Thursday, December 13, 2012

Political snippets (15)

TMI - HK’s ICAC gags future talk on RM40m Sabah Umno case

Hong Kong graftbusters have cautioned Malaysia’s opposition leaders against publicising any future developments in the RM40 million Sabah Umno case, warning that compromising confidentiality could jeopardise their probe as well as the safety of those involved.

In keeping with their own secrecy rule, officials from the renowned Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) also refused at their meeting with PKR yesterday to confirm or deny if they planned to reopen the controversial case, which has been linked to Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman.

Spoilsports! Aren't those Hongkies aware that the Malaysian 13th general election is just around the corner, and hopeful exposure of alleged scandals (true or otherwise*) are de rigueur in our Malaysian pre-election campaign (state or party)?

* eg. 
(a) 50 dalils mengapa Anwar Ibrahim ...,

(b) Altantuyaa's commission jumping from 500,000 to 540 millions,

(c) Burmaa Oyunchimeg's statement to reporters (MKINI's Soon Li Tsin) that she had seen Altantuyaa with Razak Baginda and a Malaysian government officer, gradually with that officer over time and re-telling taking shape into Najib, with even a photoshop picture subsequently provided by reknown Malaysian artist Tian Chua, wakakaka

(d) Zaid Ibrahim's yamseng-kuda hobbies provided by, as alleged by RPK, Azmin Ali to UMNO, wakakaka

(e) Razaleigh's hat with a crucifix symbol, and

(f) Deepak and Musa joining in the pre GE-13 story-telling

But despite the ICAC’s secrecy the PKR strategy director insisted that yesterday’s meeting had been fruitful adding that the agency’s advice to keep things secret could only mean that it views the matter seriously.

He said PKR agreed to proceed in cloak-and-dagger fashion to respect the ICAC’s processes and to ensure that should the agency decide to reopen its books on the case their public statements would not ruin its investigation.

… following which, the TMI report provides lots and lots of details related to the documents PKR has provided to the HK ICAC, wakakaka.

Wait wait, there's more, wakakaka.

Yesterday Rafizi along with four other PKR leaders flew to Taiwan (wakakaka) Hong Kong to submit 'new evidence' related to Musa's alleged logging commission to Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

The evidence was also submitted to James To, a Hong Kong legislative council member who is also the vice-chairperson of the council's security panel, the supervisory body for ICAC.

Rafizi said: "The meeting with To was fruitful ...
To told the delegation that there is a high possibility that Musa can be charged for money laundering as the related laws in Hong Kong are stricter compared with other countries."

Wonderful isn't it, for Rafizi to let us know there is a high possibility that Musa can be charged for money laundering, after he (Rafizi) has said (see above TMI extracts) that ...  PKR agreed to proceed in cloak-and-dagger fashion to respect the ICAC’s processes and ... 

Dear dear Rafizi, the very epitome of honour and discretion.

Hah, afterall it's pre GE-13 campaigning lah and f* the HK ICAC process requirements.

By the by, a side story - HK was once a hive of utter corruption where for example, if you were unfortunate enough to have your house on fire, the local firemen would negotiate a sum with you before they would commence hosing the fire off your house, wakakaka - best in Chinese capitalism of 'user pay' basis but totally negotiable ;-).

Then the HK authorities decided they had enough of the corrupt practice and to form an ICAC modelled after the (then) highly reputable Malaysian ACA (under Justice Hashim).

Today, look at them and their effectiveness and credibility, and look at us (Oh, how the mighty have fallen ...), though it has to be said that ours can kow-tim lives mysteriously (Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani).


I'm sure (and also glad for him) he was not interviewed at the 14th floor.


Now, I don't want any smart-ass salacious remarks. All I want to say is I am so very happy with Deepak for asserting Anwar has not been involved …

… just in the same way that Americk Singh Sidhu (Balasubramaniam Perumal's lawyer) had asserted in the Balasubramaniam Perumal's SD case that Anwar was also not involved.

That Anwar mysteriously appeared to spearhead the press conference to inform the world of Bala's SD allegations should not be questioned - if anyone does that (like kaytee) he/she is undoubtedly a BN mole or paid writer, wakakaka.

Americk Singh was able to assure us of Anwar's non-involvement despite his revelation he was not in communication with Anwar or PKR people.

In my post Will 'neutrality' of Mr 'Neutral' be neutralised? Americk Singh Sidhu said “… Anwar had nothing to do with the release of the first SD except to deliver a speech prior to the press conference at the PKR headquarters last July. I have had no communication with Anwar at all, and neither has he or any PKR member tried to contact me.”

Amazing (that he was so certain of Anwar's non-involvement despite not being in communication with Anwar)!

Americk Singh also stated "Any reasonable person would draw the conclusion that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is somehow linked to the disappearance of P Balasubramaniam"

… though that Bala bloke spoilt his 'disappearance' by popping up every now and then.

Bala himself had previously revealed he has re-entered (and thus left) Malaysia on more than a few occasions, somewhat contradicting his recent complaint that until MACC investigate into his SD, he can't come back to Malaysia.

What then would be his motive for publicly pressuring MACC to re-open his case?

But anyway, thank God for conscionable people like Deepak and Americk Singh Sidhu.

