Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kong Cho Ha's $wan $ong?

TMI - Putrajaya maintains AES speed traps cameras despite summons hearing freeze

PETALING JAYA Dec 26 – Putrajaya will continue operating the controversial Automated Enforcement System AES speed trap cameras despite the freeze on summons hearing by the Attorney-General’s Chambers AGC last week, says Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.

Kong told The Malaysian Insider the authorities will keep on issuing AES summons despite increasing resistance from the public and opposition leaders from Pakatan Rakyat.

“The government will not stop AES summons as it is already been decided in the last cabinet meeting ” Kong said referring to the approval of his ministry’s estimated expenditure under Budget 2013 last month.

ATM Kerajaan? wakakaka

The MCA secretary-general also finally cleared the issue regarding AGC’s order to halt all court proceedings related to AES summons to study legal issues that have been raised after a week of uneasy silence.

“The summons are still valid and we will keep issuing them It is up to the AGC to decide on the freeze,” Kong said, explaining that the ministry will keep its hands off the matter.

But Kong also appeared to admit that the AES summons themselves have legal issues and the ministry was in the process of solving the complication. “It is almost done I think this problem will be solved by the ministry soon,” he pointed out.

Way to go Kong, you've just handed more votes to Pakatan Rakyat, but then it's your $wan $ong, isn't it? wakakaka.

MCA (L), UMNO (R), wakakaka

Lek chai, always knew you were '$mart' just like like what Tony Pua wrote in his Will Kong Cho Ha be Charged if Government Loses RM1.4 billion? in August 2010, as follows:

Transport Minister and MCA's appointed secretary-general had exercised his Ministerial powers and decreed the Board of Directors of Port Klang Authority (PKA) to make repayments to the bondholders amounting to RM372 million. This was despite the fact that the PKA Board was of the view that a payment of RM222.58 million should be withheld due to on-going dispute and litigation against the main contractor of PKFZ, Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) who raised the bond.


Somewhere just off the coast of Port Klang, wakakaka
'Tis the nature of the beast


  1. Stupid politicians from both sides of divide.The law is the law.Whether the AES is privatised or not,motorists have no right to break the law(speed limits).They speed like crazy,they get caught,they have to pay the fine.No two ways whether AES is under gomen or cronies,it doesn't matter.The law is the law.Period.

  2. The safety of motorists comes first.Why should other motorists have to put their safety and the safety of their families at stake,while irresponsible motorists speed like hell till their asses fall off.Those who oppose the laws should have their balls cut off.

  3. AES the nail to Bee Anne
    The way it wriggles its way
    The motorists don't like
    The people never want
    The way it is done

    The cabinet decision
    It's a go for AES
    The dollar sign in their eyes
    By right it should go to the government
    But it is going to be shared with the companies

    The pressures keep galloping
    Kicking up dust on the highways
    Freezing summon cases by AES
    It doesn't solve the transparency issues

    AES one of the leeches
    Releasing to fleece the motorists
    Instead of going back to the people needs
    It is diverted into the old mining pool

    People we have choices
    We should exercise our rights
    We should stay united and unleashed our fury
    When change calls we must be ready!

  4. By providing widespread, 24 hours, automatic and objective capture of Speeding and Traffic Light offences, AES had the potential to be a major behaviour modifier for Malaysian car drivers.

    I have seen similar automatic cameras in operation in the US, and they definitely have a positive impact on driver behaviour.

    Its unfortunate that the whole matter of the project has been so politicised.
    Not everything is about politics and winning elections, ya...

    1. agree with your first sentence and those above that see AES as a safety control against reckless driving. But the argument is not against the use of speed cameras per se but by the inexplicable privatising of the system. Why privatise when the agenda then could possibly shift seismically to (commercial-driven) money-making instead of public-safety control?

  5. Just what are the 'legal issues' that is now causing the freeze?

  6. It is the piratization that's waving the red flag to the madding crowd. The fat cats are rubbing their hands in glee, thinking all's in the bag, salivating at the rm700 mil income yearly, and as cars are churned out every year in the thousands, that income could touch rm 1 billion yearly.

    Now the spoilsport PR have to put a spoke in their scheme....will they compensate their downpayment for their mansions, yatchs, ranches spent overseas ? What about the diamonds spent on their 4th wives and mistresses ? And who will compensate the millions given as election funds to the Umno treasury ?

    There is absolutely no turning back. Hopefully the other smart aleck AG with his brilliant idea to suspend/freeze temporarily the summons will stop the raging mobtorists dead in their tracks and in time to come when they troop into the GE13 election booth, will become sufficiently amiable to put a tick for the devil we know.

  7. anon 10.51
    in usa, any cameras to catch speedsters driving at> 30km per hour?

  8. I did not see any 30km/h, but I particularly remember a 1 mile stretch of road along a Dual Carriageway (the normal speed is 50 mph or 80 km/h) and the speed limit was 30 mph or 50 km/h for that stretch. And Yes there was an automatic speed camera there - they posted prominent signs warning (1) The upcoming speed limit is 30 mph and (2) There is an automatic , 24 hour all weather speed camera in operation.
    This was a suburb in Seattle , Washington state.