Saturday, March 06, 2010

Who are the real 'mandores'?

I have always suspected the leaders of the so-called Human Rights Party (HRP - fomerly Hindraf) of being stalking horses for UMNO.

Last year, in my post
Deliberate racial tones in Kg Buah Pala polemics? I mentioned how Uthayakumar threatened CM Lim Guan Eng -see Malaysiakini's
Lim given one-week ultimatum to save village.

I then asked:
Who is Uthayakumar to use such threatening language? And with such crude aggression, acrimony and arrogance, do you believe this man really wants the best deal for the villagers, or one who wants to stir up a conflict?

In another post
Uthayakumar - correct person to represent Tamils? I questioned Uthayakumar’s motive in attacking Lim Guan Eng and Dr Ramasamy but not even criticising the biggest culprit of all, Koh Tsu Koon.

I was flabbergasted by his vilification of Dr Ramasamy as a ‘mandore’ – for this inexcusable outrageous rudeness, Penangites would describe Uthayakumar as ‘peh-boe boe kah see’ (meaning 'he wasn’t taught manners by his parents' – the second most humiliating insult to/criticism of his parents).

And dear Uthayakumar remained mute when
Najib washed federal hands of Buah Pala case – yes, despite Indian Malaysians suffering 52 years of marginalization at the hands of BN and a useless MIC, including a BN former CM of Penang, Koh TK ‘selling’ the Indians of Kampung Buah Pala off, Uthayakumar remained totally (or obsequiously) silent on Najib’s brushoff of the Indian problem at High Chaparral.

Instead he attacked an innocent party Lim Guan Eng. I ask,
what motive did Uthayakumar and his brother have?

In another post
Indians - 50 more years of marginalisation? I quoted Hindraf activist V Ganabatirau who asked why:

Waythamoorthy did not condemn RS Thanenthirran for using the title Makkal Sakthi as the name of his new political party, when that title was coined by Ganabatirau and K Vasanthakumar for the Hindraf movement.

Ganabatirau reminded us that Thanenthirran in forming the Makkal Sakthi Party had immediately made overtures to the BN government which then led to the
possibility of Waythamoorthy's return to Malaysia.

And Ganabatirau further questioned Waythamoorthy's motives in blaming Pakatan Rakyat for the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco. Oh yes, while we are on this issue, don't forget his brother Uthayakumar as well - yes, we did wonder about these two brothers attacking the DAP which had supported them when they were in strife.

Ganabatirau sneered:
"Who does he [Waynamoorthy] want to please to ensure his safe return?"

In MIC virus affecting all Indian-based parties? I lamented on the pathetic leadership for the Indian Malaysian community – just as an example, can you all recall a recent statement by Murugiah that if the court doesn’t rule in his favour what RoS had ruled for Kayveas regarding the presidency of PPP, he (Murugiah) would take his ‘200,000’ followers out of PPP, ..... presumably to form another party where he can be president – tell me, how would that serve the Indian community?

Anyway, in the above post, I wrote:

But the saddest revelation of all has to be the intention of HRP, led by the two brothers, Waynamoorthy and Uthayakumar.

The party is turning out to be a ‘spoiler’ (against Pakatan) which obviously can only benefit BN – this was amply demonstrated in the recent state by-election in NS. If we recall, Uthayakumar campaigned for Indians to boycott the ballot box, and who would have benefited from the boycott, and who had won?

Earlier Uthayakumar and his supporters had railed against Lim GE, demanding the State government do the impossible, but hardly touching/mentioning the party responsible in the first place for the Kampung Buah Pala saga, the Gerakan Party.

Why was there the double standard? Why were the grievances lodged only against the DAP?
Why not against the responsible party, Gerakan-BN?

Today we read again the sad story of Uthayakumar’s rant against DAP-Pakatan in The Malaysian Insider’s
Hindraf set to cut ties with Pakatan in Sunday protest, which reported:

P. Uthayakumar, the founder of the Makkal Sakti movement who has been critical of PR for months now, has decided to break all ties with the federal opposition coalition.

His game plan now is to eventually field Human Rights Party (HRP) candidates in about one dozen parliamentary and state constituencies with a significant Indian electorate in the next general elections.

The move will likely split PR support and benefit the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

What ‘ties’ are we talking about when we had witnessed unparallel attacks against Lim GE and Dr Ramasamy but hardly a word against the BN by this man who claims to represent Indians?

This is a man who’s going all out to split the Pakatan votes in order to benefit the BN in the next general election.

PKR’s Suresh Kumar told reporters: …
the PR states had done more for the Indian community than the BN in the past five decades.

“These people who criticise Pakatan are playing into the hands of the Barisan,” he said.

“Why don’t Uthayakumar and gang demonstrate against the MIC or Samy Vellu, who is accused of trying to hijack MIED and Telecoms shares?,” he said.

“Why don’t they demonstrate against the Barisan Nasional, which neglected Tamil schools and demolished temples,” he said.

“These people are the real mandores ... by their foolish act they are lending themselves to be the mandores to Barisan.”


  1. It is non of Suresh Kumar's business to tell HRP to protest against certain party or question why HRP is protesting against a certain party. HRP have it's own reasons to protest. if PR do not want to listen to HRP, that's it, HRP will look for it's own way of solving Indian problems. Whether the protest against PR will benefit BN and break PR unity is not for HRP's concern. Without Hindraf & Makkal Sakthi, PR would have not won so many seats and captures 4 more states in GE12, but they ignored HRP totally and went their own way in solving Indian problem the BN style and now have to face HRP in the fore front. HRP may be a small party but will of course defeat the odds, HRP has it's own strategy for GE13...

  2. Dear KTemoc, I had to respond, as your article is almost all in error. Please visit the HRP website to know that they have railed incessantly against everyone - Mahathir, Badawi, Najib, Umno, BN, MIC, Gerakan, and all the Pakatan parties too. That you may not have heard of it or was not reported in the press and blogs is not their problem.
    DAP Penang deserved special whacking because they 'resurrected' an expired agreement and went out of their way to award the KBP land to the kooperasi/Nusmetro inspite of being alerted of it a few days after March 8th. This is treachery!
    They have defined what 'mandore' means and you should read it. They have accurately used the term on Ramasamy as per the definition.
    Hindraf/HRP broke ranks with Thanenthiren once he started talking with BN.
    Ganapatirao was an invitee speaker to Hindraf rallies and used to sit in the crowd, not on the Hindraf dias. He was always a DAP man, not a Hindraf leader.
    HRP have their own political strategy and it is for BN and Pakatan to factor that any which way they want.
    I have spoken to PKR and DAP elected Indian representatives and they quietly admit that they are forced by party discipline to toe party lines and be effectively mandores. In 2004 Anwar had asked Uthaya to be a mandore but he said no deal!
    The question should be, as Pakatan Perak issued land titles to 110,000 chinese, malays and orang asli within a month of coming to power, and Pakatan Selangor allocated 1,000 hectares to malays last week, why was no lands allocated to Indians or tamils schools! That should answer your question about Pakatan's sincerity on Indian issues.
    Next week Waytha is raising the discrimination and marginalisation issues, including Kadazan issues in the Commons for the second time. My question is, where are the opposition leaders, and why are they not raising these issues in international forums?

  3. HRP should change its name to "Liberation Tigers of Malaya Elam" (LTME)

  4. That being said, you heard of their latest salvo against Malaysiakini?