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Political WTF 3 - OK to leap but why not look beforehand

I would have loved to use the idiom ‘out of the blue’ to describe the recent antics of former IGP Musa Hassan in his public criticisms of his old boss, Home Affairs Minister Hishamuddin, for allegedly interfering directly in police operational matters and other police issues – mind you, not that I disbelieve his principal allegations against his old boss, wakakaka.

Musa Hassan

But given the ringgit-driven politics of our much battered nation, I have to admit (perhaps even boast a wee bit, please allow me that) that I have expected/anticipated such late belakang-pusing (volte-face) entries into our political arena, in the persons of Musa Hassan and Deepak Jaikisian … and perhaps even more.

No sirree, we can’t depend on Balasubramaniam Perumal alone or even the poor over-exploited soul of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu to invigorate interests in the non-PKR dark side of Malaysian politics. There must be an innovative rafter of fresh sensational exposés to capture and hold voters' interests.

Balasubramaniam Perumal

But I must confess I've been influenced by the grapevine info that Anwar Ibrahim has a new and very rich financial backer. There’s nothing wrong with having financial backers, which is a normal practice in American, Australian and western politics, except over there, contributors of sums above, say, $ x must be known and recorded/reported, though in the USA, this regulation has been cleverly circumvented by breaking a large contribution into many many contributions of less than $ x.

The Jews are far more clever, contributing to both sides of politics … just in case, you know ... making them always winners regardless who wins and rules. 

To be fair, many American Jews are left leaning liberals so please don’t assume they’re all Zionists. Perhaps the only chink in their left wing liberal politics is that, as Jews inheriting horrendous memories of the Holocaust, they are obligated in more than one way, to ensure at least the survival of Israel as a state.

But such is their political acumen and influence in Western democracies, through a combination of generous financial contributions and exploitation of Western guilt over the Holocaust, that an example of their intrinsic political power has recently manifested itself in Australia, in the state of New South Wales (NSW), which is now ruled by the right-wing Coalition under the leadership of Barry O’Farrell.

The NSW Board of Studies and Department of Education has accepted the Jewish Board of Deputies’s recommendation to make the study of the Holocaust a compulsory subject in Years 9 and 10 in NSW secondary schools. Previously the NSW Labor government had refused to make the subject compulsory, though it was available as a study option - see Sydney Morning Herald's Study of Holocaust mandated for schools.

Nazi concentration camp inmates, Jews and non-Jews

Vic Alhadeff of the Jewish Board of Deputies stated that ''The Holocaust is a warning to every generation about the potential for evil, especially as a consequence of racial hatred, and about the inherent evil of totalitarian regimes. It teaches us that every generation owes it to itself and to future generations to cherish and, if necessary, fight to defend the sanctity of life, dignity and freedom.''

I cannot but whole-heartedly agree with the opposition NSW Greens Party MP John Kaye who said that (since the study objective is to warn younger generations of Australians about the potential for evil arising from the consequence of racial hatred) while the Holocaust is rightly an essential part of the state syllabus, it should be taught in the context of the other 20th-century genocides.

Khmer Rouge victims

Indeed, kaytee has in mind studies of genocides and/or atrocities like the ones in Rwanda, Khmer under the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime, the massacre in Nanjing (Nanking) by the Japanese military during WWII, Sabra & Shatila and Deir Yassin in Palestine, Gaza during the Israeli Ops Cast Lead, My Lai in Vietnam, Wounded Knee and Indian Reservations in the USA as ugly examples of brutal colonialism, the US-British sanction of Iraq leading to infant malnutrition and deaths by the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi infants and children, etc.

Japanese decapitating Nanjing victim and baby
genocide at Nanjing alone took between 500,000 to 900,000 lives
whichever source for those figures, the victims there were of considerable numbers 

Focusing solely on the Holocaust effectively confers monopoly of victim-hood to the Jews and indirectly teflonises Israeli atrocities automatically as defensive measures when the truth could well be otherwise, obviously something the Zionists and pro Israel lobbies want.

Anyway, back to financial contributions in Malaysian politics – as mentioned there’s nothing incorrect about this, as even DAP strives for this but through election fund raising dinners and donation drives where supporters and well-wishers donate relatively small and accountable sums.

