Saturday, March 06, 2010

MCA - nest of vipers

I am neither a member nor a diehard supporter of the DAP but the reason why I have preferred this party over, say, the MCA can be explained by what I have written below.

The MCA is now in turmoil. I guess Ong Tee Keat was in deep trouble when Najib refused to attend the MCA AGM as the traditionally principal guest of honour (in his capacity as Head of the BN coalition) to open the meeting for its ally – see Malaysiakini’s Najib will not attend disputed MCA AGM.

Najib’s decision is unprecedented and unequivocally, blatantly anti Ong Tee Keat as the president of MCA, as had been his attending the opening of Makkal Sakthi an anti MIC snub.

One way or another, UMNO has and is showing it can control MCA, MIC, especially Gerakan, etc. While there has been bad blood between Ong and Chua as well as Liow, the lamentable observation is there are MCA leaders who are prepared to play to UMNO’s tune, to remove Ong Tee Keat.

Why do I say this, because for quite some time now, DPM Muhyiddin has indicated in many ways his displeasure with Ong through his (Muhyiddin's) attempt to galvanise MCA into another/early party election.

It was then obvious that UMNO preferred Liow, who had lovingly described Najib as 'our beloved PM' wakakaka what a Raja Bodek! – see my post Najib and Muhyiddin fighting for Liow Tiong Lai.

Ong has been fairly dexterous in forestalling Muhyiddin’s attempted manipulation by coopting Chua SL over to his side against Liow (and surprising everyone). But it’s obvious Ong and Chua have a falling out again. One can only wonder whether the long arm of UMNO has been in play since.

Those in MCA who have rejoiced at Ong’s current predicament and loss of support are, have been and will be the very people who love bodek-ing UMNO, of course for their own interests.

Ong has been unpopular with UMNO since his deputy ministerial days when he ran foul of Hishamuddin. Ong then had exposed corrupt officials in the Education department which sent Hishamuddin ballistic.

Then DPM, Najib had argued in support of his cousin that the fact of corruption (embezzlement) was beside the matter, and that Ong had not followed proper channels to raise the issue.

Najib had then
stated: "I don’t want to talk about facts, that’s another issue".

The DPM of the nation didn't want to talk about the facts of embezzlement? Dei man, that's stealing, a crime, an act of sheer corruption and you don't want to talk about it?

And he gave the excuse that form (of cross-ministerial procedure) should have taken precedence over substance (a crime of embezzlement of public money).

What a f* joke of a government!

I had then written in a 2009’s post UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out?:

Bull! It's everyone's duty to expose corruption, not just Ong's. And in fact, Ong did not air that alleged embezzlement as a racist issue. He merely highlighted corruption. There was no mention of race. That the schools were vernacular in character was never the issue - the missing 90% of the maintenance funds was.

It was Hishamuddin who turned it into an anti-Ong issue because he obviously didn’t like the idea of an MCA bloke highlighting alleged corruption in his ministry. His act of political intimidation against Ong could be seen as an act against the exposure of corruption.

Of course we know that had Ong raised the issue through ‘proper channels’ the issue (of corruption in that embezzlement) won’t see daylight ever again wakakaka!

Don't believe me? Then read my Int Sec Ministry gagged Chinese press on alleged embezzlements where I wrote about the Chinese press unearthing similar cases of alleged misuse of the special funds in two other schools - SRJK Mah Hua in Kepala Batas, Penang and SRJK Sin Bin in Klang, Selangor. I had then stated:

... the Internal Security Ministry has instructed the media to stop reporting on the alleged misappropriation of funds earmarked for the repair and maintenance of Chinese primary schools nationwide. The ministry wrote to the editors last Thursday demanding “immediate cooperation” from the media to not highlight the controversy - especially if those contain FACTS.

The expression "Immediate cooperation" can be undertood to carry an unwritten/unstated "Or else"!

Fate and a wee episode on DVD enabled Ong TK to become, oh calamity for UMNO, the President of MCA, and by tradition, the Minister of Transport.

As yet unforgiven by UMNO, loose cannon Ong TK went immediately on the rampage by exposing the PKFZ scandal wakakaka ... no, not to the amusement of some of his MCA colleagues nor Taikoh UMNO.

It was obvious he has to go, and no worries as there would be MCA members to support this.

