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The Curse of Marina Lee Abdullah?

I came across this info in RPK's The journey in life is never a straight line (PART 15):

But Anwar was adamant. “Make sure Zubir Embong and Rahman Bakar win,” Anwar instructed. “Do whatever needs to be done.” It was common knowledge that Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim hated each other. Hence to Anwar this was also personal.


According to RPK who helped his MCKK matey Anwar Ibrahim* in the 1986 general election campaign in Terengganu, Rahman Bakar was selected to contest against Pak Haji Hadi Awang in Marang in 1986, and the UMNO man won, satisfying I suppose, Anwar's personal animosity against the PAS leader.

* Anwar was then the powerful UMNO Minister of Education, a ministerial appointment mandatory for ascending to the PM post.

I wonder whether the animosity between Anwar and Pak Haji had (or should it be grammatically 'has') to do with the known history of Anwar Ibrahim being (once) groomed to be the leader of PAS. Yes, kid you not!

Hadi Awang

Thus Dr M wasn't the only one who had an eye on the ABIM firebrand and his silvery-tongued manmanlai.

Naturally his highly vocal (is there any other way to describe Anwar, wakakaka) ABIM leadership and credentials brought him to the notice of PAS’ (late) president Dato' Ustaz Hajji Fadzil bin Muhammad Noor, a known moderate, who was so impressed by the younger man that the Ustaz wanted him to be his successor as President of PAS.

Just imagine that if Anwar had not joined UMNO,  today the PAS President would be Ustaz Anwar Ibrahim and not Pak Haji Hadi Awang. What a thought!

'cuse me while I have a tot or two of Scotch (naturally Johnny Walker Double Black) wakakaka.

But in that head-hunting episode, it was Dr Mahathir who won against PAS (Ustaz Fadzil Noor) for the affection of Anwar, a man then known for his ABIM anti-establishment (meaning anti-UMNO) crusade.

Dr Mahathir

I wonder whether Anwar had left ABIM for UMNO in a flash ... ZOoooooommm ... to join parachute into the most powerful political organization in Malaysia?

Probably from his change of allegiance to UMNO, many people including and especially his former mates in ABIM (except those who followed him into UMNO wakakaka) knew Anwar loves political power more than the political cause he was espousing as ABIM’s Chief.

Of course he claimed he would reform UMNO from within.

During his 16 years in UMNO he shot across the political landscape of power, lighting it up in meteorite fashion to become the very powerful DPM, and the publicly known heir-anointed to Dr Mahathir to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, an appointment he wouldn't have (theoretically) achieved, as RPK wrote, if he had become only the PAS president after Ustaz Fadzil Noor.

Anwar Ibrahim

And in those 16 years in UMNO, as DPM and at times acting PM, did he exhibit any inclinations, even a mere subatomic iota, of reforms, or even voice same, as he had promised when he leapt from ABIM into UMNO?

Nay, nary a squeak nor a peep!

And when he was booted out from UMNO, he made that 16-year record of non-achievement as an UMNO minister even worse by blaming everyone else except himself, and only bleating reformasi when he was no longer in a position of power. 

Anwar even dared claim to have been helpless to make changes while in government.

Former Bar president Zainur Zakaria sneered at Anwar’s pathetic excuse - read Zainur Zakaria Zapped AAB & Anwar Ibrahim for more.

Zainur Zakaria

Anyway, from my personal observations it’s more than political power per se that Anwar loves - oh, he loves that, there's no doubt. But apart from power per se and the associated considerable trappings for a DPM, I think he enjoys public adulation, and if not public adulation then at least supporters’ adulation more. 

Eager hands raided the ossuary for me to be laid
As stepping stones for the progress of a demigod
On Ardha-Matanga, 4 tasks & seven white trunks
Saluting Brahma, walking to Amarawati by a lake

(extracts from my poem Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again)

Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

Yes, according to the gospel by kaytee wakakaka, Anwar has a weakness for admiration, adulation and adoration from people, but I believe, more than would be considered normal. To his ears, thunderous applause (wakakaka) must be sheer delightful music.

He made it ... oh well ... almost.

They say, what goes up must come down again (unless of course, in going up 'whatever' has achieved escape velocity - well, let's see what happened and will happen).

It's possible that a Western educated person, especially in the classics, would make a comparison between Anwar Ibrahim and Achilles on many aspects, and though I agree, would argue only up to a certain point.

Both shot up like blazing stars, both were stop in their tracks at near the pinnacle of their glories, though in this, Achilles knew his fate, for he had personally chosen, when asked by the gods, to blaze up in glory but die young instead of becoming an average king to die at a ripe old age.

I believe Anwar also shares another commonality with Achilles - he has an Achilles heel and I posted on this in July 2008 in a piece titled The Achilles heel of Anwar IbrahimThe part I want to extract for your perusal pertains to his Achilles heel:

During the Trojan War, he [Achilles]was basically (almost) invincible until he was fatally wounded in the same (un-bathed) heel by an arrow shot by Paris, son of King Priam of Troy.

Thus an Achilles’ heel is a fatal weakness (metaphorically not physical only) in spite of overall strength, actually or potentially, leading to downfall.

Anwar Ibrahim has an Achilles heel, and on this I don’t want to hear any of those salacious comments pertaining to recent events.

In my opinion, Anwar’s Achilles heel has been and still is his impatience.

Coupled with his excessive political ambitions, his Achilles heel had been and will be his downfall.

