Friday, August 21, 2009

Siapa ponteng DNA sampling?

Extracts from Malaysiakini Letter reveals top MACC man, politician collusion.

The mystery letter which emerged at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest yesterday is believed to contain claims connecting a top ranking MACC officer to the interrogation of the political aide, which could have led to his death.

It further alleged that the top official was questioning Teoh on the day the DAP man was found dead. However the letter did not state on how Teoh died or if the officer was directly involved in his death.

The MACC officer has been identified by Kapar member of parliament S Manikavasagam as Selangor MACC deputy chief commissioner Hishamuddin Hashim.

The MACC insider letter stated:

(1) The officer did not punch out from work when he left Plaza Masalam where the Selangor MACC is located on that day. However, the letter stated the time of him leaving the office. This is important as it could show that this officer was the last person to have seen Teoh on that day, alleged the letter.

(2) The officer did not provide his DNA samples along with his other colleagues. He only gave a sample privately at a later day.
That he ordered his officers to wipe clean the window from where Teoh had apparently fallen from.

The letter also stated (from Star Online Teoh Inquest: Letter names officer and BN leader) that:

… the officer gave his DNA in the privacy of his office instead of the conference room where all the officers, including the state director, had assembled to be swabbed.

“Why was his DNA sample given in secrecy? Was it his own sample that was given? We MACC officers are puzzled why none of the samples extracted matched that of the mysterious male samples (found on Teoh’s blazer and belt).”

One incriminating accusation in the letter is about the method the officer used as his interrogation technique – by holding the front portion of a person’s belt and lifting him several times before shaking him.

(Government forensic pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim had opined at the inquest earlier that it was possible that Teoh had been held up by the belt as it had a tear at the buckle region.)

Well ...


  1. Here's a good analysis of the letter .

    Letter from good MACC officers accusing the bad MACC officer

    The mysterious letter which suddenly appeared and was given to Gobind Singh on Tuesday afternoon drew a lot of attention from the public.
    Gobind did not state who had given him the said letter. All he said was, and I quote from the opposition aligned The Malaysian Insider:
    Gobind said the letter was handed directly to him late Tuesday afternoon, just as he was leaving the court here.
    So, who actually gave Gobind the letter when he was about to leave the court? If we know the person who sent this letter, surely it will direct us to the authors of the letter.
    So, if we follow the trail from the person who handed all the way to the writer, we can now establish who had actually written it. Surely Gobind is curious as to who had composed that letter. Everyone is.
    This is important when the issues described in the letter are discussed and cross-referenced in the court of law.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love it when this letter appeared. Thank God it did.
    If we throw away a pertinent point such as credibility (where we neglect the existence of real, actual persons representing the accusations in the letter), the writings in it had actually cleared up a few things with regards to the current inquest on the death of Teoh Beng Hock.
    First and foremost, I am happy to note the MACC as a whole is not a murdering pack of Malay officers bent on killing the chinese (as alluded by DAP leaders and also racist commentators in several opposition portals like Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Today and also some from this very own blog).
    I have written in my past article that it would be silly to accuse the MACC to murder Teoh Beng Hock, especially when there inquest had not even started yet. I wrote that there are a few scenarios that could have explained his death besides the usual ‘MACC the murderer’. I also wrote that the propaganda of the racist DAP had far too easily trying to divert attention by accusing the MACC as a mass murdering government machinery.
    But now the letter had proven otherwise.
    There are indeed many MACC officers doing their honest work in this government institution. Thank God they have clear conscience to tell the truth albeit through this anonymous letter.
    Therefore, the assertions that all government officers in all government institutions are no more than a bunch of murdering hooligans on a killing spree are not true at all. Kudos to the MACC as a whole.
    This letter in a way had pointed out who the bad apples are. As we all know, in any barrel of apples, there are bound to be a few.
    Secondly, the letter had in a way accused the MACC State Deputy Director, Hishamuddin Bin Hashim as the main officer in charge of interrogating Teoh Beng Hock a few hours before his death.
    It made great effort to tell us that Hishamuddin always hold the belt of anyone he is interrogating and lifting that person many times during the interrogation.
    This is new to all of us. The person writing this must be someone who had seen Hishamuddin doing this many times. But again, without knowing who the writer of this letter is, it is hard to see this as a real fact. Nevertheless, lets assume for now, it is true – that this is an insider information.
    Regardless, the logical thing to do now is to perform another DNA check on this officer so that we can now be extra certain that the DNA of Male 1 identified by the experts were indeed to be Hishamuddin’s (just like how the letter suggested to do). Perhaps now we will know that there were physical contact between one of the MACC officers and Teoh Beng Hock during the inerrogation.
    The letter however, did not tell us that it was Hishamuddin who caused the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Indeed, as suggested by The Malaysian Insider, the letter ‘does not say how Teoh actually died, which is the subject of the ongoing magistrate’s inquest’.
    Instead, it had inadvertently told the public that Hishamuddin has got nothing to do with Teoh’s death.

