Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2nd pathologist conceded Teoh could have been forced onto 14th floor window sill

So the second pathologist has asserted the likelihood of Teoh’s suicide, with so-called scientific justifications … such as …

On why he believed Teoh had deliberately thrown himself off the building, Dr Prashant … blah blah blah …, and

He also said Teoh had probably squatted on the window sill before the plunge as marks on both the shoes co-relate with the width of the window sill … blah blah blah …

or has he?

In today’s Star Online Teoh Inquest : No signs of assault found, when questioned by Gobind Singh Deo, “… on whether a person would freeze up in fear if he were being held in that position on the window sill, Dr Prashant said yes, adding that there would also be not much of a struggle.”

The cross-examination went as follows:

Gobind: Do you agree that someone could have held him there in that position?

Dr Prashant: It is possible.

On Dr Prashant’s testimony that there were “disturbances” in the area around the window, like smudges and finger drag marks, Gobind asked the pathologist if these could be due to some form of resistance.

Dr Prashant: Yes.

Gobind: Shows that the person standing there had resisted falling?

Dr Prashant: Possible, sir.

The annoying thing is the pathologist had provided only one possibility (suicide) when there were others just as likely (like being threatened with scare tactics as scenario-ized by Gobind Singh).

Why must he only present the one the MACC (and Police) wanted?

Why not say, “Look, from the forensic evidence gathered (limited as these may be) there are a number of possibilities … blah blah blah …”


  1. all local pathologist tak boleh pakai one.... we need imports!

  2. wanna continue working here for this indian national?

    darn, just wondering whether he is married with kids? would he jump for no reason? may be teoh spirit can emerge and make him jump from the 14th floor. that would not be suicide. thats Intervention by the SPIRIT.

  3. Satu bukti baru terbongkar berkenaan dengan punca kematian mendiang Teoh, iaitu wujud satu pertengkaran di antara Tan dan mendiang di tandas, tingkat 14, Pejabat SPRM, Plaza Masalam, selepas jam 3.45, kira-kira empat hingga lima jam sebelum mendiang ditemui mati.

    Siapa saksi lihat pertengkaran Tan-Teoh di tandas ?

    Selepas, mendiang Teoh, tamat sesi soal siasatnya, pada jam 3.45 pagi, 16 Julai, dia telah pergi ke tandas. Tan Boon Hwa yang sudah lama menunggu mendiang, turut sama mengekorinya ke tandas pejabat SPRM (Tingkat 14, Plaza Masalam).

    Di dalam tandas itu, Tan Boon Hwa telah menanyakan kepada mendiang apakah soalan-soalan yang diajukan oleh pegawai SPRM kepadanya. Mendiang menjawab secara jujur soalan-soalan yang ditanya dan jawapan-jawapan yang telah diberikan olehnya. Mendengar jawapan itu, Tan tidak berpuas hati dan meninggikan suara serta mengancam mendiang kerana telah menjadi tali barut SPRM untuk menjatuhkan bos-bos mereka (dua exco DAP; Ronnie Liu & Ean Yong)

    Makian dan ancaman Tan Boon Hwa kepada mendiang telah disaksikan oleh seorang pegawai SPRM bernama Bulkini yang ketika itu juga berada di tandas.

    Bulkini adalah Penolong Penguasa SPRM yang boleh berbahasa Cina kerana sebelum ini telah berkhidmat khusus untuk komuniti Cina selama 14 tahun (dahulunya dikenali sebagai BPR).

    Selepas tamat sesi soal siasat Bulkini membenarkan Tan Boon Hwa pulang ke rumahnya dan diminta hadir semula pada jam 11.00 pagi, 16 Julai untuk menyambung keterangan. Namun Tan Boon Hwa enggan pulang sebaliknya mengambil keputusan untuk berada di pejabat SPRM.

    Bermakna Tan Boon Hwa bercakap bohong dan menyembunyikan fakta sebenar bahawa dia dan mendiang bertengkar di tandas.

    Tan Boon Hwa juga menyembunyikan fakta bahawa dia pernah memberi kata-kata ancaman kepada mendiang kerana mendiang telah terlepas cakap dan sanggup menjadi tali barut SPRM.

    Ada satu lagi isu lain yang sedang berlegar, benarkah Tan Boon Hwa memarahi mendiang dan terlepas cakap mengatakan anak yang dikandung tunangnya bukan anak mendiang, tetapi anak Ean Yong ?

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  5. Mystery letter halts Teoh inquest

    SHAH ALAM (Aug 19, 2009) : The inquest into the death of political secretary Teoh Beng Hock sparked new interest yesterday when lawyer Gobind Singh Deo revealed a six-page typewritten letter he had just received which purportedly contained "explicit details" which may be material to the case.

  6. Denzook
    If the pathologists verify what you believe is the truth, you will be applauding them.
    You will say they all boleh pakai one.
    Take note these people are professionals and made statements based on scientific findings.

  7. Looks like we have a lot of potential pathologists in the making here .

  8. Read the letter at M2day. It certainly is revealing.

  9. Read the letter at M2day. It certainly is revealing.

    like when they claim that Eli's photos were his works ? haha

    that the guy who was assaulted in the video was tbh and the guys were police ? haha

    That Rosmah was there witnessing A being blown up > haha

    That they need to spin as there is a serious attack to take over the Selangor PR govt ? possible

    Who are the spinners ? ask the fugitive and his connections ! With more dirt being dug up , lets see who gets thrown in .

  10. Once a monkey, all you have to do is feed it peanuts !