Achilles shot in heel

I then continued with the grapevine story of Anwar's humiliation of Gaafar Baba, the widely known split with Dr Mahathir, his highly publicized attempted 916 coup d'état to replace AAB's post-March 2008 government, and RPK's disenchantment with Anwar after campaigning for Mr Manmanlai.

One section of the
 post The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim is as follows (posted in July 2008 within a period which I call 'The not so Manmanlai Interregnum', wakakaka):

Anwar's Achilles heel is showing through again, refusing to wait for the next general election – of course there are other factors as well which I will blog on tomorrow. Hence the PKR's almost daily broadcast about pending party defections … perhaps to pressure other UMNO stalwarts if not AAB, ........

Expect him to continue and even escalate his campaign of political destabilization, as he becomes more frantic with the approaching September 16 in just 2 months time.

And Malaysiakini has just published 'Opposition had planned demo today' where it reported Home Affairs Minister Syed Hamid claiming that, this month alone, his ministry has received information that numerous demonstrations were to be staged by the opposition (he probably meant PKR) with the sole purpose of toppling the government.

Aiyoyo, Anwar, where's your man man lai? Just like your reformasi?

Anwar & supporters

Anyway, in August 2008 (still within 'The not so Manmanlai Interregnum', wakakaka) I posted another opinion-piece on Anwar titled The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim, extract as follows:

I note that Anwar Ibrahim has grown gaunt rather than slim – perhaps he’s more careful about his diet as he is in his 60’s, or perhaps the campaign (since pre-March 2008) has taken a terrible toll on him.

Anwar Ibrahim has driven himself incessantly, frenetically and obsessively towards what he hope will be his political crowning glory, the premiership of Malaysia.

Leaving aside his conceit, love of power and disdain for those he sees as his intellectual inferiors in the current UMNO hierarchy, his unrelenting push to become the PM of Malaysia, by hook or by crook, has been due to one tormenting factor …

… which has been the loss of his place in Malaysian political leadership history as the 5th PM of our nation, just on the eve of his expected ascendancy as Dr Mahathir’s anointed heir.

His ascendancy would have fulfilled even the legend of UMNO’s Da Vinci code(s), for surely in R-A-H-M-A-N, the letter ‘A’ would have come after ‘M’.
Yet, as they say, ‘There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip’, and Anwar found that to his invincible distress.

I believe it has been this narrow miss at the highest political office, just by a hair’s breath, that has made the man super-geram, a frustrated anger beyond normal boundaries, even sending him into unbridled rage.

It has been an experience that has tormented him since.

Da Vinci code

Today, I offer for your perusal a Free Malaysia Today article by CT Ali titled Each folly by Anwar has its costs

Incidentally, CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist, so please don't automatically condemn him as an UMNO mole, in the same Myrmidon-ish way as some anwaristas have condemned me as a MCA paid writer (though I wish MCA would bloody pay me, wakakaka).

Some relevant perusing for us would be as follows: 

Alas for Anwar and for us, what political capital and reservoir of goodwill from the Malaysian public that he, PKR and Pakatan had gained from the success of the 12th general election had not been used wisely. 

From the false euphoria of an impossibly ill-conceived announced takeover of Putrajaya, through a series of increasingly questionable decision-makings that smack too openly of political opportunism and self-interest, Anwar has lurched from one political disaster to another.

Each folly by Anwar had its costs. And slowly but surely PKR and then Pakatan lost traction in its attempt to take what happened at the 12th general election onto to the next level where Pakatan could have formed the government after the 13th general election.

So far we have accommodated his follies, overlooked his personal misdemeanours, ignored his crass stupidity in thinking that we did not know what was happening in Selangor, chuckled at his flights of fancies (taking over Putrajaya) and forgave him his errors – all in the name of Pakatan and mindful of what he has undergone at the hands of a revengeful Mahathir.

Perhaps Anwar mistook our lack of a cracking of the whip when we should, as being a licence for him to carry on with his questionable activities – personal or otherwise.

Perhaps he thinks that the end justifies the means. That we will overlook anything he does if that is what he thinks is needed for Pakatan to win the election and for him to be prime minister.

I think Anwar is sadly mistaken.

Gutter politics

I just want to tell Anwar this.

If you are personally involved in any way with Deepak Jaikishan and Musa Hassan’s recent revelations, then you really have no sense of the contempt and disgust most of us have for politicians, any politicians for that matter, who want to score cheap political points by resorting to gutter politics.

The same revulsion felt by so many of us at the manner Mahathir treated and pursued you (I think the word to describe what Mahathir did was “zalim”) after your fall from grace can so easily now be turned towards you if you insist on going the same way as Mahathir and Umno. 

And it can turn with such a ferocity and vengeance as to render any attempt by you to continue as leader of Pakatan simply impossible.

If you detect a sense of finality in these assertions by me, then you are right.

There is rising anger among many of us rakyat at the possibility that we will have to put up with this ridiculous charade of a financially desperate Deepak and a retired “past his use by date” Musa to plead their case for their own gains with your help.

And seemingly being able to do it in the guise of “truth telling” to enable the people to know what is the truth!

All this just does not gel with the people anymore.

Cease and desist, Anwar, and disengage while you still can from the stranglehold that Deepak and Musa will eventually have over you when the tide turns as it did with (private investigator) P Balasubramaniam.

Do it while you still can.

Musa Hassan

Incidentally, in RPK's The journey in life is never a straight line (PART 15) he mentioned Anwar chewing him for being in KL instead of Terengganu helping in UMNO's campaign in 1990, an act which angered RPK's wife, Marina because Anwar scolded her husband in public in front of many people.

