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Will 'neutrality' of Mr 'Neutral' be neutralised?

Mr Americk Singh Sidhu (hope I have his name in proper order - if not, my apologies) is a lawyer who came to our notice, or at least to mine in July 2008, as the man who advised/helped the world's most famous private investigator (PI), our very own Balasubramaniam Perumal (Bala), prepare and announce to the whole wide world Malaysia's most famous or if you wish, most notorious statutory declaration (SD).

(L) Americk Singh Sidhu, (R) Sivarasa Rasiah, PKR MP

The highlight of the press conference, where Bala revealed the sensationalizing content of his SD, was not the SD itself but rather, the chairing of the event by none other than, wakakaka, Anwar Ibrahim.

Aiyah, perhaps it was just a coincidental confluence of personalities on a coincidentally shared interest, eh?

Bala informed us through a most scandalous sordid salacious revelation that he was informed by Razak Baginda who in turn was informed by Najib Razak who in turn was informed by Altantuyaa Shariibuu who in turn confessed she liked ‘getting it’ in her behind, etc etc etc.

Razak Baginda

Mr Americk Singh Sidhu also informed us that his role as Bala's lawyer in the case of the 1st SD - by now we all know there would be a 2nd SD, one which would even be more damning for Najib - started when he, Bala, ASP Suresh, Puravalen (a lawyer) were having a few drinks at 'The Backyard' pub in Sri Hartamas and discussing the Altantuyaa case.

Balasubramaniam Perumal

Then, surprise surprise, they were joined by none other than Sivarasa Rasiah who coincidentally was/is a PKR MP.

Aiyah, lots of coincidences lah, wakakaka.

Apparently after hearing what Bala had to offer regarding what he was informed by Razak Baginda who in turn was informed by Najib Razak who in turn was informed by Altantuyaa Shariibuu who in turn confessed she liked ‘getting it’ in her behind*, Sivarasa (remember, he's the PKR MP) 'suggested' that Bala get ‘someone’ to record everything down. What a wonderful suggestion!

* I have more than sympathised with the late Mongolian lady, for the reason that though she's gone from us, has not been allowed to rest in peace; hence I've posted in my other blog, my disgust and anger at her exploiters in a poem titled Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again 

Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

PKR members mourning at Altantuyaa's mock grave
very touching but will they do same for a murdered Malaysian?

Americk Sidhu was then 'nominated' to help Bala write an SD on Razak Baginda's alleged gossip about Najib and the Mongolian model. And according to Americk Sidhu, these recordings “… occurred about two or three times over a period of about two months and lasted a few hours each time.”

Over a period of 2 months? Lots of thoughts would have been poured into the SD.

Mr Americk Singh Sidhu had then assured us that he was nominated because he was the one lawyer who did not have an agenda in this matter (presumably the Altantuuyaa case).

Americk Singh Sidhu

In a Malaysiakini news article on 25 Nov 2009, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu again asserted his political neutrality and his original unfamiliarity/non-interest in the Altantuyaa case, which in fact became the reason* for being nominated, presumably by the group at 'The Backyard' pub, to record Bala’s revelation.

* He informed us: "Somehow I was chosen to do this as everyone felt I was the one lawyer who did not have an agenda in this matter as I was someone neutral."

I had posted on this before, but nonetheless I reproduce here those questions I had asked of Mr Americk Singh Sidhu in an earlier post, as follows:

(1) Why was Anwar Ibrahim spearheading the press conference which exposed Balasubramaniam’s original (1st) SD?

(2) Why didn't he (Americk) accompany Bala to the police station when Bala was summoned to one of Malaysia’s most dangerous places after the press conference on the first SD, especially more so when the SD was so damning against the then-DPM?

If I recall reading in Malaysiakini, he (Mr Americk Singh Sidhu) had advised Bala to be a good lad or good citizen and to report to the police station* as required ... and all by himself unescorted by a lawyer.

In fact Bro Haris Ibrahim wrote a caustic post on this 'negligence', that of allowing Bala to report to a police station 'unescorted'.

