Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kelantan Crown Prince 'slapped' non-Malays in face!

I could not believe my eyes when I read Malaysiakini to discover “Kelantan Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra said today that Malays had been coerced into giving non-Malays citizenship and the latter should therefore not seek equality or special treatment.”

Yes, HRH was telling Malaysians of Chinese, Indians, Eurasian, Thai and other non-Melayu ancestries that there is to be no ‘equality’ for them vis-à-vis Melayu’s.

Personally I don’t care so much about ‘special treatment’, but ‘equality’ …?

He stated: “... the rakyat must unite and never raise issues regarding Malay rights and special privileges because it is a quid pro quo in gratitude for the giving in of citizenship (beri-paksa kerakyatan) to 2.7 million non-Malays into the Tanah Melayu federation."

“Thus, it is not appropriate for these other ethnic groups to have citizenship, only (later) to seek equality and privileges.”

WTF, aren’t we Malaysian citizens? Does HRH understand what is a citizen? … unless of course he has in mind ‘second’ and ‘third’ etc classes of citizenships?

Then he added, getting his royal self involved with politics: “The election results have shown that the Malays are disunited and facing other ethnic groups who are more dominant politically and economically.”

Alas, the future Sultan of Kelantan has not only failed to understand what is democracy but has committed a royal faux pas by making an unacceptable political statement, as well as coo-ing such ‘sweet’ music at a forum organized by Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu, a group of conservative Malay NGOs – my Unc said in the old days they would be called ‘ultras’.

The theme of the forum was 'Malay unity is the core of national unity'.

The issue of ‘national unity’ is total bullshit after HRH has slapped non-Malay Malaysians in their faces.

This, in the wake of what was alleged as required by the Sultan of Selangor of the composition of the new State exco, has been completely demoralizing to Malaysians who aren't of Malay extract.

Either the bigots are exploiting the royalties to project a more extreme ethno-centric positioning or the royalties themselves feel they need to exert their ethnic muscles.

Those bigots just have to learn that there must be a limit to the 50-year old gravy train, especially more so in the current globalised world.

In every country, there is always room for affirmative action based on economic needs. But their harping on ‘special treatment’ based indiscriminately on race is in reality a nation-sabotaging move akin to cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face.

What does UMNO say about this? What does PKR say about this?

But most of all, what does the PAS MB of Kelantan say about this? How the hell has he allowed the Crown Prince of his State to be hijacked by Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu into making such a hurtful racist political statement?


  1. RPK busy also:

    The Chinese should tell MCA that they trust PAS and are confident that PAS will not betray this trust. The Chinese should scream at MCA and tell that party that fights for Chinese rights that with a mere 23 seats in Parliament there is no way PAS can turn this country into an Islamic State when even Umno can’t with almost 80 seats.

    Yes, Umno can’t get the Malays onto the streets. Umno can’t trigger a May 1969 ‘solution’ to the March 2008 election. So now MCA is trying to do that. Let us pray that these MCA agent provocateurs rot in hell for seven generations. And if anything adverse does happen, let us hang the MCA people from the highest tree and leave their bodies to rot in the sun.

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  3. Nik Aziz got nothing to do with Tengki Faris's statement. He does not own Tengku Faris's mouth.

  4. Before a State royalty makes such a speech, it's always vetted by the MB's office. Likewise with the Agong at the Federal level as well as in other nations which still subscribes to the monarch. This is what constitutional monarchy in a democracy is about.

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  6. Sometimes i hate this country, I hate that in Nov, I actually believed that the monarchy had democracy in mind and would help the BERSIH masses.

    Apparently not, it would seem...

    So listen up, you people not born of the master race. Don't make so much noise when you see the handouts from your tax dollars going to the master race. Keep quiet when u see indons whos been here not even a decade get bumi status. Be happy about the inequality here - it's enshrined in stone! Be eternally grateful that you are citizens in this country.

    After all, who asked your grandfathers / fathers to be so dumb as to come here in the first place? - or not having left for S'pore in 63?

  7. It is not wrong to say that the MB's office of a particular state will vet the speeches of their royalty before public release. However, bear in mind that the state of Kelantan is under opposition rule. The royalty of Kelantan, especially Tengku Razaleigh will not allow itself to be muzzled by PAS. Don't you find it interesting that such a statement should come from Tengku Faris at a time when his granduncle Tengku Razaleigh is aiming to take over UMNO by being a Malay hero

  8. Kaytee,
    I'm pretty angry about the report on the speech.
    But I need to correct a misconception. The State's Ruler's official pronouncements are always vetted by the State government.