RPK told us Marina said: “That bastard is never going to become the Prime Minister. You just watch. Record that in your diary. He is going to fall. Record that in your diary.”

Has that been a potent curse, one as deadly as the arrow of Paris, son of King Priam of Troy?

RPK & Marina


  1. O me, o my, KTemoc there you go again ... serving up a dish that you obviously calculated will inflame passions and set chests a-heavin' and nostrils a-flarin' in some of your fans. Tsk tsk this shows you're really such a sadistic, wicked, perverse fellow, and, Oooo, such a great tease.

    But then who am I to accuse you of being a tease, being myself no slouch in that department. I've teased some what you'll call sweeties to such exquisite heights of excitement that they could barely restrain themselves from tearing my clothes off and raping me on the spot. Which is super fine with me. Really!!

    Perhaps one day you and I could get together and over a drink exchange teasing tips and discuss techniques. Maybe we can even conduct a seminar called "The Fine Art of Teasing". This should be a boon to many shy men who get tongue-tied in the presence of purty ladies. Dear Monsterball should definitely come for the seminar because as we all can see he is quite inarticulate and thus should benefit greatly from the coaching. We can give him a fifty per cent discount. Who knows, you and he may start bonding and become the best of mates. Impossible, you say? Uh huh, don't forget that bearded, white-robed ol' guy in the sky who works in mysterious ways - he can turn what is impossible possible!

  2. I am clear. Anwar betrayed us in 1998 for own personal self interest. He was absolutely incompetent and wrong to introduce high interest rate regime when we are in recession. It aggravated the economic plight affecting the rakyat. It's really stupid economic policy. Why do we need so much to follow IMF prescription? No one country now follow Anwars policy in recession. See US and UK policy in last recent recession. Rubbish betul.
    And he has not changed one bit. Witnessed the pkr internal elections. Committing fraud forgery manipulation and deceit to ensure he and his annointed successor succeed.
    Our country will go down the drain with this Anwar.

  3. This article is recycled rubbish
    Who is marina lee Abdullah to curse anwar?Is she a good pious woman of virtue who has been wronged ?The last I heard she is wife of disgraced RPK who is exiled and now writes for umno and akso gives us long winded stories of his adventures that once he was rich and successful But yet now is now bankrupt and poor depending on umno scraps

  4. at the least anwar go to jail n continue to battle against a corrupted regime, what have u done? petra repeat his grandmother story as if he is the only one that detained under isa, come on la, u read carefully his life journey and pray tell what difference is he from those he accuse?

    stay grounded and leave ur idealism aside, akin masturbation for syok sendiri but achieve nothing.

  5. WOW, Wow

    Now I know Anwar supporters can be so nasty to the core, and are really foul-mouthed.

    It appears that they want to have freedom of speech but this same human right is denied to Anwar's critics.

  6. huh? what foul-mounted r u talking about? r u trying to deny our rights to criticize the host? y kt allow such low quality post but deleted that tinyball likewise quality post?

  7. HY, Anwar went to jail because of UMNO internal rivalry - it was of course not right but the fact must be borne in mind that he went to jail not because he fought for us - he was a major part of what you termed as the 'corrupt regime' and fought for himself but lost to his erstwhile UMNO friends. So don't try to pull wool over our eyes.

  8. HY, there is a solution to your political grievance against my posts. You and any anwaristas needn't come to read my posts since they're, as you determined, all so low quality. Why torture yourself and get high blood pressure unnecessarily?

  9. Incidentally, just as a reminder, as the blog owner I'll not tolerate any foul comments (nothing more than vandalising harrassments) such as those by a sick old obscene man who goes by various nicks but is monsterball.

    Nor will I tolerate comments by sunwayopal who laces his comments with rude and abusive insults

    I just delete without any need to justify my actions.

  10. the toothless fella10:33 am, December 12, 2012

    As we all know there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.So every body is buggering or humping somebody in the behind.That includes the bald headed RPK too.As long as it serves the purpose,who cares.That is the reason to be a politican or ball carriers,one must have thick skin or bufallo hides.

  11. Sir, while I dont consider myself an "Anwarista" I do believe his political career has not ended. if he keeps his word that this election, no matter what the result, would be his last, then at least, we can say such a thing. His archiles heel, if I may intepret your post, it his impatience to ascend the throne. Although I hadn't looked at it that way, I can't say I disagree. Pakatan Rakyat could fare much better without UMNO's favourite whipping boy at it's helm. But who else then, if not Anwar? it's got a Malay, male, not fiercely Islamic, with goor oratory skills, and well known and acceptable to the multi racial electorate. Unfortunately, for now, it's none other than Anwar.

  12. No foul or rude lingo here pls.This blog is for well mannered and educated readers only.

  13. Sorry, too many typos in my post.

  14. the toothless fella10:40 am, December 12, 2012

    Those with foul obscene mouth,rude and ill mannered pls go to Umno blogs such as big dog and papagomo.

  15. Yes.This is history.1986.

    Now after 15 years thing have change .UMNO also had changes leadership.

    If you want to look back,Let look at the fomation of Malaysia.
    I think the chinese had make a big mistake by joining UMNO under MCA.
    If they join PAP under Lee Kuan Yew,The Chinese are the leader and not the slave to UMNO.

  16. a very discliplined man10:46 am, December 12, 2012

    We do not have to agree or to disagree with each other.That is the reason we debate and argue,but in a civilised manner.We are not brought up to spew foul and obscene language.Your mamas will be ashamed and embarassed of your rude behaviour.

