Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all Malaysians and friends

In true Christmas spirit I share this Australian story with you, wakakaka.


A school inspector was sent to assess a Year 4 class in a local Brisbane State School

He was introduced to the class by the teacher.

She said to the class, "Let's show the inspector just how clever you are by allowing him to ask you a question".

The inspector reasoned that normally class starts with religious instruction, so he decided to ask a biblical question. He said: "Class, who broke down the walls of Jericho?"

Joshua's army blowing their trumpets, causing the walls of Jericho to fall

For a full minute there was absolute silence. Eventually, little Billy raised his hand.

Billy answered: "Sir, I do not know who broke down the walls of Jericho, but I can assure you it wasn't me".

Of course the inspector was shocked by the answer and the lack of knowledge of the famous bible story and he looked at the teacher for an explanation.

Realising that he was perturbed, the teacher said soothingly: "Well, I've known Billy since the start of the year, and I believe that if he says that he didn't do it then he didn't do it".


The inspector was even more shocked at this and stormed down to the principal's office to tell him what happened, to which the principal replied: "I don't know the boy, but I believe his teacher. If she feels that the boy is innocent, then he must be innocent".

The inspector couldn't believe what he was hearing.

He grabbed the phone on the principal's desk and in a rage, dialled up the Premier of Queensland and rattled off the entire occurrence to him and asked what the Premier thought of the education standard in the State.

[In Australia, education is a state's responsibility; the premier of a state is equivalent to a Chief Minister but with more autonomous powers]

The Premier sighed heavily and replied:

"Look mate, I don't know the boy, the teacher or the principal, and never heard of the school, but just get three quotes and have the bloody wall fixed!"

that's how a few many Australians feel after a few bottles of champagne wakakaka

Have a Merry Christmas or the bloody walls of Jericho may fall on thee, wakakaka!


  1. Kaytee,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and family.Since its holiday time,lets enjoy the holiday spirits and continue our aquintance next year.

  2. Happy Holidays to all readers of Kaytee's blog.Especiallty Buttercup,the monster and his children.

  3. the gaffe guy who knows10:47 pm, December 24, 2012

    Maybe the inspector should have known how to ask children the right questions.In Australia he should have ask the children how many legs do the kangkaroo has.

  4. Christmas,like all festive seasons,people who have illed or wronged ask for forgiveness from families or friends.The monsterball family and Sunnyboy should do just that,and be warmly welcomed back to the community.

  5. Christmas on the light
    The joyous occasion in the air
    The parties and get together
    Sharing the thought and families

    This is the moment
    To reflect of the events gone
    Have we done enough?
    Have we make it worthwhile?

    A time to forgive
    A time to pray
    The day to bring joy
    To families and friends

    We shouldn't forget the poor
    We shouldn't forget the suffering
    We shouldn't forget to do good deeds
    For those who face the bleak time

    A cheerful Christmas
    The light in our lives
    Let the good always shine
    In everything we do and smile

  6. A few facts about Christmas.
    The exact date of birth of Yeshua ben Yosef is likely not recorded anywhere, he was just a humble b*stard child (statement of fact - Mary was an unmarried mother).

    When the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, and it became the State religion of the Roman Empire, the Imperial bureaucrats decided to commemorate Yeshua ben Yosef's birth with minimal disruption to their government administration. Christmas was simply slotted into an existing Roman pagan holiday Sol Invictus... December 25....
    Similarly convenient arrangements were made for the dates of Good Friday and Easter.

    1. Hear ! Hear !

      There are a few facts about on ! Actually today, the christians are NOT celebrating the anniversary of the birth of their so-called son of god.

      And there a few facts about ALL the religious so-called prophets....and a few facts about the religions of the world.

      If we could now in this era get rid of ALL the religions and their so-called holy texts once and for all, the world will be a lot, a lot lot more peaceful and liveable.

  7. the gaffe guy who knows10:58 am, December 25, 2012

    Kaytee,the latest attack on opposition supporters going on campaign work in NS felda schemes by hired thugs from Umno.Umno is getting more and more desperate as election date gets closer,as it knows that soon it will be shown the revolving door.And action speaks louder than words.That can only mean one thing and one thing only.Your idol AI is destined to be the next PM in waiting.

    1. Destiny ? If anyone wants to down the road of Fate/Destiny, then according to the BAZI practitioners ( the chinese art of prediction ) AI is NOT destined to be the next PM or ever. To these practitioners, it's all written in the eat your hearts out, yea all thou AI lovers ~

      If I am a betting person, I would put my money on BN retaining the government ( given their capacity to cheat even bigger time now more than ever )but will not get two thirds majority and might even lose a further one or two states. That is why Najib is so desperate and why their mouthpieces the likes of Perkasa, Utusan Meloya etc and the hired thugs are coming out in droves, together with the clutching at straws ( check the latest lie/spin about the Ngeh land 'scandal' in Kelantan ).

