Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can MCA redeem itself under Ong Tee Keat?

In recent years, the last 25 or so, a significant number of Chinese Malaysians began to have doubts about the MCA as a political party that could represent them. Some had by then dismissed the MCA as nothing more than an UMNO lackey, with the leaders only concerned about their own interests. Fat cats … and castrated ones too!

However, many clung on, in the hope that the MCA might change. In 1969 the Chinese had once abandoned the MCA in a big way; in 2008 the majority decided that enough was enough, and repeated their disdainful disgusted dismissal of the MCA as their political representative a la 1969

Just prior to 08 March 2008, the brother of the MCA president, seeing the winds of change, actually debased himself in humiliating fashion, by ‘begging’ the Chinese for some crumbs when they voted. He knew the MCA would be wiped out north of KL. He pleaded for a minor share of the Chinese mandate.

He didn't get even a stale bread crumb.

Has it been the alleged corruption of MCA leaders that had made the Chinese spurn MCA? Was it the unpopular MCA's purchase of some Chinese newspapers (turning them into government mouthpieces) that had infuriated the community?

Yes, all that did add up to the Chinese growing disenchantment with the party that fought for their fathers' citizenship in the early gestation days of the nation, but …


… the singular most humiliating factor that convinced (and still does) Chinese Malaysians to reject the MCA has been its servile silent sycophantic relationship with UMNO.

Admittedly the MCA has not been as obsequious as the disgraceful Gerakan Party in the person of Koh TK, but it was bad enough to make Chinese Malaysians cringe in shame.

The Barisan Nasional is in name a coalition … a coalition theoretically of partners. Sure there would always be a leader among the partners, the primus inter pares (first among equals), ... but as I had blogged before, UMNO has been all primus while the rest of the Barisan Nasional, namely MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the kacang putih mosquito parties, were never ever remotely near the status of pares.

OK, forget those mosquito parties, but for the last 20 to 25 years UMNO had not been treating the MCA with the respect a partner, even a junior one, ought to receive.

For God’s sake, when the BN divvy-ed up the seats for a general election, you would imagine that for a 'coalition', that was that, with each component party nominating its own party members to be the respective election candidates in their allocated constituencies.

But oh no, the MCA (and the others) had to seek the approval of the UMNO president for its nominated candidates. Has MCA been a subordinate branch of UMNO? Now, do you understand what I had meant when I said, ’UMNO has been all primus while … MCA was never ever near the status of pares’.

UMNO had continuously undermined, sometimes deliberately, MCA’s credibility with its own community, yet demanded of the Chinese-based party the support of the majority of Chinese Malaysians … a f* Sisyphean task.

As a recent example of UMNO’s unrealistic and unreasonable expectation, the failed UMNO candidate in Permatang Pasir (though reportedly an UMNO 'good looking hero') had the brazen nerve to voice his dissatisfaction with the lack of Chinese support for his candidature, in that, an indirect criticism of the MCA, without even appreciating that it had been UMNO which had destroyed the credibility and political leadership of MCA in the eyes of the latter’s community.

But the shameless MCA plodded on, as a willing captive, a pariah serf to the Barisan Brahmin, in wishful thinking that somewhere down the track, its record of loyalty, or at worst, muted passivity, will earn UMNO’s respect.

But trust the MCA somehow to lose its plot and dignity along the way, where at one stage, to the utter humiliation of the Chinese Malaysian community, an UMNO man actually acted as the MCA’s interim president. How f* humiliatingly low could one go.

So when Malaysiakini reported on the MCA sacking of Chua Soi Lek with the headline
Chua's axing in defiance of Najib? I said to myself, good on Ong Tee Keat. It’s f* high time the MCA stop cringing and wringing its hands in front of TaiKoh like what Koh TK would probably do, to take instructions from Ah Hniah (Teochew for big brother).

I don’t know much about Ong Tee Keat, though his credentials as MCA President has automatically placed him in many Chinese black books ;-) …

… but if his current efforts to expose the PKFZ corruption scam as he had done in 2006 with the embezzlement of (90% of) schools’ maintenance funds is a sincere effort at ‘cleaning up’ the MCA’s act, then I say, more power to Ong!