  17. Read your article and your opinions. It is gutter. You don't like the guy just don't vote him. Who are you to hit on the guy on the eve of elections? What have you done to fix the incredible nauseous BN problem other than hit Anwar? I am no anwaristas, but your attack on supposedly an insider? Jeez.



  18. my take is that deepak and musa hassan latest outburst is more of tun mahathir handiwork rather than anwar , in balance of probabilities. the 2 are giving pressure to premier najib to give in to a certain group on the election seats, but of course , it also help the opposition in the process. the political gambit is getting more sophisticated and the stakes is getting higher , but man can only plan but God predisposed. i only want to see malaysia in safe hands...............

  19. Anon of 10:41 AM, December 12, 2012, in the early to mid 50's there was no PAP or independent Singapore (or even Malaya, let alone Malaysia). UMNO, MCA and MIC got together under the leadership of TAR to present to the Brit colonial master that they collectively and cooperatively could rule the country as an independent state. Against this conservative and moderate alliance was the communist-suspected Barisan Socialist (or then its component parties). In a Cold War environment it was a no-brainer that TAR's Perikatan (Alliance) proposal won the day,

    To reiterate, there was no PAP, only a British crown colony of Singapore and British colonies of North Borneo and Sarawak, and a British protectorate of Brunei.

    6 years after the independence of Malaya (not Malaysia), TAR was persuaded by the Brits to merge with their SE Asian colonies (Sing, Sarawak, North Borneo) and protectorate Brunei to form a greater Malaysia, presumably as a British perceived state (with its British interests and holdings) to counter a hungry and ambitious communist-friendly Indonesia and a corrupt-ridden semi-failed state of Philippines.

    Just to take your argument to this point (for the formation of Malaysia), there was no option for Chinese Malayans to align themselves with PAP or Singapore. Why would they anyway? Afterall, the object of Malaysia was to merge all 4 states (including Brunei) and not to separate by ethnicity.

    It's all well and good to have the advantage of hindsight to bemoan the parlous state of Malaysian government today and 'missed opportunities' for the Chinese, but then, in the 50's and early 60's, such separation or secession by race was not raised. The Chinese were happy to be with TAR in Malaya and Malaysia. Many Chinese Malayans and Malaysians served in the Police (especially the SB and PFF) and the military (Navy, Air Force, Rangers infantry, Armour, Engineers, Signals etc).

    Just putting historical context to your lamentation.

  20. those cut-&-paste spams under the nick of sunwayopal have all done by monsterball because much as I deplore sunwayopal's rudeness in his comments, he is not as cheap and low class as that dirty obscene old man called monsterball (surname Goh), who is sick and delusional to pretend his nefarious work (in spamming and leaving obscene comments here) have been the work of several people but in actuality were all done by him alone.

    His sons have written to me to excuse their dad's mental sickness.

  21. JimmyK, this is my blog and I post what I want. Along your own argument of "You don't like the guy just don't vote him", you don't have to come and read my posts about my opinions of Anwar if you don't like them.

    Furthermore, my opinions are no more different nor worse than the posted opinions of PKR bloggers against BN personalities and at times even against DAP and PAS politicians. So please, no double standards for which you pro PKR people are notoriously known for.


  22. hey all of you......why not forget the past, mahathir ke,anwar ke, ku li ke , kit siang ke, karpal ke, nik aziz ke or haji hadi..in the coming election we choose the best candidates from all parties and kick out the bad ones...on individual basis and let the newly elected mp's form a national unity goverment and uphold the constitution for the good of every body under the malaysian sun................

  23. ellese is wronger than wrong.

    If we had followed the IMF prescription, by now, we would be a far better country.

    Countries by the way that foolowed the IMF precription include Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.

    U think any of these countries are worse off today than Malaysia ?

    Dr Mahathiu is a basket case corrupted to the core AND HEsacked DSAi and took over the Finnance Minsitry and basically stole all our funds using the crisis as an excuse.

    Seriously, name me one country that followed IMF precriptions that r worse off today than they were during the crisis.

    Thats the trouble with people, reading too much of ktemoc's idiotic crap has made their minds mush.cant even think.


  24. While Malaysia could be doing far better, as Sing, HK, Taiwan and Korea, it's miles ahead of Indonesia, which is significant because Indonesia has far more natural resources and 10 times the human-resource

    For an economic comparison, see http://www.nationmaster.com/compare/Indonesia/Malaysia/Economy

    On IMF, see http://www.globalexchange.org/resources/wbimf/oppose

  25. I welcome different opinions but not when it's laced with abuses and rude insults, so I have deleted the last comment even though it has interesting points.

  26. the gaffe guy who know's12:55 pm, December 12, 2012

    Kaytee,maybe you are starting to get confy and sloppy like dozer,Dollah.Soon,very near in the future,Indonesia,vietnam,Kampuchea and Myanmar will be speeding off,leaving Malaysia in their dusts.

  27. KTemoc said... "While Malaysia could be doing far better, as Sing, HK, Taiwan and Korea, it's miles ahead of Indonesia, which is significant because Indonesia has far more natural resources and 10 times the human-resource..."

    The website shows that Indonesia have better income distribution than Malaysia! (See Gini Index, and poorest/richest 10%). Also growth rate of Malaysia is lower.

    Looking at natural resources, Indonesia's gas and oil reserves are only 14% and 48% more than us. With our population being one-tenth of Indonesia's, we should have more wealth to spread around.

    It's unfair to compare GDP per capita without looking from the base figures before the crisis.

