Friday, August 07, 2009

Beer, betrayal and bullsh*t

The Malaysian Insider - DAP claims good ties with PAS, blames Hassan Ali for beer dispute.

Tony Pua of the DAP lamented: “What I’m talking about is what everyone is talking about. Everyone knows he has ambitions!

And who’s that bloke “who has ambitions”?

PAS Hassan Ali!

He's the man who (1) supported an illegal seizure by the Shah Alam town council’s enforcement officers of a trader’s goods, and (2) demanded DAP Ronnie Liu stepped down as State exco member for local councils when Liu moved in to correct that abuse of power by the MBSA.

In regards to (2) above, The Malaysian Insider reported: Despite the fact that the Shah Alam mayor had acknowledged the seizures were unlawful, Hassan had used the seizures to call for Liu's removal ...

So Hassan Ali performed a double jeopardy, namely, (1) supported an illegal act, an abuse by State authority of power (shades of BN), and (2) attempted to silence a man who remedied that abuse of power (further shades of BN). I’ll come back to these 2 points shortly.

The issue of not selling beer in Muslim-majority areas is understandable and even acceptable to most reasonable and tolerant non Muslims, but that's not the issue. It's Hassan Ali's double jeopardy we need to be concerned with - those are dangerous behaviour for a politician.

Hassan Ali’s ambitions are alleged to be related to his secret ‘Malay unity talks’ with former (UMNO) MB Khir Toyo.

Pua said today in response to Hassan’s outrageous demand for Ronnie Liu to step down:
Dr Hassan’s reckless actions, which were taken without any consultation with either the state executive council or the state Pakatan Rakyat leadership, firmly begs the question of his hidden agenda.

Yes, we sure would like to know his secret agenda.

It should be noted that both federal and state PAS leaders have distanced themselves from Hassan Ali.

Many believe he has been (consciously or unwittingly) peddling the work of UMNO. Let's face it, Hassan has never felt comfy working with the DAP and even non-Malay members of PKR. And it’s hardly surprising that the only people who supported him have been UMNO …oh, and of course the Kulim Wonder who is acknowledged by his PKR colleagues as an embarrassing aberration in their party.

Perhaps UMNO is where Hassan belongs; and perhaps that’s where he will eventually end up in.

But what of those two issues I mentioned coming back to, namely Hassan Ali's dangerous double jeopardy, where he:

(1) supported an illegal act, an abuse by State authority of power, and
(2) attempted to silence a man who remedied that abuse of power.

As I mentioned, and I reiterate, these are very dangerous behaviours for a politician. What if one day he assumes a position of high political power?

If he can support an illegal seizure of goods, what other non-constitutional non-legal policies or actions will he condone, support or even promote when he is, say, the MB of Selangor or worse, the PM of Malaysia?

And of course, if anyone were to question or challenge or remedy these non-constitutional illegalities, would you be surprised if he were to silence that person as he tried to do with Ronnie Liu?

Déjà vu ISA?


  1. Please this is not a legal issue. It is a sensitive issue. We must learn to accomodate if we want PAS to be in PR. Ramalx

  2. This the type of people we must be aware of. We cannot imagine what they are capable of doing should ppl like him (God forbid) ever become powerful in future. Same goes for the donkey who appeared in Aljazeera yesterday evening on the issue of the ISA. This donkey said the ISA is about Ketuanan Melayu and is required to maintain the harmony among the races.

  3. Politicians like him, we all must be wary of. God knows what he can do should he ever become more powerful in future.

    Same goes for the donkey who appeared on Aljazeera yesterday evening on the ISA issue. He said the ISA is needed to maintain "Ketuanan Melayu". What a jack ass!

  4. Anonymous 8.49 pm
    Yep. Jackass, donkey, monkey, ass.
    Serve the Chinese and Indians right for voting Pakatan simply because they dont like BN.
    You are what you vote.

  5. Hallo Mr. KTemoc,
    I guess you are NOT a Muslim. If that's so, your point of view should be ok... may 'your god' bless you.

  6. Until beer is declared illegal by malaysian law, hassan is just making himself looking like an idiot.
    A blardy f8cking stooopid idiot.

  7. Is hassan's "dr" title the result of a medical degree or just a university gift such as the one awarded to tun dr. dollah?

  8. Brewhaha

    The Chinese and Indian don't regret dumping the BN out of Selangor. They have been arrogant for too long. You are just another BN sympathiser. Perhaps, you lost out on a lot of contracts when there was a change in govt.

    The PR has been facing a lot of obstacles being thrown in its way but they will prevail and BN will have to wait for a few more GEs before it can even consider regaining power esp when they still have Khir Toyo and gang as leaders.

    Same goes for the Pas jokers who wants to have unity talks with BN so that they would be given some kind of positions if everything jadi but sorry buat masa sekarang tak boleh jadi lah!

  9. Lol.

    Sooner or later, Tok Guru will warn their leader stop f*cking around with umno because the corruption bugs are highly infectious. Apparently, H-A just the latest PAS thesis that FAILED to resist the bait.
    In fact, it is true, if umno can show good example such as toyol, I bet few malay politickus can resist the temptation become multi-millions in a short time.

    Seems PAS need to run a road show to give the warning.

  10. fuck ketuanan cina!ketuanan dap !

  11. Everybody now in Pakatan is trying to outdo each other and if there is no compromise in the united pact,it would be a one term wonder for Pakatan Rakyat.Please,for heaven sake buckle up and sort it out or else it would be history in the next GE.

  12. Isu arak ini merupakan salah satu alasan yang di hassan ali gunakan supaya racist ronnie liu di tukar.
    Sebelum ini sudah banyak kali dia menganggu tugas PBT seperti di Sunway.

  13. WMW said...
    You are just another BN sympathiser. Perhaps, you lost out on a lot of contracts when there was a change in govt.

    Same chorus , same song played on a broken old record . Stooooooopid idiooot of the higheeeesst order .

  14. Ruyom,

    If you don't like the song just Chhhaaaangeee theee chaaaannnelll,
    nobody will say you're deeeeeaf!