Monday, August 10, 2009

Who is the real bastard?

Malaysiakini - PKR, DAP lock horns over Teoh's child.

The Kulim Wonder condemns DAP Youth chief Anthony Loke for criticising Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee.

Ridhuan Tee had the bloody insensitive gall to make cruel and heartless remarks over the issue of Teoh Beng Hock’s unborn child. In outrage over those cruel remarks against a dead man who couldn't answer back, Loke wrote a letter to Sin Chew to lambast Ridhuan Tee. The letter was picked up by the Bar Council website. The letter is as follows:


It is sickening to see that a person with supposedly strong academic credentials and high religious stature can produce such cruel and heartless remarks over the issue of Teoh Beng Hock’s unborn child.

By twisting a dreadful tragedy with his zealous agenda against “bastard children” in his Utusan Malaysia article, Dr. Mohd Ridhuan, the vice-president of the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association, has caused immense emotional damage to Teoh’s family.

Whatever superficial sympathy Dr. Mohd Ridhuan has for Teoh’s family is lost when he chooses to harp on the status of the child, whom he labels as an illegitimate child. Dr. Mohd Ridhuan has also compared Teoh’s child to the children of “Malay-Muslim girls who have sex with Muslim or non-Muslim partners with or without consent”, who are born without taking their father’s names.

By comparing, with blatantly racist language, an unborn child of an engaged couple who is painfully separated by the fiance’s mysterious death, to children who are results of unplanned conception, Dr Mohd Ridhuan has shown everyone how low he can go to hurt other human beings with broken logic.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Mohd Ridhuan produced another hurtful article to slam his critics, labelling two Chinese language dailies – China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau – as racist, for highlighting his own racist outbursts. You can’t get more hypocritical than that.

DAPSY condemns in the strongest possible terms, the decision by Dr. Mohd Ridhuan to produce such insensitive, racist, zealous and hypocritical writings and the decision by Utusan Malaysia to publish them. DAPSY calls on Dr. Mohd Ridhuan to immediately apologize to Teoh’s family and to China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau, for all they have done is to reveal and reject his nasty character.


In Malaysiakini the Kulim Wonder asked if it was DAP's policy to legitimise 'pre-marital sex' and 'children born out of wedlock'. He demanded that DAP recognizes "Mohd Ridhuan has the right to express his opinion. He is of Chinese descent, and is well aware of the community's traditions and culture.”

Then, cheekily or more likely, hypocritically, he asked "Is DAP Youth unable to accept differences of opinion? Must we always dance to the beat of DAP and whoever who does not agree with DAP is an enemy and must be condemned."

And isn't the Kulim Wonder the politician most renowned for his intolerance, a fact ironically borne by his condemnation of Loke’s opinion of Mohd Ridhuan! And do ask the Bar Council about his thuggish behaviour.

The demographic breakdown in the federal constituency of Kulim is 67% Malays and 33% non-Malays.

Since Anwar Ibrahim dares not discipline him, I want to remind Pakatan supporters in Kulim that comes 2013, if the Kulim Wonder has the balls to still stand in that constituency again, punish him real kau kau for his bigotry.


  1. What YB Loke did was right and he's a good MP. As for Kulim MP, the less said about him the better.
    Like you said, let's hope the electorate in Kulim will send him packing when the next GE comes around, if by some sheer indiscretion PKR picks this bum again to be a candidate.

  2. I feel that the wonder MP from Kulim is planted by Anwar Ibrahim to check on DAP.

    And you also notice the pro Anwar bloggers eg Zorro, Haris and the likes are silence on this Kulim MP.

    I once posted the comment on the outburst by the Kulim MP at the Bar COuncil foru, but was deleted by Zorro.

    I guess this is Anwar game plan to check on DAP using stooges such as this Kulim MP.

    Read the post by Kulim MP today here, still whacking DAP!!!

    Salam 2 all.

    Saya sangat kecewa dengan keputusan YAB Tan Sri Menteri Besar Selangor yang menolak usul yang dikemukakan oleh PAS Selangor supaya dilaksanakan larangan menyeluruh ke atas penjualan arak dikedai serbaneka dan peruncitan di Shah Alam khususnya, dan Selangor amnya. Ianya telah menukar status Selangor daripada negeri Darul Ehsan kepada Selangor Darul Khamar!!

