Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back-stabbing boleh-ness of ex PKR men

We Malaysians all know the story of Hang Tuah, yes, even non Malays do.

I blogged on this in Hang Jebat lives again, but ...!

You can choose whether you support Hang Tuah as the hero, loyal and faithful to the crown regardless, or like Kassim Ahmad, support instead Jebat as the loyal brother-in-arms who was not awed by those who wielded power. Jebat’s loyalty was based on what he saw as right or wrong (or the system) rather than the figure of royalty.

Kassim believes Jebat is the true hero, and Tuah the palace sycophant who willingly sells his soul to the sultan to the extent he killed Jebat, the man who defended his honour when he was down and out, on the orders of the Sultan who had earlier ordered Tuah's death.

Of course, the more traditional perception has been Tuah as the faithful and loyal warrior and Jebat the loose cannon traitor.

Today we read more of a Tuah-Jebat saga fast forwarded into the future in the form of Zahrain blasts Anwar, PKR in Parliament.

Hell hath no fury like a Zahrain scorned by PKR wakakaka.

This man claimed to be a close friend of Anwar, as did the Kulim Wonder. And didn’t the Kulim Wonder push for Anwar to be removed from his position as the Opposition Leader?

With friends like Zahrain and Zul, Anwar doesn’t need enemies at all.

The aim of these two, Zahrain and Zul, is of course to convey the messages to the heartland that Anwar Ibrahim is a stooge of the Chinese dominated DAP. The strategy is to frighten the heartland into voting only UMNO, and not PKR for that would be akin to voting for DAP. So ... can you say UMNO has not been involved?

You know, I have been thinking of directing a stage play of the Tuah-Jebat saga, a rather eternal favourite. And if I want to help UMNO, I’ll get Ibrahim Ali to play Tuah, albeit a rather ‘prosperous’ Hang Tuah wakakaka who likes sub-50 women ;-), and Ridhuan Tee to play Jebat.

Wakakaka, nothing stirs the heartland than to see a Jebat who is a Chinese, no matter how much Ridhuan wants to camouflage himself.

But back to topic, much as I don’t take to Anwar Ibrahim, I find Zahrain’s and the Kulim Wonder’s back stabbing of Anwar revolting, repulsive and repugnant, and in the most treacherous tradition of the Hang Tuah-Jebat tale.

Anyway, PKR needs an enema badly to rid itself of such rottenness so it’s better for them to have Zahrain, Kulim Wonder, etc out in the open now rather than 2013.


  1. I read your letter to Malaysiakini saying that the King reads the opening speech for the parliament by convention, although it may have been written by the government of the day.

    But that is not what everyone has an issue with.

    You have totally missed the point.

    The following is the key issue that you have conveniently sidestepped in your letter:

    Is the king blind or does not have a brain to read such an unbalanced speech? Surely he would have been given a draft of the speech beforehand and not be 'surprised' by the speech when it is given to him at the opening session of the parliament! So why didn't the king object to or disapprove of the contents of the speech and request for the speech to be amended a little? Instead, the king went on with the praises for Najib and what-not. What does this reveal about the king's political stance?

    Think about it, kiddo.

  2. Son of Antares,
    No choice! King has the constituitional duty to read the outlines prepared by the government of the day. Else our King would turn into Sultan of Brunei.
    Of course, I expect Mizan to be more independent as he has unconstituionally install Ahmad Said instead of Idris Jusoh.

    Why still no word on our Wee Wee boy. I am more interested in what Wee Wee boy reacted. He mentioned in Merdekareview he would stick to PKR.
    Every now & then, he cocok here & there. The latest one is Wee Wee Boy asking Karpal to apologise to Anwar.
    With this outburst, what say ye, Wee Wee Boy? Zahrain gemuk boy is already a traitor. Remind me of one DAP Negeri Sembilan defected to MCA just months before GE12. That clown was the protege of Chen Man Hin. Hehe, we know what happens during GE12

  3. that big mouth who gotta stay in a luxurious hotelin London needs more dole ok.

    sorry, Guan Eng tells him to take a hike coz its CAT and not UMNO. Now, what will he not do for his RM2 company?

  4. looes74, I don't think Wee will defect, unless his character has changed over the years. He hates the BN as much as he hates DAP, the latter allegedly for (one likely reason) not giving him max support during the Bandar KL bullsh*t which happened thanks to our most remarkable boleh judges.

    Being in PKR suits him to be still against BN without being in DAP. I hope one day he can reconcile with the DAP leadership.

  5. Ibrahim Ali to play Tuah, Ridhuan Tee to play Jebat. Also Fatso Rosma to play the Princess of Ledang Hill, Bijan to play the Melaka Sultan and Chua Soyleg as Admiral Zheng He.(A mismatch since the real eunuch Zheng He could never had "performed" with Angela Yam inside the Muar Hotel room)

  6. Admiral Cheng Ho!? why not Koh Tsu Koon wakakaka

  7. I agree with KTemoc most of the time, and I disagree with him some of the time. In this regard, I have to say that I agree with his assessment of Wee Choo Keong above: I don't think Wee will leave the opposition and join BN. He is not the same class of politician as Zahrain, Tan Tee Beng or the Kulim wonderboy. He is a few cuts above them. Like KTemoc, I hope the DAP will reconcile with Wee.

  8. ktemoc,
    what do you expect from PKR?
    Angels? There are all a bunch of devils rejected from UMNO....i.e. ex-umno members.
    Same like Anwar.
    So, not suprising so much drama of back stabbing in pkr.

  9. Ktemoc,
    We shall see about this Wee Wee boy. Frankly speaking, even ex-DAP man for Nibong Tebal is far more valuable thna Wee Wee Boy.
    Plus people like James Wong, former Kampar MP

    PAP & DAP has few things in common. They love to do rejunevation. PAP ran into problems in the 80s. So does DAP in the 90s

  10. GE12; Some pundits say even a "tunggul kayu" from the opposition would have won. GE13; the scenario is totally different. The great Pundit say "PR is in deep shit" bcos of tunngul kayu which backstab and run loose digging gold. PR, you tried to fly high but unfortunately landed on the same shame shit, back to square one, it's no more a puzzle.