Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liow is MCA No 2

Congratulations to UMNO! Half a loaf is better than none, and Chua can be ........

Who will be MCA's new president?


  1. The Chinese have spoken.
    Congrats to CSL and LTL.
    Best pair to bring unity to the party.
    CSL is validated. He is vindicated.
    Wish it was a straight fight between CSL and OTK. OTK will be further humiliated.
    It's instant karma.
    From the start. OTK sidelined CSL. Did not give him to head any important party bureau.
    The greatest laugh was when he lost the vote of no confidence and did not step down as promised.
    From then on he started picking fight with the others.
    He dug his own grave.
    So what will happen to the Star top management.
    Up to yestersy they were still confifent of OTK winnig.
    Even using a group of women allegedly againt immoral President.
    The funny thing at one stage they tried to placate CSL by offering him Star chairmanship.
    That old man is smart enough to reject the offer.
    As i said before, CSL for President.

  2. haha, "padan muka" to OTK. who asks him only know how to talk big and yet cannot deliver things.he disrespects democracy by sidelining his deputy and humiliating the committee calling for election. worse, how dare he tries to discord the spirit of BN!

    hail chua soi lek! now MCA can finally see the light and hopefully be glorious as in the reign of tan cheng lock and tan siew sin. MCA has wasted 2 stupid years under that incapable and undemocratic leader.

  3. Thanks to all the ignorant delegates, umno got two very obedient d***gs. umno will hold csl by the balls. As for LTL, no need to hold him anything, umno will put him inside their underwear pocket. By the way you have just accelerated the demise of mca.

    From a chinese and a non mca member.

  4. hahahahaha so many of you want to be "UNDER'the president.

  5. The Chinese have spoken? WTF! You expect 2,337 CC delegates to represent the entire 8 million Chinese here? Like you expect Taiwan's Kuomintang to represent the 1.3 billion Chinese?

  6. Anon, Yep the Chinese haves spoken.
    MCA represents the Chinese right??
    Derring-do is right.
    You made it sound that the MCA is so stupid to be led by the nose by Umno.
    So cosy to blame Umno when OTK's political shenanigans that made him lost.
    He keep on changing his game-plan for his survival.
    Even made peace with CSL when he knows he already lost after the battle to oust CSL.
    You should be thankful Najib gave nearly a year to solve the MCA crisis.
    If it was Mahathir, there will be no protracted crisis.
    He will tell off OTK to shut up or ship out.

  7. New MCA line-up:

    Godfather cum Power Behind the Screen: Bijan

    Godmudder: Rosma

    President: Ah Chua

    President's Right-hand (Wo)man: Angela Yam

    Secretary General: Ah Chua's son