Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock bottom Gerakan attempts to re-surface

Yesterday I posted Gerakan hopes to snatch a new breath of life where I mentioned Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang making a timid appeal to PM Najib to have 3rd tier local elections, BUT only in Pakatan States.

His supporters have been extolling his ‘ingenuity’, ‘daring’ and ‘self-sacrifice’ for his boldness ;-)

The cold fact has been that Tan has cautiously limited his request to only Pakatan States because he is hopeful Gerakan could, after being calamitously annihilated at federal and state levels wakakaka, make some headway at the 3rd tier at (he dreams) Pakatan's expense BUT without offending the BN-UMNO MBs, or the PM.

Today we hear of Gerakan at odds with DPM over Zul Noordin where Penang Gerakan chairperson Dr Teng Hock Nan has urged UMNO not to accept the Kulim Wonder into its ranks.

Once again, like Tan’s case, his (Teng’s) supporters have been ooh-ing and aah-ing at his ‘bravery’ in going against DPM Muhyiddin’s open signal to the Kulim Wonder to join UMNO.

Quite frankly there is no bravery involved in Teng’s appeal to UMNO. He knows that:

(a) Unless he speaks out against the Kulim Wonder joining UMNO, his party will be even more dead when Penang, Perak and Selangor voters flog its dead corpse vicariously in a show of anger against a person like the Kulim Wonder being in Gerakan’s BN, and

(b) he like Tan knows that Gerakan as a walking dead has nothing more to lose. When one is at rock bottom (in a very dry cesspool), how more can UMNO push it under?

So let’s not be too precipitously hasty in applauding Gerakan as if its members have finally found their gonads and backbone.


  1. as I said earlier...if Tan keng liang is so good, then put him to contest as MP. See whether people accept him or not. People sure reject him and all other gerakan people.

  2. rock bottom sure for gerakan.
    Look like now resurface with new leader like Tan Keng Liang.
    No complains on my side as this person sound more like opposition. But let us see how long he will keep up the good principles. Or how long his party gerakan boss will let him speak out.

  3. better for tan keng liang to go to Pakatan Rakyat

  4. I am slightly more charitable than you are, KT. They may be goners without gonads, and they may have been grovelling in the corruption that Tun Mamak initiated in order to keep his hold on power. But at least, they are seeing things for what they are. But I agree with the previous poster: it'd be better if Tan Keng Liang joined the Pakatan.

  5. Is better for Gerakan to close shop lah.
    The people especially Penang Lang will never return Gerakan to its former glory.

  6. Gerakan's Keng Liang is what BN needsJamiliah
    Mar 10, 10
    8:57pmI refer to the Malaysiakini report 'No local elections': Gerakan, Pakatan tick off PM.

    I refer to the above report yesterday about Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang going against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in supporting the holding local council elections by Pakatan Rakyat.

    I think he has been supporting this concept for the past few days including asking other Pakatan Rakyat states to follow Penang. What shocked me is that he is from Barisan Nasional. And he is going against Najib something which we don't see much of these days.

    But I agree with Tan on this issue. We need local council elections to stop corruption and improve the performance of local councils.

    At this time, Barisan really needs someone who can tell the government, including the prime minister what is right or wrong. Najib does not need a 'yes' man in his administration.

    He needs people who can express views on what is right or wrong. Then, he can improve his administration for the future.

    This is why the previous administration under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi failed. He was surrounded with all 'yes' man from the Barisan Nasional.

    Abdullah thought that everything he did was okay. By the time he realised everything was wrong, it was too late already. BN almost lost the general election.

    I hope Barisan Nasional leaders will be able to learn a lesson from this. Speak out on the wrong thing. Let Najib know the people's sentiment and how to improve on the government.

  7. there are still people think Tan Keng Liang is a life line to BN.
    See my earlier posting.

  8. Tan Keng Lian should also beg Najib to allow polygamy for Chinese, BUT ONLY FOR HIMSELF. Chinese other than him cannot one lah

  9. Tan keng liang got how many wives?

  10. i think on this issue about local council election, what Tan Keng Liang do is right. Since Pakatan Rakyat promise to do it last time, then they should do it. Barisan never promise. As Tan said, let people compare between Pakatan and BN state after start of the local council election. See which state is better.

  11. ABC,
    Tan Keng Liang is using this as a platform in standing for election.

    Let me remind you guys about Gerakan. Unless Gerakan is proven to the formidable to UMNO within BN, it's meaningless to resuscitate Gerakan.
    Why not Tan Keng Liang object vehemently on the possible inclusion of Perkasa into BN? Is Gerakan dare to walk out of BN once such things would happen.
    Gerakan in Kedah is feeble regardless of under UMNO or PAS rule. Frankly, whatever Tan Keng Liang is driving at, creating a wedge between Pakatan leaders by saying that PKR & DAP sold out to the melayus, Gerakan is far useless in doing anything in Kedah if UMNO comes back to power
    In Penang case, it's even worse......Would Teng dare to ask MCA & MIC to fuck off from Penang? After all, Gerakan grab 20 seats out of 24 during the 1969 GE. See the political incompetence of Gerakan

    By the way, Thomas Su of DAP must work hard in grabbing seats like Derga, Gurun & Lunas.
    PKR's Cheung Kar Yann (Ex-Gerakan Kedah & Kedah ex-Exco) could be another red herring
    See why Cheung resign & lompat in the first place?

