Monday, March 22, 2010

Zahrain Hashim a Hang Tuah?

If you read The Malaysian Insider’s Anwar promised DPM posts to PAS, DAP, says Zahrain as well as the previous parliamentary ’revelations’ by Zahrain Hashim, previously of PKR and currently so-called ‘independent’, you can tell he’s been reading from a prepared script, a script which I believe was written for him by you-know-who.

A political pundit claimed that the BN suffered collateral or even greater damage than PKR in Zahrain’s attack on Anwar Ibrahim – see The Malaysian Insider’s
Zahrain targets PR but BN is collateral damage, analysts say.

That might well have been the case but my suspicion that his speech was ‘written for him’ was that:

One – the BN MPs were in FULL attendance in parliament during his earlier speech when he named a few alleged BN wannabe frogs, including Ku Li.

Got that, in FULL attendance!

Two – all’s not well within UMNO as those named by Zahrain were obviously the ones certain UMNO bigwigs didn’t like and wanted to slur and damage through Zahrain's accusations.

Ku Li is of course an obvious target for his independent pronouncements, most of which have been against the current UMNO ruling regime, while ‘bocor-ite’ Bung Moktar Radin has been too long an embarrassment and perhaps needed to be replaced in the coming general election. OTOH, he might have been a 'natural' as a frog wakakaka!

Abdul Ghapur Salleh, the Kalabakan MP, is unpopular because he was ostentatiously vocal that he had been pissed off with his Peninsula colleagues by telling AAB off immediately after the new post-2008 GE cabinet.

Ghapur flicked his appintment as deputy natural resources and environment minister back to AAB as he felt UMNO was treating the Sabahans in a patronizing and unappreciative manner, considering it had been Sabah which had propped BN up after the devastating 2008 political tsunami.

On top of that he had demanded for Sabah a whopping increase of oil royalty from 5% to 20%, which translated into an additional RM1.5 billion allocation to RM2billion. It's obvious UMNO wants him to go.

But why Anifah Aman?

The Foreign ministership is of course not as lucrative a ministership as the Finance or Trade post, etc but it is still a prestigious appointment. I wonder who may covet the hi-profile gaya appointment. Don’t tell me it’s Sri Botak? Wakakaka

Three – it’s part of the current UMNO strategy to discredit, humiliate, and smear Anwar Ibrahim – I had posted this as a letter in MKINI, titled The political assassination of Anwar Ibrahim, where I had written, among a number of UMNO’s anti-Anwar tactics, the following:

Former but now disgruntled colleagues of Anwar have been and will be paraded out regularly to disparage Anwar with nasty and damaging gossips. He has already been demonised as a puppet of the Chinese DAP party, with the 'Chinese' emphasised by Anwar's detractors. His stand vis-à-vis the 'Allah' word controversy has seen his Muslim status attacked by the usual suspects. Expect more!

The recent defection of once-PKR members of Parliament and state assemblypersons with their inevitable complaints and criticisms of Anwar would form part of the discrediting programme.

I concluded with: It may not be the '50 dalil' but more likely is the political assassination of Anwar Ibrahim by a thousand cuts.

And so it has come to be, as demonstrated by Anwar’s erstwhile ‘closed friend’, Zahrain Hashim.

Let me now ask, is Zahrain like Hang Tuah, a hero as UMNO would be prepared wakakaka to even call him that? ;-)

Or, is Zahrain like Hang Tuah, the court sycophant who sold his soul to the ‘Sultan’ by obeying the royal command to kill his friend through a death by a thousand cuts? Amin!


  1. No, Zahrain is not like Hang Tuah.
    Rather, he is like Judas Iscariot who soul his soul for 30 pieces of silver, and later hanged himself

  2. Zahrain is not Hang Tuah. On the contrary, he should be Hanged, and Malaysians should form a circle around the place where he's Hanged, ecstatically shouting "Malaysia sungguh berTuah kerana Zahrain tak ada lagi!"

  3. very clever use of words wakakaka, but we don't want to kill anyone even an a$$h*le

  4. Just a figure of speech, KT. I am against killing such β@$†@®δ$ too: let them live to see the error of their ways, let their short existence on this earth be as hellish as possible. ☺

  5. umno is cutting subsidies for fuel, sugar, bread, education, ect so as to find the cash to lure these PR elected reps into the so-called Independent block in Parliament