Monday, August 17, 2009

Teoh severely beaten on face and head prior to fall? DNA on belt deliberately contaminated?

The half-past six lawyer finally succumbed to brilliant questioning by Malik Imtiaz Sawar, who has been acting for the Selangor State government.

While not yet facts, the 180-degree about-turn revelations by the piffling pathetic pathologist have presented the following possibilities, in fact far more probable than his earlier bull about Teoh’s suicide:

(a) Teoh might still have been alive after his body hit the floor as his hands were found clenched in a fist, as this last breath gesture most likely indicated that poor Teoh had attempted to grab on to or reach for something to hold onto when falling or, alternatively, were clenched to endure the pain he probably felt when he landed.

It’s just f* horrible - those MACC bastards!

(b) The piffling pathetic pathologist admitted it was possible that Teoh's fractured skull could have been the result of severe hitting even before he had fallen (or was thrown out), mind you, not that he willingly provided this information ...

... ‘twas only after Malik asserted through a reconstructed scenario, that if Teoh had fallen, he would not have suffered head injuries.

(c) Malik challenged the pathologist’s half-past six speculation (that’s what the f*-er had been doing) that the unknown DNA found on Teoh's waist belt and at the back of his blazer were results of

The cross-examination went like this:

Malik: So are you saying the Klang hospital contaminates exhibits?

Khairul: I will have to admit that.

Malik: I am wondering why are steps being taken to undermine the DNA evidence?

Khairul: There is a possibility of contamination.

Mailk: Do you know for a fact it was contaminated, you don't know, do you?

Khairul: I don't know.

Real chowkarnar!

(e) Malik also said that there could possibly be ‘penetration’ of Teoh’s anus area, but he mentioned it was very hard to confirm that as the injuries around there were very extreme.

Nonethless Malik said we couldn’t discount the possibility that there might have been penetration - WTF!

Additionally he stated that indications of abrasions on Teoh's buttocks could have been caused by a thin wooden instrument, but again, due to the horrendous damage there, could not pin-point what instrument had been used.

(f) Malik also put forward a hypothesis; that Teoh was surrounded by individuals - a form of oppressive bullying intimidation tactic - before he fell. And when he fell someone could have grabbed his hand and snapped his wristwatch as the watch is yet to be found.

The pathologist grudgingly agreed to that possibility.

(g) Then again, subjected to good cross-examination, the pathologist admitted there is a possibility that the injuries on Teoh's face could have been caused by beating.

Oh, those MACC mother f*-ers!

(h) It was also possible that Teoh had horribly perished much earlier than had been officially presented.

(i) Malik rounded up by lambasting the pathologist for assuming that there were no injuries before the fall and worse, that half-past six bloke had earlier speculated that Teoh committed suicide when there was no such evidence.

Much as the authorities have been spinning a conspiracy theory that Teoh had wanted to ‘squeal’ on his DAP boss (part of the current UMNO demon-isation campaign against the DAP), and that if Teoh didn’t commit suicide, he was ‘killed’ by DAP thugs, whatever little evidence exist (thanks to the no-effort by both the police and pathologist) they were enough to ring alarm bells that something horrible, very very horrible had happened to Teoh Beng Hock.

But these revelations are enough to send a chill through our bodies, that in Malaysia, such Evil with a capital ‘E’ exists in the very agencies that are supposed to protect us.

Is there no limit to their iniquities?

Based on news reports from:
(1) Malaysiakini 'Teoh could have been injured before fall'
(2) Star Online Teoh Inquest Day 9: 'Facial injuries may be due to beating'
(3) The Malaysian Insider Teoh may have been injured before death fall


  1. It takes more lies to cover your initial lie... And when you tell more lies, the chance of your lies getting busted increases proportionally... ;)

  2. What the F*ck! What the F*ck! What the F*ck! Those motherf*ckers murdering morons!

  3. well and none of them suspended from duty pending investigation... how lovely!

  4. I have some basic questions:
    Why do we not yet know WHO interogated TBH?
    Since MACC said they released TBH at 3.45am; who released TBH? Were any of these blokes recorded in the CCTV as leaving; at what time?
    Surely these Blokes were among the last to see TBH? We gotta know who they are!

    No way TBH stepped out of that window himself - who can step out of a 1m high window which holding the window frame or something? And there were no prints from TBH on the frame.

    Agree with Malik - if TBH fell on his legs, why is the head injury so bad? They injured his head earlier?? Maybe even snapped his neck already?? And injured his rectum?? Those B#*sTurds!!

  5. where are you rocky?

    memang Ketuanan. To the extent, MURDER.

