Saturday, August 08, 2009

Kg Buah Pala misled by instigating outsiders

The Malaysian Insider - Guan Eng washes his hands off Buah Pala after residents reject homes

Lim GE has given up hope for reason from the villagers of Kg Buah Pala when the residents rejected what the DAP government had worked out for them regarding their land problem, compensation in terms of a double-storey terrace house for each family.

Instead they asked for a whooping RM3.5 million each. Looks like whoever has advised them to demand this unrealistic Godzilla amount has virtually ensured the villagers would lose all in the end.

But I suppose the villagers' loss and the consequential frustration and anger may ensure their future protest votes will go to the sh*t-stirrer posing as an ethnic warrior. Déjà vu formula?

Sadly, the Kg Buah Pala protest also saw two disturbing incidents:

(1) A few Hindraf leaders taking on a racial stand by accusing the State of helping to destroy what they claim was an 'Indian' heritage area.

Hey, if it’s about heritage area, then say ‘heritage area’ – why described it as an ‘Indian heritage’ area, where by doing so, they had attributed the State with racist motives, an example being the shameful under-the-belt accusation of the DAP government being more concerned about pigs than Indians?

(2) The pathetic dog-in-the-manger attitude of some Hindraf leaders boasting it had made an appeal to UNESCO to revoke Georgetown’s heritage city status for allowing Kampung Buah Pala to be destroyed and re-developed.

We should be concerned with their childish spoilt-brat destructive mentality.

Now, Waythamoorthy in
Malaysia-Today has the ill-manner (biadap-ness) to describe Professor Ramasamy in derogatory fashion as a mandore of Lim GE. How terrible!

Waythamoorthy's parents would be and indeed should be appalled by his crude, rude and boorish behaviour.

In The Malaysian Insider Lim GE lamented of the poor villagers being misled by certain sh*t-stirrers. He stated:

... he believed the Penang public was angry at the latest development in the controversy since the villagers had rejected the offer from the developer.

“Don’t forget we’re trying to offer you a house."

“Now we even have people from Selangor speaking on behalf of the residents. Maybe they can fight for them and demand for a RM3.5mil house."

Those outsiders, they have their own houses to go back to. Even some of the residents’ association members have other houses.”

Yeah, that so-called leader's 'go for broke' is okay for him as he's not the one losing it all - as Lim GE said, he has his own house to go back to, but alas, not the villagers. Maybe he can provide a roof for them?

I feel sad for those poor villagers as by rejecting the compensation they will lose everything with nothing in the end to show as compensation, thanks to the vicious instigations of those by-far-too-clever outsiders from KL.

These people have attempted to present Lim GE as a betrayer of the people of Kg Buah Pala, but Penangites know those batu-api 'outsiders' have been the real betrayers.


  1. I deems the KBP people are stupid.

    Not just because they refuse to accept the house,but because they don't f*cking know what to ask for.

    The RM3.5mil claims are as stupid as hindraf claims for billions pound "compensation" from british government.

    Indeed, hindraf don't cares about preservation, they just want MONEY ,M-one-Y, a 1-Malaysia spirit.

    KBP villager indeed can ask for integrated preservation plan , that Penang government and NGO that help preservation can help.

    Contradict to those pro-bn thinking, LGE handle the case wisely. Firstly, the federal-connected developer learn a hard lesson. Because federal government just want to drag the case for political gains, putrajaya REFUSE to do anything to help the developer. So now the developer are in sh*t, because the delay will cost them money. When the day pass, buyer and banks can launch suits to withdraw.

    The offer of doube-storey is a sign of damage control by the developer. However, the KBP people don't have a f*cking idea to negotiate wisely.

    KBP people should have ask for preservation of some key heritage landmark of the village.

    After all, most Malaysia development always bulldoze everything and pollute the environment badly, as the preservation should be a thesis of finding balance between development and preservation.

    As for the developer, this is just a hard lesson that tell you that, when come to politics, bn can ditch anyone when come to politics.

    As of Waythamoorthy, he is going no where. The longer he stay in the case, the more risk he is being blow up on the deal with "some special parties".

  2. Oh, by the way, the double story assessment tax and INCOME tax are going to KILL those KBP people.

    If they have no idea about getting waiver, they will be F*CK again by federal government IRD. Getting a waive of high assessment is easy to get from Penang state government, but federal IRD has all mean to screw them.


    BTW, how much money will those KBP will get if given RM3.5 mils?
    Actually, less than RM1.5 mils, because 40% will go to Inland Revenue Department, wakakakakaka.

  3. LGE is lame. like hindraf boss said, with a stroke of pen semuanya ok.

    bring back KTK for pinang prosperity!