* of course now, with subsequent revelations by Bala, we've ‘learnt’he went instead to Rawang with ASP Suresh to ‘burn some copper wires’ and to meet Deepak.

Rawang town

(3) Wasn’t he (Americk) aware of the danger to Bala reporting to the police unescorted by a lawyer, especially after Bala had made such a damning SD against the then-DPM?

(4) Was ASP Suresh part of the group at ‘The Backyard’ pub who encouraged Bala to record all he heard from Razak Baginda and to reveal all in a SD?

(5) Wasn’t he (Americk) aware that the involvement (persuasion) of PKR MP Sivarasa in Bala’s SD (and the high profile chairing of the press conference by Anwar Ibrahim to reveal Bala's 1st SD) would by default be a political involvement, removing any claims of ‘neutrality’ in such an affair?

Sigh, it's such a confusing affair.

Then on 26 Nov 2009, we read Malaysiakini's PI's lawyer: 'Anwar not behind Bala tapes' which I commented on that same day in my post Bala's SD - Americk Sidhu clears Anwar Ibrahim from involvement how Mr 'Neutral' asserted that:

“… Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the first SD except to deliver a speech prior to the press conference at the PKR headquarters last July. I have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me.”

* above underlining is mine

I had then posted that though I was greatly comforted by Mr Americk Singh Sidhu’s assertion, I was somewhat puzzled, just a tad though, that despite having no communication with Anwar or any PKR member whatsoever (except of course for an encounter with Sivarasa Rasiah at ‘The Backyard’ pub and Anwar Ibrahim at the press conference) Mr Americk Singh Sidhu was able to further assert that:

“… Many people think Anwar Ibrahim is behind all this. That is absolutely untrue. Anwar has no idea about this whole episode except what he may have read in the blogs and on Malaysiakini.”

Sivarasa Rasiah, PKR MP

I commented that I was in a somewhat similar position as Americk, sharing with him a status where I too “…have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me”, indeed wakakaka.

Thus I too would definitely not accuse Anwar Ibrahim of being behind Balasubramaniam’s 1st SD ... Absolutely NOT!

But precisely for that very reason, that I was and am (wakakaka) not in communication with Anwar, I wouldn't be able to claim whether Anwar was involved or not involved.

In other words, I was and am not able nor entitle to speak on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim on this issue. Thus I would not be able to assert Anwar did or did not do this or that.

But strangely but most wonderfully, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu was able to, proving he must be a better man than most, especially me, dungu kaytee.

Now, I don't want to hear anything from any of you that his absolving Anwar from being the instigator or promoter of Bala's 1st SD, sounded like a case of the paraphrased Shakespearean "Methinks thou doth protest too much" - Hamlet, Act III, scene II - coincidentally again, an Anwar Ibrahim self-admitted favourite book, of course next only to al Quran.

Anyway, I had then stated (indirectly to Mr Americk Singh Sidhu) we shouldn't  worry about Anwar Ibrahim as he could/can look after himself.

Besides, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu had stated "... Anwar has no idea about this whole episode [the SD] except what he may have read in the blogs and on Malaysiakini” though, coincidentally of course, our Mr Manmanlai had presented himself at the press conference to give a speech!

Wakakaka, coincidences, coincidences!

Another thing which puzzled me then, had been Americk’s statement that “…Let me assure you, no one is paying Bala to recant in his second SD.”

I thought it was a bloke by the name of Deepak?

Ooops … sorry, I didn’t read the Malaysiakini interviewer’s question, which was “Are you representing any party? Is that party paying Bala to recant?”

OK, in this context Americk’s assurance that “… no one is paying Bala to recant in his second SD” wasn't referring to Deepak but a political party.

And which party was that - UMNO or PKR? - you, my dear readers have to decide, though of course which party it was (or wasn't) had nothing to do with Mr Americk Singh Sidhu.