Only big political movers (UMNO) or those the financial contributors see as potential big political movers (wakakaka) receive humongous (and in most cases, unaccountable) sums, which enable the big political movers the latitude to ‘strategize’ and ‘campaign’ for voters’ support, or even without voters’ support, wakakaka.

For example, it’s no secret that there were talks (at RPK's Malaysia-Today) about the 916 coup d'état requiring at least RM 300 million to bring about that aspired change of government, an amazing strategy that had required its Great Conceptualizer to think totally outside the box .... specifically the ballot box, wakakaka.

We were informed that it didn't eventuate for the same reprehensible ringgit reason, that the RM 300 million was deemed as, insanely as this may sound, not enough … because the other side had (still has) deeper pockets to counter-offer far bigger sums to the potential political defectors.

Well, wow, WTF, one would be totally gob-smacked f* and kau kau too, when one is informed that RM 300 million is NOT enough? Pardon moi, but I'm just not used to such Fort Knox sums being considered as not enough.

Mind, we've gathered too from the grapevine that a Madame reputed to be the Whore of Babylonpang was paid a humongous RM 25 million to metamorphose into Madame Butterfly so as to flutter over to another rose, wakakaka, so perhaps on second thoughts, indeed, what would be a mere RM 300 million for 30 MPs?

Whore of Babylon

This leads us to one of the most despised persons in Malaysia, Musa Hassan the former IGP, who has recently and almost on a daily basis, self-canonized himself into some kind of law & order Saint Ralph Nader, in turn leading us to undergo a range of emotions … outrage at what we saw as his brazen hypocrisy, wakakaka at the ridiculousness of an oxymoron-ic reformasi ex-IGP, and finally deep suspicions as to the likely person behind Musa Hassan’s pseudo-crusade of righteous criticisms against ministerial political interference in police operational process.

People such as blogger Ahmad Lufti Othman leapt at the opportunity to call for serious investigations into Musa Hassan’s accusations. In his post Musa Hassan dan aksi Bollywood he wrote:

Apa yang didedahkan Musa sebenarnya melangkaui dimensi politik kepartaian. Ia tidak sewajarnya dilihat dengan pandangan siasah yang juling. Kita tidak mahu adegan yang sering ditonton dalam filem Bollywood -- tentang komplot di antara penjenayah dengan polis dan elit politik -- menjadi realiti yang menggerunkan.

Kalaupun Musa juga melakukan kesalahan sama, termasuk menyalahgunakan kuasanya semasa memegang jawatan KPN, seperti kata Ramli, membabitkan afidavit seorang penjenayah Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Poh, ia tidak sepatutnya memesongkan kita daripada memandang serius campur tangan politik terhadap pasukan keselamatan.

In short, as per kaytee’s very basic loose translation (using some of my own words), Ahmad Lufti advised that the seriousness of Musa Hassan’s allegations must supersede partisan politics, while the allegations about Musa Hassan’s own impropriety in his alleged connections with the alleged criminal underworld figure Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Poh should not be allowed to distract us from looking seriously into the issue of political interference in police activities.

I agree with Ahmad Lufti but at the same I reckon there’s no harm in speculating over who’s behind the pseudo-canonization of the man known as Musang. Hey, it's Sunday and I have a lot of idle time on my hands, wakakaka.

Initially I was inclined to think it was Dr Mahathir and his king-making moves a la the pre-2008 GE period when he undermined AAB even at the expense of UMNO, but then I asked myself, pre 2008 was then, when Dr M wasn't aware how extensive BN-UMNO’s staggering loss would be, whereas today he knows that Pakatan could possibly be on the cusp of victory, an event he doesn't want to come about.

So why would he cut his sons’ nose to spite Najib’s face (excuse my mixed metaphors)? Why use Musang to sabo Najib (and Hishamuddin) at this very late and crucial stage of UMNO's game where there's no or very little room for internal party manoeuvrings?

It would be in his and sons' interests (possibly his main concerns) to go along with Najib, at least until GE-13 is over. UMNO's 'Night of the Long Knives' can then be conducted. Hence the suspicion about Dr M’s involvement in the beautification (or canonization) of the Musang is not well-founded, only because the time available for any Machiavellian manoeuvring is just not there.

Dr Mahathir

I am more inclined to raise questions about 'who' elsewhere, on top of which I read that the other side has a new and (financially) powerful backer. How "so sweet", wakakaka.

