Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gerakan hopes to snatch a new breath of life

If you read Malaysiakini’s news headlines 'No local elections': Gerakan, Pakatan tick off PM you would be startled and perhaps even mildly pleased to think that someone in the Gerakan Party (my matey Hsu Dar Ren excepted) has suddenly discovered where he left his gonads and backbone since 1990 when Koh Tsu Koon became the Island CM.

But on reading the news article more carefully I realize Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang was more grovelling to the PM than ticking him off wakakaka.

Dear Tan said while he understands
the premier's concern (how sweet) that such elections would lead to too much 'politicking', the “advantages of local government elections outweigh its rejection”.

“I hope that our prime minister would reconsider to allow local government elections in Pakatan states.”

Good boy (pat on head) – wakakaka!

But wait, why only Pakatan governed States?

A Malaysiakini letter writer by the handle of ‘Mike’ in wishing Good luck to Tan Keng Liang of Gerakan went about ‘justifying’ Tan’s selective proposal in begging the PM to have local council elections in Pakatan states.

Dear Mike wrote so endearingly of Tan: That's a smart politician and I don't find many these days. But again, I believe he is risking his political career in Gerakan for the sake of democracy.

Going against PM is not a wise idea for Gerakan leaders! So good luck to Tan Keng Liang of Gerakan.

Wow, we have a hero in Gerakan Party wakakaka!

The more likely story is the Gerakan, a totally spent political force without a role anymore other than for its party president to carry a briefcase for Idris Jala wakakaka, hopes to snatch a few breaths of political life by winning a few seats in the local Penang (and perhaps Selangor) councils elections.

Buit Tan lacks the courage to call for the third tier local elections as a norm throughout Malaysia. Instead he tiptoes delicately through the UMNO briar bush by timidly limiting his so-called derring-do wakakaka to only Pakatan States.

But then he's from the Gerakan Party wakakaka.


  1. Bro,
    my search at google bring me some story about Tan Keng Liang. He got more than 2 million hits in the search.
    First thing I see is "Auditor General Must Explain Missing Jets.
    Second thing I see is "UMNO must listen views of other BN component before deciding who is to be PM".
    Next page I see "Ensure Transparent eracdication of corruption".

    I think this person is one of those upcoming politicians in Gerakan. Just a thought of mine.
    Anyway, he is from Kedah. And not Penang.

  2. I am curious. Are umno and the bn fund are in the midst of financial crisis?

    Gerakan is giving a hint that they are short of support(I mean $) to feed all the mouth. Otherwise he won't rush to grab a meager chance that let them gain some ground. I just read some news that umno already replace some mca "bn region representative" with umno rep. If the "wealth distribution" are even,that are not suppose to happens

  3. Hold your applause...for a long period of time, i'm afraid. Tan is not really that brave after all, calling for local council elections only for PR states. If he wants to make us think that he is a real warrior, then call for local council elections in the whole country.

    sri hartamas

  4. at least Tan Keng Liang from Gerakan able to stand firmly on this issue. At least start the local election at PR states first.....better than nothing.

  5. quote "at least Tan Keng Liang from Gerakan able to stand firmly on this issue" unquote

    Hang on a tic', it's not Tan who has proposed the resumption of local elections - just to remind everyone, it's Lim Guan Eng of the DAP.

    If Lim had not raised the issue, Tan Keng Liang would have been as quiet as a ... er ... [what's more quiet than a mouse?] ... of course ... Koh Tsu Koon wakakaka

  6. Gerakan should order 1 of its 2 MPs to resign, and then allow Tan Keng Liang to contest there--- if he wins, then Tan Keng Liang has proven his mettle.

  7. Yes, would be interesting to see Tan Keng Liang contesting as MP. Then we see whether people support his stand or not.

  8. Ktemoc,
    sure, it is not Tan Keng Liang who started the issue. But at least he supported the idea and stand firmly on it, even going against his boss and PM.
    That is the type of leader people are looking. Firm on principles.

  9. bb, sure would be interesting to see this Tan Keng Liang contest as MP. Question is.....is he going to contest under BN ticket or not? He sounds more like opposition to me.

  10. KTemoc: This is unrelated to your topic, but it seems so important I feel it really deserves a wider audience. And besides, it might provide the lead-in to a new topic you may want to write about.

    So, allow me to point to the blog sakmongkol.blogspot.com which has some really profound things to say concerning the New Economic Model (NEM) and the Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa movement.


  11. What to say?

    Your matey Hsu Dar Ren is a running dog.

    I told him that, in his blog and he was steamy hot. He denied that he is a running dog, but then, everything Hsu has done is what a running dog would do.

  12. Why single out Dr Hsu, everyone in Gelakan is a running dog. Look what KTKoon has become nowadays, Mohidin's water boy.

  13. there is still some good fella in gerakan such as Tan Keng Liang.
    I don't really know what his intention....but to come out openly against PM, I think he defintely got the balls. And a quality future leader.