  8. To KT and all the visitors here....a merry xmas and a happy new year !

    Hahaha....good jericho joke, today is a good day for jokes. Reminds me so much of the joke about LKY asking Tony Blair "who's your father's son ? "

    Anyway, my eyes chanced upon KT's BolehTalk@ 'She's Too Hot To Employ'....this is a real wakakakaka story, too juicy to miss. Thanks KT for lightening up my this xmas holyday.

  9. Kaytee,I have not seen any of Sunny boy's or monster's and family comments posted yet.That means they have not repented yet or still being very rowdy and rude.

    Now where will Sunny boy go,since the on and off Pirates is on the lam again.Maybe this time Sunny boy will be back with a changed character.Keeping my fingers crossed though.

    1. Let's hope we don't hear from those barbarous people ever again. This will be the last I will accept of mention of those two - thanks.

  10. Kaytee,if PR swept into power,and Anwar is the next PM,will you relocate from Aussieland back to Malai.Afterall,better days are ahead for all Malaysians,including those overseas.

    If things do not work out,we can always packed our bags and go chari makan overseas again.

    1. some of us left because of him (when he was in UMNO as Edu Min and DPM), so why would we want to come back for him?

  11. Whoever wins the election things will almost be the same.The country's coffers are empty anyway.There is no more money to suck as the leeches are bloody full from the noose to the tail.The country will go broke very soon,as borrowings are 60% of GDP.

  12. Soon the Arabs will be invading Malaysia.Not by using troops,but by selling BP and USD and buying everything on sight,especially properties.Things will be on the cheap as everything will be on fire sale prices as Umnoputras headed for safe havens in Zimbabwe.

  13. "Some of us left because of him"...I think you are ascribing far too much to Anwar Ibrahim, a divisive and flawed figure that he is.
    Many misdeeds and malefic policies were carried out during the Mahathir administration, and also some good things.
    Anwar had a hand in some of them, but a great many he did not (both the good and the bad).

    I see (from previous posts) you actually have a fair bit of respect for Mahathir, but only deep and uncompromising dislike for Anwar. Hmmm...what gives?

    1. currently there is an issue about 4 orang asli school children being slapped by their teachers for not conducting their doa or not reading their doa correctly. Guess who was the Education Minister whose ministry imposed mandatory weekly doa on non-Muslim children? Guess who was the Education Minister whose questionable decision to send non-Mandarin trained principals to Chinese vernacular schools led to Ops Lallang?

    2. No Ktemoc, I think we are getting to the root of your prejudice regarding Anwar Ibrahim.

      There have been 6 other Ministers of Education since Anwar Ibrahim, so you can't blame the whole Islamisation of Malaysia's schools on him.
      I have had children in the school system , and there wasn't and isn't a mandatory recitation of doa for non-Muslims. What they had was doa read at assembly, and the non-Muslims had to attend, but nobody ever forced them to read a Muslim doa. That's the straight fact.

      The incident with the orang asli children was entirely different, they being forced to read Islamic doa. Its a rogue teacher, and likely a rogue education system. You can't blame it squarely on an Education Minister from more than 20 years ago.

      Anwar's actions on the non-Mandarin trained principals was bad judgement. BUT There wasn't and isn't an inevitable cause and effect line to the serious threat of violence which lead to Ops Lallang. Bad decisions don't inevitably lead to violence without the intervention of those who work to instigate violence.

      Najib definitely holds far more serious culpability from a cause and effect point of view. I have personal experience of the events just prior to Ops Lallang, and I'm very clear about that.

    3. Subang, there is another event leading to KT's grudge of Anwar. It's Anwar declaring that henceforth there will be no more noise from temple bells near mosques, this reportedly being said during the Kg.Rawa riots in 1998.

    4. When AI was Edu Min, that weekly doa instructions were issued. He was conveniently away from Malaysia at that precise moment which sent many non-Muslim families into trauma, deep anger and unmitigated resentment. When he retuned to Malaysia he glibly commented that the doa (inclusive of the Muslim style of hand postures) was only a "universal value"

  14. To Subang, some bloggers harbour grudges against some person for some past issues, but at least KT does not attack his target everytime, unlike another blogger who ridicules her persons-of-hate in every posting.

    1. THAT one is a woman scorned....just reading her blog makes one puke.

      Btw, the other day, I had a first hand 'encounter story' from a chinese photographer whom I got to know when we were attending the same seminar. He recounted this incident as such :

      It seemed he was the official family photographer for the Mahathir's familiy for at least 10 years and when the new Putrajaya was first built, he was recomended by Mahathir himself to be one of the official photographers for the 'new city' as such pictures will be required to be given out by the governmental departments.

      So he made himself available at the Putrajaya office to be formally appointed, waiting for his letter and instructions, etc. It seemed he was quietly and unobtrusively waiting along that hallowed hallways of the great malay power in the main Putrajaya office when who but Anwar Ibrahim, who was then at his height of DPM power, marched down the hallway with his retinue of devoted flunkies. Suddenly he whipped round and asked the chinese photographer why was he loitering around ?

      When told the reason why he was waiting at that great office complex, it seemed Anwar went off in a huff and within the earshot of the poor photographer, he loudly asked his staff.....apa ni, all malay photographers sudah mati ke ?