Even if Ong loses his position as party president and thus his ministership, and surely it will come to it that (maybe to humiliate him, Najib may make him KPI Minister wakakaka), the MCA will not be out of the woods yet, because Chua and Liow have more than a few things to sort out between themselves and their supporters. It may yet be the Hundred Years War for MCA.

Just like MIC and all the mosquito Indian political parties, including Makkal Sakthi and Human Rights Party, have been betraying the Indian Malaysian community, the MCA has shown once again it will continue to betray the Chinese Malaysian community by getting rid of its party president who has the backbone, since Lim Chong Eu, to stand up to UMNO.

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  1. Anytime as president of MCA, OTK is better than LTL and CSL.
    At least he dares to confront Um-no unlike the other two "kaki bodeks".

  2. When I was in Pacific Island Nation not far from Austrtalia I related the folling story. This person who was working for a Malaysia Company told his boss that 'his mother is die'Being a good boss he gave him two weeks pay in advance asa ghrant told him to tke leave. He did that and retuned to worl four days later. A month later this same amn went to his boss and again told him that 'his motheris die'. The boss was upset and could not hold back his next question. 'But you told me that your mother died one month ago.' He said 'yes boss but that time my mother going to die now she die finish.'

    I wish I knew how to fit your latest blog.Ramalx

  3. Sorry had inadvertanly press submit without editing comment.
    Line 4 replace 'asa' with 'as'
    Line 5 replace 'ghrant' with 'grant'
    replace 'tke' with 'take'
    replace 'worl' with 'work'
    line 6 replace 'amn' with 'man'Ramalx

  4. OTK is the victim of the powerful dark hands di-belakang & he is opening rusty cans of various maggots
    BUT tak boleh lah IF he is
    ousted !! SIGH !

  5. in australia, every body asking :
    " how are you to-die !? "

  6. It is a sad day for MCA when tne brutuses and renegrades are strongly supported by the 3rd force, MCA warlords and the ruling leaders. Ask any MCA member what has OTK done wrong. He has never cheated his wife. He has not betrayed the people and instead exposed those involved in the PKFZ scandals. Unfortunately our MCA leaders are looking for leaders with 'different' attributes other than honesty, transparency and commitment. OTK should soldier on. I still trust the majority of the CDs still prefer OTK. Of course in front of their defiant leaders they have to pretend that they are supporting LTL/CSL. At the coming EGM lets show our support for OTK and kick out the brutuses and renegades.

  7. whats the big issue about corruption to Najib?

    His party is corrupted from the 2,000 Class F contractors to the Ministers and their cronies.

    How many more subs that wont dive? How many substations that were paid for at inflated but not built? How many more Bagindas and the lovely Mongolian? Hey, thast UMNO but there are enough sycophants in the Chinese community dying for the little crumbs thrown from the dining table of UMNO. For thousands of years, running dogs were aplenty in the Middle Kingdom. Surely, there are enough of such feas infested running dogs in MCA. Oh, at least by being a running dog for UMNO< you dont get charged for Section 377 though you are caught in camera. Its candid camera only unless you are in the opposition.

  8. From a different angle:

    The Puppet master in the present MCA saga resides at BINTULU, Sarawak.


  9. Ktemoc,
    DAP do have fair share of problems. Notably in the 90s, the KOKS campaign. One of the chief pepetrators are none other than our Wee Wee boy.
    Ok lah.....I do have faith in DAP as it's still the pricipled party around. This time round, it has some of the finest MPs.
    Lim Guan Eng need to learn the lesson from LKY himself. Choosing the right lieutenants. His daddy has gone through the shit hole. While rejuvenating DAP, LKS faces uphill obstacle.
    LGE does not have the luxury unlike his counterpart down south. Of course, both share similarities

    1) Both are son of famous politicians

    2) Both daddy helm the party for very long

    3) Both are very consicientious even at grassroot.

    Where to find a Prime Minister who dutifully attending his Meet the People Session every tuesday? Hehe, of course, LGE is emulating LHL......
    By the way, LGE is earning peanuts as compared to LHL

  10. KT

    OK to post this article in my blog ?

    Your buddy blogger !

  11. Lets all rally support for Ong Tee Keat whom I see as the only capable guy of bringing MCA back to its glory days .