hishamuddin etc had been 'backed by PKR'.

Phang accused Anwar Ibrahim's party of (allegedly) sleeping with their former enemy.

Phang must have been shocked to see Musa Hassan flanked by PKR national policy and strategy bureau secretary S Gobikrishnan and Negeri Sembilan PKR youth exco member Sri Sanjeevan, when he (Musa) alleged that Hishammuddin had interfered with the police force under his IGP days.

Phang said: “If Musa is backed by PKR, then I must express my utmost disappointment that PKR appears to be a desperate party."

" ... going into bed with this cunning man and supporting his cause will mean that the leadership of PKR has no principles. I say to PKR - dissociate yourself from this wolf in sheep’s skin."

“Ask why is he now attacking the government as evil, whereas he once was its key perpetrator. If PKR keeps supporting this evil man, then PKR will lose the support of the public for stooping so low just to undermine the BN government.”

It sure as hell didn't help when Saifuddin Nasution tap-danced around the question of Musa Hassan's possible membership in PKR, as discussed above.


Now, we have Musa Hassan virtually suffering from political verbal diarrhoea everyday, when today he gave us the benefit of his policing wisdom in Malaysiakini's Musa: Rival parties' ceramah should not be side by side.

Malaysiakini reported that in an interview with Musa Hassan: ... earlier this year, Musa had reportedly told his younger brother Fuad Hassan off, to not interfere in police investigations when his brother asked him to help Anwar, as he warned that could be constituted as disrupting the investigations.

And RPK informed us that Anwar Ibrahim has a new Chinese backer, a sort of 'sugar-daddy', so to speak, wakakaka.

However, I am keeping clear of the alleged links between Anwar and Deepak Jaikisian because that allegation came from an UMNO blogger called papagomo who together with UMNO Gelugor’s Division Chairperson, Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, fabricated the irresponsible shameful lies about Lim Guan Eng’s son. Surely not a reliable source.

But really, what's the 'sweet' story on the public resurrection of Musa Hassan, complete with his political volte-faced orientation, right on the eve of GE-13?


  1. Simple.Musa Hassan is buying insurance.Robert call me and I told him the two Indan guy from PKR did the press conference with Musa without the knowledge of Anwar or PK R Central comittee.

    I dont think PKR or Anwar is desperate for Musa support. and I dont think Musa will join political party.

  2. There's no permanent enemy in politics. Musa Hassan might be infamous but he is one truly capable and effective Igp, and under him police force has done good duties. Otherwise he wouldn't be invited to become lecturer. Compare to the current lame Igp ...

  3. Musa needs PKR more than the reverse. As commented above, he is scared of the possibility of PR becoming the next government and opening an investigation on him.

    However, political parties are open to anyone as ordinary member, isn't it? So Musa may join as ordinary member with no positions but do not confer immunity in case of investigations against him.

  4. the problem is with the political system and not individual, because most that leave the system entirely would most probably turn into a saint and start talking like an angel hence i believe the only way to break the system is to end the one party domination, not speculating this and that.

    btw, teochew is just a small fragment of the min dialect (hokkien) so i really dont know where u get the idea it is far more ancient than mandarin n cantonese. however most dialect go thru change and evolve so i think it is quite impossible to compare, for instance, cantonese can be traced back to qin/han era.

    perhaps similar to teochew, cantonese have 8 tone (some say 7, some say 9), with rusheng (入声)and therefore many poem sound more rhythm when recited in cantonese, it is actually one dialect that most resemble ancient language. whereas mandarin lose the rusheng long time ago, some “speculate” that the cause is due to manchu straight tongue that unable to pronounce the rusheng and mandarin is therefore transformed to suit this privileged class. the so call superior of cantonese is possibly because most overseas chinese especially those in america were cantonese, and they also have a main role in overthrow the qing. another compelling fact why cantonese were highly regard is because it is the only dialect that could match up to mandarin, it have almost the equal number of word similar to mandarin, plus of course the 120 million speakers.

    at the least you dun sound like that nonsense blabbing and raving rot jinx, whose knowledge toward anything china and chinese is damn idiotic, where else we can find all this thick face pseudo-sinologist other than mt.

  5. the toothless fella2:37 am, December 07, 2012

    Kaytee,Mammanlai will sleep with the enemy Musang to get into Putrajaya.He will sleep even with the sewage rat if it fulfills his wishes and ambitions.

    But I am sad to say that you are barking up the wrong tree.Manmanlai has no power of authority to protect the rats Deepak and Musa.So he cannot be the puppet master.

    Who the hell has the power to topple the PM and president of Umno?Do I have to give you the answer,or do you need one?Ask any kid you meet on the streets and they will tell you.

  6. Only that one M have the power to protect the carpet man and the fox man.


  7. A Lai Teck in the making! Lai Teck was not only a Japanese collaborator, but also a British plant who joined CPM with the intention to destroy it from within.

  8. Toothless, that was in fact my original suspicion, but I asked myself - why would he sabo Najib at this crucial stage of UMNO's game where there's no or very little room for internal party manoeuvrings.