    Desakan ini dibuat berdasarkan hakikat Shah Alam adalah kawasan yang penduduknya lebih 90% adalah umat Islam. Tidak ada sebab untuk kedai peruncitan dan serbaneka untuk menjual arak, beer atau alkohol atas apa nama sekalipun, apatah lagi jika ianya berdekatan dengan surau atau masjid.

    Berikutan aduan yang dibuat oleh umat Islam, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam telah melaksanakan langkah merampas arak yang dijual dibeberapa kedai serbaneka ini. Namun tindakan MBSA telah dipertikai oleh YB Ronnie Liu daripada DAP yang mengarahkan supaya MBSA memulangkan balik arak yang dirampas.

    Tindakan YB Ronnie Liu telah membangkitkan kemarahan umat Islam khususnya di Shah Alam. Maka PAS Selangor dibawah pimpinan YB Dato' Hassan Ali telah mengemukakan memorandum supaya larangan penjualan arak secara menyeluruh di Selangor dilaksanakan.

    HAve you heard from Anwar on this Kulim wonder, none!!!!!

    If you can believe Anwar, shit also can be deserts

  3. Re: anti-belit
    Harris? Harris has been and is still harping on the non-action by PKR towards the Kulim wonder.


    Hello, I don't see any wrong in having pre-marital pregnancy. Well except maybe people should wear condom to prevent baby and disease unless expecting pregnancy (the world is over-populated, stop unecessary birth please :P). The last I check, we're living in 21st century, plus pre-marital sex or pregnancy occurs ALL THE TIME in human history...

  4. The child IS ILLEGITIMATE by virtue of the Malaysian Family Law ruling (not just Malaysia but most of world countries) define child outside legal binding marriage IS ILLEGITIMATE

    I don't understand why would exception be made to SOME people...LAW is LAW lah..why the preferential treatment?

    If don't want to follow law, go live in the jungle lah!!!!!

  5. "Mohd Ridhuan has the right to express his opinion. He is of Chinese descent, and is well aware of the community's traditions and culture.”

    Well, we all know about fanatical "born-again" Christians, so this "born-again" Moslem comes as no surprise.

  6. I wonder why Ridhuan Tee is interfering in non Muslim affairs? Whether Teoh's child is illegitimate (and he/she would not be in Australia, NZ, etc) is not his business.

  7. Let us all be sane and sober here.
    The question is not religion but more of the constitution.
    Everyone is in love with Teoh and by extension his fiance and love-child.
    Granting Teoh's child as legitimate will set a precedent, an unhealthy one and against the constitution, bearing in mind Malaysia is a Muslim country.
    After this many with illegitimate child will come scrambling to the registry of birth to demand the same treatment.
    In a birth certificate, its clearly stated the required name of father and mother.
    How can one be a father and mother if they are not legally married.
    The way I see it, Teoh's wife is more concerned with the child inheriting Teoh's pension or whatever assets or EPF.
    I think that can be handled via the mother and Teoh family who are entitled to Teh's assets under the law.
    Being a teacher, she will have pension and will be enough to bring up her child.
    You must remember she's young and will remarry.
    So what is all the fuss.
    Sometimes our obsession and sentiments over-ride reality in this world.

  8. KTemoc said...
    I wonder why Ridhuan Tee is interfering in non Muslim affairs? Whether Teoh's child is illegitimate (and he/she would not be in Australia, NZ, etc) is not his business.

    Again as myself and fussypot said, it's not really about legitimacy in terms of religion..

    But more of legitimacy in the eyes of LAW!!!for official purposes of inheritance etc, there's already family law governing the legitimacy of a child, WHY U GUYS STILL WANT TO MAKE SO MUCH NOISES!!!!i really can't understand how twisted u guys are that u don't even respect the law anymore!!!..

    even in western country, only child born out of legal marriage is legitimate...