Besides, Saifuddin Nasution, the PKR Sec-Gen, has indirectly indicated by his tap-dancing to press questions about Musa Hassan applying to be a PKR member, there was possibly such an application or at least a personal approach, and who knows, perhaps even a behind-doors' tête-à-tête, wakakaka.

As it has been said, anything is possible in politics, even unto sleeping with the enemy, wakakaka, and boy, was Robert Phang mad about the alleged unholy union – see my previous post Sleeping with the enemy.

But then, in the immortal words of Machiavelli, ‘the ends justify the means’, wakakaka.

As a wise someone told me just recently, it’s your democratic rights to vote for whoever you see fit to lead the nation or those who are part of the outfit he leads, but you should be aware of any likely wolf leopard beneath the sheep’s clothing.

In this, RPK has written a good post titled Always consistently inconsistent in which I left a comment that PKR likes to cherry-pick episodes of UMNO's sins for exposure, specifically those which did not involve Anwar Ibrahim. You know, in one of my recent posts Faith & Salvation, I wrote:

To ensure your faith, some religions (surprisingly not Judaism) have old Nicky or Satan (the Syaitan Dr Mahathir said you know), who I believe becomes the unfortunate scapegoat for God’s negligence or mistakes, just so to ensure your faith in an infallible God does not falter.

Yes siree, God has a wonderful job description, namely, “take all credits for the wonders of this universe, miracles and acts of compassion, kindness and generosity, but blame the Devil for all wrongs, disasters and anything you don’t want to be associated with. And if cornered with unpleasant facts (eg. 350,000 innocent Indons killed during the Boxing Day tsunami), use the phrase ‘God works in mysterious ways’.”

Wakakaka, isn't that just a gnam gnam job description, as the anwaristas would see it, for the Great Man, reaping only credits but assigning all demerits and blames to his former UMNO leader-mentor and colleagues, people he happily worked alongside for 16 years without one teeny weeny peep or squeak from him about reformasi, ...

... no, certainly not when Tun Abbas Salleh, former Lord President of our courts, was removed in the most scandalous fashion. Sure, it was undeniably Dr Mahathir who did Tun Abbas in, but what protest did the so-called reformer raise?

It was in fact (indisputably so) left to Zaid Ibrahim, ironically a man (most unjustly) reviled by PKR because he condemned the alleged dodgy PKR party election polls, to successfully convince (then) PM AAB to officially redress that injustice to Tun Abbas, 20 years later.

Zaid Ibrahim

And that was Anwar Ibrahim’s modus operandi for 16 years in UMNO, conveniently keeping quiet (or acting dunno) and enjoying the trappings of power while his UMNO party went about its collective merry ways. Then, when and only when he was booted out of UMNO (screaming his lungs out) he sang a different tune, that of reformasi.

Ooops my bad, correction to that, he did raise his voice once when in UMNO, in 1996, and that was to boast after UMNO Youth thugs (including then UMNO Youth No 3 and currently PKR Sec-Gen Saifuddin Nasution) had perpetuated violent disruption at an international forum held at the KL Asia Hotel. That forum called Apcet II was forced to be abandoned because of the violent intrusion by BN Youth and their heckling and disruptive behaviour.

Apcet II - see if you can spot Saifuddin Nasution, wakakaka

It was a disgraceful episode in our nation’s history, where BN Youth showed their barbaric hooliganism to the whole world, made even worse when Anwar as acting PM actually boasted pompously after the BN thugs completed their nefarious disruption on Apcet II: "Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that," effectively praising the violent hecklers.

And may the bells in the Indian temple ring to remind us of the wolf leopard in sheep's clothing.

Can't I ever forgive him? 

I understand in Islam Allah swt can forgive someone's sins provided the sinner recognizes the offence itself and its admission before God, makes a commitment not to repeat the offence, (if the offence was against someone) does whatever needs to be done to rectify the offence (within reason) and asks pardon of the offended party, and asks for forgiveness from God.

Of course I as a mere mortal can forgive him, indeed we all can and should, PROVIDED he has repent (from his UMNO ways during those bad days) and that his reformasi is truly about genuine political reforms.

But can we, should we when in 2008 he schemed up 916, and in January 2009, he enthused about the defection of UMNO's Nasarudin Hashim (an amazing frog soon to be known as the revolving-door politician).

