Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Selangor PAS - perverted delight in being lil' Napoleons?

Malaysiakini - Now a rift in Selangor Pakatan?

Why I believe Hassan Ali should be ashamed of his conduct for defending the Shah MBSA’s seizure of beer from a 7-11 shop in Selangor’s capital and demanding the removal of Ronnie Liu from the latter’s position as the exco member for local government:

(1) There’s no such law to support the illegal confiscation - shame on him!

(2) If Hassan Ali is concerned about sales of beer in a Malay-majority area, why not inform or advise 7-11 to stop the sales, instead of SEIZING the goods?

Why must people like Hassan Ali find it necessary to resort to such draconian tactics?

I recall those asshole lil’ Napoleons illegally barging into the hotel room of an elderly American couple in Langkawai and frightening the sh*t out of the poor dear. She flew straight back to America, no doubt with many a tale of scary Malaysian Talibans to tell her friends - and in Malaysia's Tourism Year too!

Then there was the sad case of the religious police forcing Muslim females apprehended at Zouk to urinate in front of those perverts? Sickening Sheiks of Syiok-Sendiri!

Those wonders seem to revel in disgusting depraved delight in their bullying, threatening and harassing of people. Does those illegal and dictatorial acts titillate the wanking wonders’ weenies?

(3) Who the f* is Hassan Ali to criticise Ronnie Liu when the latter had been standing up for the fundamental and legal rights of 7-11? Double shame on Hassan!

In fact Hassan Ali should be the one expelled from the exco for condoning illegal seizures of trader's goods and criticising (Ronnie’s) correct redress of the abuse by MBSA.


  1. Ktemoc,
    This time I will support your action. I need to add more. I believe most moderate muslims should be appalled with Hassan's action. Plus, he didn't apologise for his secret Khalwat rendezous with Khir. It's only after exposed, then he admitted. Even, no apologies. His remarks on Nik Aziz is disgusting. Nik Aziz didn't do that.

    Your sabotage in Manik Urai give you the ummph to create havoc, is it?

    By the way, I have lost my faith on Noordin.....He's definitely on my extermination list

  2. Only umno and its doggies don't follow the law. Perhaps Hassan Ali should join umno than remain inside PAS. I don't see a reason why PAS shouldn't sack him if he like umno so much.

  3. I am a Chinese but I don't drink. I did not even know they sell alcoholic drinks in convenience store. What the heck make a big hue and cry?

    Indian friends eating nasi padang always avoid the beef and they know its beef, what the heck!

    Lets all live and let live and make life a bit more simple lah...

  4. I think the best way to resolve this amicably is to send Hassan and gang to do an economic course, maybe not a full course just the introduction to the principle of "supply and demand"

  5. 7-11 should lodge a repot polis lah !

  6. how about our P Ramlee films of yesteryears, merilly drinking all those hardy brewed liquids.... ban them too?!

  7. I did not even know they sell alcoholic drinks in convenience store !
    Then why are they called convenience store ? They are supposed to sell everything in a convenience sore .
    Is there any law in the Federal Constitution banning such sales ? Why isn't this the case in Perak , Pahang and Johore ? What about Kedah especially Langkawi ?
    The state laws has to follow the Federal Constitution . You cannot have different laws in different states .

  8. Hmm..Hassan old boy might be trying to topple PR Selangor government and become the MB of Selangor with the support of BN..

  9. These are the guys, and another one from Kulim,that will not hesitate to abandon PKR's ship,for Umno if they feel a shift in the winds, say 1 year from now!!!! opportunists of the first order.

  10. That's why both the PM and the DPM, as leaders of the nation, should come forward and provide clear perimeters on such religious issues which have caused so much confusion and inconvenience to almost everyone.

    In Islam every religious leader has much leeway to interpret the Quran according to his own understanding of it. This gives rise to much contradictions in the teachings of various ulamas. This is why in Malaysia we can find one group of Muslims calling another group murtad.

    The Internet is a very useful tool that the authorities can make use of to disseminate the correct religious teachings, and rectify those that may cause problems and misunderstanding.

    Desa Damai


    nice article, i fully support.

  12. the next thing they will confiscate is condoms...becos Pas Hassan say with condoms easy to have free sex, when you swing a condom, girls will just bend over for him. He will also Beer on the counter can make a person drunk and commit incest.