Monday, August 24, 2009

UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out?

In Malaysiakini Chua: It's baffling Umno not defending Ong the former-MCA-now-PKR man, Chua Jui Meng, acting in his new role as char koay teow man, stated the obvious, that not one, yessiree, not one single UMNO minister inclusive of the PM, has defended Ong Tee Keat over the latter’s exposure of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) issue.

UMNO has been deafening in its absolute silence over Ong's handling (exposure) of the corruption-scam crisis.

Chua said: "Ong is the president of the second largest BN component party and no one from Umno is protecting him. All these years, UMNO leaders have come out in the open to defend their under-attack colleagues from component parties. I find it strange."

I don’t!

Some three years ago, around September 2006, a then deputy Education Minister, Ong Tee Keat aroused the ire of Hishamuddin Hussein when he (Ong) exposed the corruption in a school.

Hishamuddin's cousin, Najib (then DPM) managed to get the Education Minister to apologise for his deputy’s (Ong’s) exposure of the rot in the education domain. Ong had refused to apologize wakakaka so his boss had to do it.

But much to the cabinet’s embarrassment, Samy Vellu confirmed what Ong exposed in that particular case, that corrupt school administrators couldn’t account for 90% of the maintenance funds, yes, 90% and not just 10% of the funds.

The word used was ‘embezzlement’. Ong Tee Keat exposed it, Hishamuddin was mad he did. Najib made him apologise (Ong refused and so his Minister-boss did).

Ong Tee Keat had then discovered UMNO didn’t like the exposure of acts of corruption by the government lil’ napoleons or BN insiders. I believe that’s what Chua Jui Meng is now saying, that UMNO is once again mad with Ong for repeating his ‘mistake’, with the current PKFZ issue, ...

... which, BTW, the current DPM wants settled in an ‘amicable’ manner, though what he had meant by that, one can only guess.

In my post "No sorry please, we're UMNO Youth leaders" I wrote of that affair:

On the cabinet reprimand of Deputy Higher Education Minister Ong Tee Keat’s criticism of alleged embezzlement of school maintenance funds, since then confirmed by Humpty Dumpty, Hishamuddin dug in deep himself. He said the reprimand [of Ong] had to be made.

Obviously the subsequent vindication of Ong's statement by the Works Minister wasn't enough to restore a just apology to the man who was unjustly reprimanded for exposing corruption.

Hishammuddin said his ministry has thousands of staff, and it was not possible to keep an eye on all of them to ensure that they do a proper job. He said it was not fair for Ong to specifically pick two Chinese schools in his complaint and to publicly criticise another ministry. He averred that when there were problems, they must be dealt with quickly, instead of turning them into a racial issue.

Bull Hisham! It's everyone's duty to expose corruption, not just Ong's. And in fact, Ong did not air that alleged embezzlement as a racist issue. He merely highlighted corruption. There was no mention of race. That the schools were vernacular in character was never the issue - the missing 90% of the maintenance funds was.

It was Hishamuddin who turned it into an anti-Ong issue because he obviously didn’t like the idea of an MCA bloke highlighting alleged corruption in his ministry. His act of political intimidation against Ong could be seen as an act against the exposure of corruption.

Even DPM Najib knew that there had been, to use Humpty's word, 'irregularity', which was why he stressed on cross-ministerial procedures as the reason to reprimand Ong while in the same breath, stating the 'facts' of the case was a different issue. He
stated: “I don’t want to talk about facts, that’s another issue".

The DPM of the nation didn't want to talk about facts of an issue, that have direct bearing to a case of corruption? Kalah ta'apa, gaya mesti ada - form takes precedence over substance.

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So I am hardly surprised that UMNO would be moving to oust Ong Tee Keat, a loose cannon in the BN scheme of never washing dirty linen in public.

In MCA's history there were/are three of its presidents who didn't/doesn't quite meet UMNO's requirements, namely, Lim Chong Eu, Tan Kwon Swan and Ong Tee Keat.

These were what happened to them: (a) Tunku cunningly manoeuvred Lim Chong Eu out in favour of Tan Siew Sin; (b) Tan Kwon Swan however made life easy for Dr Mahathir when he was arrested by the Sings; and now (c) Ong Tee Keat may well be the 3rd on UMNO's political hit list.

And what sort of Chinese politician would be UMNO's ideal partner? Ask Hishamuddin - anyway, the answer lies here - check the 2nd photo! ;-)

Anyway, back to Ong Tee Keat - Ong said of his intention to expose the PKFZ scam: I am willing to dismantle this time-bomb and if I fail, I will be the first to die.

