Friday, August 21, 2009

Kg Buah Pala - end of the road!

The court has passed the death sentence
On High Chaparral, the village of Buah Pala
Signalling the final chapter of a resistance
That was further weakened by bull charisma

The villagers mortally wounded long ago
Were ill served by the new false prophets
Misleading the residents from woe to woe
Treating innocent hopefuls as mere puppets

Once where real bull poo fertilize the land
Sheer utter bull now corrupts the pristine air
Confusing the villagers with sleight of hand
By their exploitative braggadocio and dare

Resist, hold fast, give way not a millimeter
From way behind they shouted ferociously
We’re sure to win, but comes September
Those ‘brave’ voices will just be a memory

See Malaysiakini - Federal Court strikes out Buah Pala residents' application


  1. Lim Guan Eng is the bastard who have cheated the Kg Buah Pala villagers.

    Long Live LGE

    Megat Jittendran

  2. Kampong Bola Pecah !

    Apa lagi ?

  3. my ass karma ! so, if selangor falls into the hands of bn ,we called it so full of shit moo_t !!!

  4. btw,i am sure you are very happy at the outcome ktemoc ! so stop pretending and go kiss lge butt

  5. Buah Pala resident deserves nothing.

    First they go Hindraf, then they go DAP, then they go UMNO, they listened to some shitheads from PJ. MIC made some noise and did nothing.
    Why didn't they go camp outside Gerakan offices. Idiots deserve nothing. And to those who accepted the offer..good decision.