  28. Gaffe guy, don't worry, I'm not completely blind. I know that while Indon's corruption is slowing decreasing, ours are exponentially increasing. But my point was principally about IMF, which has been a USA tool for its commercial-economic interests - blame the socialist in me for distrusting the Yanks, wakakaka

  29. THe website cited by KT is interesting. http://www.nationmaster.com/compare/Indonesia/Malaysia/Economy

    See how much the filthy rich and the dirt poor earns as part of the economy. In Malaysia the richest 10% takes 38.4%, the poorest 10% merely 1.7%.

    You can play around with the countries to compare. Seems were are more unequal that countries like India, not to mention the advanced countries.

  30. See http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_inc_dis_ric_10-economy-income-distribution-richest-10

    Malaysia stands among the likes of Zimbabwe, El Salvador, Russia, Gambia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Cameroon, Venezuela (I thot Chavez's socialism is more effective than that) ... in terms of richest 10% share of the economy.

  31. And for the poorest 10%'s share of the economy, Malaysia is at ranking 87!


    despite our programs to help the poor, NEP, etc. Unbelievable!

  32. Today is 12th December 2012 or
    Wives and girlfriends want to celebrate and demand no foul words or commenting allowed.
    It is also the day, one Hindu God predicted it's end of the world.
    Women rules.

  33. So you got a problem to tell us what have u done? That is fine.

    I never claim Anwar went to jail for us, but fact is he were jailed due to selective prosecution, or worst, a plot. If this could happen to a DPM, then most probably it could happen to anyone, thus we fight for a cause, not any one person. And this person named Anwar chose to join us to fight for the same cause, Ini susah paham ka?

    If you did pay attention, I never said your post is of low quality, my response is not to you but that laughing xxx, however that doesn’t mean your article is not low quality, the fact is the quality of your post is of little concern to me. I merely commented on the subject raised in your post, unlike that laughing xxx.

    For your information I am not demanding any justification, I am asking you why the double standard when deleting comment, this is a pretty common question many bring up, u did the same regularly, or is it because you are one that make call in your blog thus you think everyone have to subject to your whim and fancy? And it is my choice to read/comment or not to read/comment what you have written/posted here in a public sphere, you can also choose to read/delete or not to read/delete my comment posted on your blog, of course the best option is to restrict your blog access to member only to make life easier for everyone since you can’t endure our criticism, otherwise, bear with us.

    Point is, look into the mirror.

  34. KTemoc says: Gaffe guy, don't worry, I'm not completely blind. I know that while Indon's corruption is slowing decreasing, ours are exponentially increasing.

    Not just you KT but a number of your readers make the assertion that corruption in Malaysia is worryingly high.

    There's a problem here. Is this merely a gut-level feeling/perception? Is the claim that there is a high level of corruption supported by verifiable evidence and hard data? If not then such a claim is no more than just uninformed personal opinion.

  35. HY, as the regulars here will be able to tell you, I used to be totally 101% tolerant and didn't delete any comments, abusive or otherwise, even those against me. The exceptions were when some comments were deemed highly libellous or those of a lese majeste nature.

    But I became aware of some people who couldn't handle responsibility and became terribly abusive.

    I'm not referring to monsterball who is just a sick old man fond of obscene vulgar words, with nothing to contribute. He's just useless and I usually ignore him other than to delete his obscene comments or his shameless spamming by impersonating others. I treat him as the mentally ill.

    But I refer specifically to sunwayopal who employed insults and abuses such as 'idiot', 'poofter', stupid' etc. After a while of tolerating him and his biadapness, I ask myself: should I as a host (tuan rumah) tolerate such a visitor to my "house" who come here to abuse me?

    Now, I strike out any I don't like and don't give a damn whether I have erase genuine challenging comments - just call it collateral damage, wakakaka.

  36. That Anwar is no angel - then and now - is quite settled. The grave injustice and beatings he suffered - at the diabolical hands of Mahathiu and his Chap Cheng Kia beh-khars - do not confer him with any more validity to lead this country as its PM any more than his intrinsic qualities do or do not. The bar-gur may very well be a serial predator of men and/or women. I don't bladi care. He presents me with the best opportunity of my lifetime to rid my chiu-hoo (country) of a wholly evil and corrupt regime that has plundered it bare to the very core of its existence. When the time comes, we will deal with Anwar as we have with his bloody farting predecessors. And if by that time I have gone back to my Thie-Kong, then Allah-willing my good Ai-Tam neighbour Ktemoc will do the deed.

  37. kt, i am fine if u delete each n every post from that oldman, i even requested hsu to ban him once because his intention is looking for quarrel and nothing else, i just have the opinion that the laughing xxx share the same trait, but no big deal anyway.

    the interesting thing is collateral damage could help justify lots of bad deed. see, u r guilty of what u accuse others la :)

  38. Re: Malaysia vis. Regional Economies.

    Where a country's economic momentum is heading is at least as important or more important than what is its current GDP or other present-day indicators.

    It is well known that Indonesia was one of the world's poorest countries, once categorised as an LDC - Least Developed Country, which has Bangladesh and Somalia as other members. It also had the dubious distinction being regarded as one of the most corrupt countries in Asia. Don't just dwell on the past, though.

    Indonesia is today considered one of the most exciting upcoming Asian economies outside of China and India. It is attracting large amounts of foreign investments, generating large numbers of jobs (still relatively low wages, but improving) and very importantly, those investments mainly generate jobs for their own citizens.

    The way they are playing hard-ball on indentured maids (that's what it really is) to Malaysia has two reasons. Other countries recruit their maids at higher wages than Malaysia. More importantly, the Indonesian economy has been generating millions of internal jobs

    The Indonesian government is also relatively frugal in expenditure, a product of their history as a very poor country.