To use Karpal Singh's fave Bahasa word - Bertaubat? 

Karpal Singh

Remember, Allah swt can forgive someone's sins provided the sinner recognizes the offence itself ..., makes a commitment not to repeat the offence, ... etc etc.

WTF, he couldn't even recognize his old sins from Sabah 1994; he couldn't resolve not to recommit such reformasi sins, let alone avoid scheming up major mafulat-ish move like 916.

The revolving-door scandal, or more precisely Anwar's welcoming that Bota Wonder was what made Karpal Singh tore his hair out to publicly condemn political defections, and to urge a Pakatan stop to such political subversions of the ballot box.
So how to accept him as a (politically) changed man and support him, when I see is the same ferocious predatory leopard which hasn't changed its political spots.

And if you urge ABU supersedes all, fine, let's ABU but which I opine most strongly should include ABU-ing people like him, Azmin Ali and Saifuddin Nasution.

I'm however okay with his daughter and most of the other PKR, all of whom I will politically support.

Naturally, I expect that criticizing Anwar and his inner cohorts, would have me criticized/condemned as a BN cyber-trooper, because in the anwaristas blinkered mud-splattered eyes, who but only BN would criticize the world’s greatest political reformer, wakakaka.

And of course, democracy, independent thinking and the right to vote for a candidate of their choice are their monopoly. Others who don’t vote for or support Anwar and PKR must be BN people, wakakaka again.

It’s not unlike a preacher telling you God made men special because unlike His other creatures HE endowed them with free will, ... except the free will does not include any silly ideas about not worshipping Him, wakakaka.

And this post I dedicate to those hecklers and vandals at my blog - you're not unlike those UMNO hecklers and vandals at KL Asia Hotel in 1996, wakakaka.

Apcet II


  1. First he said ONE disguised as few.
    Now he says few.
    He is guessing, a very unstable mind.

  2. Firs comment deleted???
    aiyah kt why like that?
    We want to read opinions from others.
    Why u so undemocratic one?

  3. "It may take a moment for your comment to appear on the site"
    All comments appear.
    It's cleaning as usual.

  4. There were 4 became 3.
    No one reads the useless post.

  5. Anon of 5:20 PM, December 09, 2012

    ... except you, wakakaka.

  6. So this long winded post, with all the other distractions about Jews, Salleh, Dr M, God, etc, boils down to the following alleged alliance:

    New financial backer + Anwar + Musa

    (and why you hate Anwar)

  7. Certain words catches my attentions and inspire me to give you what you deserves.

  8. Frusko, you search for one or two words, minus their context, to make your day criticizing me - so pathetic lah, you're so pitiful - you should go and stay with the Little Sisters of the Poor at Batu Lanchang road, Penang, & spare your children continuous embarassement by your shameful behaviour, wakakaka.

  9. I repeat, kt is a 4th grade blogger because of his postings and thoughts process are selective to his likes and dislikes.
    He confuses others and will never change.
    He is a BN mole.

  10. amazing statement by Old Frusko, the Hadyaai paedophile, that a blogger shouldn't select posts that are to his likings.

    Should it be to yours, I suppose? wakakaka, You have add 'stupidity' to your CV.

  11. I will never knowingly defend Anwar Ibrahim, but there are a lot of obvious undertones in this and other articles in this blog.

    Ktemoc will vehemently deny that he is a racist, but to be painfully frank, Ktemoc's positions have a heavy tain of anti-Malay racism.

  12. tm, i dun know if that is racism, but it is quite obvious our host scorn anything east / non west, his contempt of usa/israel is to conceal his true color, exactly like his sweetheart that rant aku cina but know nothing about cina and get rattling jealous when there is a lady that similarly know nothing cina are appreciated by many msian, resulted in her indulgence of a hysterical state of mind launching uncounted drivel into everything chinese, the "aku cina" even provide a platform to the bastard warrear to run down the cina without a word of rebut from that "aku cina". u see the ugly side and hypocrisy of all this anglo that masquerade as chinese?

    btw, that mt host cleary support 916, now kt even cite his bs to criticise pkr/anwar, what a joke!

  13. TM's accusation is easier to understand but HY's has confused me after that part of me scorning anything east/non-west (which of course I don't agree but you're entitled to your opinions) wakakaka.

    What I've been guilty of, I must confess, is a proclivity towards socialism, slightly left of centre and not the looney left variety.

