Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nizar right about absolute monarchy?

The Malaysian Insider reported that Doctors advise rest after Johor MB complains of discomfort.

I wonder whether it has anything to do with what I read in the Star Online, a news article titled Sultan Johor: Shape up or ship out? wakakaka!

HRH warned the pollies:
"They must buck up and if they cannot, then they must get out. I am fair to everyone (Opposition or ruling government). Even to the present government, I tell them to buck up and shape up."

Thanks to the Federal Court's questionable ruling on the Perak saga, a constitutional ruler is now able to dismiss an elected MB of a State or, at the federal level, the elected PM of our nation.

Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, considered by most Perakians as the legitimate MB of the State, in commenting on the bizarre ruling, had been absolutely right in stating that we can
expect absolute monarchy now - see also my post Court's ruling on Perak - second Pandora Box opened!

Thou setter up and plucker down of kings - Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Act II, Scene III


  1. Even castrated "sultans" such as those of Sulu are reclaiming their power by selling datukships to brainless Bolehlanders

  2. Would you believe UMNO will not pull this trump card out of their pockets as soon as they lose the next elections? They're not even hiding it in their sleeves anymore.

  3. HRH Johor, tq!

  4. The Johor Sulan has been "legislating" through the media by banning "allhunting" in the state. Good idea but what next?Abolish the Johor State Assembly? No wonder the MB is not feeling well.

  5. Absolute monarchy is a good idea. I also would suggest (and this us coming from a non-Malay Catholic Christian at that - so claims of biasness would go unwarranted) that the State of Johore should secede ( as was the vision of Sultan Ibrahim the great of of happy memory) from the Malaysian federation before they bleed us dry. Look at Brunei for example! A country under sharia law under a system called "Melayu Islam Be raja" look at how peaceful and rich they are - regardless of race or religion.