      Needless to say, up to this day, that poor chap would not vote for PKR or even for PR, just because of Anwar Ibrahim. He claimed that this is the real face of Anwar Ibrahim and his incredible arrogance and racism are well masked now to serve his purpose. Who could blame this guy for his bitterness....he just simply hates Anwar Ibrahim's guts.

    2. As I have mentioned before, I consider Anwar a divisive and flawed figure. However, I have to say the story told to you by whoever it was is patently untrue.

      One of my jobs in a long , successful career was forensic auditing, and I have a knack for detecting fictitious or dressed up stories.

      The Federal Government moved to Putrajaya in 1999. During which time Anwar Ibrahim was a guest in Hotel Sungai Buloh. During the period Anwar Ibrahim was the DPM, Putrajaya was still an untidy construction site.

      End of Story.

    3. wakakaka,good one Subang, let's wait and see Anon's response.

    4. Agree with Subang, I also found the tale kinda of odd (DrM bypassing procedures to give the job to his favorite photographer). Nowadays one must be wary of 2nd hand stories ... ala "I was reliably informed that so-and-so did this..."

    5. Subang,

      With regards to the chinese photographer who recounted his encounter with Anwar Ibrahim, I would like to thank you for pointing out about the occupation of Putrajaya boo boo. Upon re reading my own post, I realised it was entirely my own mistake....what I meant was that that gentleman went to the government complex to get his letter of appointment and that was where he had the unfortunate encounter with Anwar. Putrajaya has been the seats of the federal govt for more than a decade and I have obviously made a slip here.

      But the focus of my previous post was to relay this bit of interesting 'encounter' by a third party. And contrary to what Anon 1.05 PM alluded, it is not odd of Dr M or any senior Umno leader to do such 'favours' they deemed fit, especially if such recommendation are really small potatoes, no big deal at all.....this chinese photographer after all is only one of the scores of photographers hired at that time.

      Btw, I do have quite some other 'stories' about these big wigs from both side of political divide, but so far, this bit from the gentleman photographer appears genuine and sounds true to me, which is why I take the effort to post.

      And he was really Dr M's family photographer....and very skilled one at that too, having viewed some of his beautiful work from his ipad. Maybe that's why he managed to be retained for more than a decade by Dr M. A mild, diffident man of few words, obssessed with his 'lifelong hobby' as he described his job, his Anwar 'encounter' must have burdened and troubled him greatly even to this day for him to earnestly and quietly implore us to be more careful who we choose as leader.....he started off haltingly with a general statement..." you know, a person cannot change his character overnight to become another person..."

    6. The general background of the story is actually a situation repeated thousands of times over in Malaysia. Substitute "photographer" for "Architect" , "Contractor", "Consultant","Surveyor","Analyst" or any of the myriad varieties of services which the Malaysian Federal Government contracts out, paid by Taxpayer funds.
      You will not get a single contract unless you are a Bumi or very well connected with the Ruling Party or you work through a Bumi front-man who takes a big "cut" without actually performing any services...

      Don't the "Others" pay income tax as well ? Aren't they Malaysian citizens as well ?
      I'm sure the New Economic Policy was not agreed upon with that in mind, but that is what it has actually become.

      There is no point simply blaming Anwar Ibrahim even from that time, because it is the whole system which is sick.
      The whole system needs to be reformed , and it cannot even begin to change with UMNO still in charge.

      I do not support Anwar Ibrahim, but I can tell you, we will not get anywhere trying to unseat UMNO while daily lamenting how awful Anwar Ibrahim is.

      I support ABU.

    7. Subang, there are many who support ABU and I am one of them. But among the ABU supporters, there are also quite a few who are not enamoured with Anwar Ibrahim. I have taken care to check indepth with these 'disgruntled' ones whenever I have the chance to meet them. Most invariably said almost the same thing.....that they are more than willing to forgive and forget anyone who repents, but alas, time and again, they despair that their eyes could still see clearly through the wool that's been pulled over their eyes, that it would appear almost impossible to take the umno out of that man inspite of the fact he is physically out of UMNO.

      I personally however, am willing to sokong Anwar Ibrahim as the PM should PR forms the government ( albeit with some conditions ) as a 50-50 chance for a better Malaysia is much better than a 0 chance if the old devil is still in charge. But we have to bear in mind many pro Opposition supporters are simply not happy with the Anwar leadersip in PKR.

      Anyway, what is certain is that the GE13 will see neither side getting a two thirds majority. The only real danger is when we get a hung parliament, and with no clear winner, the kataks who hopped over will throw their full support to PAS just to spite Anwar Ibrahim and then we really have to grapple with full fledge hudud and worse.

      Do we not live in interesting time ?

  15. A (shouted) : who sprayed the AES cameras with paints !?

    B : ....NOT me lah !

    C : I dun know le .

    D : ...maybe ...maybe...!!
    A (very3 angry) : WHO !!!???

    D : ...the ...the ...Ah Loong ...!!

    A : @#$%^&* !!