I also have nothing against Chua in as much as I don't with Ong Tee Keat, but in the matter of MCA as a sovereign party which can and should manage its own internal party’s issues, I say kudos to Ong for standing up to UMNO with some spine in the sacking of Chua.

;-) and guess what, Najib agrees with me, stating
he won’t step in unless invited.


  1. yeah lah. even mic has better standing. umno ppl even their president don't even dare to touch the mic president.

  2. I can see it coming.
    From day one, OTK has side-lined CSL.
    What's with OTK?.
    Why is he acting so high-handed?
    He is riding rough-shod over MCA members who chose CSL as number two.
    MCA is heaing for a slide-down.
    The people of Johor want CSL. There are calls to suspend OTK temporarily.
    Najib has alrady washed his hands off OTK.
    Why is the sex DVD brought up again when the party elections are over and members still want CSL?
    PS. TV3 poll says 63 percent of viwers back CSL.

  3. All these while malaysians have been talking about corruption,transparency,so what is wrong for hero ong tee keat,to have dare to stand out to clear corruption,who else dare!!!,so people we should give him our full support,whosoever washes their hands,are them worms in the can .

  4. CSL Fan

    The people of Johor want CSL. There are calls to suspend OTK temporarily.

    The people of johore ? you must be joking , they are the machai s of csl . Take for example , the one who took out a gun while caught in the hotel room with someone's wife and got caught , then the division chairman who was his former political secretary but got caught involving a land deal , bought very cheap , sell to Ministry of Health for 23 million when csl was the minister , how not to support him ?
    Only six divisions only ah ? and you alredy say the people of johore ! If got 15 divisions then you will say people of malaysia support a porn actor to become mca president lah . You got malu or not , I malu lah when people say my president bird so long in the dvd , can do very good licking like a cat , meow , moew .

    Hey you talk cock lah , disciplinary council recommend csl be sack , presidential council agree with decision , you ask for president be suspended , ada meaning or not ? ask lah the whole disciplinary council be suspended for making that recommendation .

    kan ni neh talk bird language .

  5. MCA deserves shit.. Even small UMNO farts can tell MCA to shaddup, and MCA will remain quiet.

    That is MCA

  6. The expulsion of Dr Chua is ostensibly his punishment for tarnishing the party’s image over the disclosure in late 2007 of a secret recording showing him engaging in sex acts with his mistress. If this is not damaging the party's image then what is it ? If you are not caught , then it is another issue , but in this case he has even admitted that the person in the DVD is indeed him , so is there a law that says when you are caught in a sex act that is punishable and you are a BN member , it is a non issue whereas if you are a Pakatan leader and caught in a similar act , the law acts differently ? Are there two sets of laws ? one for BN and one for PR ? The laws of the country shall be apllied to everyone living here in Malaysia and lets make sure that there are no two sets of law in this country .

    Dr Chua is guilty and has tarnished the image of MCA , he has to go .Wether you like it or not . For those supporters of his , if you don't like what you see , you are free to go . The company needs to dispose of those useless and unwanted inventory .

    A smaller unbroken plate is better than a big broken plate as the saying goes ......

  7. CSL is an UMNO Chinaman in MCA . If he becomes MCA President , then artchan says is correct Even small UMNO farts can tell MCA to shaddup, and MCA will remain quiet.

    But otk ? PKFZ shows he's not a poodle even with UMNO's hands in it .

  8. The MCA cannot afford to have big brother UMNO wanting a tainted leader as it's President for the sake of having an obedient and subservient lap dog as its President . This image was very pronounced during the Bush's era when Tony Blair and the former Australian Premier John Howard were both referred to as Bush's poodle .
    Also it is a disgrace to the Chinese community where pride and face is very important . I wonder how MCA is going to face the Chinese community during the next GE if Chua were to be President .