    Now, it would be in his and sons' interests (currently his main concerns) to go along with Najib, at least until GE-13 is over. Sabo-ing Najib would be like cutting his sons' noses to spite their faces. Hence the suspicion is not well-founded, only because the time available for Machiavellian manoeuvrings is not available.

    Hence I am inclined to raise questions elsewhere, on top of which I read that the other side has a new and (financially) powerful backer. How "sweet", wakakaka. Besides, Saifuddin Nasution has indicated by his tap-dancing to press questions that Musa Hassan is likely to become a PKR member.

  9. incidentally, last night I was informed by a sweetie that Lee Chong Wei has been condemned for not inviting Pakatan leaders to his wedding - wakakaka.

    The immaturity and absurdity of the condemnations against a non-political individual for his wedding invitation list reflect most sadly the lamentable state of Malaysian politics.

    It's Bush-ism at its worst - either one is with Pakatan or against it, and vice versa. Years ago (and perhaps even now) I heard stories of how UMNO and PAS people went to different mosques (because the other was considered not halal) and families were rendered asunder because of acrimonious Bush-type politics.

    I'm not surprised that I (politically vociferous) am being accused of being a BN cybertrooper, which incidentally I had been already accused of years ago, since I started tearing off the mask(s) of a hypocrite, wakakaka.

  10. as mentioned, theres ZERO connection between Musa and PKR but he keeps spinning it over and over again.

    wheres the proof ????

    as usual, another intended PKR bashing exercise that has ZERO basis !!!


  11. absurdity of Lee Chong Wei not inviting Pakatan leaders ?

    why absurd ? its a very valid point that through no fault of his own, LCW couldnt invite Pakatan leaders for he knows which side of his bread its buttered.

    Only a fool will fail to see how Barisan Najis has POLITICISED everything in Malaysia.

    from sports to business to health to education to the legal structure.

    Barisan Najis is the disease here!!!

    not relevant indeed.

    as usual, the retard fails to grasp the relevant point.


  12. Robert Pahang is indeed knaive. Just look at the fraudulent forgery manipulative and deceitful ways and values in the pkr elections and you know what they're made of.

  13. Ellese,

    you should not say such bad things about your Uncle Phang.It is rude to ridicule your elders.Where are your manners,laddy.

  14. the toothless fella10:24 am, December 07, 2012


    for a change why not write about the incoming demise of the porn actor president's party the Mca.And the thambis from Mic and the soon to be exile Umno crooks.

  15. KTemoc said...
    "incidentally, last night I was informed by a sweetie that Lee Chong Wei has been condemned for not inviting Pakatan leaders to his wedding - wakakaka"

    1) I did not see the news on this condemnation by Pakatan - is this 2nd hand news (I was reliably informed by...)?

    2) Is the condemnation from PKR officers or official statement, or some ordinary PKR member/supporter? If so, we cannot take this as being PKR's policy. We have such kind of people in both sides of the political divide.

    3) That 'sweetie' is not the usual one you used to talk about - the one who is now a Ridhuan Tee clone, targeting theStar, LGE, Hannah, Christians ... like a woman scorned?

  16. Why make so much hoo-hah about LCW's snub of PR leaders and the resulting criticism? Even if true, most people wouldn't care about this non-issue in the coming GE.

  17. KT is telling voters indirectly, LCW supports BN.

  18. but ridhuan is as the name suggested, a ridhuan. he is less harmless compare to those anglo that often claim they r chinese, but know zilch about chinese and no feel of shame to contempt another anglo.

  19. LCW supports BN.

    - this is what a Barisan Najis supporter would have u believe.

    LCW is forced to support BN for his own career's sake.

    - this is the reality


  20. Whoever you are ktemoc Your use of the phrase wakaka is really silly,annoying and grating.

  21. “If I want to reform the party, I need a mandate from the people. Without the mandate from the electorate how can I reform the party?” he (Najib) told the Malay Mail in an interview published today.

    Strange logic. For a party purportedly chosen by God to rule Malaysia.

  22. One Anon has declared......"Whoever you are ktemoc Your use of the phrase wakaka is really silly,annoying and grating." there !

    Tak suka, jangan la datang kat rumah orang ! Podah !

    Another Anon - who happens to love the wakakaka :)

    "Musa: I was upset by Sin Chew reporter’s detention.
    The ex-IGP claims Syed Hamid Albar ordered the ISA arrest.
    PETALING JAYA: Former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan claims that he was against the controversial 2008 arrest of Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng under the Internal Security Act.
    He told FMT he was in hospital at the time and police made the arrest in obedience to the then home minister Syed Hamid Albar.
    He said he scolded his deputy – current Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar – over the arrest and the latter wept and offered to resign..."

    Whoa, how dramatic. But all these sounds so phoney.

    If you were really against the arrest, you should have publicly denounced it when you were discharged from hospital.

  24. if anyone questions the dealings of Anwar and PKR, he/she must be a BN mole. Childish, immature, so Pordah

  25. if anyone thinks DSAI and PKR is the problem in this country compared to Najis Razak and Barisan Najis, he is the bigger idiot.


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  28. delusional monsterball with his imaginary (phantom) army wakakaka - this bloke is really sick upstairs