    Come on lah! You mess up in Perak, Penang & Kedah. DAP is just asking for another 3 seats. Hehehe

  12. looes74,
    standing in what elections?

  13. we don't find many in Gerakan or even BN who dare to voice out against PM. So, give Tan Keng Liang the credit for fighting for the local council elections.
    I am also a Pakatan supporter in last GE. But what Tan said and do recently is right. We must salute him for that.

  14. Anonymous,
    Standing in for State Assembly Election or even Parliamentaries. I bet Keng Liang would do that
    Frankly, nothing heroic about this bugger. None as compared to Tan Tee Kwang. Better still his daddy

  15. at this moment, I think Tan Keng Liang is the best we have seen for ages from gerakan or even BN. I would support him if he contest at my area (even if i supported PR last time). we need people to balance off people in Pakatan rakyat who some getting to arrogant.
    Just my view.

  16. Something new from Malaysiakini today.

    Keng Liang a life line for GerakanFelix
    Mar 11, 10
    4:50pmI refer to the Malaysiakini report 'No local elections': Gerakan, Pakatan tick off PM.

    Like other Malaysiakini readers, I am surprised with the developments in Gerakan. Lots of people are now talking about Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang.

    Not many people in Barisan dare to speak out against the prime minister. The people have been waiting for a long time for a new breed of leaders who are able to speak out on behalf of the people.

    It does not necessarily mean that if you are in BN, it means you cannot speak out on behalf of the people. To me, Gerakan has been thrown a new life line by its leaders like Tan Keng Liang.

    Even though he may just be Kedah Gerakan's Youth chief, my research through shows me that he is more than an ordinary youth leader. It shows me that previously he has (I have only chosen the relevant topics involving BN):

    1.Asked the PM to consider views of all BN component before appointing a new deputy prime minister.

    2. Asked that the Higher Education Loan Fund allocation not to be restricted and that a 'universiti rakyat' (people's university) be set up.

    3. Asked for a full probe into the case of the two missing jet engines

    4. Asked for the automatic registration of voters

    What I can say is that this guy has got a long history of speaking out in what is right and what is wrong. And he seems to do this irrespective of whether the administration or even the PM is involved.

    There is nothing wrong in speaking out against the PM if people in BN want the prime minister and BN to improve. In fact, this speaking out should be encouraged.

    If Gerakan continues with these type of leaders, I think there may be a hope for the revival of Gerakan.

  17. Tan Keng Liang would be a great leader if he leaves Gerakan.
    Reading his statement shows me that he is a smart politician and careful with his words. And he don't simply carry Umno balls. That is a rare breed in gerakan.

  18. yes, indeed tan keng liang's a very smart politician. Tan keng liang's so smart that some bumpkins like some anonymous kenna cheated by tam keng liang. For me, me no stupid. Me see throungh tan keng liang's ploy. Having said that, I got to go agree with dr raffick, it's a political move by lge. Whatever it's me still trust dap rather than gerakan. That includes tan keng liang

  19. looes74, I think you got cheated by lim guan eng and dap. Dap promise local council election before last GE. But after more than 2 years, where is all the promises?

  20. gogo, wakey, wakey---

    it's not the dap which disallows local council elections. It is umno!!!

  21. gogo, a new government like the Penang Pakatan ruling party takes a while to settle down, more so when the outgoing government has (i) left a lot of mess and (ii) been uncooperative - misalnya, as a very glaring bad example, Bunga Tanjung (while not a government department per se, but a club for wives of exco) left its kitty kosong a la Russian scorched earth tactics - that spelt the nasty sabo spirit of the outgoing BN government. The last minute BN state government endorsement of the land sale in Kg Buah Pala was another example.

    There's the issue of prioritization too - such as balancing the budget including removing wasteful expenditure, FDI, jobs, implementing the CAT policy, etc.

    Compared to the afore-going, surely local elections have to be second or even 3rd priority. That's my Penangite view of the state government's prioritization, and I believe Lim GE has done it correctly.

    Now, that the new Penang government has settled down somewhat, having established the CAT policy successfully and cutting out as much waste as is possible, and even gaining praise from the Auditor-General for its good financial/asset governance, it can now look at other election promises, for example, local council elections - alas, both federal UMNO-government and the EC have not supported it.

  22. Gogo boy,
    It'd be the wasting of my breath to argue with you. Read this

    Gogo boy,
    What does Tan Keng Liang gonna do about? More shouts? Resign? Or what! Perkasa still enter BN......So where does Gerakan stand then?

  23. Gogo boy,
    Power comes from the Barrel of the Gun, so say Mao Tze Dong. Take a look at this

    Gerakan in Kedah only allowed to contest in pathetically 2 seats. One in Sidam & the other one in Derga.
    You know what! Cheung Kar Yann kenna kicked out so that Cheah could come in.
    Where does Tan Keng Liang stand then? If Tan were to stand, Fong or Cheah got to go.....Ah so how ah.....


    Sorry to be off-topic but really intrigued.

    Can someone OTHER THAN the husband be allowed to divorce a wife? Boggles the mind

  25. loose74,
    tan keng liang can contest anywhere. but that is not important.
    What we need is someone who dare to voice out. some in pkr or dap or even pas are so chicken don't even dare to speak out against pakatan. what a shame and betrayal on people vote.
    for your info, 2 years already wasted and only now, they talk about local council election. Why not do it earlier? umno never stop them earlier.

  26. anon of 10:21 AM, March 12, 2010 - see my comments above on why the issue of local elections could only be raised at this point in time and not earlier ;-)