  2. contd

    Well, the letter said that this officer, Hishamuddin left the building at 6.10 in the morning. The letter specifically said that he left the building at 6.10am but without punching out his punch card (MACC office still using punch card? How retro is that?)
    This is what the letter said:
    “Kami mengesyaki berdasarkan maklumat yang diperolehi bahawa TP tidak mengetuk kad perakam waktunya (punch-card) semasa beliau hendak balik daripada pejabat pada 16hb Julai 2009, jam 6.10 pagi. Ini penting kerana ia boleh membuktikan bahawa TP adalah orang yang terakhir melihat Teoh. Persoalannya, kenapa beliau tidak mengetuk kad perakamnya sedangkan beliau adalah seorang yang selalu mengetuk kadnya. Untuk rekod, beliau adalah seorang yang teliti dengan kad perakamnya.”
    Anyway, the writers of the letter knew that Hishamuddin had gone back from the office that morning. They actually saw him going back home although he did not do the obligatory punch-out. It is quite peculiar for them to say that. Because, this immediately absolves Hishamuddin from ever been at the point of TBH’s death because according to experts, TBH time of death is from 8am to 9.30am.
    Hmmm.. as we all know, one of the last person to see Teoh Beng Hock was Tan Boon Hwa and this was admitted by the latter who made the declaration that around 6am to 6.30am, he saw Teoh Beng Hock looking ‘tired and quiet’ in the pantry.
    What do you think? Has the letter, purportedly written by a group of MACC officers, had somehow told us that Hishamuddin could be free of any accusation that he murdered Teoh Beng Hock? Many are using this letter to further strengthen their claims that MACC killed a member of the opposition.
    The existence of this letter so far had only revealed to us that:
    1) there are good officers with clear conscience in the MACC – the MACC is not an institution of pure evil
    2) Teoh Beng Hock’s death could not be certain by this letter
    The letter still could not determine how did Teoh Beng Hock die, when did he die, and why did he or other people want him to die.
    Which now leaves us with the expert opinion of pathologists, investigators, coroners and toxicologists which had all pointed to the fact that Teoh Beng Hock could have committed suicide around 8am to 9.30am. The evidences are too many too ignore.

    rest of article here :

  3. Any total stranger could have walked up to Gobind, handed the letter and walked away, to remain 'Mr.Anonymous, Joe Public or Joe MACC Officer'.

    And can you blame them after what happened to ex-Judge Aidid for revealing extensive corruption among named Judges some 10 years ago? Instead of investigating the alleged corrupt Judges, Aidid was investigated and forced to resign!!

    Similarly, after what happened to PI Bala and still no action by the AG on blatant 'correct, correct, correct' after a full Royal Commission of Inquiry, which MACC Officr will identify himself as the author(s) of the "letter"?

    In the end it does not matter who handed Gobind the "letter" or who wrote it.

    The Judge at the Inquiry has asked the Police to investigate it. He has deemd it sufficiently important to be investigated for transparency purposes, and for NOT sweeping it under the carpet, he should be APPLAUDED!!