    Corruption is still a serious issue, but they are making good inroads there.

    I think it may be a good idea for Ktemoc to set aside his personal antipathy towards Indonesia and pay a visit there to understand what the country is like circa 2012, not what it was in 2000.

    Contrast that to Malaysia, which is relatively well off, but stuck in economic doldrums. Many international analysts regard Malaysia a a middle-income economy with limited medium-term potential.
    The real transformations which are needed to move it to the next higher level are no-go areas for UMNO.
    The Malaysian government limits criminal prosecution against corruption to conventional bribery. A vast area of officially condoned , even policy-driven abuse of power for personal or political party benefit is largely ignored or not even recognised as a crime.

    The IMF-prescribed medicine of 1998 was a very bitter one indeed, and it was probably a good idea that Malaysia refused it. However, it also needs be recognised that the IMF medicine, though nasty, is grudgingly recognised by governments such as South Korea and Thailand as having helped to cure the life-threatening crisis that they faced, and South Korea, especially, is one of the world's most dynamic economies today.

    I am, by the way, an "Establishment" guy and I work for a GLC, so I'm not writing this to defend Anwar Ibrahim or anyone in PKR.

  39. Let's hear what former advisor to DrM says:


  40. CIMB guy said ... "The Malaysian government limits criminal prosecution against corruption to conventional bribery. A vast area of officially condoned , even policy-driven abuse of power for personal or political party benefit is largely ignored or not even recognised as a crime."

    The highest official prosecuted so far in Malaysia is the DPM, which most say is politically motivated.

    Bangladesh, Phillipines, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia have dragged to court their ex-PMs or presidents.

  41. Those who say IMF is right is either plain incompetent or simply malas membaca. Even IMF have moved beyond that and even acknowledged and approved capital control to stem hot money.

    Let's see how ridiculous what Anwar did. When an economy is in a recession, if a finance minister adopts a contraction policy like Anwar did, it will only aggravate the scenario. By raising interest, there will be less loans and more default as what had happen. People and business people will find there's less buying and consumers as there's less credit. It's a vicious cycle. Anwar bloody don't care what happen to the rakyat. He wanted us to suffer which we did. Bloody incompetent. We need to cut this vicious cycle.
    Now our problem at that time was not like Thailand. They had major misalignment. They use foreign debt for local projects and there's a mismatch in interest payments. It was more of hot money effect.
    Mahathir was brilliant. He did the unthinkable. Cut the source. Cut the vicious cyclical cycle, went for the expansionary policy in recession and restructured all our banks making them stronger. This is key.
    Before any Mahathir hater rant, let's compare what Mahathir did with what happen in the US or UK or any developed countries. When the recent crisis and rrecession hit the US, they did not follow the IMF way. They went for deficit contraction policy like Mahathir.they stop the so call market process of destruction by saving "too big to fail companies". They poured money to save their companies. (IMF supporters call this cronin companies at that time. They then adopted a restructuring method not dissimilar to mahathirs method to get rid of the toxic assets.
    Point is in recession US and Mahathir look at the nations interest first then the foreign creditors interest. We had at that time room for expansionary policy and we should have done it while restructuring our economy. In all developed countries this is what we should look for in times of crisis. The overall welfare of the people's economic condition. Anwar is a bloody fool in all account to follow IMF. This one size policy was severely criticized including Stieglitz Sachs krugman etc etc that they have abandoned this. It's pure stupidity and those still supporting it must get their brains checked out.
    As for those saying Indonesia is better economically, don't con us. I take you on with all independent statistics and tell you you're rubbish. Of course there are certain areas where they're better, but compare with others major stats as well lah. Don't pick and choose. And what many arm chair critic fail to stupidly recognize is that we have moved to domestic driven growth as opposed to export led growth. If we're still the latter we would be in recession as foreign demands had dropped drastically. The ETP in my mind was then brilliant in tackling this. Just compare other analyst report on this . But because of our stupid partisanship we don't want to recognize the contribution of Najib in changing our economic growth driver. We really have stupid blind partisan Malaysians.
    And sunny gopal let's do this. Rather than giving insensical unsupportable verbiage we argue based on source. Put your source and stats and I'll do the same. We go point by point and see whether my statement on Anwar is right or wrong.

    Let's start with points which I have mentioned. In case of recession, tell us why you prefer a contraction policy like Anwar did in following IMF? How does a contraction policy of increasing interest rate help us in a recession just like what IMF prescribed? Which countries now adopt such policy? You can quote Greece if you want but do tell us why they did that?
    I tell you upfront what I will show you. That Mahathir was not only right but brilliant. I will also quote jomo sundram Anwars economist on this but as a critic. Let's proceed.

  42. I have to add to my earlier comment. It's not sunny gopal but sunwayopal.

    On Monsterball he is a rubbish psycho. This guy has absolutely nothing upstairs. It's straightforward to handle him. He can't argue and articulate. Thus had to defend by personal name calling. Encountered him many times. With guys like him you ask him to start with the conclusion of his assertion. That is name calling. Just use his verbal abuse back to him. No need to think want.

    On KT commentary policy, its up to his discretion. My preference is that all comments be accepted. Contrarian views be welcomed. Purely verbal abuse and name calling should not be entertained. For me, I can accept verbal abuse as I will reply in kind. These people as I find out will realise how idiotic they are.my main issue are those who cannot accept contrarion views done civally but proclaimed to believe in freedom of media and expression. I've dedicated a blog to them: hakbersuara. Wordpress. Com. I get simply utterly annoyed with this hypocrisy.