    The Raja Muda does not speak on behalf of the State government or the Royalty, except when he is appointed Regent when the Sultan is out of the country etc.
    His presence and speech at this avowedly political rally was insensitive and uncalled for, but strictly speaking not a violation of protocol.
    I'm sure the Kelantan MB will have his say with the Royal Family.

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  10. Whatever the case, what have been said should never have been said. It is most unbecoming of constitutional monarchies to be saying such things. That's why perhaps the Upper House of the Senate should be revamped and play its proper ceck and balance role, rather than leaving it to constitutional monarchs.

    If this were truly a developed country, there would be a large outcry against such fuedal monarchs. Maybe in this specific instance, I support Tun Dr Mahathir. Perhaps Kelantan should be a republic.

  11. Kaytee

    I dont agree with HRH view. But I would advise to non-Malays to use a proper language in the future.

    I would rather believe, that this is a trap. When many non-Malays whack Raja Muda, UMNO will have a good case to show to the Malays that non-Malays now even dare to insult the royalty like taht.

    Then Utusan melayu will have a field day again. Before this 'babi', now Raja Muda.

    I must re-state that I dont agree with his view. Say what u want, but wisely. Learn from 'babi' issue. Handle the issue wisely, otherwise Utusan Melayu, umno and co will laugh again. Changing mindset takes education. and patience. Hmm I am not saying your language is bad, but just as a pre-caution, since many people visit your blog regularly. Hopefully could serve as a friendly reminder. Umno fellas are not too stupid not to come out with more and more psy-wars.

    and we wont be that gullible....

  12. Special rights as having more human rights than other races of the world? Since when did the Creator made some race more special and have more rights than humankind?

    Second class citizenship?

    Was that the intent in the Federal Constitution?

    Special rights means unequality forever? What country is this?

    Certainly doesn't sound like the modern 21st century emerging country to me!

  13. Certain things need not be said as it was understood that the character of this country would remain Malay in nature.

    Malay form the majority. Why the need to make such seditious remarks?

    Is any politician behind this agitating the Sultan to say such racial and divisive remarks?

    What's the goal? What's the motive?

  14. First Perlis, then Terengganu. Now Kelantan?

    Is there a pattern?

    Sultans no longer content to play ceremonial roles?

  15. Perhaps I understand why the Americans make so much over 1776.

    Justice? Barisan Nasional's symbol was the scales of justice. Keadilan stands for justice. Now, we have a sultan saying, no, no justice. Where do the citizens stand?

    Maybe the cry "no taxation without equal representation has a more poignant meaning now.

  16. What was the slogan in the French Revolution?

  17. There is still a very large number of Malay chauvinists or at least Malays who are easily swayed by chauvinistic statements.
    March 8 showed a heartening trend in some who are now willing to look past Race and Religion towards broader national issues.
    But lets not kid ourselves that everything has changed - some things have , but not everything.

    That's why even Anwar Ibrahim, for all his past record as a Malay nationalist, has to be cautious about selling the concept moving past the NEP - he still needs to reassure the Malays who are fearful of losing out to "orang asing". There are lots of them still.

  18. Is he saying we Dayaks, Melanaus, KAdazan-Muruts, orang Asli, etc... are not equal also and have no special rights?

    We have no right to ensure there;s more churches than mosques, in Sarawak and Sabah than

  19. I think that stupid Malaysia Insider should not have written nor caption an article encouraging Mahathir and his racial samsengs as though they were on an ascendancy. Stupid asrse-holes shooting ownself in the foot!

  20. Where are all those arse-holes so quick to condemn Mr Badawi? All quiet as a church mouse. Inconsiderate and insensiitive no-balls types! trouble-makers and loose cannons only!

  21. I wonder what PAS has to say now? Perhaps Nik Aziz has to eat its words. The non Malays in Kelantan are second class citizens? I wonder what Islam says? I wonder what the non Malays in Kelantan says?