    However there is a way out for Chua Soi Lek . He can be the first male pornstar to be elected into the Malaysian parliament should he wishes to contest for a Parliamentary seat in the next GE . I am sure he won't be short of supporters and voters who will vote for him . It will be a first in the world political arena as no male pornstar has ever been elected into any parliament before unlike female pornstars . But first he has to form a party called the Malaysian Pornstars Association and have it registered , which I am pretty sure he won't have difficulty finding a suitable logo . Also he should hire Larry Flynt, who is at an adult entertainment trade promoter and publisher of Hustler magazine to be his campaign manager .

    rest of article here

  9. Ong Will Never Walk Alone

    We must be clear that Ong is merely doing his job to investigate the PKFZ financial fiasco which is threatening to cast a dark cloud over the country. Without his commitment to dig deep into the issue, it would not have been possible for us to find out that there may be a potential breach of financial integrity which led to an over-billing of RM500mil to RM1bil.
    Ong is not wrong to say that the culprits in the PKFZ fiasco must be brought to justice. No one should feel offended by his statement. His sentiments are shared by many Malaysians.

    Agree whole heartedly that Ong is doing his job unlike the previous Transport Ministers but where are those who have been clamouring for eradication of corruption and for transparency ? Those Pakatan Rakyat leaders ? Where art thou on this issue ? Or are they only interested in playing up racial issues ? Where are you Anwar ? How about you Nik Aziz ? Is heaven and hell the only issue for you ?
    Ong is indeed correct to say that culprits in the PKFZ fiasco must be brought to justice .

    Ong shall never walk alone , not only us but the spiritual forces of goodness will see to it that he will triumph over the forces of evil . They will be walking with him . We shall be walking with him . We have not yet shown our faces . Sun Tzu's art of war says , never let the enemy know your strength .

    rest of article here :

  10. LOL. It is those ong brother loses in 308 that allow OTK to take mca helm. Without it, OTK are still a sidelined minister inside mca.

    najib give CSL a place, that is a clear black eye to OTK. From there's on, CSL has taken his lobby work openly fight with OTK : obvious under hidden consent by umno. A double black eye on OTK. The PKFZ tycoon direct challenge is 3rd black eye on OTK.

    umno proxy attack make OTK think nothing to lose. OTK are betting Malaysian (not just Chinese society) to give him a thumb ups.

    Bare in mind that, in Malaysia, for pass 52 years, OTK are the first minister dare to expose and attack the billions dollars corruption. And no umno minister dare to open attack OTK on his exposure works on PKFZ.

  11. JOHOR BARU: Suspend Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat from carrying out his duty temporarily as party president and review the decision to sack Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
    This call was made by six Johor MCA divisions affiliated to Chua's camp to the party discplinary board during a joint press conference today.

    The six divisions, which are Pontian, Kota Tinggi, Gelang Patah, Tebrau, Tanjung Piai and Pulai, were led by Pontian division chairman Tee Siew Keong.

    With these very strong supporters CSL must be the Taikor ....

    CSL fan you want these type of fellas ???

    Take for example , the one who took out a gun while caught in the hotel room with someone's wife and got caught

    Low was Johor MCA treasurer, state public complaints bureau head and Pulai MCA division chairman before the suspension.
    In July last year, he allegedly took out a pistol to defend himself after a 42-year-old businessman found his wife and him at his (Low’s) condominium.

    then the division chairman who was his former political secretary but got caught involving a land deal

    Another Scam Linked to Former Minister and His Political Secretary
    Here we go again with another dirty Minister and his corrupt political secretary. Think we already have enough ot UMNO's problems with Azalina and her political secretary, Norza Zakaria, Ali Rustam, etc....and now MCA has shown that it is as dirty as hell. This time another political secretary of prominent former MCA Minister, Dato' Sri Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

    and here:
    Ministry to probe alleged land scam involving Soi Lek

    PUTRAJAYA (July 23, 2009): The Health MInistry's secretary-general is investigating an alleged land scam involving former minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and his political secretary Datuk Tee Siew Kiong.

  12. umno life member csl1:25 pm, August 28, 2009

    PS. TV3 poll says 63 percent of viwers back CSL.

    TV3 belong to who ? CSL fan ? if they don't want to support their UMNO chinaman who do you think the want to support ? OTK ?

  13. Ketmoc,
    What with all the hype of OKT being transparent on the PKFTZ? That bloody gangster Tiong left money for MCA donation????Man! it was cash mind you so he left it there and it disappeared into thin air.?Tell you all this MCA buggers are crooks and you cannot find an honest one!Period
    So the blame game is on.KT you give me some money and i can deny it!Thats it!Give me 10 millions today and i can be very very honest the next day!
    This MCA craps has been there all along with the blessings from TDM era!

