Saturday, December 15, 2012

UMNO-Perkasa's national security

What do we understand by the term 'national security'?

Different countries have different definitions of 'national security'. However, the dictionary states it is "the protection or the safety of a country’s secrets and its citizens".

In other words, national security is in general about protection from or resisting foreign interference, control, oppression and infiltration.

However, Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali has a different interpretation. He stated that "The Chinese community will become a national security threat if it grow more powerful politically and economically." - see The Malaysian Insider's Growing Chinese clout may cause new May 13, says Ibrahim Ali.

I presume he was referring to Chinese Malaysians, because those Chinese in China, Taiwan, Singapore are already more powerful politically and economically than Malaysia, and while those in Hong Kong may lack the political clout (being a political entity under China's sovereignty), do possess considerable economic power.

The other issue in which the Chinese in those overseas countries are more powerful than Malaysia, and I don't mean to rub it in, is in education, specifically their students' prowess in maths and science.

But Perkasa being Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali being Ibrahim Ali and their patron, Dr Mahathir being Dr Mahathir, it is quite clear that UMNO-Perkasa would tolerate Chinese Malaysians so long as they don't have political power (meaning that of DAP), and also not too much economic power.

He warned of dire consequences, the standard UMNO-Perkasa threat of May 13 just in case people haven't got his message.

He reminded us: "What if there is chaos? Like during the May 13 incident they could not proceed with their trade."

And what about you, Ibrahim Ali? A year after May 13, didn't you run to seek help from Lim Kit Siang when the police were after you with an ISA order?

Indeed, what your Perkasa patron said is true, that Melayu mudah lupa. Perhaps he had you in mind when he said that, wakakaka.

Sharizat, and now Ibrahim Ali with their May 13! Specifically addressed to Chinese Malaysian citizens, born and raised here ..... but not the million illegal Indonesian migrants in Peninsula nor the million illegal Filipinos migrants in Sabah (nor all sorts of illegal migrants from the subcontinent)

UMNO knows that for its own national security, a three-layered defence is best, namely, (a) political appeals and threats, (b) the EC and other UMNO-affiliated government machinery, and (c) lastly but not least, rolling out the tanks 'to deal' with any threat to national security.


  1. Things happens in 1969 because Bolehland(TM) economy scale is pitiful small compare today.

    Even jibjib and Tanaka-Mahathir-Kakuei dare not to create same incident today, it will hurt their cronies and themselves more than anything.

    When that happens, stock market will went into panic sell, not even jibjib and Tanaka-Maha able channel enough money to "buy". When blue-chips become dirt-cheap, you will see shift of wealth paradigm, similar to 1997-1997 self-inflict Asian economy crisis.


  2. Ibrahim Ali cannot influence voters.
    Deepak on Alantuya pointing hands at Najib, Nazrim and Rosmah influence voters.
    Why can't ktemoc be smarter with more interesting post?

  3. It's not the country that is under threat from its minority citizens. It's UMNO under threat of losing the elections.

    Usually, when faced with an uncertain future, they will raise the spectre of external threats, and they use the ready-at-hand issue of May13.

    Ibrahim is trying to curry-favour UMNO. How will he fare as an independent in this coming GE13?

  4. moot, you're right that riots will be unlikely but the tanks can still roll out because of a 'threat' to national security, when the government declarea emergency rule.

  5. KTemoc said... "... tanks can still roll out because of a 'threat' to national security, when the government declares emergency rule."

    Those politician won't be so stupid because it hurt them more, and Malaysia will be relegated to pariah nation. GE 12 was a bigger loss than May13, but nothing happened.

    They will use the other weapon - frogs - to effect a re-takeover.

  6. Now he is claiming something else (see news from MalaysianInsider below). Perverted logic...

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 15 — Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali suggested today that the Malays are economically disadvantaged against the non-Malays because of certain limitations in Islam.

    The outspoken conservative Malay leader, who was speaking today at Perkasa’s annual meet here, cited this as the reason to continue with affirmative action policies, arguing that this was the best way to address this shortcoming of the Malays.

    “Gambling, liquor, entertainment outlets ... how could Malays afford, be able to compete?” Ibrahim (picture) asked in his address.

    He had claimed that millions of ringgit were denied to the Malays since those businesses are prohibited in Islam, while non-Muslim entrepreneurs had benefited a lot from them.

    “We urge the government to continue affirmative action to ensure the security of our nation,” he added...

  7. From MalaysianInsider : Ibrahim Ali: I am a victim of jealousy.... dropped from Umno in 2003 because there were leaders in the ruling party who envied his political clout....“I’ve been sacked, I’ve been pushed around because of the jealousy,”

    So he has burned his bridges with UMNO. He will contest as independent and most probably lose.

    Why not we forget about him and relegate him to the realm of the has-beens? He do not deserve the media attention that he is coveting and enjoying.

