Sunday, March 14, 2010

Malaysian Double Standards

Utusan can, China Press cannot.

Perak Mufti could send mob to church, Hindraf couldn't lead rally to British Hi-Comm.

Cow head mob could, candlelight vigil couldn't.

Raja of Bali can, Zakaria Deros could also... [so far no one on opposite side, but anyway cannot lah - even RM2,000 of legal expenditure would be comprehensively investigated by MACC ].

3 women could be caned for illicit bonking; no need for someone in Malacca [on top of that, Lim GE had to go to jail for daring to criticise a pariah's statutory rape of an underage Malay girl]

Perak Sultan could ignore advice of MB Nizar; Agong couldn't those of PM Dr Mahathir.

Punjabis in Police can wear their turbans without appearing non-standard in a parade but Chinese and Indian women officers cannot avoid wearing Muslim head-gear to appear uniformed in dressing.

Kartika can be caned for drinking alcohol but someone won't be, even for pinching a hostess' bum - dapat plum posting juga.


  1. aiya, all these are distractions lah.

    meantime, the Hisha brothers have gotten hold of monopoly for security stickers for cigs. Oh, also a stake in Duke highway. Whats next Hisha? Surely, they are smart businessmen and this is for Agama, Bangsa and Negara, no?

  2. hey chinaman! ,leave hindraf and the indians out of your rant!.when comes to double standard ,the chinese are kings!.well,the umno malays learn this from the the best,the malaysian chinese.they are just being good students.

    anti chinamen mentality.

  3. Malaysian Double Standards
    Utusan can, China Press cannot

    It all boils down to whether you have your foreskin snipped off or not

  4. KTemoc, another statement from Gerakan about the local council elections. What you think about this?

    Is Pakatan sincere about restoring third vote? .
    Mon, 15 Mar 2010 14:08 . .By FMT staff

    Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang wants to know if Pakatan Rakyat is sincere in wanting to restore local elections or if its leaders are merely spewing rhetoric.

    Tan was responding to the statement by Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Razak that the PAS-led state government is not interested in holding local government elections.

    The same view, he said, was echoed by PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan as reported in Harakah Daily, who said that local government elections are not suitable at this time.

    Furthermore, he added that the PAS-led Kelantan administration has remained silent on this issue.

    Tan said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had previously confirmed their commitment to restore local government elections in their respective states.

    'No point in talking if you're not sincere'

    He said that certain leaders in DAP even suggested that there should be a national referendum on holding local government elections.

    Some, he added, like DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang even suggested that the cabinet should give the green light to amend laws to allow the local government elections.

    “However, with due respect to Pakatan leaders, it would be best if they could clarify clearly, does Pakatan really want local government elections, or was it mere rhetoric?” he asked in a statement.

    “There is no point for Pakatan to continue talking about local government elections if it is not even sincere in implementing such elections in all Pakatan states,” he said.

    Tan said a mere letter to the Election Commission by one of the Pakatan states does not absolve the coalition from fulfilling its pledge to implement local government elections in all Pakatan states.

    “In the last general election, the pledge by Pakatan to hold local government elections was not only confined to Penang or Selangor.

    “With the recent announcement by the Kedah MB, it is now even clearer that Pakatan does not have the same policy for each and every state under its administration,” he said.

  5. oopps, forgot to give you the link.

  6. Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang knows very well that his party has zero representation in Penang, Kedah and Selangor and therefore hungers for local council elections so that it can grab a seat or two there. Furthermore, by doing so he stands a chance of being appointed a senator after his boss Koh TK is booted out by the PM for poor performance

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  8. hey this is very good and appropriate for my 2malaysia facegroup:

    so KT, with or without your permisison, i'll now copy this and link it there ok?

    for those who are on facebook come join 2malaysia!

  9. OK lah Lucia, for you anytime

  10. whatever Tan keng liang must be thinking, I have to agree with him that local council elections is a must and pakatan must keep their promise in all pakatan states.
    There is no reason why PAS can break the promise in Kedah and Kelantan.

  11. Then I suggest Tan harass PAS, instead of targeting DAP in Penang (the Gerakan's real target) wakakaka - after all DAP wants to have local election and it's only Najib holding back the process.

    And at the same time I recommend Tan harasses Zambry in Perak to hold local elections as well - if he does that he earns my respect, as his party compatriot Dr Hsu Dar Ren has.

  12. Ktemoc,
    Well Tan Keng Liang's harrassing PAS now. Just like Zahrain harrassing Anwar. I think Tan Keng Liang should harrass Penang UMNO leaders instead. Or Perak.
    See that apa nama Perak Exco would say Lanqiao on Tan Keng Liang. By the way, Najib got to slow down while mentioning one place in Sarawak. It's Lajao. Ah you know, wrong word would end up like that tamil word uttered in the parliament not too long ago. Gobala was doing Indian dance thereafter