Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Malaysian prejudice

Good old Dean Johns!

My matey has written another blistering piece in Malaysiakini. His Rehab is a top idea was a 24 gun broadside blast at Hishamuddin ...

... who had on one hand expressed his touchy feely soft sympathetic side for the cow-head bigots while virtually with the next, arrested some peaceful Hindraf supporters in a quiet candlelight vigil – pukishly double standards, wasn't that?

For more, please read Hishamuddin f* up again and again!

Dear Hisham had also lamented lost opportunity to rehabilitate SE Asia’s most notorious mass killer, Noordin Top, before the terrorist was killed, while he hasn't yet sorted out his police force who have turned the Malaysian police station into the ‘most dangerous place’ in Malaysia – see Pagar makan padi - deaths in police custody

Dean went through a list of UMNO leaders that he thought require rehabilitating though he reckons the only one who has been truly rehabilitated is … gasp … my fave, Anwar Ibrahim.

Dean even mentioned: … the sole genuine rehab success - and my old mate Ktemoc would debate even this one - is Anwar Ibrahim.


Well, most of you might have noted I’ve not been hammering Anwar Ibrahim for a considerable while … for one good reason – he has lately ceased his man man lai thingy (well, maybe for now, ‘coz I’m still watching him like a bloody hawk wakakaka).

You know, talking about pollies (that’s ‘politicians’) I had written on what one of my uncles told me about a then-young Najib.

Once Unc overheard Najib making some sort of off-handed apologies to his non-UMNO BN colleagues about the unavoidable necessity of him as Head of UMNO Youth using harsh and aggressive (meaning ‘racist’) remarks, particularly at a time when the Youth Wing was having its wing elections.

It reminded me of an old Chinese kungfu movie, where the forces of two warlords were engaged in a violent battle. While the warriors were fighting each other in mortal combat to the death, the two ar$eh*le$ were partying together, dining, yamseng-ing, joking, laughing, and womanizing in a private cozy retreat.

Yes, they weren't unlike pollies.

Don’t think for a moment that Najib and Anwar Ibrahim won’t do what the two movie warlords did (okay, perhaps minus the yamseng-ing and womanizing) because that’s politics, the art of the possible.

And believe it or not, that actually has happened, yes, Najib and Anwar had met, well at least the meeting minus the joviality, frolicking and feasting - wakakaka.

Pollies would not hesitate to bersandiwara (indulge in theatrics) if such sandiwara, even making racist comments, allows them to achieve their political objective.

Of course it’s bloody unethical (and I don’t condone it) but apart from not being able to do anything, I console myself that it's a political sandiwara, though of course should that get out of hand, alas, Malaysian blood would tragically flow.

But what worries me far far far more than pollies making (politically motivated) bigoted comments would be a well-educated man, who supposedly isn’t about to become a pollie, but who makes uninformed, unfair and unhelpful remarks about one ethnic group, probably right straight from his prejudiced heart – see my earlier post Bakri Musa confused about Confucianism.

I believe a pollie like Ahmad Ismail of Penang would wakakaka away when we chewed him ferociously while not attempting to, as the title of Dean's article suggests, rehabilitate Bakri Musa.

But alas, I don't think that would be even possible.

Then really, there isn't much hope for us, is there?


  1. Hisha'moo'din should say the rehabilitating thing in front of surviving family members of victims of two, not just one, bombings of the JW Marriott hotel in Jakarta...

  2. Then really, there isn't much hope for us, is there?

    Xenophobia and prejudice are inherent in almost everyone. Most people are able to overcome it with education and exposure to life's diversities. But for many others these are too entrenched as to be an inseparable part of their personality. They will be unapologetically xenophobic and racist right to their last breath.

    In a country like Malaysia where many of its people are still lacking in social graces/civility, too much freedom and democracy could possibly lead to social upheaval.

    We experienced it during the premiership of AAB who adopted a hands-off, laissez faire approach to governance. The people from his party started indulging in all kinds of hate-filled, racist speech.

    To keep a racially and religiously diverse (and fractious) country under control and peaceful may need a tough, strong-willed, no-nonsense leader like Darth Vader, wakakaka, who would brook no back-talk from anyone. Some leaders who may well fit into this mould may include Tun Mahathir (this sure will raise some hackles - hehehe!), Lee Kuan Yew, President Tito of Yugoslavia, and even Saddam Hussein.

    After Tito and Saddam left the scene, all hell broke loose in their respective countries.

    So, to answer your rhetorical question, one avenue of hope for a country like Malaysia is for her to have a just, fair, and benevolent Darth Vader in the driver's seat.