  8. As Malaysia stagnates relative to other regional economies (not even comparing to other global powerhouses), the risk of race-instigated violence grows.

    Many may not be able to think deeper and understand that it is the Ruling Party's policies which lay at the root of Malaysia's economic malaise, even while the region as whole is doing roaring business.
    In difficult economic times, it is all too easy for people to listen to and accept blaming it on "others". Its always the Cina (in Malaysia) and Indonesia in the past, and the Yahudi in Germany during the 1930's Great Depression.

  9. Gerakan has responded to Ibrahim's fear mongering :

    So far not a peep from MCA.

    And KT's sweetie Helen has put a spin to it, involving Japanese invasion, police report, etc in-line with her stance also of an imminent May13 due to PR, DAP, anti-Lynas etc. (Come to think of it, she is not much different from Ibrahim Ali when it comes to this issue)

  10. Wow ! Talk about Nepotism
    UMNO no doubt practices a dynastic system with father, then son as PM.
    Ditto PKR with Anwar as defacto head and Nurul in the picture as well.
    But DAP takes the cream of political dynasties with both father and son simultaneously holding top positions in the party.

  11. The CEC polls result also confirm DAP is basically a Chinese chauvinist party. There is no need to even pretend otherwise.

    It is also not surprising Ktemoc is such a strong DAP supporter.

    1. Lim Kit Siang (1,607 votes)
    2. Lim Guan Eng (1,576)
    3. Karpal Singh (1,411)
    4. Chong Chieng Jen (1,211)
    5. Loke Siew Fook (1,202)
    6. Vincent Vu (1,202) [new]
    7. Tan Kok Wai (1,199)
    8. Gobind Singh Deo (1,197)
    9. Tony Pua (1,162)
    10. Teng Chang Khim (1,152)
    11. Fong Kui Lun (1,137)
    12. Nga Kor Ming (1,075)
    13. Chong Eng (1,006)
    14. Chow Kon Yeow (986)
    15. Liew Chin Tong (984) [new]
    16. M Kulasegaran (984)
    17. Boo Cheng Hau (958)
    18. Teresa Kok (925)
    19. Teo Nie Ching (903) [new]
    20. Ngeh Koo Ham (824)

    2 out of the 3 Non-Chinese belong to the same Dynasty.

    I think DAP just shot itself in the foot in trying to hoodwink its way into Middle foot.

  12. Tanah Melayu can be easily fooled by ktemoc.
    What is the use for Ktee supporting DAP with one hand and with the other hand, not supporting DAP's objectives like wanting Anwar as PM.
    ktemoc objectives are to confuse voters.
    He is a Gerakan.

  13. Insult us and lose Malay support, Perkasa warns Gerakan


  14. I support and respect Ktemoc
    Please delete the scum comments above.

  15. Don't worry, sunwayopal.
    I'm sure most Permatang Pauh or Gombak voters are smarter than Ktemoc and understand the bigger picture of what's a stake....

    Have never been to Marang, so I can't say..

  16. Rumour has it that Altantuya's soul is still around Malaysia, and will not rest until her killers have been brought to justice....
    Deepak is one of those who have been haunted, and now he seeks forgiveness....

    More strange occurings will surface in the next few months... watch out..

    Believe it , or not....

  17. the toothless fella12:46 am, December 16, 2012

    Kaytee,you can recycled pics of pretty lasses,even if their are Altantuyas.But no recycled articles or pics of fat froggy Abrahim Ali

  18. Tanah melayu,

    you will be so very surprised after the results are announced.There will be Malays sitting on the cwc.You can swallowed back your own words,as all gentlemen do.That is if you are one.Only thing is,please do not have a heart failure.

  19. Perkasa is actually a four-letters word.....U.M.N.O

  20. Sunwayopal,

    Why must we copy and save some of your posts.What are they?The holy grail to the money tree.If so I will download and sent to all the freakos of the world.

    Do not write shit and garbage and post it here,and have it deleted on purpose.Be considerate to other readers who frequent this blog.This blog is for the serious and civilised readers.

    Go elsewhere if you are very unhappy with the blogger.But never made an idiot out of a fool,even if you are anon.

  21. We cannot blame thes guys for behaving like shitheads or crackheads.It is what they are born to be.

  22. i think i have to agree with tm. and this bunch of idiot make it worst by appointing some malay into the cec. glad that teng n boo still make it.

  23. According to Ibrahim Ali :
    Perkasa: Impossible for Malays to compete economically because of Islam

    With these words he have insulted both the Muslims and non-Muslims. His reasoning is :

    1) Non-Muslims prospered by being free to engage in vices.

    2) Non-Muslims are not allowed these vices, so have less avenues to prosper.

    Wonder if he will be censured for this.

  24. Yes, at least Pak Lah knocked some sense into this Ibrahim Ali nonsense.