  4. moo_t ,i think you have a donkey ass shiok sendiri kah?.btw,how gives a shit what you think!

  5. malaysian chinese have NO MORAL HIGH GROUND! to talk about other chinese scum talk shit most of the time,"rule of law, don't go against the courts" What bullshit!

  6. I believe the KBP's residents are simply stupid to reject the offer given by the developer.Why must they demand excessive when they were given a double-storey each for the settlement?It seems that those people there were manipulated by outsiders to demand for the sky.The state government has tried to help them for the compensation but they turned down the whole thing and now blaming it for the debacle.Why so stupid when you are sitting on people's land and people giving you a house to cover your head -yet you refuse and demanding this and that..Now,in the end you get nothing when bull-dozers come bull-dozing your houses in these couple of days.

  7. Hindraf demanded 1 million pounds sterling for each dead and living Malaysian Hindoo from Queen E2. And did they get a penny?

  8. Since 2005, the Klang Municipal Council has demolished numerous houses at Bukit Kerayong and given the occupants RM7,000 in compensation.

    What's so special about KBP that they are demanding RM3,5000,000 each?

  9. I think Waythamoorthy has lost it.

    If Waythamoorthy has the balls - gte KTK and MIC to forked out the $ for the compensation instead of continue to persecute LGE !

  10. allen ng , you chinese scum ,what right do you have to insult other race .you scum chinese think too highly yourself! tin kosong !!

  11. Come on lah guys, use proper language lah. No need to use f words or be racial. Malaysians are all brothers.

  12. The real issues behind the Kg Buah Pala Tragedy. This series of articles seek to simplify and explained them.

    Lim Guan Eng said, “I think they (Kg Buah Pala villagers) should be reasonable and I fear they will be losing public fact, they have lost a lot of public support.” (Star Online,7 August 2009)

    This statement made by Lim Guan Eng explained why he dared to ignore promises made to the villagers by his party leaders and Anwar Ibrahim.

    It is clear to Lim Guan Eng that the Kg Buah Pala villagers had lost a lot of support among the Chinese. But, why have the villagers lost a lot of public support?

    In the Chinese vernacular newspaper, Lim Guan Eng had carefully crafted a strategy to portray the mainly Indian Villagers of Kg Buah Pala as excessively demanding or greedy. Similar strategy was employed in Chinese internet sites such as CARI, this was spearheaded by DAP lieutenants.

    Some English & Malay newspaper had yet to fully grasp the seriousness of those broken promises.

    The strategy was to give an offer that seem fantastic to an outsider such as offering them “double-story houses”.

    In reality, the offer given to the villagers was half-baked with loopholes, not complete and without guarantee.

    For example:-
    1. If the developer is unable to get planning and building approval from the relevant authorities, the offer is immediately null and void, the villagers will end with NOTHING.
    2. No start and completion dates for the houses.
    3. No clear information on where the house will be built.
    4. The “double-story house” drawing is preliminary subject to many future changes, etc.

    Lawyers and outspoken villagers were banned from the meeting between Lim Guan Eng. This is to ensure that the villagers will not get the best advice during the meeting.

    Each times, the villagers after returning from the meeting with the CM found that the offer not acceptable when they consult with the lawyers and those banned from the meeting.

    When they reject the fantastic offer, outsiders thought they were greedy!!!

    Actually, the previous BN government had decided that any offer must consist of 3 guaranteed components:-

    1. The relief amount for moving to a new house.
    2. The amount of monthly rental for each family
    3. The house (amount) to be compensated.

    These 3 components were never fulfilled in all of Lim Guan Eng offers.

    Under the previous BN government it was decided that the welfare and needs of the villages must be fulfilled before Malaysia Land Title can be granted to the Co-operative. This was totally ignored, the land titled was intentionally fast-tracked and issued on 27 March 2008, 19 days after Lim Guan Eng assumed office.

    Future Articles:
    Article 2 – The Broken Promises
    Article 3 – The Reason For The Broken Promises
    Article 4 - The True Colors of Lim Guan Eng

  13. To add to the above :

    To allay the fears of the villagers , Lim Guan Eng should have come out with a written ( black and white ) official letter saying that the State govt will see to it that the plans for the houses will be vexed thru by the council (MPPP) and give an undertaking that the plans will be approved on a fast track basis once they meet all the council's requirements .
    2)The State govt will monitor the progress of the construction of the houses and shall make it a point that the houses shall be completed within the stipulated time frame with fast track oc approval .
    The houses shall be as according to the approved plans ie no change midstream .
    3)The houses according to the valuation of properties around that area with with 1400 sq ft and double storey fetches around 600,000 ringgit . In other words they are given houses worth 600,000 ringgit .