  43. Ellese said...
    Anwar did in following IMF? How does a contraction policy of increasing interest rate help us in a recession just like what IMF prescribed? Which countries now adopt such policy? You can quote Greece if you want but do tell us why they did that?
    6:15 AM, December 13, 2012

    And by the way, why do u bring in Greece ? Greece of today is entirely different in circumstance to the asian financial crisis of 1998. Thailand , Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia were more or less in the same set of circumstances n problems in 1998 to 2000. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Just measure the economic performance of these countries from 1998/2000 to today 2012. Not ONE is underperforming Malaysia. All the nonsense about rakyat suffering etc etc etc , u would never know how the outcome might have been becoz Mahathiu stole the nation’s coffers, its all surmise in the end but we DO HAVE how Indonesia, Thailand n Korea turned out luckily as a comparison base!


  44. I had thought so. People like you will always divert. I told you Anwar was wrong. You defended his policy and condemn Mahathir.

    So let's go to the root. I repeat for the second time. Please justify why you want a contraction policy in times of recession?

    Just justify. I mention Greece if you want to raise as an example. If not no issue. So answer the above. Let's see how you justify Anwars contraction policy? I normally give at least three times to those who like to divert before I sum up. So answer the above Sunwayopal. Let's go on principles and the right steps and then we Kau Kau the players then. Amacam?

  45. I don’t think IMF is entirely wrong in their approach, there are thing they did right and thing they did wrong. Ellese is more factual base in offering his view, while KT fantastic reason of “distrusting the yanks” is as usual very “interesting” if not irrational.

    I am not sure if Mahathir approach were vastly vary with what IMF did in Korea and Thailand, we peg the ringgit while Korea and Thailand increase the interest rate to stabilize their currency, so basically the objective is the same. The main difference is Mahathir have the final say who goes bankrupt while Korea and Thailand have to leave the decision to a free market, thus from a political context, Mahathir is brilliant but from an economy angle, not really because there is no evidence the move to peg ringgit improve our growth in the long term, in fact not much structural reform being held and we continue with our familiar crony economy, that become a hinder to transform ourselves into a more dynamic system like what Korean did. My view is that Mahathir was not wrong, and his approach is more likely political motivated.

    I don’t know what was Anwar role in Asia financial crisis if we leave out politic.

    PS/ can either one of u take a step back and stop torturing the rest?

  46. Mahathir have to do the necessary and reject IMF during the crisis in order to save many companies from extinction. I remember there was magic in the way some companies turned around, UEM/Renong, MAS, KUB/Sime, MISC... If he had chosen IMF prescriptions, the business landscape will not be the same now, without those companies mentioned ...

  47. Come on everybody, Mahathir have to do the necessary and reject IMF during the crisis in order to save many companies from extinction. I remember there was magic in the way some companies turned around, UEM/Renong, MAS, KUB/Sime, MISC... If he had chosen IMF prescriptions, the business landscape will not be the same now, some of the big companies mentioned becoming extinct...

  48. Naji Transformasi plan ?
    How does RM 500 handouts transform the economy ?
    How does awarding Billion ringgit MRT projects to a company which has not built a single meter of railroad track transform the economy ? Ah , rumour has it the CEO plays golf with Naji. Ah, I understand !

    How does speed camera systems bought at 10x shelf price (I am reliably informed) transform the economy ?

    Many, many more penyelewengan.

    Rupa macam Deformasi lah, not Transformasi.

  49. During the Asian Crisis, Anwar welcomes IMF coz he said creative destruction is good.....all Mahathir's ( and Daim's )cronies will be be brought down and a new era will start with Anwar as the PM and he will build up his own set of cronies.

    Whether it is Mahathir or Anwar, it will always be Deformasi economy, and this is continued to this day by Najib.

  50. UMNO is beyond redemption, and cannot be reformed at all, whether from inside or outside.

    Najib have to give the excuse last week that he needs a mandate this coming GE so he can reform UMNO!

  51. Anwar as finance minister hiked up the interest rate. He was pushing for the so call IMF prescription. Mahathir cut the source and shock the world. It was brilliant. Even jomo thought it was good but timing a bit late. But jomo had never thought of the idea in the first place. Rubbish jomo.I Was his follower but this episode totally put me off.

    Now some people say Mahathir did this to save his cronies like renong Uem etc etc. in US they call these companies "too big to fail" and thus propped up Goldman Sachs AIG etc etc. at least Uem etc is in the same league as goldman Sachs AIG in This case. Jokes aside but these allegations fail or purposely denied the relief it brought to many of us. The housing loan interest went to double digit. Business loans too. To top it business was facing less demand. I benefitted. My friends too and so too many others. Our banks became stronger and then continued getting stronger. It's a very respectable job done by danamodal and danaharta. And for those full of hatred partisanship go and see the TARP similarity in the US.

    On this anonymous who again blinded by partisanship and refuse to see the truth of our current state of economy, if PR fails or stop to carry out the ETP, I suggest all should abandon PR. We need domestic growth engine to face the current world economic crisis. PR offered no concrete economic plan. Rubbish in fact. Why not this?. We go through the buku jingga bible. Then I'll tell you why ETP is so much superior in improving our quality of life. Amacam?

  52. if one cannot learn to be civil and continues to be rude and abusive, one will find one's comments, no matter how relevant or interesting, deleted.

    Up to one!