  14. The result of Permatang Pasir by-election tell us something that the voters want a clean representative. That will make (DVD) sex scandal BN coordinator Dr Chua Soi Lek a political liability to MCA and BN. But I believe the real reason behind his sacking are more to trying to topple the MCA President. A lot of influential politicians within MCA as well BN want Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat out due to his determination to clean up the mess in the PKFZ fiasco which will expose those politicians wrong doing. As such that stupid porn star should retire entirely form politic when he was caught, instead being now used by those treacherous politician. Obviously Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat is doing a good job which is in line with the society's sentiment and he is doing at the expense of losing his political career or his life. Cleansing process in MCA is now underway, will see more sacking and that will be the trend until all those tainted personalities remove.

    If OTK were to fail and fall, BN will go down deeper in the shit hole....maybe not able to get up anymore.

    If Najib is smart, he should follow the momentum already set by MCA to cleanse UMNO and BN as well, perhaps this is their last change........

  15. OTK, jia yu! keep it up!

  16. That bloody gangster Tiong left money for MCA donation????

    Reports have been made to the polis , macc and the legal suits are on the way . The money does not vanish into thin air . Wait for the court case . Everything will be out . A donation is a donation , what's the big deal about it ? Anything wrong if someone wants to give money with NO STINGS attached or is it a BRIBE to keep quiet ?

  17. Wa Sokong Sama Lu4:25 pm, August 28, 2009

    I don't always agree with Chaptokam, but I agree with him here. CSL should form a new political party, with his pornographic credentials supporting him. I am not surprised by the TV3 poll indicating that most Malaysians support CSL. He is an relatively honest man (in BN terms) when it comes to money (whether he is honest about sex is a different matter!). He is not massively corrupt. He did not get money for his pornographic activities, unlike that infamous Swedish politician. It is likely that he paid the woman to perform with him (he has a heart of gold). And yes, he did not C4 her to destroy the evidence.

    But why was he sacked from the MCA? D. P. Vijandran, the former BN Deputy Speaker in the Malaysian parliament was even more famous, during his time, than CSL for his pornographic activities. But Vijandran was never sacked from the MIC, and is still a member (although an ordinary one now). Is the MCA trying to be more talibanish than the Taliban? What's wrong with a little sex here and there?

    Well, whatever it is, CSL as I've said, should form a new political party. He should call it PUS (parti untuk seks), so that it would be the antithesis of PAS and the PAS-wannabe or Taliban-wannabe, the "new" MCA. CSL may not have a pair of well-endowed breasts like La Cicciolina, the most famous pornographic politician ever, which he can exhibit during campaigning and even in parliament, but let us wish him all the best in his new career as Malaysia's latest pornographic politician!!

  18. The mca buggers now have a Hobson's choice between
    (1)an adulterer who shagged his "personal friend" on weekends in a hotel and
    (2) a freeloader who takes free rides in a private jet plus RM10,000,000 for himself which was meant for the party

    My suggestion is to dump both of them and appoint Jelapang Hee as the new President

  19. a freeloader who takes free rides in a private jet plus RM10,000,000 for himself which was meant for the party

    Can you prove he took RM10,000,000 ?
    He has denied it , why do you keep on insisting that he took it ? Is Tiong your idol ? Or did he pay you to keep harping on this ? As I mentioned , the courts are there unless you would like togive your name so that we can include it in the legal papers .

    Any offence on freeloading ?

  20. (1)an adulterer who shagged his "personal friend" on weekends in a hotel

    if he is not aspiring to become mCA president he can shagged all the girls and women , none of our concerned , however he is a public figure by virtue of his office , is a different matter unless like they say , birds of a feather flock together .

  21. anon 4:52 PM,

    OTK never at any time attempt to stop MACC to investigate him and have the balls to sue that Sarawak's mafia which everybody know will come to the open. Where else DAP obstructed MACC to investigate them and have no balls to sue must be asshole not able to distinguish the differences.

  22. anon 4:52 PM,

    Maybe Jelapang Hee did a blow job for you , that's why you want her to be the New President . Better beware , check your dick see got any torn skins , i heard she got hiv . compliments to arsehole like you !