Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kulim Wonder gave bird to PKR disciplinary board

Malaysiakini reported that Zul walks out of PKR disciplinary board in protest of the presence of non-Muslims on the panel.

The Kulim Wonder insisted on a PKR disciplinary panel comprising only Muslims. He refused to recognise the authority of the party’s disciplinary panel made up of one Muslim, two Christians and one Hindu (what, no Buddhist, Confucianist or Taoist wakakaka).

Maybe he wants a panel made up of Ridhuan Tee, Ibrahim Ali, Dr Hassan Ali, Mufti Harussani Zakaria and Nasir Safra? wakakaka

Or maybe bloke still thinks he is in PAS.

WAIT! He is in PAS.

I read somewhere that he is still a PAS member, and claimed to have stood under a PKR banner only because Anwar Ibrahim personally invited him to do so (but neglected to inform us that PAS didn’t nominate him wakakaka).

Anwar has been great to invite his personal mates like the Kulim Wonder (a PAS member) and Loh Gwo Burne to stand as PKR’s candidates in federal constituencies.

Well, the recalcitrance, revolt and rejection of PKR’s disciplinary panel by the bloke can be said to be a making of Anwar Ibrahim. So … what is Anwar going to do about this defiantly insubordinate Kulim Wonder?


  1. one African muslim has scolded him !

  2. I think Zogivefree bugger is a nut , every time hearing voices in his idiotic brain "Islam under threat Islam under threat" ;" Muslims oppressed Muslims oppressed" ; "jihad now jihad now" ,better for the bugger to resign as MP and go to Afghanistan or Irag to fight along the Talibans..

  3. Ktemoc,
    Leave Gwo but charging towards Wee Wee....He seems to be pressing the wrong buttons all these while.
    I can bet that Wee Wee would leave after Zul. By the way, Azizan has already hinted clearly that Zul should leave.

    Zul wanna be sacked. However, we need to sack Zul with Shame! Perhaps, we can dig up some dirt on Zul, Shame the devil

  4. Kulim Wonder gave bird to PKR

    Gave? It show be "Kulim Wonder showed bird to PKR", as that bugger shoved his middle finger into the faces of the PKR disciplinary board members.

    Luckily his middle finger missed Saiful's backdoor, or else he would find himself in court over Sodomee III, even though there is no dna in Saiful's rectum

  5. Prince Principle1:23 pm, March 07, 2010

    Zulkifli Noordin is not a PAS member but a confirmed PKR member since end of 2007.

    For evidence, see this video where PKR Secretary General Saifuddin Nasution mentions Zul Noordin's membership number, etc.

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