  22. I am A Malay born in 1968. I do understand how it feels to have been regarded as the second class citizen in your own blood spilled country. Perhaps some older generation of malays still think chinese and Indian belong to their ancestral land. Of course it's not true. You and I are the same. We own this beautiful country. Let live and work together for the betterment of our future and the future of our children...We are brothers now!

  23. I wonder if this has something to do with the tirade recently between PAS and DAP?

    I wonder what the rest of the citizens in the country thinks?

  24. Aye, all men are brothers. I cannot say for the Indians, but I would say we, the new generation of Chinese, and the generations of Chinese in Malacca and Penang in particular, are no longer Chinese as the Chinese from China. Our culture now is really Babas - indigenous to Malaysia and South East Asia only.

    Not all of us can speak Chinese nor think nor behave like mainland Chinese anymore. Its a pity this distinct culture of ours with heritage from the Malacca and Penang were not developed further since we have been in the country since the 1400s.

  25. What the heck! Nik Aziz???? You are out of touch and reality man! The ONE & ONLY UMNO ELDER who aspired to be PM drafted this thrash and forced his Royal nephew to read it out. You know in UMNO you have to be very racial to go up.

    And more tricks up his sleeves. He used this same dirty tactics to 'unite' PAS & UMNO in the 80s and destroyed PAS. This time around PAS wont be fooled again!

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  27. Republic Of Kelantan, then ?

    We could not afford an ARSEHOLE on the throne later.

    When the PAS President is REALLY a President.

  28. Yeah, I think this incident has "Ku Li" written all over it.

  29. HRH The Tg Mahkota is educated overseas in a Nation that created the Commonwealth and bestowed us this wonderful democratic system government that distinguished us from the rest of S.E.Asia countries.
    He is a professional and should not be taken for a ride and be exploited even by his closest relatives because one day He is going to be the Ruler of a multi-racial country.

  30. Looks lke UMNO oldies in general never change. If Anonymous is right, then Pakatan Rakyat better form the Federal Goverment as soon as possible. There is no time to waste. It is imprudent to allow MM or TR or any of their factions gain the upper hand in UMNO and usurp the duly elected federal government so that they may abuse the office to implement draconian measures against the opposition to prevent them from coming into power.

    In battles like these against tyrants and racists, the time for half measures are over. Get the frogs in real quick to stop TR, MM and their racial conservatives from staging the coup de etat against AAB. This is not a game for the faint hearted.

    With apologies to Pak Lah, much as we respect and love you.

  31. Special rights? What does that mean?

    You mean non Malays can be insulted, indignified, embarrassed, and excluded as you like when you like?

    If not, what?

  32. I'd like to hear from PAS, PKR, DAP, UMNO, MCA. Gerakan, and MIC on this matter. Are they supposed to represent us, the citizens?

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  34. This is a shocking moment and came as setback to the new emerging nascent Malaysian consciousness.

    A correction, need to be in place. The idea of "non -Malay citizenship in exchange of special treatment of the Malays" is not based on historical fact but more of UMNO propaganda. It has not been stated in any serious historical work of Malaysia. It is more of a Biro Tatanegara Module which finds entrance in government institutions, Universities included.

    Our historians are well aware of it but chose to be quiet about it. When we ask them, they say no point responding to political statements.

    The ruling government has been successful thus far to deter any challenge to its UMNO hegemony. The challenge is not only from non-Malays, but also from the Malays. When the series on real struggle for Malaysian independence was published by Prof Rahman Embong of UKM, that makes UMNO looks pale in comparison to the young Malays and Chinese who fought with their life against the British, the series was immediately stopped and the head of the publishing unit transferred.

    As some of our historian (Prof Khoo Kay Kim and alike), will not say anything that UMNO will not be pleased to hear, we have to urge those who are more independent and value integrity to come forward.

    The best will be Prof Cheah Boon Kheng who has already published on pre and post independent period. He studied the leftist/communist and maybe now he should focus on the ruling elite of the time and their British counterpart in negotiating independence. The existing published materials are clear on the issue, no such thing exist. The most are said, are on areas that consensus are not reached (for instance the nature of special privilege for Malays, how long it will last)between the Malay leaders and the than UMNO leaders. New researches are impossible to be conducted from Malaysia as most the primary materials are classified by the National Archives. The other option is the Public Record Office, London. It should be undertaken by credible historian or else will be a kind of hype as what produced by Dr Kua Kia Soong on 13th May incident.