    If Barisan Socialist is still here today, I would have voted for it. PRM broke my heart when it joined KeADILan to form PKR.

    So DAP remains the only socialist viable option for me. I don't think PSM will amount to much though I admire their grass root work very much.

  14. Hua Yong,that 'aku Cina' woman sounds like a clone of Ridhuan Tee. For some reason she made a 180 degree turn from her previous position (she was even reported to be arrested for wearing black in the Perak protests) and now behaves like a woman scorned. Sometimes I go over to her blog just for laughs (reading her outlandish conspiracy theories).

  15. Tanah Melayu, did you mean KT 's anti Anwar rants are a racial, I do not agree with you. KT hates Anwar because of Anwar declaration of no more noise from temple bells in the Kampung Rawa Hindu/Muslim riots in Penang some decades ago.

  16. When the right conditions come together you'll find all kinds of worms and bugs coming out of the woodwork. Well, it's the early bird that gets the worm.

    And you, KT, being the fortunate early bird clearly have fed well judging from the ample proportions of your blog commentaries. Great going! And don't stop feeding on these worms and bugs - because other than as raw material for your blog they are of no discernible use for anything else.

  17. did i hear you on Najib and Perak putsch.
    Then Najib became UMNO chief of Selangor after job well done in Perak. Same MACC machinations were applied in Selangor following the
    success in Perak. Ya, God moves in mysterious ways and holly molly good except a youngman's life was shamelessly ended prematurely. Its conjecture who is man behind this devilish act, I guess KT. May be, its Anwar who is the protagonist in this show.

  18. DAP in Penang is deep in bed with grubby Capitalist developers.
    Sorry, Ktemoc, your last resort of a Socialist refugee hardly counts as Socialist anymore.
    If DAP Penang ever dares paints itself as Socialist again, I will call them hypocrites.

  19. oh purleeez look at the MCA running dog blog writer claiming he supports the the daughter and other Opposition members.

    Talk about the chinese version of Ibrahim Ali!!

    Quite insidious i must say.

    The person who would have Malaysians in Permatang Pauh and Gombak , a person who would actually suggest u Malaysians vote an UMNO candidate !!!

    well, if u Malaysians want corruption, want more of corrupted Judiciary, want your childrens future destroyed, then by all means go ahead.

    We all deserve the govt we vote for!

    if u think u have the luxury of picking and choosing go ahead and vote UMNO in these areas.

    There is no perfect solution.

    There is only 'better' solutions.

    So, u Malaysians better think carefully, u want to risk living with UMNO in waiting for a 'perfect' govt like the idiot MCA running dog suggest ???


  20. Anon of 11:46 PM, December 09, 2012

    See my posts as follows:

    and there's more on Perak wakakaka

  21. sunwayopal, you're really childish in your accusations wakakaka. Grow up lah

  22. wah look at the idiotic censor here whos asking people to grow up.

    Why dont YOU GROW up !!!
    KTemoc said...
    sunwayopal, you're really childish in your accusations wakakaka. Grow up lah

    haha, i guess when u r done things you do to other people, it doesnt feel as nice huh.

    What a bloody idiotic hyprocrite.


  23. kt, perhaps tm is right u r a racist, or were as i pointed out, one that see issue from a superior western perspective that perceive anything oriental/islam as non progressive. sort of false dichotomy but that is how I feel. fact is prm choose to merge with pkr and not dap, thus the possibility that pkr are relatively more socialist than dap is there unless one chose not to see it due to his racism or superiority complex biasness, pick one.

    just a side note and observation, blogger like u, ur sweetie and that shuzheng write many thing chinese but might not aware that most were solely from the western lens with sort of romanticism, the worst is ur sweetie that have very poor grasp of anything chinese, she is just another hannah yeoh but at least hannah acknowledge this simple fact. btw, josh hong that always take a critical stance toward chinese actually are one that know the chinese well, I many times disagree with how he “intentionally” being selective on what to say though.

    ps/ i think many of sunwayopal criticiam is valid

  24. HY, firstly, the 'sweetie' you mentioned is NOT my sweetest sweetie, if that's what you mean wakakaka.

    I refer to all ladies as my sweeties, people like Marina Mahathir, Eli Wong, Hannah Yeo, Jessie Ooi (Ms Tow Truck), Teresa Kok, Susan Loone, Lucia Lai, Selena Tay of FMT (a PKR supporter), etc, and yes, that 'sweetie' too, wakakaka.