  53. Dear KT,

    I just find those supporting IMF appalling and tell them straight in their face. I cannot understand why people still think contraction policy in an economic recession is the right way. And especially when IMF US UK etc etc use keneysians budget deficit to overcome recession. I've had too many encounter on this in the past and I find that after explaining and providing source to explain, they simply refuse to accept out of spite. This is wrong. And thus to me there's no way to tell this except point blank in the face counter argument.
    The issue is simple putting politics aside. In a recession a country is well justified to use expansionary policy to protect its interest and economy. There is so call creative destruction method but we must always put our people ahead of other people. International conduct has always been on this premise. Of course some will accuse crony capitalism, but the policy is wide ranging affecting the whole economy. Of course also these so call crony companies benefit but the policy must not be selective. And in this as I have repeated many times the US suddenly called it too big to fail companies. If it doesn't involved US its called crony capitalism but if US its called a positive name. We all see this hypocrisy. But I cannot understand why some of us will clingingly support such stand to our overall detriment. I don't mind discussing civilly further. But I have found most who argued simply want to abuse Mahathir and not argue on substance. I've decided to write the opposite so that they don't think they have the whole truth. Thian issue can be rationalized but we must leave out partisanship. A right or wrong cannot be dependent on who commits the act. It's grossly unfair.

  54. ok lar then, instead of asking me to explain why dont u explain why countries that DID take the IMF medicine and loans such as Korea, Thailand and Indonesia have succeeded ?

    according to u Mahatiurists, IMF is the source of all evil isnt it ?


  55. Hi Ellese,

    I think i need to clarify my stance though your reply may not be a direct rebuttal to what i have written. I agree with you wrt contraction policy in an economic recession is not the way, however the initial stage of the Asian crisis have everything to do with the devalue of currency and thus the hike of interest rate have it merit. Major diff is Malaysia financial strength is relatively healthy as compare to the rest and perhaps we need not adopt the exact IMF prescription. I believe the major criticism toward IMF is their very rigid ways of providing solution.

  56. Dear KT

    I will still be civil. But hope you delete the abusive comments above to be consistent.

    Dear HY,

    In general I can agree. You are right that our economy is much stronger than the Thais or indonesia. In order to avoid this Anwar believed in IMF that you need to increase the interest rate which he did. But as a result it weakens further economy and our currency went down deeper. We had to cut out the vicious cycle. The capital control as krugman pointed out was the answer. IMF prescribed the wrong medicine to the wrong symptoms. They were looking after foreign creditors interest. Now they're smarter and recognized that as a measure to stem hot money, capital control is acceptable.Mahathir was right after all.

    On Sunwayopal, I will reply point blank why your statement that Indonesia and Thailand are better than us as wrong. But before that you put your position. No change goal post or diverting issues.I repeat:

    Are you now saying that in economic recession, the contraction policy is wrong? If so do you now admit Anwar was either ignorant or incompetent to push for IMF contraction policy? By the same token Mahathir was right to pursue the expansionary policy?

    You don't get away easily with me. This is my third question asking the same point.

    Further you are abusing Mahathir simply because you think that by doing so it makes your argument valid. This is childish. I will refrain for now. I tell you that I will respond in kind by resorting to name calling of all pr leaders if you want. I suggest you write civilly. If KT allows and publishes your comment, I will then write with the same abusive manner.

    Now answer the question. In the process I will give the answer to your false question. Just because you don't know doesn't mean it's right. You must get out of this useless partisan mindset. It only harms PR. If PR have many people like you there is an absolute certainty PR will bring our country to destruction. Marilah kita selamatkan Malaysia.

  57. Ellese is very fond to brag and looking for arguments.
    sunwayopal is smart enough not to be lured to argue with HIM.
    Say it and ignore HIM.

  58. Hua Yong has a point in the arguments above that Mahathir's choice is also partly for political reasons. I remember during that time that when everybody has to take a haircut, certain "too-big-to-fail" entities got better deals. There was one (can't remember which) who got full face value for its NPLs. And the strange MAS saga which is still reverberating until recently. Maybe our "too-big-to-fail"s are different from the US in that ours are linked to political parties through proxies (Tajudin Ramli, Halim Saad)?

  59. Hua Yong has a point in the arguments above that Mahathir's choice is also partly for political reasons. I remember during that time that when everybody has to take a haircut, certain "too-big-to-fail" entities got better deals. There was one (can't remember which) who got full face value for its NPLs. And the strange MAS saga which is still reverberating until recently. Maybe our "too-big-to-fail"s are different from the US in that ours are linked to political parties through proxies (Tajudin Ramli, Halim Saad)?

    Also HY was right that Malaysia is in a better position. And helped by the abundant natural resources shared by a small population (less man more share) we can absorb better the big losses. Remember how Bank Bumi was helped by Petronas in the 80's (heinous crime, but no criminals - DrM) before it went extinct?

  60. It is sad that we will never learn due to our prejudice. Two issues we must not forget. One in recession contraction policy is not the answer. We must cut the vicious cycle first. Two, in times when the market is a self propelling prophesy and not based on fundamentals, capital control is a policy option.
    International economist including IMF current DG will always note Malaysia and Mahathir as a tremendous economic example in overcoming a crisis. It is the world test case that currency control can work. Mahathirs subsequent banking reform was examplary and the social costs was not severe. It was never a case of economic fundamental alignment in the first case.It was brilliant to many on how to put nation and people's interest first. It's unfortunate some are blind by this coz until we learn from this lesson, we will repeat the same typical mistake that Anwar did. It's sad that people twist facts just to deny this extremely courages act. No one in Malaysia nor for that matter in the world had the guts of Mahathir. As IMF director said "were ahead of the curve".