    Incompetence is the word on the part of the State Govt . Nobody to blame except themselves ( the state govt )

    As for the villagers , this is what they have to say when asked about the 3.5 million demand per each family .
    Do you think we are so stupid to ask for 3.5 million when the land was only sold for 3.2 million ?
    So who is right ? the villagers or Lim Guan Eng trying to pull a fast one ?
    My opinion .....Lim Guan Eng said the wrong figure , I think he was trying to say 350,000 but the extra digit 0 was mysteriously added in . 350,000 is equivalent to the construction value of each house and sound more correct .

    Final analysis ....Lim Guan Eng Erred...incompetent ..still thinking he is on the opposition bench .

  14. Kg Buah Pala: That RM3.5 million figure...

    The Kg Buah Pala villagers have been portrayed as greedy, demanding, and unreasonable. This is partly due to the mixed signals coming from the committee, the seemingly conflicting statements and misrepresentations of those speaking on their behalf including those with vested interests and even those in the state government.

    Guan Eng even claimed – incorrectly as it turned out – the villagers want RM3.5 million bungalows or compensation. Where did he get that from? But the damage is already done as it all over the media.

    As a result of such statements in the media by those intent on portraying the villagers as greedy – and the village committee’s own public relations blunders along with outsiders taking advantage – public opinion may have swayed against the villagers.

    I have been to the village a few times, and I have never heard of a demand for RM3.5 million bungalows or any similar demand.

    I did see the RM3.5 million figure mentioned once, in one of the handouts given. But look at the context: that was when the residents were reacting to accusations that they were greedy. They retorted that the real greedy parties were those who were coveting their respective property lots, some of which they claimed could be worth up to RM3.5 million. That’s quite different from asking for compensation of RM3.5 million or demanding a RM3.5 million bungalow.

    I contacted Sugumaran, the residents committee chairperson, for comment and he agreed with my observation and said the claim that the villagers wanted RM3.5 million bungalows is baseless. “They are just using that figure to turn public opinion against the villagers and to portray the villagers as unreasonable,” he lamented.

    Few have actually walked in their shoes and lived in the village to experience what life is like for them. It’s a different life-style closer to nature than what most city folk can understand – and I don’t claim to fully understand it either. Only the villagers know their real situation and what they really need to continue living in dignity, if and when they are wrenched apart not only from their homes but their land, their livelihoods and their community.

    read it here :


    come on all penangnites, let's demo infront lge's residence demanding his resignation!




  16. Hope they end up with nothing...and they can go and live with the advisers from PJ.

  17. Why should so much Penang money be used to help so few people?

    Some of us have gone to varsitu, slogged for 30 years and we do not even have RM3. million.

    I say we move on... the RM3.2 million from MIC divide by 24 families should keep these villagers afloat.

  18. No need to spin any more, even the offer of double-storey terrace house for each family does not put things righ. Simple, Pakatan fail to deliver the election promise that is to save the village....period.

  19. Lim GE, you are paid to take care all the Penang people lah, don't waste any more time on these greedy people..
    If BN still rules Penang , I bet these greedy lots would have been chased out from the village like dogs long time ago without a single cent compensation..

  20. How many of BN's promises not fulfilled? Hidraf to go after BN on every promise?

  21. Xie Ann
    You are right. Pakatan failed the Penangnites. Pity the people of Penang and the Kampung Buah Pala folks especially for voting Pakatan.
    Now who's crying?
    Lim Guan Eng really showed he's an incapable administrator.

  22. Help, I'm am also a squatter. Gimme RM3.5 million before you can evict me from my hut

  23. Chaptokam is the only one really making sense here. The Kg Buah Pala villagers have been living here for generations. They have enjoyed a different life-style closer to nature than what most city folk can understand (because the city folk have never experienced such idyllic living). And on top of that, the Buah Pala people have enjoyed all this FOC- they didnt have to pay a single sen. Few have actually walked in their shoes and lived in the village to experience what life is like for them. They really need to continue living in dignity, if and when they are wrenched apart not only from their homes but their land, their livelihoods and their community. So the RM 3.5 million per family is a small price for all of us to pay. The least we can do is to give these wretched folks a chance to continue to experience the kind of lifestyle they have been used to. Lets not grudge them this minimum gesture.

  24. Even if the actual value is 350k, it is still a lot. Even if it is a single storey house+350k is still a lot.

    From my point of view, I think they should accept the deal but without signing the papers yet. They could at least ask LGE and developer to discuss or improve the terms and condition to eliminate all loopholes.

    From their statement, it doesn't seems like they try to negotiate.