    Actually that 'sweetie' hates my guts wakakaka because she and I are on different side of the political fence.

    As for shuzheng, who is a Mandarin Nazi and a Chinese chauvinist, and who incidentally hates my guts too wakakaka, I have no truck with him or his bizarre racist views.

    I agree with you that Josh Hong's vast and substantial knowledge - he is one of my fave columnists, but I have disagreed with him from time to time, always in a civil and respectful manner.

    I have never hide the fact that I am a 'banana' but you're not correct in suggesting that I see things only from a western perspective. Though I was educated in MBS, I grew up in a Malaysian environment in a very baba-nyonya (Penang variety which also speaks Hokkien) Chinese family. I also attended vernacular school, but admittedly for only 2 years at primary level. Do you believe that these experience have not imbued me with a perspective of things Chinese?

    When young I was brought up in the typical Chinese religious environment (which means we were not very religious in the same way most Chinese families are, wakakaka) but I have experienced the practices of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

    I'm not sure whether that qualifies me as a Chinese racist as TM accused me of. But in Malaysia whenever someone is disliked he or she would be conveniently labelled as a racist. Some are deserving of that accusation, some are unjustly indicted - I leave it to my readers to decide whether I am one.

    If you want to know more about my background please refer to my other blog

    As for PKR being more socialist than DAP, that's hilarious. PKR is mainly led by ex UMNO people (Anwar, Azmin, Saifuddin, etc) with MIC-like people like Sivarasa, (once) Gobala who came over from MIC, and MCA-like CJM (he too came over from MCA). How can PKR, with its roots deep in BN nationalistic-capitalistic-racial ideology, ever pretend or try to be socialist.

    The PRM sector in PKR has been quiet as a mouse, and one sweetie who was PRM and ended up in PKR has been so disgusted with the PKR ideology (lack of socialism) has left, because it's all about Anwar grabbing back his old position in UMNO, and his inner coterie being more UMNO than UMNO.

    I welcome any criticisms, even allegations of racism, but I will not tolerate abuses, vile rudeness or those immature frustrated ranting of a pathetic old man wakakaka.

    But I must warn sunwayopal that his comments have been uncivilly infused with abusive remarks. Much as I accept and indeed welcome his criticisms and differing views I will however not hesitate to delete any of such uncivilised exchanges, and without explanations or justifications, wakakaka.

  25. kt, when i said valid criticism, and to be specific, I meant “a better solution”, however shall exclude the frequence use of vile and abusing language, and i am curious, r u one that debate heatedly with that sweetie in mkini include the topic on tudung and baju kurung? seem like u r the impetus that push her to the other side :)

    i doubt if u ever attended any pkr talks, I agree with u I dun see much prm people engage in politicking activities, anyway this is not their strong point and we have to accept the reality that their ideology is not well received here, however, I believe they did involve in the process of drafting policy and ideas at the back, many of pkr economy plan were founded on the principles of socialism elements, unlike dap that still harbor on the victimhood mentality from a racial perspective, though there is much improvement.

    the rest is as u said, just an opinion and personal perception. may change.

  26. Sunwayopal comments are sensible and matured; yet part of his comments are deleted to make him look like a fool.
    Who is immature?
    That old man has to do a job he feels fit for you to insult and judge others.
    Everyone knows who you are working for.

  27. sunwayopal,

    In your comments you often accuse Ktemoc of being an MCA running dog or an UMNO cybertrooper. This indicates that you are not a long time reader of his blog. Because all along he has often been severely critical of both these two entities.

    Just because he criticises a few personalities in the Pakatan group doesn't mean that he is against the entire group. In most organizations you'll find there are good people as well as bad. The good should be encouraged and the bad deserves to be condemned.

  28. Anon of 11:57 AM, December 10, 2012

    The old man has a job to do?

    He left obscene comments, vile curses (condemning my entire family to death) and puerile salacious remarks here and if you consider that his job, then I feel more sorry for you than the dirty-minded evil old man.

  29. HY, your speculation that my stoush with our 'sweetie' wakakaka has been the "impetus that push her to the other side" is so funny. I wish I could claim the credit but no, she went across for another reason, which as mentioned before, I cannot reveal due to promise (by me) of confidentiality.