    It is also a figment of many bloggers and MSM's imagination that DAP regards ALL MACC officers, Govt servants and Police etc., as a murderous lot. In tarring all from DAP with the same brush, they forget that they are guilty of the very thing they accuse DAP of - tarring everyone with the same brush!!

    The demonising of DAP,and to a lesser extent, Pakatan, as anti-Malay, anti-Govt, anti-Royal and traitorous to the Malays is a concerted and scurillous conspiracy by desperate people.

    But anyting racist and bigoted at both its core and body WILL FAIL. No one is buying this perversion of Aladin's call by touting 'let's stick with the sooty and dull old lamp'!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. We are all of 1 race, the Human Race
    But some are more equal than the others
    It all boils down to the color of your skin
    And whether you were born unto a certain ethnic group

  5. We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    please have a race and sex change , don't forget to dye your skin color like M Jackson . And before I forget , please change your name from donplaypuks to OneIdiot .

  6. Anon 6.45 a.m.

    While we are on the subject of Jacko, it looks like he's not going to be buried according to Islamic rites.

    Does it mean he never converted as claimed by many in the diaspora?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  7. Lunas rep quits as PKR member

    ALOR SETAR: Lunas state assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh who is also Kedah executive council member quit PKR citing loss of confidence in the party’s leadership.

    He announced himself as an independent state assemblyman.

    He, will however retain his Lunas seat as well as the state executive council post.-- Bernama

  8. donplaypuks,

    u r avoid from answering the simple question. u say "we are all of 1 race, the Human Race".

    So do u support the 'Satu Sekolah Satu Negara' meaning no more Chinese or Tamil schools? All sekolah kerajaan only?

    Also u are avoiding from the question : will you invite an Indian of lower caste than you into your house for makan? Will you invite the Hindraf estate Indian tamil hindu into your house for dinner? Lu punya anak boleh kasi kahwin sama dia kah?

    Statistics confirm Malays in this country are the highest number of mixed marriage. Malays marry Malays, Chinese, Tamil, Punjabi, Bangla, African anyone.

    Malays believe in "we are all of 1 race, the Human Race"

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    Please answer this 2 simple question donplaypuk. Thank you.Otherwise SHUT UP your mouth .

  9. DontplaypundekFoe7:15 pm, August 23, 2009

    This guy Dontplaypundek, may I suggest not to waste too much ammunition on him. I have challenged him a few times in Unspinnersdotcom before, but he prefers to mock and counter-pundek the malay writers with less verbiage instead.

    Yes I agree with your analysis. He would come in to blogs who dont conform to his view of GOMEN-ALWAYS-WRONG and spew his venom. And then when people retaliate (and he would, surprisingly, do this in many, many blogs --- as though he has a crusade that he is carrying on) by calling him names, he would then go up the moral high-ground of "Why are you malays always vulgar" kind of argument. But when he sees the malays being vulgared elsewhere, like in MT or such spots, his moral high ground disappears into silence.

    Yes, it's kind of like applying the "We are all 1 human race" slogan only to people that he thinks he wants to make points about but never to the pariah-dalit-brahmin hodge-podge society that his father/grandfather had belonged to.

    Warrior 231: you fight injustices done to your brethrens in both religion and race, and not so much UMNO, BN, PR-partisan based. That makes you and me brothers, and I am sure there's a lot more like minded people here. Write on, and Fight on. We are behind you.


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  11. w231, your comments a wee too rich. deleted

  12. Donplaypooh

    Start your own blog. I'll come there and answer you in detail. Got cojones or not?

    But your comment here is irrelevant to the blog topic, as is donplaypfoe's. And your comments are typical of you type. People must shut up if they don't agree with you? So, ISA them? Now you know why they are losing by-election after by-election?

    Btw, I have been married for many years. So, don't ask me STUPID questions!

    Indian of lower caste? I don't accept or recognise the caste system anywhere in the world. Ke, Ke, Ke.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race