  14. Ah...if Tan keng liang is so good, then put him to contest as MP. See whether people accept him or not. People sure reject him and all other gerakan people.

  15. Guys,
    I don't think Tan Keng Liang is a nice. Not even a hero. He's just a politician. Frankly, it's beneficial to Gerakan especially him personally. You see Gerakan & MCA in Kedah just as UMNO in Penang painting bad picture of PAS led Kedah government being Anti Chinese government. Read Tan Keng Liang's blog carefully, you would know the truth
    Having said that I have to agree in Dr Raffick that LGE is clamouring the local government election in "bad faith"
    As the supporter of "Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister" series, Local government has been a bad kneel to all politicians.
    The question is bring back Local Government Election would make councillors be more accountable to the people.

    Hey People,
    Stop there! I am not implying that I do not support Local Government Election. I fully support DAP's idea of bringing back the 3 votes.
    However, just as Yusmadi is saying, we need to have a thorough study. Better focus on taking over the federal government first. Then we talk.
    Frankly, first task is to give more power back to the state governments. Take note Malaysia is a federal state, made up of sovereign states such as Perak & Penang
    The way I see it in Penang is that Local Government would wield far greater power than the State. Especially in terms of revenue. Not really a good idea & something Chow Kon Yeow (Possibly the next Penang Chief Minister) would have to think about

    I have far radical ideas. For states such as Penang, Perlis & Malacca, abolish all town councils. Transfer all powers to the state (Not Federal). Let Aduns run mini town councils.
    Singapore's method is the best for these states. Reorganise Resident Association to the one mirrors in Singapore......

    Citizen Consultative Comittee & Residence Consultative Commitee. RCC is a subset of CCC. The chairman of CCC is none other than the Adun.

    Lim Guan Eng can emulate the ever consicientious Lee Hsien Loong down south.....Introducing this ideas

    When time is right, just as Goh Chok Tong down south has done, reintroduce mayor system in the newly formed zone. Not the like one Penang is having.......

    What say you, Ktemoc?

  16. looes74, the Singapore example of government is not necessarily a good model to apply in Malaysia - different environment, different ethnic mix, different levels of government, etc.

    Besides, we are better looking wakakaka!

  17. loose74,
    PAS is just terrible in Kedah (from what I hear from my friends).
    I don't think there is anything wrong for Tan Keng Liang to condemn PAS there, especially the Bumi Quota issue. From what I heard, it is because of him, Pakatan remove the increase of bumi quota in Kedah.
    As normal citizen (non-bumi), we should be thankful on that.

  18. Perceptions, brother....Perceptions! Anyway, That Gerakan's joker only know how to complain but not offering a better solution.

    Worst still, I am not sure how Gerakan gonna push UMNO to change its ways. After all, isn't it UMNO who ask Gerakan to get out of Penang BN chairmanship.

    As for the Bumi Quota issue, heard of Singapore's ethnic enforcement programme in new HDB estate.....The rule there is that you must have 70% chinese & 12% malays. Any complain so far.....None.....Why? It boils down to Perception

    Hang on there. That does not mean I am supportive of the 50% quota thingy. However, based on the PAS led government, it's still acceptable provided that state government handle them properly. And now the plan was put aside (Not because of Tan Keng Liang).....That means it's still 30% Quota for the melayus
    But then, we should ask Mr Tan Keng Liang this question. What good can Gerakan offer? Besides Shouting......We need to shout as well as to provide solutions.

    Study Singapore's plan carefully first before shooting......It involves

    1) Reorganisation of RA & JKKK into something CCC/RCC type

    2) Aduns assuming the role of "mayor" for small town.

    3) Under Adun, you have committes such as those meant for Town Projects.

    4) 6 to 12 Aduns can form the commitee under Kon Yeow for Local government.

    Sure better than Council of Elder, which is now defunct

  19. if not for Tan Keng Liang, the 50% bumi quota still would be there.
    DAP and PKR keep quite all the time. Last time, I read a news he even pressure Lim Kit Siang (i think was Star).

    Don't condemn him just because he is from Gerakan. See what they say first.
    I think Tan is giving ideas and logis reasonings. He don't simply shout like most BN or even PR people.
    If you say he is a typical politician who are oppurtunist, he would not openly fight the PM on the local council election issue.
    Just my view.

  20. All those party leaders who dictate that their son should be given roles in the party when they leave or make it conditions for their departure from politics are actually giving a kiss of death to their parties. This will not emerge immediately but over time.Ramalx

  21. My guts tell me that Tan Keng Liang is one of those future malaysian politicians who will stand for the people. But I am not sure whether Gerakan is the right platform for him. Or whether Gerakan will last even next few years???

  22. Spare me! Tell you what! Ong Eng Guan is far better than these goons

    He setup his own party called United Peoples' Party in Singapore.