  30. good (or bad) news for sunwayopal, I have just formulated another article on his idol wakakaka, just to justify his accusations of me as a BN running dog - aiyoh, the things I do for sunwayopal, wakakaka.

    Perhaps by this evening or tomorrow, ;-)

  31. Talk is cheap.
    Ktemoc talk big and put out cheap posts.
    BN mole he is.
    "the things I do for sunwayopal"
    All I know he deleted sunwayopal's comments to make him look like a fool.
    Keep doing that, ktemoc is inviting hecklers willingly.

  32. u r the idiot whos nuts!

    u seem to think i am all the way behind DSAI. what an idiot of the highest order.

    I actually am all the way behind Pakatan. I dont mind if LGE is PM, i dont mind if Nizar is PM, i dont even mind if Hadi is PM. Unlike u. u seem to b one hell of a Pakatan supporter, only DAP for u for PM would b good enuf.

    to the extent u would have even vote UMNO than vote PAS or PKR.

    what an idiot.

    ur MCA running dog colours shines bright lar and more people can now see through your blind prejudice.

    ur mother in her grave must b real proud of her idiot son.


  33. Anuwaristakakaka said...

    In your comments you often accuse Ktemoc of being an MCA running dog or an UMNO cybertrooper. This indicates that you are not a long time reader of his blog. Because all along he has often been severely critical of both these two entities.

    Just because he criticises a few personalities in the Pakatan group doesn't mean that he is against the entire group. In most organizations you'll find there are good people as well as bad. The good should be encouraged and the bad deserves to be condemned.

    well, u can talk the above all u want and yes by all means crtiticise all u want but in the final analysis u have to decide vote either PAS or UMNO or vote PKR or UMNO.

    Theres simply no middle ground.

    The idiot writer here would suggest u vote UMNO in Permatang Pauh and Gombak.

    Thats where his UMNO and MCA running dog colours shines super bright.

    No real Pakatan supporter would ever do that.


  34. You think think think and then you say "cannot be Dr. M ma" then can only be AI. Aiyah so much talk talk then say like this. Real issue must be these smart guys can read the future and musang transforms into frog. Also dEEp PacT is also frogging. Mind you these are men of great principles and will not do earth shattering acts for pittance but only for perceptions of great reward much like the the whore of babylonpang.

  35. KTemoc said...
    good (or bad) news for sunwayopal, I have just formulated another article on his idol wakakaka, just to justify his accusations of me as a BN running dog - aiyoh, the things I do for sunwayopal, wakakaka.

    Perhaps by this evening or tomorrow, ;-)

    and likewise the things i do for u...haizzzz....

    talk about the thankless task of correcting a mental retard!!!!


  36. Hahaha....after reading all the snipings and bitchings in this comment section, I definitely have to agree with Annoy Moustache who had very apty put it :

    "When the right conditions come together you'll find all kinds of worms and bugs coming out of the woodwork".

    The bugs the likes of Hua Yong and Tanah Melayu with their daft accusations of racism, not to mention that former one with his way off understanding of how that 'sweetie' came to be what she is.....haha, RPK is not remiss in his cheeky rejoinder - " that's the trouble with learning engrish in own mother tongue " (paraphrasing). kakakaka

    And !.......that old man doing his job here ? what job ? This worm is only good with his shouty 'chowcheebai', 'shits', and all kinds of salaciousness that would make even a hardened sailor blushed.

    And most of all, sunwayopal.....dei kiddo, grow up lah. Stop being so petty, and worse, getting so vile lately. We remember you weren't like that in the beginning. And the other worms here even hailed sunwayopal as being 'matured' or is it being wise ? alamak, god save us.

    Aiyo....these worms and bugs....enough to turn the stomach, hehehehe.

  37. sunwayopal is still very well-behaved BUT only at pro UMNO blogs wakakaka - over there he behaves like a good boy, very very polite and courteous ;-) but here he goes viral and abusive wakakaka

  38. ktemoc: kindly delete those lasam (hokkien) comments in the future for other readers sake. Dammit, I first time see people make a word for their fart and shit together. I bet they themselves were confused whether they suppose to pangsai or lausai as they press the keys/keyboard!!

  39. When you read a good book, you can feel what the Author is saying.
    Use your imagination.