    So, by repeating the myth time and again, it has becomes some sort of truth and even entered our school syllabus (even University syllabus, remember the UPM ethnic module or the subsequent one produced by UKM). It should be deconstructed for the sake of our young Malaysians regardless of race. I also urge serious Malay historian (such as Prof Ramlah Adam) should come forward to clear the distortion and pave way for better Malaysia.

    This is the time to act with conscience and they Malaysian will always remember them for this. Speak up, historians.

  35. I think, the people should now think of the option 'Republic of Malaysia'

  36. yes i was shocked too. imagine... a sultan and would be king oene day has such view. i have said something at aisehman's blog and am going to blog about tis too.

  37. Ktemoc should stick to PKR-bashing.

    This post is treading on dangerous Seditious ground.

  38. One way to increase conversions is to make others `masuk melayu`. How many indian muslims are `melayus`. Damnit they practically run UMNO and to a certain extent PAS outside K`tan and T`ganu.

    That royal dude`s comment
    should have actually been: muslims are not equal to non-muslims. And that is in the koran.

    But he could not come out and say it thataway `cos the situation would have been worse.
    In the constitution a Malay is a muslim and loses that status upon apostasy.

  39. anon of 8:32 AM

    no, it's not kaytee who's treading on seditious ground; it was the Crown Prince who did so!

  40. What happen to those non-malay bumis like those orang asli and those from Sabah and Sarawak? So when Malaysia is formed, they also give up their consitutional rights? It looks as if when Malaysia is formed, what dictates is one culture and one religion and one race? It looks that Malaya thinks they are Malaysia and do not consider those from Sabah and Sarawak as part of Malaysia. If that is the case, it is better for them not to be part as Malaya do not consider them as part of the nation.
    Those from Malaya are really arrogant.

  41. Such careless words uttered are painful and sad for the nons, and, a feeling of unfairness pervades the many Malays.

    At times like this, I salute Tun Dr MM for curtailing the power of the royalty.

  42. This is the work of UMNO. The Prince attended an UMNO function outside his state and therefore the State Govt has no power to get involved.

    Look at Mahatir, Ku Li, Najib, Muhyiddin and el, these racist fellows are the ones who are heating the debate and pulling the carpet under the feet of Abdullah who is a moderate. These are the racists who are hellbent on protecting their hegemony and corruption.

  43. I don't think the late much respected and venerable Tunku Abdul Rahman would agree with such utterances.

    I think he meant "special rights' and onspecial attention for a handicapped or challenged child until such time as the child is able to fend for itself and take its normal place in society.

    As decent human beings we understand that especially how mothers feel about such children.

  44. Maybe he meant apartheid with a caital "A"!

  45. Yes, I agree. I think that's what TAR meant and that's why the NEP is reasonable. But to mean it as unequal? I don't think that is consistent with the term "citizenship". There's no such thing as a first class, second class, or third class citizenship.

    What you think this country is? Some third class little fuedal society like India's Brahmin-untouchables, Daimyo-peasants, Tsar-serfs fiefdom in this century?!!

  46. Sultans have to earn their place. A Republic is a real possibility.

  47. Sultans are not sancrosanct. Tey have been removed from office before. Witness Sultan MAhmud Shah of Malacca in the 15th century.

    Should foreigners decide on our monarchies sustained and paid for by our citizens?

  48. I think PKR. DAP and PAS have to be careful. UMNO, if taken over by the Mahathir gangsters, plays by a different set of rules. They have no respect for other people. Which means if the nibble comes to a crunch, the peiople have to rise up and fight by the same rules of the jungle to defend their hard won freedoms.

    You cannot treat Kbaki or Mugabe with kid gloves. If they declare war on the people by ignoring the Federal Constitution, it means they have declare war on the people, and the people must rise up in a hugh rally to over throw them.

  49. Is this a country with a rule of law? In the spirit of this law, all are equal. Are some people or class of people, more equal than others and above the law?

    Was the statement made seditious? What does the COnstitution say about special rights?

  50. Maybe the Federal Constitution is a joke.

    Maybe Malaysia is a joke until UMNO and its UMNO-putras are all removed from power!

  51. I say Sabah and Sarawak separate, no, split from Malaysia. If Tibet can a field day demanding independence, i think we can do that too. We are definitely better placed than them to do it.