    IF U WANT TO BE MORE LIBERAL THAN WESTERNERS, GET 2/3 MAJORITY IN PARLIAMENT AND CHANGE THE LAW..don't try to make exceptions to your cronies!!!

  9. even in western country, only child born out of legal marriage is legitimate...

    Nonsense, a child is a child is a citizen of a countrry - there's no such thing as an illegitimate child in a country like Australia. You'll be laughed or scorned at if you raise such a thing.

  10. I concur with justmy2sen comment. What is illegal means illegal. why we should give the exception? How about others who has applied before? Can we just ignore them...this will be a precedent case..Not good for our country...don't make our emotion cloud our judgement...

  11. Huh? So in 1Malaysia only married man and woman can give birth? That's eye-opener, God please save me from the insanity, I never know 1Malaysia has such draconian law!

  12. At common law, legitimacy is the status of a child who is born to parents who are legally married to one another, or who is born shortly after the parents' marriage ends through divorce. The opposite of legitimacy is the status of being "illegitimate" – born to a woman and a man who are not married to one another.
    - Wikipedia-

    Legitimacy Act, Canon Law, - legitimacy of a child through subsequent marriage of the childs' parents (BUT TBH NEVER GET TO MARRY, RIGHT?)

    In US, illegitimate child has limited right of inheritence from mother, only can inherit from father if father acknowledge (HOW CAN? TBH ALREADY DEAD) and makes it legitimate by marrying the childs' mother (NEVER GET TO MARRY EITHER)

    Most of legitimacy act requires subsequent marriage by the father and mother of the child, NOT JUST AUTOMATIC GIVE LEGITIMATE STATUS JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!

    Refer: Law and Illegitimate Child, Hari Dev Kohli

    Well if you prefer the Australian Law, then by all means, go migrate there....even I dont think authorities will just grant legitimate status automatically without subsequent marriage

    Dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung

  13. Bentoh,

    Don't be such a DRAMA QUEEN...U're free to make babies outside marriage, nobody cares BUT here the issue is AN ISSUE of legitimacy of the child....(as fussypot has mentioned)

    Please don't spin the issues..

  14. Just wanna echo comment by Bentoh 12:17am: Haris Ibrahim is no PKR machai, he is IMHO a sensible and credible blogger. He has criticized ZN on several occasions, and repeated calls for PKR to take action against ZN.

    As for Zorro, I dunno, most recently he seems critical of PR although it's hard to understand why (he is a bit too emotional for my liking, it can be difficult to understand his points sometimes).

  15. Haris is Anwar die hard machai. Look at all his postings, so much hatred against the APPOINTMEMT of Najib as PM.

    Why so much hatred against Najib, for he know Anwar will not have smooth sailing as compared to the sleepy Pak Lah that Anwar has the luxury.

    As a neutral person supposedly championing for the Rakyat, why is Harris behaving like that?

    Pak Lah was given 5 years to rule the country but failed , so what is the problem with the appoitment of new PM?

    I just do not understand the intense hatred of Harris against Najib. It will be great if Harris can transparently inform us the reason for the hatred , otherwise he is just another political spinner. Show us your wisdom.

    I do not subscribe to hatred in dealing with situation for hatred invites hatred. If hatred, emotion, anger, suspiscion is what they are championing for, they are no different.

  16. Well some Blogs are buzzing about a meeting between Anwar Ibrahim and Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak. There are various permutations of when, where and how the meeting took place and also what was discussed between Anwar and Najib.

    Some of the Blogs that are discussing this are as follows:

    Ruang Bicara Faisal,

    Duke of UMNOeXcepcion

    The Unspinners

    When asked from a well placed source if there was any truth to the matter. He replied

    "They met, yes. Meeting was sometime back, no details".

    Anwar has just embarked on a whole new life preserving career trying to link Najib with the Altantuya murder. What on earth would he have wanted from Najib?

    As the stomach churns.

    Any idea or inkling what they discussed ?

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  18. The real Bs are those reponsible for Theo's death and the person who brought up this subject. Ramalx

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  21. anon 7:04... Nusmetro is an UMNO-linked corporation. Use yr head next time, ok?