Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday's "It's not true ....." (2)

May be published in Malaysiakini ;-)


It’s not true ...

(1) that Malaysiakini published Can Khairy reinvent himself?

(2) that of the four options available to him, one would be to recast himself as a reformist ;-) (wouldn't this be one too many?) not within UMNO, but as a member of the opposition PKR

(3) that he has considered this option seriously

(4) and has sought an audience (‘audience’, and never a ‘meeting’ with an Emperor in waiting) with you-know-who, at least 3 times

(5) that there are silly rumours of the ownership of the boutique shop TENC changing hands

(6) that it has been heard IKIM has come out with a new Malay word with an origin from the Holy Land, called ‘quid pro quo’

(7) that, while we are visiting the Holy Land, let’s recall John the Baptist

(8) whose head was offered on a silver platter by King Herod to Salome

(9) that the G.A.N is back in operations

(10) jointly with a new G.A.M operations

(11) that someone needs a very large gold platter, with room for 2

(12) because of the saying 'two heads are better than one'

(13) that we are all waiting to see Chegu Bard’s legal challenge of the Rembau election result

(14) whether it will be supported

(15) or instead, he would be ‘advised’ to drop it

(16) that I believe Humpty Dumpty for once - hey, there's a 1st time for everything ;-)

(17) when he said that Dr M’s love for someone was unrequited

(18) that someone’s mob was attempting to shove the olde man out with indecent haste

(19) with allegations of cronyism and corruption

(20) that the olde man had a few aces up his sleeves and counterattacked

(21) that meanwhile, UMNO is maintaining its ‘no apology’ policy

(22) but will financially compensate the judges who were dismissed in 1988

(23) that AAB has a succession plan for the UMNO presidency

(24) with Najib anointed, unless his anointed 'head' falls onto a gold platter ;-)

(25) that someone in Kelantan said to AAB, “WTF, what about me?”

(24) that he may 'complain' to TF

(25) that (brace yourself) a new 'speech' may be prepared about the 'unconstitutionality' (ha ha ha) of stuff

(26) that f* all the above, a well-known muhhibah forum should be consolidated

(27) to promote and foster good inter-ethnic relationships

(28) that this forum is better known as

(29) the 4-Ekor shops

(30) where the only important figures for economic equity

(31) are the correct 4 digits

(32) that Deputy Education Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong (MCA) is seeking advice from Dr M on how to deal successfully with the ins and outs of a defamation suit.


  1. All not true.
    Mere products of Marijuana-induced Ecstatic visions :-)

  2. In yonder days, it was essential for anyone with PM ambitions to have a "Malay-Ultra" record.

    After the March 8 earthquake, its becoming de rigueur for a prospective leader to have a reformist agenda, or at least make the correct noises.

    Look at Toyol's instant transformation from Temple-Cleanser, Mister "Tenpe" to Reformist-Blogger.

    Khairy's journey could be
    Spoiled Foreign-Born kid -> Malay Super-Ultra -> Reformasi ?

    Why not ? Anything to be future PM, eh - Wink, wink :-)

    Reformasi is right now the Flavour of the Month, whether or not they believe in it late at night.

  3. If I remeber correctly the 1967 issue of Playboy had it that the best Mary jane was from Pontian, Johore.

  4. Correct, correct, correct!

    All not true. Looks true, sounds true but it is not true.

    Er, what am I talking about that is not true?


  5. "Mere products of Marijuana-induced Ecstatic visions"

    Ktemoc smoked, but did not inhale - ala Bill Clinton...

  6. That confirms it. Ala Bill Clinton became muslim and that`s why he supplied arms to the Bosnians when the UN put embargo.

  7. this sis is crayyy!

    i am into tii!


  8. Its not true that Bedol had a secret meeting with an opposition figure last week....

  9. Its not true the Ktemoc gets financial backing from Anwar the Queen.