    What the heck are we waiting for?

  52. Let me whisper into everyone's ears -

    Republic! Republic! Republic!

    About time for the Republic of Malaysia.

  53. Apartheid?

    Haw! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    This prince?

    Sorry, now I know why we must have a republic!

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  54. Even a father or an elder brother must be careful what he say. Otherwise, the house will be in trouble.

  55. The Creator made all equal, save for those handicapped or disabled, then we have compassion for them.

  56. Right! Republic!

  57. Agreed. We should have a republic.

  58. Definitely! Pepublics for all, except maybe those worthy of it.


  59. Let's go for it.


  60. RePublic! Yes, republic!

  61. Yes. Bring back the Senate. Make it play its proper role.

    And after that, republic!

  62. Barisan nasional is only a coalition of the willing.

    Since Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh and Co. wants to take over UMNO and by extension, the Barisan, I say Barisan Sarawak and Barisan Sabah break-off! We're better off ruling ourselves.

    .. Unless there is a better coalition we can join in, that is.

  63. Malaysia is a joke! Let's have nothing to do with it.

    God never intended anyone to be more equal han others.

    This is not a Godly country. Reminds of the Shah Pahlavi of Iran.

  64. Yeah, let's have a modern Malaysia. let's have a workable Senate. Let's have a republic.

  65. Definitely Republic!

  66. Even if we make Malaysia a Republic, UMNO will say UMNO Putras should have a special place.

    So the only option is to topple UMNO and its running dogs. There is no any other exit. We must move now. Just look at the ones who want to replace Abdullah: Najis, Mahazalim the Mamak, Muhyiddin who is a second Daim and other racists and corrupt.

  67. I have many family members who are Chinese, Kayans, Bidayuhs, kenyahs, even Malays.

    Who is this prince to cause divison in my family?

    Since so many people are voicing their opinion for a republic, let me add my name to it also.


  68. Someone once asked - "What is Malaysia?"

    I can definitely say what it is not.

    It is not a shallow aristocratic Malay centric nation.

    Better be a republic if all the trappings of state is to symbolise Malay dominance and not Malaysian.

    Maybe republic is the right System for us. More neutral.

  69. Now I understand why the Russian Tsar Alexander Romanov and the French King Louis 14th, and now the latest Nepalese King, were overthrown.

    They had become tyrants and just indulging in themselves while the people groan and suffer under the yoke of rising prices and crime. They have lost touch with the people.

    They are definitely not of the people and for the people.

    You can add my voice to the call for a Republic.

  70. yeah, James Polycarpus is right.

    If the definition of Malaysia is an unequal aristocratic Malay centric country, sorry .. I am not ready to die for it even though I am a man of honour.

    Why should I die for such a Malaysia? better to fight for an egalitarian Republic if such is the case!

  71. Right. Is Malaysia something you can believe in and die for?

    If UMNO has its way, Malaysia will continue to stand for Ketuanan Melayu under the Sultans.

    I too, cannot die for something I cannot believe in. This unequal concept is NOT worth believing in!

    And I thought we were the people living in the jungle. Looks like UMNO under Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh are the ones from the tree tops!

  72. I will defend my Chinese brethren and also my Indian brethren in a Malaysia I can believe in.

    This UMNO's concept of a "Ketuanan Melayu" is a throwback to the dark ages.

    I do agree with that and I will not have that as the future for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

    Such narrow, selfish divisive, and controversial ideology will tear the nation asunder. I will NOT support Mahathir and his cliques on this!

    Let's have a Republic without these bunch of fanatical ideologues!

  73. Correction :

    I do NOT agree with that and I will not have that as the future for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

    In my family, all ARE equal. I do not discriminate any of my family members. Perhaps we are less tribal than Mahathir and Co. would have us become.

  74. KayTee,

    I suspect Tengku Razaleigh is behind the Kelantan Raja Muda to make such a seditious speech, which by right, is he is not royal, should have been charged with sedition. You have to look at th context of the UMNO extremists behind the Malay NGOs organizing the function. I believe the Raja Muda just read the speech without paying much attention to it. Anyone can tell you the speech sounds very UMNO-ish. It is clearly UMNO's attempt to provoke the Chinese and Indians to whack the Raja Muda, and they will use this to call on the Malays to unite along racial lines, start another May 13, and declare emergency for the country.

