Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim PM in 3 years

I have been and still am intrigued by a Malaysiakini news report yesterday with the headline of I'll be PM in three years, says Anwar.

Anwar was reported to have "… confidently predicted [to AFP] he would be prime minister within three years, sketching out the first rough timetable for his dramatic political comeback."

Malaysiakini quoted him as saying: "I don't think we have established a definite clear time-frame when I will take over (as prime minister) but it certainly wouldn't reach three years ... much earlier than that. (But) I am not in a rush."

Yes, we all have been and are aware of his burning desire to be PM. But the part that intrigues me has been the forecast time of 3 years for him to assume the nation’s No 1 political job.

Why a weird 3 years?

Indeed, why not 5 years in conjunction with the next general election?

Or, why not sometime this year when (1) he gets his froggies into PKR, (2) he wins a parliamentary by-election and (3) he consequently leads the Pakatan Rakyat to declare a majority in the Dewan Rakyat, and accordingly assumes rule of government for his coalition.

In fact, regarding my last rhetorical query (re Anwar's 'now' option) the Star Online has reported precisely that, where in Kota Kinabalu Anwar has declared We have the number, however, we’re in no rush to replace Barisan, but putting the deadline for his premiership as Merdeka Day (31 August) or Malaysia Day (16 September).

He stated: "God willing, we will be there. If not next month, the following month, then if not June or July, (it will be) on Merdeka (Aug 31) or Malaysia Day. I think we should not go beyond that."

Admittedly he didn't state which year when he quoted the two auspicious dates. ;-)

The Star then reported him saying he won’t conduct secret negotiations with the frogs during his visit to Sabah because he was being constantly watched, and ... before any admirer would lose hope of him and his party seizing government rule, he said what-the-hey man, such hop-over talks could take place in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong … etc - the ‘etc’ being kaytee’s helpful input, just to assist Anwar in keeping the location as confidentially mysterious as possible ;-).

Now tell me, what do you make of these two different news report on his timeline for his attainment of his political ambition ... er ... apart from the issue of the Star Online being highly disliked and not trusted?

I am sure you must be anxious to hear kaytee’s opinion ;-)

This is what kaytee believes:

The Star Online report is less true, not because the reporters/editors have spun it but because I believe Anwar has been throwing red herrings as well as ajak ajak ayam katak only for domestic consumption ('consume' not the frogs but the news).

Yes, kaytee believes he won’t be talking to or would he want to, those BN kataks, assuming there are kataks in the first place. In fact, I believe he wants those BN people to stay where they are – wait, I’ll explain.

The Malaysiakini report (re his PM-ship in 3 years time, or perhaps even slightly earlier) is the more credible version because:

(a) Anwar was talking to AFP. He needs to be credible to foreign media.

(b) It’s a more realistic timeline, given my belief of the usual wheeling and dealing as I had blogged in Why the froggie volte-face on reformasi and Saturday's "It's not true ....." (2)

Being a keen conspiracy theorist ;-) I believe there’s a deal done where Anwar takes over from AAB in around 3 years time. The operative word is quid pro quo.

What the details are, I have to confess, that other than the main points, your guess would be as good as mine.

It may well be that Najib will be ‘given’ the dignified option of a graceful, ‘gracious’ and grateful retirement due to …….. (fill in blank – eg. health excuse like going for balls repair).

Oh, incidentally have you heard of RPK of Malaysia-Today blog saying he has received a book (ironically) titled ‘100 Dalil mengapa Najib tak boleh jadi PM’ from an anonymous source. Looks like the ante has been raised by double ;-)

RPK said he would study the book to assess whether the 100 dalils (proof or clarifications) were mere innuendoes or indeed have substance. He declared that his Malaysia-Today does not publish innuendoes and insinuations. But I somehow have faith in him and his competent investigative skills to find fruit to publish ;-)

Yes, G.A.N is certainly back on track.

Maybe that could explain why Anwar has declared assuming the PM's position in that weird time-frame of ‘3 years time’!

And the litmus test would be the earlier declared intention by Chegu Bard (PKR) to challenge the result of the Rembau parliamentary election vote count.


  1. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
    Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. — Sun Tzu

    Already Gerakan has lost a top gun. The war of attrition has begun. Looks like anwar is going to be proved right no matter what his BN opponents say.

  2. personal political history aside, i think most malaysians, especially the younger generations, would want to see anwar as pm so that they could see for themselves what the man can do. like it or not, he has a far more popular appeal with all communities, as evidenced by his ceramahs at chinese and indian majority 'khu's as penang hokkiens would say. ;) no one in umno has such great multiracial support, imagine najib at an indian gathering without sami by his side. and that's just locally, don't forget the regional and international man that he is, did you watch the indonesian tv interview on youtube . imho, he has had the opportunity to gather sufficient support at ground level during the recent campaigning period, the hindraf struggles worked to his advantage. as the 'or beh' in the race, he's got the nothing to lose. so slow and steady wins the race?

  3. Do not simply keep to the view that jumping Parties is unethical or even immoral.

    It is not worse than religious conversion which a question of faith that resides in the deep of hearts or souls.

