Friday, March 12, 2010

The truth about Ibrahim Ali

Recently in Facebook I commented on a friend’s posting about Ibrahim Ali stating he wasn’t a racist – see Malaysiakini’s Ibrahim Ali: I'm not racist!

I was probably the only one who said that I believe him, but that would then make him a hypocrite to his Perkasa followers and supporters, and an opportunistic exploiter of politics to get him where he wanted to go, back into UMNO.

Remember Ibrahim Ali was the one who warned the Malays that the Chinese would take over running the country after the next election – see The Malaysian Insider’s
Chinese will take over in the next election, warns Perkasa.

Of course Ibrahim Ali’s assertion on the surface appeared stupidly moronic but Ibrahim is not stupid – he was merely playing to the heartland’s right wing gallery, scare-mongering to arouse their inherent prejudice and ire and of course win their support.

Alas, no matter how outrageous and preposterous his allegations against the Chinese might have been, there would always be a willing captive audience.

Whether Ibrahim Ali is acting on his own as Malaysia’s Pauline Hanson wakakaka or on behalf of someone is the question many are wondering.

But Today Malaysiakini proved me correct by publishing
Ibrahim Ali laughs off link to Vincent Tan where it reported our dear famous RPK revealing Ibrahim Ali sitting on the board of director in Dunham-Bush Malaysia, a company once owned by Tan.

As I said, Ibrahim Ali is just an opportunistic hypocrite, especially to his own followers and supporters.

Incidentally I blogged on this sort of politicians' behaviour before, on 23 September 2009, in
Malaysian prejudice where I said:

You know, talking about pollies (that’s ‘politicians’) I had written on what one of my uncles told me about a then-young Najib.

Once Unc overheard Najib making some sort of off-handed apology to his non-UMNO BN colleagues about the unavoidable necessity of him as Head of UMNO Youth using harsh and aggressive (meaning ‘racist’) remarks, particularly at a time when the Youth Wing was having its wing elections.

It reminded me of an old Chinese kungfu movie, where the forces of two warlords were engaged in a violent battle. While the warriors were fighting each other in mortal combat to the death, the two ar$eh*le$ warlords were partying together, dining, yamseng-ing, joking, laughing, and womanizing in a private cozy retreat.

Yes, they weren't unlike pollies.

Don’t think for a moment that Najib and Anwar Ibrahim won’t do what the two movie warlords did (okay, perhaps minus the yamseng-ing and womanizing) because that’s politics, the art of the possible.

And believe it or not, that actually has happened, yes, Najib and Anwar had met, well at least the meeting minus the joviality, frolicking and feasting - wakakaka.

Pollies would not hesitate to bersandiwara (indulge in theatrics) if such sandiwara, even making racist comments, allows them to achieve their political objective.

Of course it’s bloody unethical (and I don’t condone it) but apart from not being able to do anything, I console myself that it's a political sandiwara, though of course should that get out of hand, alas, Malaysian blood would tragically flow.

But what worries me far far far more than pollies making (politically motivated) bigoted comments, would be a well-educated man, who supposedly isn’t about to become a pollie, but who makes uninformed, unfair and unhelpful remarks about one ethnic group, probably right straight from his prejudiced heart – see my earlier post
Bakri Musa confused about Confucianism.

Well, that’s Ibrahim Ali, a man who once told all and sundry that
Old men still wanna have fun and that “… there would be fewer marital problems and a lower divorce rate if Muslim women were taught to accept polygamy.”

I had blogged on his ‘preferences’ in Ibrahim Ali said 50-year old women no longer fun – I just wonder whether he likes sub-50 Chinese women wakakaka!


  1. Wa, KT, you are also jumping into the bandwagon on lambasting Ibrahim Ali.
    Almost every blog has something about him.
    I can see him swaggering that he's a man about town.
    Don't kaypohlah.
    Ibrahim Ali is just a two-bit player.
    Not worth raking your brain.

  2. The racist taunt by Yang Bangsat IA should be investigated. They are surely seditious and brewing hatred among Malaysians of various races.

    Some less brainy guys would be easily drawn into gathering the message of hates and turn them into real physical outburst. There is a great possibility that the Hammer Man from Muar was instagated by the message of hate propagated by Yang Bangsat IA !!!

  3. In short , the bugger is just a selfish opportunistic hypocrite.

  4. 'Chinese will take over ....!'
    YES ! he is afraid & jealous of ONE
    muslim Chinese RT to take over !!

  5. at least ,he is open .compare to the racist chinese in this country,who lives in denial that they are racist.

  6. Ibrahim Ali is not interested in the truth.

    He wants to become the next Pauline Hanson!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  7. if and when pauline hanson marries ibrahim ali, their possible names;

    pauline ali
    ibrahim hanson


  8. If Chinese have overtaken like in Singkapore, why Malays there do not become refugees and come to malaysia?

  9. When UMNO malays openly talk, it is okay but when other races mentioned about, they say why question their special rights, sultans, religion and other jests? BTW, it is special position and not previleges.

  10. Say what....Singapore malays can go to USA without applying for US Visa

    Abdullah Badawi, a Malaysia Malay need to take off his shoe to go through US Custom. He was PM of Malaysia.

    Ah so