    The Chinese and Indians should not say anything, but get Anwar and the Keadilan Malay leaders to hit back at this UMNO mischief in dragging the Malay royalty into politics. Only Anwar and Keadilan malay leaders can hit UMNO hard without provoking a racial backlash as these UMNO mischiefs are so desperate to do because they have no more ideas left!

    So let's all lie low for a moment and let Anwar hit back at UMNO for dragging the Kelantan Raja Muda into politics. Let the people, Malays and non-malays judge for themselves who are the real racists and trouble makers.

  75. KT, can you find out where the crown Prince graduate from? I am having hard time getting the facts from google.

    I am not surprise, similar story happens in 1943, USA. And the main character are Soong May Ling.

    Is it progress when cannibals uses a fork? We will see. ;)

  76. if not for the "british", kelantan, kedah and terengganu are Siam now !

    perlis, that little tiny state even don exist!

  77. *ping pang ping pang*. He slapped my face.

    So, well, he can tarik balik the citizenship from me. I'm no longer holding my MyKad if that the case. I hope sarawak will separate from this Msia soon.

    Such speech is very unintellectual.

    I hope this prince more broad-minded like Raja Nazrin. Speak with brain.

  78. This prince insults us Malays. What does he think we are? Mentally retarded, lazy, and incompetent?

    We are just human beings. What special rights? What special privileges to separate us from other human beings?

    I thnk maybe he is talkng about himself!!

  79. Yeah. We are as good as any other person. What do we need this special rights and privileges for?

    I think he is mouthpiece for small group of political scums desirous of continuing to hijack the country and lucrative government contracts for themselves only.

    Pirates and scus that;s what they are!
    Shades of Blackbeard!

  80. Yah! Buayas .. ikan yu saja!

  81. Malaysia untk samsengs ke? mereka nak threaten rakyat? Nak buat kacau?

    Putera mewakili siapa?

  82. We fought for reinstatement of an independent judiciary. The moderates in UMNO also wish to see an independent judiciary as an investment for the future too.

    Who are the bums who does not want an independent, capable, and competent judiciary?

    Obviously, those fanatical Mahathirist scums, samsengs, and gangsters. They want the country and the riches for themselves. To rob and pillage at will.

    And a prince that supports such bastards?

    Special rights and privileges are only a smokescreen for such pirates. Or maybe not. These bums truly desires to be despots and tyrants, lording over all others.

    Where does this prince come from and is this how he earns his keep?

  83. What's with this putera?

    Sultan Mirzan of Terengganu stopped the crook, "buaya" and felon Idris Jusoh from becoming MB; Sultan of Perlis will only appoint an MB who has support from his Assemblymen. All in the interest of the rakyat. Good show mateys!

    But this putera? Whoese interest does he represent? He wish to drag us backward into the fuedal ages?

    Woe betide us the rakyat if he ever becomes Sultan!

  84. What we need is a modern Malaysia with the trappings of modern institutions. Not Mahathirsm.

    Mahathirsm stands for oppresive fuedal patronage system of inequality.

    He was 'great' at spending the rakyat's monies on questionable extravagant 'hardware' projects. He was not so 'great' in liberating us from the tangleholds of dark oppresive fuedalism with him being the new 'Sultan of Sultans'!

    And his goons all wish to be like him. But I don't think the rest of us modern citizens of modern Malaysia wants that.

    We do not want to see Malaysia become countries like the Philippines for example, whee the corrupted few runs the country at the top.

    No. Equality for all! Ketuanan Rakyat!

  85. Mahathir rule of dictum is : "Might is Right!"

    Much like simpleton Mr George W Bush.

    In a civilzed world, the strong protects the weak. Be it men protecting the women and children, the Police protecting the citizenry against criminals, the older siblings helping out the younger siblings, stronger countries protecting weaker nations, and so on.

    But not Mr Mahathir : "You toe the line. I am Emperor. You all serve me.
    I have the ISA, Parliament, Armed Forces behind me".

    But what has he achieved?

  86. The Roman Empire was at its zenith during the rule of its philosopher-king.

    I think it will be interesting to to have AI -described in a number of intrnational journals as the "Philiospher-PM" in-waiting, run the country.

    I am sure he will achieve much more than Mr Mahathir who ran the country with his queer perverted logic and megalomania.