But yet in Malaysiakini’s report Lawyer: Najib 'linked' to Bala's disappearance Americk said:

"I received a call from a member of the press at about 9.30 am on July 4, 2008 asking me why my client, Bala, had called a press conference for 11 am that morning at the Prince hotel."

"I was a little surprised as I had no idea what this was about so I proceeded to call Bala, who did not answer his phone. I then proceeded to make further enquiries only to find out that Bala had purportedly been represented by another lawyer, one Arunampalam who had spoken to the press at that press conference on behalf of Bala and had said that Bala was retracting the contents of his first SD as he had been forced to sign it under duress."

"When I came to know of this press conference and what transpired thereat, I was absolutely flabbergasted. Bala and I had spent two months and many hours over the first SD to ensure it was absolutely correct and for him to deny the contents in the space of 24 hours did seem incredible to me."

Indeed it must have been a terribly confusing and no doubt bizarre shock for Mr Americk Singh Sidhu that Bala had recanted on his allegation against Najib.

But suppose for one instant ... what if Bala didn’t tell him the whole story, only engaging him for the 1st SD?

Given this possibility, it was hardly surprising that Mr Americk Singh Sidhu "... was absolutely flabbergasted" by the 2nd SD.

But then, if he didn't know Bala was going to make a 2nd SD, how could he (Mr Americk Singh Sidhu) then know, let alone assure us that “… no one is paying Bala to recant in his 2nd SD”?

… in exactly the same way as he had assured us Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the first SD despite him (Mr Americk Singh Sidhu) having no communication whatsoever with our Great Leader or any PKR bloke (other than PKR MP Sivarasa Rasiah in 'The Backyard' pub), yet somehow knowing the non-involvement of Anwar.

By then I was totally confused.

The Backyard Pub

Then, as reported, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu stated “… Bala had anticipated that he would be arrested by the police after releasing the first statutory declaration and he told me so. This is why he had handed over his mobile phone to me for safe keeping before he left my office the evening before as he did not want the police to download information from it.”

“We were therefore preparing for his arrest and then to go to the police station he was being held at to represent him.”

But in the following day’s Malaysiakini news Mr Americk Singh Sidhu stated “…Remember Bala left my office at 4.45 pm on July 3 with ASP Suresh. They were supposed to go and see inspector Tonny Luggan at a restaurant near the Brickfields police station after he got off work at 6.30 pm.”

“That was the arrangement made when Bala was in my office. I encouraged Bala to go and meet Tonny informally as I felt it would have been to Bala's benefit. And besides, he was with ASP Suresh, a police officer, who gave the impression he was looking after Bala's interests.”

Needless to say, that was very puzzling, because despite anticipating Bala's arrest after the (1st) SD (which was why he safe-kept Bala’s phone, as he informed us), he still didn't accompany Bala to see Inspector Tonny Luggan?

But f*, what the hell do I know about such things - afterall I'm not a lawyer. I’m sure Mr Americk Singh Sidhu knew what he was doing and saying.

Since then, we know that Mr Americk Singh Sidhu has been playing quite a significant role in arranging for Bala to be interviewed by the MACC. Wonderful civic-conscious Mr 'Neutral'.

But this post is not about Bala or Naib or Anwar, but about Mr Americk Singh Sidhu and kaytee's speculation (I love harmless speculating), namely, will Mr Americk Singh Sidhu be nominated by PKR as a candidate for GE-13?

And why not as he has shown by his amazing, almost prescient, knowledge that he will undoubtedly be a marvellous PKR candidate and hopefully, MP.

Though I have to say, I'm worried that will neutralize his 'neutrality' wakakaka.

p/s This will be followed by my kaytee-ish wild speculations about the issues surrounding the Altantuyaa murder.

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  1. As usual another nonsense article that clearly shows everyone your blind prejudice against DSAI and PKR.

    Regarding Altantuya there is only 2 things that are important :-

    1) Who murdered her ?

    2) How much money was stolen from MINDEF for the submarines ?

