Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Diminishing UMNO influence with MCA?

Malaysiakini published Umno's waning influence over MCA which has James Wong Wing Onn, a local political strategist, stating:

“Now, Umno support is seen as a liability rather than an asset because MCA has learnt a bitter lesson in past elections that even those segment of the Chinese community which are traditionally pro-establishment want MCA to be only an ally of Umno - not its 'Chinese Affairs Department'.”

It's not just that, because we must remember that MCA has been brought to its current abysmal status precisely because of UMNO and its total disregard for its BN partner's feelings and credibility. UMNO has continuously undermined MCA's position in the eyes of Chinese Malaysians.

If MCA doesn't show a bit of balls, it'll be totally dead like the Gerakan zombie.

Anyway, we need to note what I posted last year, that Najib and Muhyiddin fought for Liow Tiong Lai when Ong TK had a falling out with his erstwhile ‘ally’.

And we know that former MCA president Ong Ka Ting, in making a move to come back again as president, is deemed to be pairing up with Liow, with the latter as the candidate for the party’s deputy presidency.

We may assume that the pair of Ong Ka Ting and Liow Tiong Lai are looked upon favourably by UMNO’s bigwigs.

Let’s see whether James Wong will be proven correct in the coming party election, that “…Umno support is seen as a liability rather than an asset …” for the MCA party candidates.

I hope so because I can’t stand Liow.


  1. Me too! Can't stand that smarmy oily Liow! Would anyone buy a car from this shifty-eyed backstabbing 2nd hand car salesman?

    I wish James Wong will be proven right!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. 2nd hand car salesman? Do you think he has a RM600,000 Toyota Alphard for sale wakakaka!

  3. MCA CDs will be a bunch of idiots if they elect CDVD as president.
    Imagine what would happen if CDVD argues with Umno and he is shown Section 377 of the Penal Code.

  4. hahaha.....Election Commission now say NO to local council elections.
    So, what you think that Tan Keng Liang and gerakan going to say now???

  5. dr. : " i ain't afraid of no ONE , be it ....! "

    btw, NO buy-election in Perlis ....
    'bought' already lah .... hehehehe !!

  6. Can't stand Ong Tee Kiat.
    Chua Soi Lek for President!

  7. Derring-Do, can't stand? Take viagra lah, like Chua is doing