  87. Good ol Ku Li the blue-blooded Grand oldman of Umno exploiting his grandnephew the future Ruler of Kelantan to the fullest.
    As a member of the Royal family he should helped to groom his HRH to be a Good and beloved King not using him as his mouthpiece to gain politicalmileage in his bid for the Presidency.

  88. A "Marcus Aurelius" would be interesting for our country Malaysia.

    Philosophers are clear minded people with good grasp and understanding of language, as well being able to conceptualize the abstract.

    In my books, almost a superior being.

    People like these stand at the frontiers of civilization .. asking themselves important questions of the day - "Where do we go from here to better ourselves as as human beings, as humankind? What do we need to do to achieve that?"

    In this time and age, beset by wanton materialism and greed, it will be good to have such kind of person helming the good ship Malaysia.

    Engineers, doctors, accountants, and other skilled personnel .. these? .. we have by the dozen.

    Philosophers? Outstanding intellectuals? Thinkers? Unfortunately, these are few, and far between.

    It will be good have a Captain with such credentials.

    I will rate AAB 7.0 out of 10.0 For MM, 6.0 out 10.0.
    And AI .. judging on his public speeches and interviews, perhaps 8.0.

    If we have a good Philosopher-PM, I have no doubt the good ship Malaysia will travel far and safely.

  89. Those who can't think, fight.

    Did we just had people like these running the country?

    With more mindless goons trying to emulate that moron master?

  90. I think the correct phrase is

    "Those who can, think. Those who can't, fight."

    In other words, thinkers get behind the wheel; in the driver's seat. Goons and samsengs fight. that's all they are good for.

  91. Makes me think ... here we have a proven towering Malaysian like Anwar Ibrahim, and all we see is this dumb-ass Mahathir trying to destroy him .. run him down!

    He tries his darndest best too, to do the same to Pak Lah. To me, Mr Badawi is also a towering Malaysian. This will become evident later when we read their contributions to Malaysia's development as a modern nation.

    I think there is something seriously wrong with this Mahathir fella! His idea of towering Malaysians makes one wonder in disbelief.

  92. I have come to this conclusion :

    Mahathir was a man forged of his time - tough times, poverty stricken times ..

    Those who rose from the pack then, were streetsmarts and tough-as-nails types. Not necessarily of great intelligence or of possession of great knowledge, or of great character.

    Just like many of his generation. Determined, tenacious but with limited understanding of morality, principles and ethics.

    Streetsmarts means you have to be a survivor. And survivors are pragmatic people. Principles are secondary.

    The question then becomes -what kind of ballasts do these people possess in terms of basic values to steer them through in life's difficult lanes?

    For Mr Mahathir, his misplaced pride and ego, shall I say, is or shall be the death of him. Humility would have brought out the best in him and secure him a better place in history than what he is causing to be re-written now.

    Such a shame. He is already viewed now as a felon .. in the mould of Mugabe and Kbaki. Or even Nixon or Shah Pahlavi of Iran. or even Idi Amin. Or worse, George W Bush!

    Such kind of individuals are inherently not bad people. They should know just when to stop fighting.
    Pity about their misplaced pride and ego.

    Why is Mr Mahathir still fighting shadows at his age? Too many sins committed along the way to become the Godfather?

    People like that may find it difficult to go gently into the night.

  93. inasmuch as the Federal Consitution conferred "special rights" to the Malays, you and I, and all educated modern citizens of the world knows this is just a means of encouragement to the Malays that they will not be marginalised in our journey to modernity and development. A helping will be given sympathetically.

    By itself, "Special Rights" have no meaning. It's a polemic. A mental state of mind.

    A psychology we use also to encourage say, our sales people. that they are special, and the products they are selling ar special. We call them formally special sales departmental personnel.

    But "Special Privileges"? That's a little different.
    This is tantamount to nepotism and corruption in this modern day and age.

    You could get away for a while under those despotic age of emperors, kings, dukes, and princes. But eventually, you get overthrown .. either peacefully or violently.

    To end, there's no such thing as "special rights". No one can make you more equal or less equal unless you allow them to. Just look at reality around you.

    So perk up! As long we we ensure people like Mr Mahathir and their goons do not get into the seat of power, no one can take away our self esteem.

    Viva la liberty!