In a way, I am waiting for death. Do you think Malaysians are stupid? Voters want transparency and accountability. Don't blame the blogs for posting gossips and speculations (on the PKFZ).

I am fighting for real and Ong Tee Keat never fakes his fights. As long as I have this breath, I will carry on this task.

If he doesn't succeed, he knows that it’s not only him who will ‘die’ but the MCA as well.


  1. See this blog for the real culprits of the PKFZ ,
    Jusitce for Ong Tee Keat

  2. DPM was sued by a company in a land deal while he was MB. thats the sort of character the DPM is.

    If you think Najib is corrupt, God forbid this backstabber of Badawi to be the PM.

  3. KTemoc

    Like to get your permission to print part of your article in my blog . Thanks

  4. it's the end of BN:

  5. as long as he is part of the BN, OTK will not get the respect he thinks he deserves as a true fighter. Being part of the corrupt system does not add to his integrity. There is such a thing as honour amongst thieves. A gang member does not tell on his fellow gang members. It works that way in all human groups. You must display esprit de corp if you wish to remain as part of the group. Otherwise, go join another group.
    Can he do the only possible correct thing, and join the PR?

    sri hartamas

  6. Why umno prefers Chua SL as mca president---

    Jid: Ah Lek, lu say no again and I'll broadcast your hotel room blockbuster on RTM, TV3, NTV7 and Astro

  7. OTK is going for broke this time and we all should support him, don't let him walk alone!
    What a shame if you are a MCA member and yet you don't support your president for doing the right thing!

  8. Anon,

    I DON'T support OTK because he didn't know what closing ranks means. The delegates chose CSL as his deputy but OTK sideline his deputy.

    If MCA dies, it is because of OTK. So instead of MCA dying, let it be OTK. He'd better walk alone.

  9. I support OTK political philosophy which I think will make MCA and BN fundamentally stronger if he can pull through. If UMNO are such a stupid asshole to really dump the MCA President, not necessary the end of MCA. I think MCA will score more point politically to withdraw from BN and stay independence until UMNO see the light. Perhaps such drastic measure is necessary to force UMNO to change for better.

    chaptokam please take my message to your leaders for consideration.

    Need not fear the Mafia from Sarawak who is opting to fill the vacancy by coming to West Malaysia, then it will be a good opportunity for MCA to trounce them real good.

    Any right-minded Malaysian does not need the dirty money from that cutthroat Mafia Sarawakian. Hell to him...........

  10. Great write-up, KT! But this is the kind of write-up that will make "some people" (we know who they are, don't we? hehe) feel very uncomfortable.

    Recently, some VIP fella was making a lot of noise about his intention to filter and even censor the Net. This is ostensibly to protect delicate Malaysians from pornography.

    We Malaysians may be delicate but most of us certainly are not gullible. Not for one moment does anyone believe that the real reason for wanting to filter the Net was to protect us from pornography. Pornography is always the favourite excuse and whipping boy of knavish, manipulative politicians. The real reason for wanting to filter the Net is because of blog writings like this and others in a similar vein which boldly points out that the oafish, gluttonous "emperor" has no (ethical, moral) clothes.


  11. Tidak Suci Dalam Debu12:57 am, August 26, 2009

    The delegates chose CSL as his deputy but OTK sideline his deputy.

    The delegates also chose OTK as their President .
    The President didn't play money politics but the deputy used money to buy delegates .
    haha obviously a CSL MCA supporter using some deceiving username .

    If the CSL guy become president , the mca star flag will change to the lanchau and two balls flag with UMNO's hand squeezing the balls .

  12. he wishes to fight for justice and make change for the government, because it is the ONLY way the Chinese can mantain their stand in the government. you are blind to not support him! he is a true hero of the chinese people! he is one out of a million useless chinese! people who use democratic means to work their way inside the government ( for us chinese ) and at the same time, dare challenge the ruling party and struggle for change via proper, realistic means!!!

  13. I think it is good to have this inter ministry expose' on corrupt practices. This way everyone will be kept on their toes and look behind their backs when they think of any hanky panky stuff.

  14. wish to use your comments here for future writeups on permission please.

  15. Wow! Immoral acts really pays in MCA and Malaysia. Murderers and adulterers are getting high posts. Malaysia Boleh! Bravo OTK, stick to your principles. Expose more of the PKFZ thing. You are the kind of politician we really need.