Thursday, March 25, 2010

Political snippets (13)

Based on news reports from Malaysiakini, Star and The Malaysian Insider.

Case 1 - 24 March 2010

Star reported Anwar's sodomy trial to continue May 10 (Update).

Another postponement? Now, what did I tell you in my letter to MKINI titled
The political assassination of Anwar Ibrahim, where I had written:

The strategy of the anti-Anwar force is probably to drag out the court case for as long as possible so as to prolong the embarrassment and discrediting of Anwar through incremental releases of salacious tidbits for public consumption. Thus I wasn't surprised when the Federal Court postponed the trial recently.

The anti-Anwar force wasn't flinching as some asserted, nor was it giving in to international force as others had fantasised. We may expect more postponements and delays.

The longer the trial, preferably drawn out past 2013, the more dirty laundering in public on Anwar can be done. The objective is to continuously slander, smear and slur Anwar Ibrahim and bring his character into disrepute. The trial will be milked for all its worth and potential to destroy his character, credibility and even charisma.

I concluded with: It may not be the '50 dalil' but more likely is the political assassination of Anwar Ibrahim by a thousand cuts.

Case 2 - 25 March 2010

The Malaysian Insider reported PAS wants amendments to Rukunegara to include ‘Allah’ where:

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang told reporters outside Parliament that the government should view the debates on the “Allah” issue in a positive light and make appropriate changes to the Rukunegara to refer to “God” as “Allah”, as Christians and non-Muslims also use the word.

“What is wrong with it, it is an achievement in unity following the ‘Allah’ issue. We should not only change the Rukunegara, we should make it more proactive, and at the same time work towards unity.”

“Christians and other religions have realised the glory of the name ‘Allah’, Lord, God and other words do not have the same meaning.”

We are certainly ahead of Indonesia which has the world’s biggest Muslim population but with only its Pancasila No 1 stating: Ketuhanan (no, not Allah) Yang Maha Esa.

But forget about Indonesia. I’m sure Father Lawrence Andrew of the Catholic Church’s Herald Weekly must be ecstatic with this news. Well, he did ask for it, didn't he? wakakaka.

Hallelujah or should I say instead Alhamdulillah?

Case 3 - 24 March 2010

Malaysiakini - 'IGP Musa lied about his law degree'.

According to my uncle, some years ago there was a rather distinguished looking public servant (very elegant, dressed a la haute couture) who held himself extremely well in high circles and was an erudite orator.

Many then had no doubt that he would one day be the Chief Sec to the government (the No 1 public servant), but alas, all came unstuck when it was discovered (someone snitched on him) he didn’t have a PhD though he was known/addressed for years as Doctor So & So.

Unc heard he desperately defended himself by arguing he didn't claim to be a Doctor and that it had been others who called him that (though he didn’t correct those people, and had in fact signed letters/papers with his signature block indicating his 'PhD').

It's all the more sad when he was undoubtedly a very able public servant. My Uncle has never stop wondering why he did such a silly thing? Mind you, I know of a couple of very capable Aussies who did just the very same 'crime'.

It was an unmitigated disaster for 'Dr' Elegant's reputation and career. I hope the same consequences befall upon the current IGP wakakaka.

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  1. are you trying to score political mileage with Anwar, Hadi Awang and the rest of the geng?

  2. Mr Ktemoc

    The postponement was requested by Karpal. In fact, the defence wanted July which was objected by the prosecution and turned down by the judge.

  3. Would you believe that there are PhD holders in batik printing, floral arrangements, and other nonsense in this country today? Mona Fandey's bomoh husband (educated until primary school level) also had a PhD in bluffology.

    And speaking of degrees, many Indonesian science and arts degrees are recognised as equivalent to diplomas outside that country

  4. Anon of 12:37 AM, it was my padan muka to Father Lawrence Andrew wakakaka - please see my earlier post

    zappa, if the judge had recused himself the trial could have proceeded much earlier - recusing oneself (when there is a claim against him of possible conflict of interest or a set position) is about giving the accused the best chance for and perception of justice being done when the judge delivers his judgement - it's not about a judge running away from his duties.

    Please read again what the Star reported:

    "High Court Judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah set May 10 to 14, May 31 to June 4, July 14 to 23, and Aug 2 to 30, to continue the trial.

    At the last proceedings on Feb 18, the court set today for mention pending Anwar’s appeal on the refusal of the trial judge to be recused.

    However, Anwar, on March 16, had withdrawn his appeal to have the judge recuse himself from his sodomy trial in order to speed up the trial."

    In fact, Anwar had withdrawn his appeal to have the judge recuse himself from his sodomy trial in order to speed up the trial.

    But trust the court and prosecution to fix a date when Karpal and Anwar would be in parliament.

  5. Hi Zappa
    Welcome back.
    Havent heard from you a long, long time.
    What happened to all Ktemoc's regular commentators?

  6. ktemoc,
    u may be interested to see what tan keng liang said in Malaysian Mirror. See below.

  7. Stop the blame game, PR told Share

    Thursday, 25 March 2010 15:19

    KUALA LUMPUR - Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said Pakatan Rakyat leaders must learn that decisions by the Election Commission (EC) or any other federal or state authority are bound by the laws of the country.

    In a press statement Thursday, Tan said while he agreed with the efforts by DAP and PKR to hold local elections in Penang and Selangor, he "strongly condemn" the harsh criticism by some PR leaders towards the EC's decision.

    The EC had said on Wednesday that it was unable to assist DAP and PKR to hold local elections as the commission is bound by the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171).

    Tan said: "The Act clearly provides at Section 10 that the local councillors are to be appointed by the State Authority. Section 15 of the Act further provides that “notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any written law, all provisions relating to local governments elections shall cease to have force or effect”.

    "I believe Pakatan Rakyat is fully aware of the current law in our country."

    Tan said he had called upon the government to amend the relevant laws to assist Pakatan Rakyat states to hold the local government elections. However, he said PR should stop pushing the blame to the EC or any other party for its failure to fulfill its pledge to implement local elections.

    "This is to prevent any ambiguity as there are certain parties who had interpreted certain provisions in the Federal Constitution or any other law that they claim allowed for local government elections," he said.

    He added the criticism by PR that the EC is not independent in this issue clearly showed a "lack of substance"

    "Even at this juncture, Pakatan Rakyat is unable to re-affirm their policy whether they want local government elections in all Pakatan Rakyat’s states or otherwise," he said.

    "The recent announcement by the Kedah PAS-led state government that they are not interested in such local government elections clearly shows that Pakatan Rakyat is not sincere in implementing the local government elections in all Pakatan Rakyat states." - Malaysian Mirror

  8. Looks like your buddy Tan Keng Liang is crying wolf again.....wakakakaka

  9. Had Tan Keng Liang been LGE's coffeeboy, he would had run the the police claiming that LGE has "analized" him, just as his buddy Saiful had accused Anwar

  10. Kt,
    i have been following DSAI's court proceedings very closely and am absolutely amazed that another individual (especially someone who is as objective as you are) can come to a totally opposite conclusion. Ah, i must be getting old but unfortunately, not any wiser.

  11. Tan Keng Liang should answer this first?????? Lets see those what do those Tan Keng Liang's CCB Csuckers got to say about this

    Is Tan Keng Liang gonna should UMNO Tanjong would be Division Head the middle finder