    Political conversion from, say, Communism [Marxist-Leninist-Mao Ze Dong] to Democratic Socialism or from Conservatism to Liberalism, or from Republican to Democrat, Talibanism to Jihadism and all the variations you can think of.

    Certainly, we are all agree moving from a Political Party solely based on RACE-Ideology to Ideas-Ideology is far better.

    Let them MPs switch sides so Malaysians can learn something about their MPs about ideologies or about EMPTINESS in the heads of MPs .....

    What else can there be in MPs heads, RM, Contracts, Projects and Favours .....

    what ideology they are talking about .....


  4. Anwar and AAB are together, make no mistake about it. Najis is in deep shit. His balls are held tight by Mongolia and other deals, I hear that AAB has provided details of Mongolia crimes to Anwar, that's why Anwar always hits Najib and challenges him to come clean on the crime. Note here that Najis refuses to take Anwar's challenge or seek defamation like Anwar would have done. In other words, Najis is aware that AAB has passed some secrets to Anwar. This is politics.

    The question is; why does AAB want Anwar and not Najib. Well, Mahatir is after AAB. Mahatir wants Najis to take over and accuse AAB of sodomy or C4 him, simple! Mahatir also wants all AAB tender projects for his son and cronies to be cancelled and directed to his sons, so AAB knows that Najis is Mahatir's man, after all, it wasn't his 1st choice to make a Deputy PM. So AAB is always shy of hitting hard an Anwar, the same for Anwar when it comes to AAb. Though the two men have always retained quite a good relation despite their political differences throughout both for family and background reasons. Now, Anwar is confusing Najis and his main pusher: Mahatir. I hear that AAB also sent Musa Hitam to Anwar to make the deal. Also, Anwar got direct calls from Minister Zahidi, an Anwar man in UMNO who threteaned in the UMNO Supreme Council that if AAB is removed, then UMNO shouldn't expect anyone to gain their (AAB's gang) support. So, Anwar is not in a hurry. AAB will do it politely. Someone from inside told me that AAB swore that he will prefer death than seeing his tormentor, Mahatir to make a come back. Daim Zainudin, the ugly face of Malaysia was instructed to spend 20 billion to make a deal that can see Najib taking over, but AAB stood his ground saying he has no space, clemency or offer for Mahatir. So, Anwar is simply playing mind games. After all, he is a political animal himself who knows what many don't know.

    On the other hand, DAP and PKR have started fishing for frogs from MCA, UMNO and Gerekan. Well, Karpal was angry with Lim Guang because he wants to appoint an Indian or a DAP man for PenangInvest, but Lim is a politician and he is looking ahead and not simply local jokes. He has set his eyes on how he can retain Penang, so he is dismantling Gerekan while PKR dismantles UMNO in Penang and Selangor. The men are way ahead of their opponents, so we have no problem with Anwar. We welcome him with open arms.

  5. Kittykat's crystal ball.

    1.Badawi fails to get re-elected as UMNO president in December.
    2. PR moves a no-confidence motion against the BN government in December
    3. Surprise - Badawi and 30+ MPs including SIL cross the floor.
    4. PR takes over the Federal Government.
    Badawi remains PM, Anwar Ibrahim appointed DPM in name, but in reality deFacto PM (he enjoys the deFacto role)

    5. Anwar Ibrahim takes over as PM in 2-3 years.

    "I smoked but did not inhale" - Bill Clinton on marijuana :-)

  6. wah... kittykat46, you sure got sharp kitty eyes.

  7. hermmmm

    3years is a long year

    maybe ANWAR watch too much naruto!!!

  8. Ktemoc, it's pretty obvious by now that one way or another Anwar is going to be PM, whether you like it or not - and I assume you don't! As one of Anwar's severest and most consistent detractors, you seem to be the best observer to be appointed Anwar's watchdog. If he makes dangerously authoritarian moves and starts turning into another Dr M, we'll be happy to set you loose on him :-)

  9. KayTee,

    I agree with Antares that you are one of the most consistent detractors of Anwar, to the extent that sometimes you appear personal! I am no supporter of Anwar, but I gree with Antares and the rest that Anwar now has got a lot of support among all ocmmunities and therefore deserves to be PM, never mind whether we like his past track record or not. What we are more concerned about is his ability to systematically cut UMNO down to size and give UMNO the knock out punch which no one has been able to do so ...and we should give him credit for that. I notice KT, whether intentional or not, each time Anwar makes some progress, you have the tendency to want to drag him down...and by doing so, you are only serving the interests of UMNO, the sworn enemy of all those whom the govt has oppressed for 50 years or more. Buck up KT. If you hate Anwar so much, at least don't say anything about him, things which will give UMNO the ammunition to attack him. I think all those who hate UMNO and like to see it fall and bite the dust, do not approve of you constantly running down Anwar

  10. Kaytee suffers from AIAS.

    Anwar Ibrahim Allergy Syndrome.

    I have MAS - Mahathir Allergy Syndrome

  11. Hey .. maybe kaytee is a closet UMNO-er !!

  12. diversifying from penjual ubat to fortune telling? isn't clairvoyance haram? or is that allowed under the anwar cult?

    joke-lah a bit. haiyah, what's wrong with taking the piss out of our politicians?