    FUCK is the word. Chaptokam, where are you?

  6. that's why said to back up his fact, the pathologist should construct a model to demonstrate how the deceased, not pluck from the air like agaknya, and putting act at witness stand neglecting windows structure and it's height from the floor. the pathologist even didn't bother to collect measurement to support his claim! what kind of pathologist is this. does all his findings are actually theory of his mere imagination....

    i wonder what previous cases he handled, did he do justice to other deceased as well.

  7. the nazi's fellow even had got the cheek to say "nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong".

    wait till someone shaft a wood into his arse, then only he will wake up.

    son of a bitch.

  8. 'alat pengukur tipu' perlu ada dan diperiksa mendadak tanpa diketahui 'orang disyaki'...

  9. There was also no trace of solid food found in Teoh’s stomach, which suggests that Teoh may have been starving and in a weakened state when he died.

    Dr Khairul suggested that Teoh may have been in a weakened state when he died. — Picture by Choo Choy May
    The pathologist explained that a person typically takes four hours to digest food.

  10. Bwahaha. Everyone jumping to conclusions.
    Its too early in the day to shout foul play.
    And KT why are there so many expletives from the people here?
    Where are the polite Malaysians.
    Nazri was right. Why fear when there's nothing to fear?
    I have always maintained that Teoh did himself in.
    The verdict is guilty by misadventure.
    Anonymous 12.8 am, like me Chaptokam thinks from the brains not emotions.

  11. I'm outraged at the rectal injury. What were the MACC bastards up to?

  12. i normally don't swear but in this instance, due to the immense anger and fury, let me repeat after KT:

    Oh, those MACC mother f*-ers!
    Oh, those MACC mother f*-ers!


  13. You all should know that Teoh was a fighter!Those maac bastards could never get him so the scare tatics got carried away.Hey !the police got side tracked and had they been serious like what they did to that Kugan guy one of those maac bastards would have spill the beans!
    Sorry fussypot ! it was plain murder and all these police and maac buggers are abang adek .Very common of malays protecting their kind!It's a fact and no one can deny it!Forget chaptokan ,this guys thinks like a drum and a no brainer!

  14. A forensic scientist are suppose to give ALL the facts than giving his own conclusion.
    We know why na-jib want a separate inquiry : just to draw away fires on unprofessional police investigation. he need to separate this with his slogan "crime fighting" thingy.

  15. Someone has asked a very basic question, who are the MACC officers that interogate TBH? Will those officers be called as witness to this inquest?

    The Chaptokam fler should start his own blog and bullshit in his own blog rather shiting everywhere!

  16. Teoh Beng Hock inquest: Aide not assaulted before death, says expert


    SHAH ALAM: There is no evidence to indicate that political aide Teoh Beng Hock was assaulted prior to his death last month.

    Forensic pathologist Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar also told an inquest into Teoh's death that assault was unlikely to have caused injuries to the deceased's anal region and skull.

    "In this case, the injury to the anus was unlikely caused by assault because such trauma to the orifice would have caused multiple tears around the skin and been very painful.

    "And it is unlikely for a person, with that pain, to walk to the window and fall down," he said today, when asked by counsel Tan Hock Chuan, appearing for the government, on the assault theory raised in court earlier.

    Dr Prashant, 42, attached to the Forensic Unit of Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, added that such injury would have led to profuse bleeding which was not present at the time the body was found.

    On the injury to the skull, he said it occured due to the impact on the buttocks, causing it to go along the spine before ending in a fracture to the skull.

    In his testimony, Dr Prashant said there was no obvious injury due to struggle or self-defence to any part of Teoh's body.

    Asked by Tan on what the cause of death was, the witness said: "I mentioned in my post-mortem report the cause of death as multiple injuries due to fall from (a certain) height.

    "The injuries sustained by the deceased were consistent with the findings of the cause of death that he fell from a high place."

    On whether Teoh was alive at the time he fell on the floor from the fifth level of Plaza Masalam here, the pathologist said the political aide was alive at the time of impact.

    Dr Prashant made the findings based on five factors. Firstly, that the injuries sustained by Teoh were consistent with the injuries of a person who fell from a high place.

    Secondly, he said, the amount of soft tissue injury and bruising could only occur if the victim was alive when he fell.

    On the third count, he noted that 700ml of blood and blood clot were found in the left chest and that 100ml of blood were found in the right chest, indicating that such bleeding could only occur if a person was alive at the time of impact.

    Fourthly, Dr Prashant said the injury to the skull, especially the blood clot around the top of the head, was consistent with the condition of a victim who was still alive.

    Finally, he said, Teoh was alive prior to his death based on the bleeding in the brain.

