Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indians - 50 more years of marginalisation?

Recent polls have shown that the Indian 'tsunami' has subsided into gentle lapping wavelets, kissing the golden sand of the Malaysian beach, where the swing back to the BN has been around 76%. Wow, the faithful has returned to the fold.

I suppose we can say there is now tranquility, serenity and of course the likelihood of betrayal for Indians in the fair land of Malaysia.

Malaysiakini Hindraf: Where's the money, buddy? reported:

Hindraf activist V Ganabatirau has accused the outlawed movement's leader P Waythamoorthy of using millions of ringgit collected from the people for his personal use while in self-imposed exile in London.

Ganabatirau said funds collected by Hindraf, which ran into millions, were meant for the families of those 5 detained under the ISA, but alas, not one sen had ever reached their families.

However, when questioned, Waythamoorthy claimed the funds were meant for a civil suit against the British (colonial) government for its neglect of Indian Malayans.

An angry Ganabatirau retorted that the suit has expired as civil matters must be pursed within three months after being filed.

Worse than that, Ganabatirau said in outrage: "I believe that the suit was deliberately allowed to expire so that he [Waynamoorthy] could enjoy his exile and the good life in London.”

He then pointed out that Waythamoorthy did not condemn RS Thanenthirran for using the title Makkal Sakthi as the name of his new political party, when that title was coined by Ganabatirau and K Vasanthakumar for the Hindraf movement.

Ganabatirau reminded us that Thanenthirran in forming the Makkal Sakthi Party had immediately made overtures to the BN government which then led to the
possibility of Waythamoorthy's return to Malaysia.

And Ganabatirau further questioned Waythamoorthy's motives in blaming Pakatan Rakyat for the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco. Oh yes, while we are on this issue, don't forget his brother Uthayakumar as well - yes, we did wonder about these two brothers attacking the DAP which had supported them when they were in strife.

Ganabatirau sneered: "Who does he [Waynamoorthy] want to please to ensure his safe return?"

Finally Ganabatirau twisted the knife of insult by one further turn when he said of Waynamoorthy: "He is a chicken. If there is a forum, he would ask me whether there were police or SB (Special Branch personnel) in the vicinity before coming to give a speech."

Hmmm, perhaps Waynamoorthy and his brother see themselves as the logical replacement for Samy Vellu as the new Kapitan for the Indian community.

No doubt with that representation in the BN, there will be all the attendant rewards of Datukship and ministerial apppointments.

I hope there won't be another 50 years of marginalisation for the poor Indians?

If true, then it's aiyoyo, why have Siva, Krishna and Brahma punished their children with such leaders?


  1. We don't need the gods to punish us. We do it better ourselves. I didn't even think there would be any tsunami in the first place. Would hardly be surprised if it is all back to normal. We are just too selfish and keep on hoping for a short term solution. Since 'theoritically', UMNO can solve any of our problems, they get our support.

    Mind you, the indians here are a poor shadow of the indians in India who would not stand for injustice. Selfish people are easily manipulated.

  2. "If true, then it's aiyoyo, why have Siva, Krishna and Brahma punished their children with such leaders?"

    It is not necessary to blame the gods.
    Blame the idiots who choose their own leaders.

  3. KTemoc Konsiders should identify urself.

    Megat Jittendran