  13. Well, even if he talks bad of Anwar, does that change the perception one has about Anwar? Almost every Malaysian has decided on Anwar, be it positive or negative. Some say he is good, others bad, so if for example, someone were to take a microphone and stand atop Petronas insulting Anwar, those who agree with his (Anwar’s) opinions will just listen and chuckle to themselves, those who hate him will clap and seek momentary understanding or consolation in the attack, it is just as simple as that. Therefore, there is no need for KT to stop personalizing his view or changing his pet subject. Just imagine, is there any more character assassination one can invent against Anwar? Definitely NO! We know what he has gone through, so there is nothing that will change people's perceptions either way. Prior to the election, what did the MSM do? They tore Anwar into shreds but people didn't listen. Ask yourself; what changes your belief, perception and how do you value things and compare notes. In this regard, looking at this blogger for example; does his sadistic approach and personal viewing laced with personal poison change your belief? Absolutely not. Is like how you may see your faith attacked by some phobes, but it doesn't change the love or respect you have in yourself and in your faith. But you don’t expect the phobe to change his style. Most probably, you tend to drive him mad by providing more arson for self infliction unless someone is too sober or too gentle.

    So my point is: don't complain of KT's personal position. He must be respected for it. That’s his choice or the choice of those who share his opinion or support his idea or encourage him to have it for it whatever reason you can imagine of. Granted, some of you may see that as being too much, arbitrary and simply phobic with no positive input; I agree with that he is not driven by objectivity and there is much to the ear than meets the eye, but you need to know that your can value and evaluate yourself only when you see the conduct, input, value, evaluation, argument, position, perception upbringing and tendencies of others.

    I’m a teacher and looking at certain people including myself and at other people, issues and etc, there is a lot of benefit here more than there is negative thing. I learn more about the human perception, propaganda machine, personal hatred, political expediency, intellectual prostitution, self belief, slavery, fairness, demagoguery and cheat, pity, self motivation, sadism, worthiness, goal and human struggle. Therefore, rather than complaining, you need to broaden your horizon.


  14. 1) "Do not simply keep to the view that jumping Parties is unethical or even immoral. It is not worse than religious conversion...."

    That's a bad analogy... if you want to think along those lines, then the analogy should at least be modified as follows: an MP jumping party is like a sami of a hindu temple converting to Islam and immediately being made the Imam.

    2) "Ktemoc, it's pretty obvious by now that one way or another Anwar is going to be PM, whether you like it or not"

    What kind of tone is that? It sounds like you are trying to just bulldoze this idea into the hearts and minds of everyone... "just accept it, there is nothing you can do..."............?

  15. The "3 yaers" time frame is just a tactic, EITHER:

    1) for BN to remain sleeping, for him to strike while BN is defenceless;


    2) to allow AAB & Co. to clean their laundary. (Anwar & AAB have some dealing between them).

  16. Look - DSAI is clever: some predictions are "before 16 Sep 08", some ".PM in 3 years", " no hurry"...eventually whenever it happens he can say "didn't I tell u?"!
    I think he's playingmind games - BN is tearing their hair out trying to take care of UMNO's internal fighting, guard against froggies in East malaysia, and also froggies in component parties, while component parties are paralyzed after that massive stroke on 8 March. OKT, KTK and SV have been quite quiet, don't you think? And no one is leading a BN turn around, nor governing for that matter - so whether 6 months or 3 years, I'd say DSAI and PR only have to keep their own house in order and plan how to govern on a national scale - then they'll be ready WHEN (not if) it happens.

  17. "...KTK and SV have been quite quiet, don't you think?"

    huh? do you actually read the news or just make up facts and analysis to suit whatever position you want to take?

    SV has been anything but quiet, and KTK has also been making some noise, considering the extent of the damage to his party. AI himself was very quiet after the 2004 election as well, where PKR was almost wiped out.

  18. "AI himself was very quiet after the 2004 election as well, where PKR was almost wiped out"

    The General Elections 2004 was held on March 21st of that year.
    Anwar Ibrahim was at tha point in time enjoying the hospitality of Sungai Buloh Prison.

  19. AI himself was very quiet after the 2004 election as well, where PKR was almost wiped out.

    AAB won not because he has Malay heartland support but because people of all races and stratus voted for the end of Mahathirism in 2004. Rather than understanding why he won, he thought he was strong and slept on the job thinking that he will win again. On another note, by then, there was no openness and Anwar was in jail and PAS, and DAP couldn't cooperate. What happened in March 8 is a watershed and there is no returning point. If an election were held today, PR will sweep clean including East malaysia. You need an activator for you to cause an avalanche and that happened on march 8, therefore BN's future is as dead as dodo. Have less doubt about that unless you live on and eat "fantasy."

  20. Katyee, I read Malay Mail today, an Indian says Anwar shouldn't get BN MPs into his side as that's against democracy (....). Hope I have assisted you.

  21. "If an election were held today, PR will sweep clean including East malaysia."

    If this is the truth then all the frogs can resign as MPs and stand for re-election.