And more praiseworthy has been Deepak’s preparedness to spend his own money to print thousands of the 26-page booklets on Rosmah's involvement in the Altantuyaa tragedy for distribution.

I salute Deepak’s amazing sacrifice.


Cabinet today reaffirmed the joint statement made by four of its members on Monday that Lynas Corporation is bound by its one temporary operating licence (TOL) issued to Lynas remove the residue generated by its rare earths refinery out of Malaysia.

However, this clearly contradicts what Lynas Corporation executive chairperson Nicholas Curtis told the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

He claimed that there was no such provision but the company would still be voluntarily shipping the residue, in form of safe recycled products, to allay safety fears in Malaysia.

Curtis had spoken just a day after the four ministers, whose portfolios are directly related to the project, had assured on Monday that the residue or materials derived from the residue would be shipped abroad, as part of the TOL agreement. [...]

However, the four did not address the Wall Street Journal report, which clearly contradicts them.

The TOL is not a public document and it has become increasingly clear that both Putrajaya and Lynas Corporation interprets the document differently. 

Just a pre GE-13 sandiwara-ish damage control by the 4 stooges. Different song will be sung after.

And why isn't the TOL a public document? What's there to hide?


  1. "Yesterday Rafizi along with four other PKR leaders flew to Taiwan (wakakaka) Hong Kong ..."

    Can't resist a swipe on the 916 incident, can you?

  2. A deformasi foray or hopalong

  3. KT, you deleted some comments that are legitimate and are neither abusive nor rude. They are only criticizing your line of argument.

  4. Let's see how fast MACC will act on Chua Jr's report this time (like TBH's case, or NFC's case).

  5. Not until HK ICAC hit the political wall. The illegal property extension case is so obvious; ICAC just play as "corruption clearing house" like Bolehland. ROFL.

  6. the toothless fella7:41 am, December 14, 2012

    Tee Yong,you meant the son of porn star president CSL.This boy is still very wet behind the ears.He will need his daddy to help him wander through the porn littered streete of politics.Everytime this boy opens his mouth is like gas coming from under his panties.

  7. I really don't care who is behind Deepak's accusations but I am concerned that such serious accusations have been hurled at the man holding the highest office in Malaysia and no police or macc seem interested to investigate . After all , they took so much pains to investigate and create the sandiwara in sodomy 1 and 2 even though it involved a supposed crime which most will consider less serious than what najib has been accused of. Having said that , I don't believe anwar or anyone from Pakatan are involved in Deepak's accusations. If so Deepak's would have been C4ed long time ago . The person behind Deepak's immunity must be someone powerful within UMNO itself . Probably a retired maha firaun who still doesn't know he is supposed to have retired maybe ?

  8. Jeyan, fully agree with you that the police should conduct investigation. However, I disagree with you that Deepak would have been C4-ed if this backer was someone not in UMNO.

    The cleverness of the 'surat-layang-ish' scheme is the same for the Balasubramnaiam SD case, which has been to make their SD or revelations VERY VERY VERY public.

    Now, assuming Deepak or Bala is dead tomorrow, even if by genuine heart attack or a road accident, guess who will be the chief suspect? Thus, Deepak is very safe as Bala has been.

    I doubt it's someone in UMNO because the time available for intra-UMNO Machiavellian back-stabbing and bad-mouthing is just not there as GE-13 is just around the corner. If someone in UMNO is behind all the Deepak and Bala allegations, it would be cutting his own nose to spite his face.

    Besides there have been some indications that there have been communications between the two 'heroes' and PKR people, to wit, Sivarasa in both cases. While these connections by themselves cannot be considered as evidence of complicity, they also cannot be easily dismissed away.

  9. y must be someone at behind? who is behind anwar and mahathir? both of them are/were against govt/umno so y one cant do this at his own free will?

    i think some of u read too much into thing or read too much mt/rpk, the suspense fiction website that provide good entertainment and pleasure reading.

  10. Here is a brand new snippet for you:

    Utusan Melayu, touted by Shahrizat as being with God, was declared by High Court today as “by all accounts mischievous” practising “reckless journalism”, in the suit by Karpal for defamation.

    Perhaps we can relegate Utusan as "rubbish" like one commentator used for TMI, Mkini etc.

  11. Of the people I've talked to, those who consider that Anwar Ibrahim or PKR are the instigators behind Musang Hassan and Deepak's "revelations" tend to be those who already hold highly negative views of Anwar and PKR - and hardly need any evidence to jump to the conclusion.

    That Anwar and PKR are making hay while the sun shines is obvious, but that's not the same as they being the instigators or organisers behind Musang and Deepak

    Musang Hassan and Deepak have no prior history of any connections to PKR, and to the contrary, they have a long record of acting highly prejudicial to the opposition.

    Apart from self-interest and self-preservation, the most likely instigators are from people within UMNO itself.
    Its the same with the people, whoever they are, who have been feeding very detailed information to Rafizi on Cow-Gate and Aman-Gate.

  12. Just wanted to add I'm the one who posted "Anonymous" 12:22 pm.
    Forgot to put my Nick on . Sorry.

  13. no worries, Anons are okay, but I draw a line against those even with nicks but who include in their comments immature insults like 'idiot', 'stupid', 'poofter' etc. I'm not going to tolerate those anymore