    But as usual, a Barisan Najis stooge can only see fairytales in DSAi involvement and as usual, nothing wrong with Barisan Najis.

    yada yada yada , more fantasy about DSAI from the Najis Razak stooge.


  2. wakakaka, why torment yourself by coming to my blog to read posts that couldn't help but be truthfully critical of manmanlai, and then go into a spluttering flap when I ask questions you couldn't answer, like in my last post. wakakaka.

  3. Gosh, KT, it's quite amazing that you're willing to expend so much time and effort writing a long thesis like this about Da Man! He's obviously your favourite subject; and just maybe, your hidden motive is to raise the temperature of some readers of your blog.

    So, are you successful in your endeavour? Did you get a suitably worded response from that elderly gentleman with a penchant for really strong language? hehehe

    Your favourite Man, who apparently looms large in your mind in both your waking as well as sleeping moments, seems rather quiet and subdued lately despite fevered speculation all round about imminent polls. Perhaps he has already sensed what the outcome will be and has resigned to his fate of being destined to be no more than a curious footnote in the history of the nation.

  4. When u ask questions i cant answer ?

    Thats a joke its more like my rejoinders n points have silenced u

    What a deluded fool.


  5. the toothless fella8:39 am, December 04, 2012

    The biggest clown at the mock grave,is that stupid fool Tian Chua.

  6. Sock it to him Sunwayopal.
    Indeed, a deluded fool he is.

  7. Your blog sub-heading should be amended as follows:


    Your anti-Anwar inclination irritates people, even those who do not idolise Anwar.

  8. good advice though I prefer a more generic approach, like, THIS BLOG IS BIASED AGAINST HYPOCRITES - wakakaka

  9. Good advice indeed, civility and courteousness would have no truck with the likes who have the propensity of appendix-ing the word 'stupid' after KT's name every time the blogger's name is mentioned, heheheh. But these Bush juniors have their own rules laa, stubbornly and ceaselessly charging through whether welcome or not.

  10. the toothless fella11:16 pm, December 04, 2012

    Kaytee,since you like to talk so much about your idol,Manmanlai,pls give your views on what RPK wrote on MT.That Tian Chua was bonking Manmanlai's daughter before she got married.

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  12. rude abusive comment deleted - I'm tolerant but there's a limit to my liberalness.

  13. the toothless fella8:54 am, December 05, 2012

    Kaytee,the royal eunuch is at it again.Berating the DAP.How come a man of Tunku Aziz's stature with a reputation of a corruption fighter,suddenly change colors and start sleeping with the corrupted Umnoputris.Like to comment with your usual very long topics.

    Maybe the Tunku also has a price.To be an Umno coolie.

  14. Tunku Adnan would be in the same league as Wee CK, Nalla, Chandra, ,Helen... Just like fury of a woman scorned.

  15. Shall we indulge in a bit of conspiracy speculation here?

    It goes like this ...

    The Corrupt Devious Evil Organization (CDEO for short) could have conspired with the Nobleman to first berate and criticize the CDEO and following that join DAP with great fanfare.

    Then, after a period of time in DAP, the Nobleman would depart from it in a storm of controversy and recriminations, again with wall-to-wall publicity. Now the Nobleman would launch on a widely covered campaign to criticize and to expose all the defects and shortcomings of DAP and the Pakatan Rakyat.

    Can you guys see the rationale and logic behind that conspiratorial action?

    By first joining the DAP and then leaving it ostensibly out of deep disappointment, it gives the Nobleman an aura of credibility, his words/opinion become more believable, and his persona is elevated to a higher moral plane. Therefore, his opinion and criticisms of his ex-comrades would have more cachet and hence more damaging to the DAP and the Pakatan Rakyat.

    The Corrupt Devious Evil Organization has many, many cunning, devious, totally amoral creatures within its ranks. Otherwise how do you think they are able to have an iron grip on the nation and stay in power all these decades?

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    However, most of Malaysians are wise to their tricks. The way these people make 180 degree turns phoney.