    Earlier, the pathologist, who is from India, told the court that he had carried out the post-mortem on Teoh together with Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim on July 17.

  17. We have always followed this rule set by Kaytee that we shall not defame anyone while not knowing the truth or the truth has not been ascertain .
    That's the rule...we shall not jump into conclusions .

  18. The rantings by the pakatan cyber troopers here as seen by their comments are common everywhere in blogsphere . In the field its the usual wayang with bandaged arms , bandaged limps , arriving in wheel chair . Very soon this nation will be presented by limping actors and hypocrites .

  19. If this blog were to degenerate to posting unsubstantiated accusations based on unfinished inquests and based on half past six pathologist possible , maybe scenario , could have happened that way submissions , then this blog is not far from another Malaysia Today website based on possible assumptions .

    Cherio ! KTemoc Today !

  20. Oh on the annoy mous postings , just remembered that the seventh moon is just round the corner , in fact just two days away , where the faceless , hantus , pontianaks , yuei kuei are to be released to roam the streets ( hopefully not the blogs ) for one month . Ya those ghosts , poltergeists , demons , they are all faceless , only their outline shadowy form can be seen .

    Have a happy seventh moon !

  21. Wonder how some people can be promoted to become pathologist and dept heads so fast ? color of skin ? just like all the others ? hmmmmmm.....sure to get half past six , I don't know reports . Muahaha

  22. anunnaki, the UMMC forensic pathologist, Indian national Dr Prashant Samberkar is appointed by the Malaysian Police.

  23. Anyone know how many autopsies Dr. Kharl has performed?

    Dr. Prashant has apparently over 3,000.

  24. KTemoc

    Lets wait until the two Thai forensics pathologist holding watching briefs for the Selangor Govt and for the family of TBH gives their story or what they think happened .

  25. Has there been cross-examination of the witness (the Indian pathologist) by Malik Imtiaz?

    Witnesses are not allowed to volunteer information beyond answering what their counsel leads them to.

  26. Pentilium5.
    Have you just learnt the word?
    That's stretching it way too far.
    Murder is as murder does.
    Nothing KETUANAN about it, stupid.
    To you guys, if things do not turn out like you want, its KETUANAN.
    if a person commited suicide, must others be blamed???

  27. KT,
    As I understand it, is it not TBH's family members that disagree to have a second post-mortem?
    Would you agree that would have been a great help to solving this mystery?

  28. that's correct, it was Teoh's family who didn't want to delay the burial, for the sake of peace for Teoh's soul - a Taoist belief and a MACC relief.

    But whether it would have helped remains a big question mark, 'coz the police have not been diligent in collecting evidence, and this deficiency would undoubtedly have hampered findings. There have already been accusations of deliberate contamination of DNA evidence, with the pathologist automatically defending that without any evidence or justification to back his opinion.

    The pathologist Dr Khairul showed the typical attitude of government official investigating into deaths in custody. Unfortunately our history of the civil services' (including police, MACC, pathologists, judiciary, etc) impartiality/neutrality (or LACK OF) in such investigations, inquests, hearings court cases, etc, has been and is still notorious and abysmal. The Perak case is a classic unashamedly blatant example!

  29. KT, with your biased jumping to conclusions, with expletives generously thrown in, I am beginning to lose my respect for you.

  30. KT
    please please no assumptions , no presumptions , no defamation , no slanders , no jumping into conclusions just because you are of the opinion that the civil services' (including police, MACC, pathologists, judiciary, etc) impartiality/neutrality (or LACK OF) in such investigations .

  31. Note my post states: "While not yet facts, the 180-degree about-turn revelations by the piffling pathetic pathologist have presented the following possibilities, in fact far more probable than his earlier bull about Teoh’s suicide:"


    "... whatever little evidence exist (thanks to the no-effort by both the police and pathologist) they were enough to ring alarm bells ..."

    plus a number of qualifications using the words "possible" and "possibility".

    But given our knowledge of the horribly humongous number of deaths in custody, where no one is ever responsible (a fact raised by Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob, the former Chief Judge of Malaya in her troubled concerns that 80 deaths in police custody occurred between January 2000 and December 2004 - see my post, and the notorious biased stand of the Malaysian public services (eg. Perak, Judiciary, Police, and most certainly MACC or its predecessor ACA), most people have come to expect the worst.

    kaytee is only human enough to be no different from most people, who have been outraged by the authority's bullsh*t surrounding Teoh Beng Hock's death.

  32. KT, I always thot u are different - an impartial person looking out for justice & fairplay. How can you descend to their levels ? altho i understand yr anger.